Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel tries to find out what Andrews speech will be about… Matt’s paranoid it’s about him

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9:25am Rachel asks Andrew if Hayden is going to vote to keep Kathy here. Andrew asks why are you telling me this, is this your way of trying to find out what I am going to say?! Why are you telling me that people are going to vote me out …I already know that people are voting me out. Andrew says that unless you have an alliance with someone else in the house … Rachel says that she is only with Brendon. Andrew says then trust me you are going to want me to say what I am going to say. It will take the target off of you two. Andrew says trust me I have always been on your side. They talk about how Kathy kisses who ever is the HOH. Andrew says that he wants her to know that he literally took a bullet for Brendon and that he really wants him to go far in the game. Andrew tells Rachel to just enjoy the day with him and that after his speech the whole house will be turned up side down. Rachel and Andrew talk about why they haven’t been that close in the game. Andrew says that he told Brendon not to say certain things to Rachel because Andrew says he knows that girls talk a lot. Rachel tries to guess some more if Andrews speech is about Kristen and Hayden and how Kristen wants to float till the end. Andrew tells Rachel that when he outs Kristen and Hayden tonight will help Rachel and Brendon. Andrew says that Matt did a stupid thing. It blew up on me. Both Andrew and Rachel agree that Kristen back stabs everyone once you don’t have power in the game anymore. Rachel says that her and Brendon still have to win tonight. Andrew says that he want them guys to move on and do well. Rachel says that she will never turn on her friends, and would not throw them under the bus. Andrew says that he knows that. Rachel calls Kristen and Kathy fucking bitches. Andrew says don’t start any fights like I did. Let’s enjoy the day today, and just know, that I took a bullet for Brendon. Rachel says her and Brendon are the only ones fighting in here. Andrew says that he cannot wait to hang out in Vegas with them. They break up their conversation and leave the lounge room.

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9:40am – 10:20am Ragan and Matt are talking in the HOH room. Matt is concerned that Andrews speech will be outing him and saying that he is in an alliance with Lane because he works out with him. Ragan figures that its not about Matt and that it isn’t real what ever Andrew says isn’t true. Ragan says that if it was true he would have said it way before leaving it until the last minute. Matt says yeah like yesterday. Ragan says that it will just play into Rachel and Brendon’s next fucking move. Matt asks if Matt think Rachel and Brendon are behind Andrew’s speech? Ragan says yes, of course, they are. Ragan says what Andrew has to say will give Rachel, Brendon reasons to nominate people. Matt says that he still hope nobody believes whatever he says, and that it is so classless. Matt says why not go out with some dignity instead of putting people under the bus? Ragan says that minds are already made up. Ragan says that people have already made up their minds on how they are going to vote so to leave it till the last minute means to me that he wants to stir up the house and set up his alliance with Brendon and Rachel for this next week. Ragan says he is even thinking about going downstairs and calling Andrew out and telling everyone what he thinks Andrew is going to say in his speech. Matt really thinks that Andrews speech will implicate him (Matt) because he put Andrew up on the block and then after Andrew gave his POV speech, Matt says that he told Andrew that he probably will go home now. Matt says that he is looking forward to Andrews speech it because Andrew makes him laugh. Matt still thinks that the goal of Andrew’s speech is to target him.
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10:40am Enzo, Ragan, and Hayden are in the Have not room talking about being have nots. Enzo says that he just can’t do it any more… that one week is fine but two is just too much. Ragan explains how they should organize the next have not competitions so that those who haven’t been a have not yet get to be one and those that are on it now get off it. Hayden offers up to be a have not and says that he thinks its only fair since he hasn’t been one.

10:45am – 11:10am Big Brother calls for a HOH lock down… All the houseguests are laying around talking about random stuff. Kathy is in the HOH shower. Ragan tells Rachel that the dresses she wears are way too short. Rachel tells him that is how the girls in Vagas dress and that she actually dresses conservative compared to them. Rachel says a dress is only too short if your butt cheeks are hanging out. They change the subject to past houseguests. Rachel says that she cant wait to read the blogs of past houseguests on their season and wonders what they are saying about her. The conversations changes to tv shows… is around because of your donations. Every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!


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85 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel tries to find out what Andrews speech will be about… Matt’s paranoid it’s about him

  1. LMAO, Rachel cannot wait to see what people are saying about her. Is she for real? You are a Skanky HO Rachel. No class and super annoying. Listening to you is like nails on a chalkboard!

  2. please expose H and K!!! make it awkward! do it!

    I hope they throw an evicted HG back in, so that B and R may be safe for a week, then make jury, and can give 2 votes to someone like a brit or ragen giving them at LEAST a chance to win…

    1. It is too early to bring an evicted houseguest back in… they usually wait until there are 4 or 5 really angry evictees to do that! Love, love, love that twist in the game.

  3. I can’t wait to see Andrews speech on the way out. If he’s knowledgeable about the Brigade (4), that would be perfect if he outed them and said that they were going to pick each one of the other houseguests out one by one and plan to go to final 4. Make it sound like they are playing everyone. Matt and Ragan are paranoid as Andrew wasn’t directly after them. He’s only after the Brigade (including Kristen cause she’s with Hayden). I would love to see Matt, Ragan and Brit form an alliance with Brendon and Rachel and turn the house around. Although not a big fan of Rachel (that laugh – ugh!). I hope Andrew (if he is aware) brings everything to light what we already know as viewers. Just to stir things up.

    1. andrew has a shot to save the season so to speak. shake it up more than a power would and does so without using said cheap power

    2. I am also looking forward to the speech tonight, but am afraid it will not have the effect we really need to shake up the house. I think Julie will make the case that it is game-changing through editing, but the live feeds that we keep up with on the boards show a much different story. This cast must be smoking weed, they don’t seem to get into the strategy like previous years. The brigade talks big,( Enzo, yo,can lob a grenade every now and then) . Does anyone else notice they tiptoe around making any drama in the house, other than dissing Br/R and the captain.? At least ole man Jerry would stir it up. That’s what we need…not fauxmances!

      1. He’s been call into DR ALOT lately!!!! I’m telling you there’s more to him!!! We’ll see!! SKANKHO AND her STUDMUFFIN need TO GO!!!! I could care less about their “Fake fighting” Brendon well turn out to be Andrews LOVER!!!!

    1. Maybe CBS will get a clue and start showing something the viewers want to see… like strategy, not make out sessions between two 12 year olds.

  4. they need them in jury. otherwise there are 4 people who will win. the rest have no shot…

    I like watching them fight. its sort of entertaining because they arent attached at the hip anymore, when they are together, they fight. its better tv than watching paint dry, I mean watching a majority of the hg’s

  5. I think Andrew is a true friend who would take a bullet for someone that made me respect him more.
    The Brigade (matt, enzo, lane, hayden) take out branchel then the game going to be predictable
    who i think the final 5 is
    5th place- Matt
    4th place- Enzo
    3rd place- Hayden
    2cd place- Kristen
    1st place- Lane winner

    1. there’s no way Kristen will make it that far. the Brigade will kick that chick out before them.

      the Brigade will be the Final Four. thats legit, yo!

    2. Andrew is too pervy to make female viewers want to watch. But I do hope Lane wins or Ragan or Britney… they all have an excellent game so far.

      1. well with these reality shows, these people just want to be famous. winning money is just icing on the cake. look at Enzo.. he’s already talking about making t-shirts and selling them on a website for The Brigade.

  6. What does it mean by “the houseguest are playing a game”, are they already cutting the feeds this early for HOH? i’m confused?

    1. Sometimes they show the wrong screen when they cut the feeds. i’m watching it right now and there all sleeping up in the HOH room it’s 11:53

  7. So if Andrew outs Hayden and Kristen tonight .. this is supposed to be his “epic” reveal? I thought everyone already knew this? I don’t think the Brigade will care – Hayden has stood by them the entire time … it will only matter when it comes to the final five. I still think the girl’s are jealous and hating on Kristen because the guys think she is a cool chick. Rachel probably think that H/K showmance will take away from her air-time and that will send her over the edge. Can’t wait for tonight – hope Kristen wins HOH and lets the ass kissing begin!

  8. a) why would they be put on HOH lockdown? like what would they be doing to the house/outside?

    b) why is the big brother theme playing faintly on the feeds? is it in the house?

        1. I think they make them do some cleaning as well.. They sepnd some time prepping the house for the show maybe getting the HOH set up outside. I don’t think HOH is going to be very elaborate this week.

          1. I like the shows where they show the new HOH right away…. none of this long competition stuff. Some of the competitions are very elaborate and I wonder where they get their ideas. Love this show.

      1. They really need to clean that house because those folks are pigs every year. Do people really get out of bed without making it, leave their clothes all over the floor, not do dirty dishes? If I were in that house I would be cleaning constantly… I would pack my french maids outfit and get to work. I would also cook for everyone too! Love being domestic… I would be the sexy housemaid you can’t live without.

  9. I know how people have been talking about how boring this cast but overall they are growing on me. I don’t always need to see people be over the top. If there is some drama thrown in here it will liven it up some. I would like to see someone from the brigade win HOH and make some moves.

    And on an off note, I don’t think Andrew is really feeling Rachel. If I’m not mistaken he’s even said that he wouldn’t have any patience with her or something like that. lol. Too bad he may be going home. Kathy is too wishy washy for me so I wouldn’t’ mind seeing her exit this week. He’s just starting to get interesting to me.

    Can’t wait to see who wins HOH!

  10. Wow, Rachel thinks she dresses conservatively!?? STFU… when CBS has to blur every shot of you at a competition and you aren’t even competing, and your ass is hanging out, how is that conservative? Good for Ragan bringing up her tasteless and classless attire. Boobs are one thing but when you’re showing off your “Britney” and your saddlebags are loose, you are not considered a conservative dresser!

    1. Have you noticed that after Brenda lectured her on why she shouldn’t wear so much makeup rachel has toned it down. The trouble is now she looks worse.

  11. I like Rachel also, what i DON’T like is when she boasts about her “showmance” on the TV Show, they haven’t even known each other a month and there already throwing around things like, “in love”, & “marraige”…i blame CBS partially for trying to shove it down America’s throat. Now Brendon on the other hand, something just isn’t right with him…maybe it’s a twist within Big Brother, maybe he’s just a creeper…i’m gonna go with creeper, I think Rachel will make it further only if she aligns with the rest of the house to get RID of Brendon, which she most likely will NOT do..

    1. you know what the twist should be…. they should throw in a new player who’s also a Physicst. and watch Rachel start falling in love with him too. “oh i don’t know what to do… i’m caught in a love triangle!” boo-hoo. awesomeness!

    2. I agree Blah there is definately something off with Brendover. He comes of as phoney and insincere when he’s all over the skanky one. I wish I had the feeds to see if he’s that phoney sounding when he talks to Andrew. I must admit I do like Andrew and am going to miss him. I really respect how direct he is compared to the other HGs but this isn’t a game where being direct and honest gets you very far in the game.

    1. ohh that would be good. Matt is a douche. i kinda wish he wasn’t in the Brigade.
      speaking of the Brigade, i think it’s so funny how Ragan has no clue about it whatsoever. yet Ragan is a very good player. but he only knows half of what’s going on. it’s gonna be funny as hell to see the look on Ragan’s face when he gets backdoored by the Brigade one of these days. :)

    2. If he can’t prove that Matt is lying he will just look like a bigger schmuck. (The disease is a real disease – Matt just doesn’t pronounce it correctly) However I do thik he will probably tell them he is a foot doctor.

      1. Not to mention that his wife wrote a great letter that supported what Matt has been lying about even though she never talked about her disease. They all believe him. I think even Andrew believes him. You need to go back on the feeds and watch when Matt reads the letter.

      2. Does Matt not annoy the heck out of you when he talks? I don’t trust people who smile even when there’s nothing to smile about……he’s such a worm and if his wife in on all of this they deserve each other.

  12. Am I the only one that thinks Andrew will come clean and say that he is a podiatrist, revealing that he has never heard of Matt’s wife’s “disease”? I know it is a real condition, but Andrew thought it was made up and he could use it to get back at Matt for putting him on the block in the first place.

  13. I think Rachel is slowly realizing how much of pussy Brendon is, it’s kind of funny, i’d like to see her break off on her own – turn against him, and align with the rest of the house to get rid of him – (that would truly be a great week of feeds). I’m interested to see tonight’s show, hoping they will announce some type of new twist to spice things up in the house…been a REALLY slow week, a wasted one.
    My Predictions –
    Andrew Goes Home.
    Someone from the Brigade will win HOH
    Brendon and Rachel are nominated for eviction

        1. Oh it would be fantastic! I’ve been waiting to see an actual fight between the two. Originally I gave Brenda some props. I thought he seemed to be level headed. Well apparently the guy doesn’t get laid enough because he is one big puss when it comes to her. All the 7th grade making out stuff is disgusting, makes me vomit. Come on Big Bro, give us something!! If it wasn’t for 2 things: 1) This website & 2) my DVR (fast forward anytime Rachel is on camera) I would give up on this season.

          1. Yeah……what Rock said! me too… know rachel and Brendon making out takes over 25% of the show???? shooting pool is the other 75% . Fassssst forward, Yeah!

  14. Does anyone know who Rachel’s pseudo-celebrity roommate is, in Las Vegas?
    I heard them talking about it last night. They said Rachel’s roommate was on some other reality tv show.

    1. Her name is Amanda Corey. She won season 5 of Beauty and the Geek. Was a Hawaiian Tropic model like Rachel and after she won her show she did Playboy. I think she still does modeling.

  15. Did anyone read AGs interview? It hinted at Jeff coming back and spending the night there. How is that allowed ? Wouldn’t he have to be in sequester at this time – or does he get to go in knowing all that is going on in the house? Does anyone know how they did this in past seasons?

    1. Jeff is currently shooting a ‘Web Show’ for, the concept is that he is “Traveling around the world for free” with the help of viewers, my guess is that this is one of his stops as he “travels the world for free”, so i’m sure he knows he will be coming back into the house…for what, i have no idea! Maybe to host a competition, maybe to reveal a twist, only time will tell.

  16. OMG what if Andrew reveals tonight that the secret alliance is that him and Brendon are actually gay lovers!?
    that would be a real twist. i don’t know how the house would take it. Rachel would start crying.

      1. You are right – it would be a cruel and devasting thing for any woman – but who is to say she is not in on it? Besides, I am sure we would rather be known as the “Chick Dumped For A Dick1” than “As a boozy, delusional neverr-was” from an almost forgettable season of BB?

  17. Jeff is in VA…making his way to Louisiana. So depending on when he reaches LA..thats when he will make an appearance in the BB house.

  18. I also had the same thought…Rachel was so sure of herself when she said she never uses the B-word, but here she is throwing it around….


  20. ease whatever he has to say will not take the target off brenchel, WOW exposing another showmance is REALLY gonna do something, hayden and kristen hasn’t won anything… only if he knows about the brigade will his “speech” do anything, but that will only make the target on brenchel bigger because the brigade will work harder

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