**updated**Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Hayden tells Kristen that he thinks Andrews goodbye speech will be that he is one of the life long friends..

11:10am – 12:20pm All the houseguests are laying down trying to take a nap while they are on an HOH lock down. At 12:20pm Big Brother calls an end to the HOH lock down. Brendon and Rachel are talking to Kathy in the bedroom. Brendon is telling Kathy that he isn’t voting against Kathy, but for Andrew, but can’t risk it now. Brendon says that he feels close to both of them. Brendon tells Kathy that he wants her to know that they are honest people and that they really like her as a person.

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Rachel is talking to Ragan outside the HOH room. She is explaining to him that she has noticed 5 different sets of things that are different in the house. She takes Ragan over to the plant outside the HOH balcony and tells him that, that plant was not there when she was HOH. Rachel tells Ragan not to tell anyone about what shes told him.


12:40pm In the have not room Andrew is talking to Hayden and asks him who he is voting for tonight. Hayden says that he is voting for Kathy. Andrew says that he appreciates his honesty. Andrew asks why the votes have changed in the last few days. Hayden says to be honest it is because of your POV speech telling Brendon and Rachel that you were going after them and then a half hour later Brendon was campaigning for you to stay. Hayden says he is sorry and that he really likes Andrew as a person but that not enough people like him out there. Andrew tells Hayden that he would really like to visit Hayden after the show. Hayden leaves. Andrew then talks to himself/America saying that Hayden is just trying to protect himself and minimize the damage. Andrew says that Hayden was talking to see if Andrew was going to blow his cover. Andrew says that he is sorry about what he is going to do and that he really likes Hayden but that he dislikes Kristen and so that is why he is going to do his speech tonight.
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12:50pm – 1:10pm Hayden and Kristen are talking in the lounge room. Hayden says that they need to win this HOH. Kristen agrees. Matt joins them. They talk about what they are going to wear. Matt asks him if he is ready to kick some ass tonight. Matt says that he is making slop. Hayden says that he will probably be on slop tomorrow. Matt says even more reason to fight for the HOH tonight. Kristen says that she thinks she dresses better than East and West coast…. Hayden laughs and says that shes cocky. He asks her what is her style then? Kristen says that it’s just awesome. Hayden tells Kristen that he thinks Andrews goodbye speech will be that he is one of the life long friends.. and that he wont tell who the other person is … Kristen asks really?! Hayden says I don’t know its just a hunch. Maybe I’m wrong. Lane joins them in the lounge room. They talk about random stuff.

1:15pm Jumanji Room Ragan and Matt, Matt’s telling Ragan that he’s going to have to sleep in the same bed that Annie and Monet slept in. He thinks it’s cursed. Ragan lays down in Lanes bed says he likes that one the best. Kathy and Rachel join them and they continue to talk about sleeping. Rachel tells them she has trouble sleeping with brendon she thinks the beds are too small (or maybe the boobs are too big) Kathy agrees she wants bigger beds. Ragan comments about how tiny brit is they could probably stuff her on a day bed. Ragan asks Kathy if she could do some ironing for her.. Kathty says sure thing what do you need, Ragan “my navy blue shirt” (BIAM He’s Throwing the Comp)


1:35pm Rachel and Brendon are in the bedroom alone. Rachel is quizzing Brendon on how many of this and that are in the house. Rachel thinks tonight’s HOH will involve how many of something are in the Big Brother house. Brendon keeps getting it wrong or saying that he doesn’t know. Rachel says Brendon! Brendon says sorry, he’s been meaning to go look. Hayden and Enzo come in to pick out what they are going to wear tonight. Enzo grabs some clothes and lays them out on the bed …then says POW BAIM PAAAAA… LOOK AT THAT … PUT MY NUTSACK ON YOUR CAMERA! Brendon says Enzo is cracking. Hayden says oh he already been cracked.
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1:40pm – 2pm Rachel asks Hayden what time he went to bed last night. Hayden says he isn’t sure but that it was late. Rachel says that she slept soundly last night and ask if Kristen was awake when he came in…. Hayden says yeah, both you and Kristin were asleep when I came in last night. Hayden leaves the room and Rachel Brendon that Hayden just lied to their faces. Rachel says that Hayden just said that Kristen was asleep when he came in and she wasn’t. Brendon tells her not to worry about it, they have bigger things to worry about …one thing at a time. Rachel starts talking about the conversation that she had with Andrew this morning. Rachel says that Andrew wouldn’t tell her anything, only that his speech doesn’t have anything to do with them. Rachel says that only thing that she told Andrew was that Hayden is voting for Kathy…. Rachel says but he says that he already knew that. Big Brother tells Brendon he isn’t allowed to nap. Brendon says that it makes him mad when he gets called out for napping when he isn’t even napping. Rachel says yeah, but its cuz you’re resting…

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First time rant Simon, Dawg….LOVE your site, have been creeping for yrs! I too thought that the “lifelong friendship” was only something that the saboteur concocted and it was driving me crazy when feedsters continued to speculate BUT I’m starting to reevaluate my suspicion….call me silly but a few nights ago on BBAD, I was perplexed by the long hug that Kathy and Brittney shared in the cabana room….for two people that haven’t had much interaction, I found that odd…also there has to been something more to the Andrew/Brendon lovefest…who knows…must be that this season is so boring, we BB fanatics are starting to whip up a little of our own paranoia….I too have watched and followed the blogs for all BB seasons and although this has been the slowest start in a number of years, I now find myself rooting for B/R (I know, I know…how could I???) in the HOH tonight cuz if the silly Brigade eliminates them, this season will become the ultimate snooze fest! I actually find myself longing for some GNAT action! Bite my tongue, never thought I would udder those words….anyway…check out the link I have attached (hopefully that’s ok) of an interview with AG & RM today on EW…they don’t really squash the “lifelong friendship” twist but nor do they promote it so who knows what’s going on in AG’s evil, twisted mind…it could very well be just like the key Jeff found last year that everyone speculated had “magical powers” and we all know how that ended…dud, dud, dud, we got nothin’…..http://hollywoodinsider.ew.com/2010/07/29/big-brother-scoop-producers-tease-upcoming-twist-and-a-surprise-visitor/ Not sure what to think of Jeff’s possible return….granted we loved him last year but you really can’t talk about Jeff without Jordan’s name following, so we will see..

BTW….a great big hug and sloppy kiss…to you for turning me on to Bitchy BB Blog this year….she is wickedly splendid and brings tears to my eyes…..can’t wait to see this new announcement that AG has baited us with…could just be she’s blowing smoke again…


i read somewhere that Steven( BB10,gay porn star) was going to come back to the house to host a competition and the he is Lane’s cousin.


they do look alike


Team Brigade YO, lets do this HOH comp already.






Rachel is sooo stupid…she has no idea that Ragen runs and tells everything she and Br tell him! If so, she should feed him a line of bull, that would create drama. This speech of the captain’s could go in a lot of directions, friendship of long standing, brother/a sister or brother, a romantic couple of which he is part, this could be more than the Kris/Hay thing. Could be about the lie Matt told. If I was the captain, I would take a page from Annie and set up a “sabotage tale” that they will not figure out until jury house. I would try and cast doubt upon the ones left.


hes not that cleaver. andrew knows about hay/kristens showmance hes gonna reveal it thinking its gonna get the target off b/r back. but instead most people already speculate it/know and havent done anything about it because more people are on their side not b/r.
kathy is with kristen
lane, enzo, and matt are with hayden
Reagan is with matt which by default makes him with hayden

so its britney and the barfmace….yea theyre deff gonna be able to single handedly get rid of the rest of the house. this is gonna be a waste of an eviction speech.


Apparently you aren’t that clever.


yes, but don’t you think that once Andrew tells them that Hyaden and Kristen have been hooking up for about two weeks the other Brigade members are going to feel a little betrayed – if it’snot a big deal, then why didn’t he just tell them? They may start to question (not at first, but surely and soon) what does he have to hide and what else he is not telling them. Not to mention, they have to wonder where his true loyalty lies and how much does Kristen know. If I were Hayden, I would have done anything to keep Andrew quiet. I can not figure out why Hayden and Kristen aren’t a bit more nervous about the speech – and why they haven’t figured out it is going tobe about them -they are the one secret he has.


niiice comeback


I think Ragan is going to throw the HOH competition. He told matt that if he wore his navy blue shirt then he would throw it and now he’s asking kathy to iron it. Kinda goes against what he was saying to Brit last night how it’s not in his nature to throw competitions.


I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to throw it this late in the game, he risks losing his only ally, Matt, and possibly even being evicted himself…too risky, i guess we’ll see though…


It’s a good move to throw it. Doesn’t matter who wins, he’s not going up. But if he wins, he has to pick 2 noms who are then pissed off at him. It’s better to let someone else pick off a few more people and keep the target off him.


I think if he gets a chance, he will throw it , just wonder exactly who to??? Could the captain and Brendan be brothers, and Br is just not as religiously inclined as A? Could explain all the awkwardness and neediness with Rachel. There would be no “twists” at all on this show without this website and comments from all the cool posters!


He’s scrambling just as much as the other next guy, but I bet he doesn’t throw it if its him and B/R. Or maybe he should since he isn’t their target. If he doesn’t “drop/quit” they might catch on to him.


Ha! I was thinking the same thing about how awkward he acts. Kinda feel bad for the little guy, but he appears to have some symptoms of psychosis….or something…he did get screwed over on the nominations, though. But I guess in the end, each HG does at one point or another, right?


He is a great candidate for asperger’s syndrome.


I am so excited for tonights episode. I don’t really like Andrew much for being so rude to Kristen, but if this speech is going to blow this house up then I’m alllll for it. I really hop eon the the brigade or Ragan Gets HOH (Or kirsten for that matter, I want to see her tear into jealous titsmcgee). I want to see rachel leave, and brendon to spit that pacifier out and start playing the game instead of sucking face with ducklips (wait does that count as sucking face? He kisses like a little birdie picking for food I mean come on, I kiss my brother with more passion). He has so much potential, its sickening to see.


Needed a distraction so I thought I’d check in and see if I missed anything! Nope. Still the same conversation. I have a feeling that Andrew speech tonight has nothing to do with exposing alliances -they pretty much “outed themselves” for the simple fact that they just never shut up!!! Good work Bubbala. Maybe its me, but everytime I see Andrew and Brendon together I can’t help but here the theme from “Brokeback Mountain” in my head. Especially, when I saw that picture that Simon/Dawg posted of Brendon handing Andrew the POV (I still haven’t stopped clutching my pearls). What clinched it was I swear I hear Andrew say to Brendon, “Like it funny, you know, like you like can make my heart like stop ya know and like beat faster at the same time!” Having a get together tonight – since Michael (God rest his soul) was Jewish he has to be buried tomorrow before the Sabbath. In the meantime, we have to sit “shiva”. Have to go . . . . . Rachel is going to freak!!!!!!


Of course than Ragan would take this situation and make it about HIM – “Oh, you now what, you two just gave me the most wonderful gift a gay man could ever get!” (Don’t any of yous bitches think of finishing this thought!)


not even gonna try and think of what the “most wonderful gift a gay man could ever get” all i gotta say is EEEEWWWWWWWWW


I just hope what Andy says will cause some MAJOR damage in the house
Shake this shit up Andy!
I’m really gonna miss the guy
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah……peaches in the iced tea 🙂
thats classic


not sure what he done say but if it’s exposing kristen and hayden it, will be nothing , i highly doubt anything he says will shake up the house


someone send a blimp over the house about the BRI-GAY-DUH


LOL like they did on BB10, production did do that right or was it someone else ???


andrew speech wont really make a diff.
the bridage already noes that there some thing between kristen & hayden.
rachael just hates her; cause kristen is cool people. and brendon…he just follows.
kathy’s just..there. ragan tells matt. everything. lane; i like him too. enzo; enzo is pretty funny. he entertains me yo! brittney; i just wish she’d be real for once…nobody like fake people. if she atcually trys to be honest; but still strageic; she’ll go far.


whatever he says I hope he says it all and blows up any “comfortable” feelings people have in the house…WAAAAAY too comfortable up in that house thinking they have a ride to jury because brenden is GONE this week….well…I hope brenden takes HOH just so they all can sweat a bit…but…if andrew talks, it may be enough.


the way the show is rigged for showmances you might get your wish……. i want to see brenchel put up so they wake up and relaize the show is not about them getting to jury so they can bone, it’s about 500,000/50,000 or about their bogus futire plans brendon too sensitive to realize rachel is getting sick of his clingy puss ass she gone drop him and go get a rela man who can handle her


LOL, right, since its HIS fault, not hers….shes a joke, hes just a nice guy that unfortunately will be crushed.

hater=you….why? you probably arent nearly as good looking or talented as brenden, you may be matt’s height and feel the need to make fun of people….

just a guess


allmy best Simon. I hope you have someone helping you out tonight. Could top last weeks record. I predict at least 376 comments in the 1st hour after the telecast. If they don’t attach a donation, keep them on “Your comment is under consideration – however to speed the process along you may want to famlize yourself with our donation procedures!” Your the best!


Thanks for the support jimik.. dawg might jump in if the shit gets real yo. We’re pushing a hell of a lot more computer power on the site this year than last so I don’t see as much of a problem with people’s comments not getting approved. I remember last year during the CHima melt down we had to stop approving comments for 1/2 the day because the server kept crashing . either way we’re pumped for tonight should be crazy ass fun yo.


I really hate for Andrew to go!!!! If only the HG could see how boring they are!!! Matt keeps saying this is a great season to watch but a horrible season to play………and he’s got the high IQ??? Andrew puts the hope of drama in the house at least. Cathy’s existence is nonexistant! Kristen’s just dull. “Brenchal” (WTF???) GROSS. Brendon can go…..he’s a wuss…he and Rachel will not be continuing after the show, not for long anyway. Britany and Enzo are the only entertaining thing thus far. Brendon should have done what Ragan suggested and come clean with the secret friendship thing between he and Andrew and established an alliance of : Brendan, Ragan, Brit Brit and Rachel. Make some moves people!!!!!! ~~~~~frustrated.


thats a wonderful theory…but ragen would then tell matt about their group….end of group.

hayden/kristen must be outed


i would like to see the next pov winner say big brother has a plan that only the pov winner can take the two off the block and if the pov winner wants to give the power to the ones they took of the block to pick who will go up or the pov winner picks two people two go up and then big brother says that they only have a coulpe of seconds to say their goodbys and head out the door. two gone right away.hope they are b//r


Missed the show last night (Wednesday). Who won POV?




The guy with POV on his face at the top right of this page. Sheesh!


hayden is such a dip shit.


Now that we’ve all figured out Andrews, HUGE GROUNDBREAKING OMFG WTF JUST HAPPENED, speech he plans to reveal tonight…(you know, the one about Hayden and Kristen being some HUGE SECRET EFFING ALLIANCE) < that one, what i'm gonna be looking forward to the most is the HOH competition, and after reading AGs interview with 'EW', a possible twist tonight! Fingers crossed.

BigBrothers Big Brother

Yep, as I said it in my previous post this truly is a SLEEPER season. I’m convinced half of the competitions are tilted towards the person/team CBS wants to win. This may be reality tv but it’s not entirely real. If I wanted regular every day life, I’d talk on the phone wth my friends. This is tv, so amp up the drama and get rid of the deadbeats ala Kristen,Kathy and Ragan. Ragan goes around preaching. It irritates me as much as the smugness of Rachel and Brendon. Btw, does anybody else suspect Brendon is gay and A. Doesn’t really know it or own it or B. Gay and trying deeply to wish it away? lol

Andrew might be socially awkward but I like him. Brit, Enzo, Lane are all my favs.

BAB - formally BB

That would be amazing!!! I seriously do believe that Andrew and Brendon have a strange “Bromance” – I think he is jealous of Rat-faced Rachel! Can’t wait for tonight’s HOH!


Brenden for HOH!!!!! get it done! for such a “wuss” he sure wins a lot of comps, including tonight’s HOH


Just because he wins a lot of comps, doesn’t make any less of a “wuss”, listen to the guy talk, it’s the worst! He’s a pussy. Point. Blank. Period. I hope Rachel decides to beat his ass, so he can go cry again.

I have faith

andrew will expose K and H…I think everyone knows, but at least to have it verbally out there will confirm their belief’s…and lane etc will worry FAR more about this than most other things

The Excitement

I guarantee you, as soon as he opens the door to talk to Julie Chen, he’s gonna yell out “mazaltov!”.
He went in that way, he’s going out that way.


who i hope will be on slop this week , kristen, hayden and brendon and rachel……… i want to see DRAMA


a week without Rachel drinking – she will go crazy….. And her and Brendon would still have to sleep on the cots if she is in that room.. LOL.


Rachels have nots should also include no make up or fake nails or hair extensions. Thats a real have not.


brenchel going to jury yo


i hope a twist gets the showmances on slop or make them have to wear matching unitards

BigBrothers Big Brother

I agree with you rhshj Brendon is definitely a competitor and I respect/admire his ability to be a great player. He wins under pressure.I wouldn’t even mind if he won the $500K. I’d like to see the rest of them step up their game to make it more competitive. They are all too busy trying not to be aligned, trying not to win because they don’t want to be a target.

my letter to brendon

Dear Brendon,
brendon…why her, when you get out this show. i really hope you realise what a woss you are being. he could have actually won this game; americaa could have loved you. just like jeff. LOL.
he’s “in love” with rachael. i wanna see how far this showmance is gonna go after BB12 is done.
oh brendon, you are gonna make me cry. your just to gorgeous; and u might be actually smart…or maybe had a stragey b4 u came to BB12. you poor thinq. you just lost half a million….


she need a “bad boy”…. the only thing they have in common is a similar field of education


what were they doing when trivia was shown?


either setting up for a comp, or the show, and on occasion if something happens that production have to step in….


i wonder who they will bring back? i hope Jeff so he can let the delusional couple know they are nowhere near him and Jordan in popularity, polls don;t mean shit those can be changed


get Simon why do the HGs only get “wine” to drink???




Andrew – wearing a forties style 3 piece suit and matching fedora. His nose also appears to broken because it is covered with a strip of gauze tape and sounds nasally)
Kathy – also fashionably dressed (thanks to Ragan) in a flattering 40’s style Edith Head V-Neck Sheath and matching Duster)
Andrew says to Kathy as he grabs her by the shoulders pads: “Goddammit you schicktza, tell them! Tell them the all truth about who you are really related to in this house! He then slaps her on the left cheek.
Kathy: Looks over to Britney and then back to Andrew. I ca (before she can finish he slaps her on the right cheek) Alright, alright, Britney is my daughter! (Andrew slaps her again even harder) As the HG look as puzzled as the day they were told there were competitions to win.
Kathy: Ok, she’s my sister!
Andrew: Well which is?! (And slaps her one last time knocking her last two front teeth fly out of her mouth and land at Britney’s feet!)
Kathy: Oh-tay, oh-tay, I cant ‘tand it any longer! ‘he’s My Sister and My Daughter!!
Andrew: “I told you I had something to reveal.”
In unison the HGs reply: Shit!! Isn’t it OBVI!!!
(Had to hurry this – so it sucks)


Chigirl, You took every single word right outta my mouth! This is the most boring BB Yet! I have watched every single BB and have never not been dying for the next show or on the boards daily or even not buy the feeds. I refuse to buy the feeds until Brenchels not the most exciting thing to watch (which is not exciting at all but is all we got) They had no period of time of flirting or will they? won’t they? Just right onto BAM were a shomance! (maybe they knew eachother before hmm?) But same with Hayden and kristen. They just secretly jumped right into a relationship. Her having a BF is scandalous but still Boooring. The reason Jeff and Jordan were so loved and cute was watching the chemistry slowly build into something while all the time playing the game. With that being said I too have found myself rooting for B/R mostly because since day1 they have been the number 1 target and have managed to slip, slide, duck and outrun being sent home. Rachel (as annoying as she is) Is actually kicking ass in this game as well as Brendan the VOP MVP. I think I would like Brendan much more if Rachel were gone! But I have to admit they actually Rock as a team and even tho they would probably do better to stop sucking face for 5 seconds and talk to everyone else in the house a little more they have a pretty good chance of going pretty far!
But besides that If some twists don’t start happening soon for the first time in 10 years I might just have to find something better to do with my life during BB season! lol


And I would give my left tiddy to be on BB!!!! These are the best they find out of America?? I know many celebs that wanna be on BB Badly!! They could have done a celeb BB Anything But this!!! Seriously I can NOT imagine watching these people for the next few months!! I am so Glad I waited to get the feeds!! CBS make a twist where half the house gets eliminated in one week and new people take there place!! (REPLY AND I WILL SEND AN APPLICATION IN RIGHT AWAY!!! LOL)