Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel says that cant believe how much of a BIATCH Kathy is..


8:20am Brendon and Rachel are awake. Rachel talks about how Hayden and Kristen were making out and talking last night. Rachel says that she last night she pretended that she was sleeping so that she could listen to them talk. Brendon asks what she heard them saying? Rachel says just stupid stuff. Brendon says that Ragan and Kathy were talking a lot too last night. Brendon says that he guesses Hayden and Kristen are official now? Rachel says yeah! Brendon asks if she heard anything else? Rachel says that Kristen said almost nothing. Rachel says that they act too much like they aren’t friends. Rachel says that Hayden and Kristen used to hang out at the start but now they are avoiding each other. Did you see Andrew’s face when I mentioned last night that everyone knows Hayden and Kristen are working together. Rachel says that she really doesn’t want Andrew to reveal Hayden, Kristen’s relationship tonight. Rachel says that she would like for them to do that instead. Rachel says that she is going to speak to Andrew about it today. Brendon says that he doesn’t want to and is going to avoid Andrew as much as he can today.
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9:20am Brendon starts going off about Britney and Ragan saying fuck this and fuck them. Brendon is pissed that they are only looking out for themselves. Rachel tells Brendon to stop saying the F word so much. Rachel then says that of course nobody is looking out for us, we have to win everything ourselves. Rachel says that they won’t fucking help us. Brendon wonders who Britney would put up if she won HOH. Rachel says that it doesn’t matter; Britney isn’t going to win anything. Brendon says that he just didn’t like the way Britney and Ragan were talking to him last night. Rachel says that cant believe how much of a BIATCH Kathy is …how just tries to kiss ass and be friends with the people that are HOH. Rachel says that she hates how Kathy doesn’t fight. Rachel says that she also doesn’t like the fact that Kathy uses the sickness card all the time. Rachel says about Kathy that she needs to shut the fuck, up, if you are that sick, you should go home. Rachel starts talking about Kristen again. Rachel says that Kristen will look horrible when she goes home because she has been cheating on her boyfriend. Rachel talks about how Kristen’s boyfriend at home has a good job as a financial planner or something …he’s in his thirties with a good job and Kristen is going to give that up for Hayden who is 24 and hasn’t graduated college after 6 years. Rachel tells Brendon that when he wins the HOH this week and gets his HOH key, she says that he should just look at her and ask her if she wants to see his HOH room. Rachel brings up the fact that most of the people in the house have only see the last 2 seasons of Big Brother and both of those seasons had poor game players. She says that they don’t know how to play this game. Brendon complains about Ragan. Rachel tells Brendon that needs to “look at both sides of the cookie.” Rachel says that Ragan goes out of his way to make sure people don’t think of us as the bad guys, he is very smart but very emotional and the closer he gets to people, he will not be able to think logically. Brendon and Rachel agree that they like Matt, but Rachel thinks Matt kept them in the house so the target wouldn’t be on him. Rachel says that it would be stupid to go after Matt because it would anger Ragan. Rachel says that Ragan is their biggest ally in the house. Big Brother wakes up the houseguests… Brendon goes to the kitchen to make breakfast. Andrew is now up and in the kitchen as well. Ragan is up complaining about being a have not longer than the others who have been have nots… is around because of your donations. Every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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94 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel says that cant believe how much of a BIATCH Kathy is..

  1. OMG I so want Andrew to out Hayden & Kristen because I want to see Kristen & Hayden openly together during the day. It must happen! I just hope when Andrews says it they don’t deny it. Its getting old.

    1. i’m just wondering that if andrew does out them, would it make a difference. imo,. the brigade is lacking a little in the brain dept. and they might not just don’t care or either they may think that kristen will be another vote in their favor. with this cast this year, it’s kind of hard to tell.

      1. I pesonally am having a hard time buying into these so-called alliances. Matt is in it for himself and would betray any of the other three if it were to his benefit. Hayden can’t be fully committed with Kristen in the picture. Enzo and Lane just seem to follow along blindly. As to B and R, is that really an alliance, or just a case of ‘the hots’? Andrew and Brendon – can you say dumb and dumber?? There are a couple of HGs that could really step up the gameplay and reallyly take control. The show is really starting to lag in excitement!!!

    2. I think the brigade won’t care,either. That is another vote for them. Kathy already knows it, it just has never been confirmed by Kristen. This is the sorriest cast ever in the history of BB.

    3. I think it’s funny that Wee Man Matt is worried that Captain Kosher will reveal the Brigade alliance. Because they already know or at least suspect that H/K are close and don’t see that as a threat. It will be the biggest “so what?” when Andrew gives his speech. Ragan summed it up last night when he said that some players are completely unaware of their limitations – either mentally or physically. In other words, not too savvy at how to play the game. Andrew is a prime example of that. He has no strategy except his undying love for Brendover.

      1. Why doesn’t andrew try to make a deal with K/H to keep their secret if they vote to keep him?? Or has he already?? I really want to see Kathy out this week!! I just cant stand to hear her drone voice anymore!

    1. true, but she is no less of one either…and she always says “I don’t say those things, thats not in my characteR”, but it is kathy, it is

    1. Best Case Scenario for this house after andrew goes

      Andrew reveals hayden/kristen causing a few people to mentally check out of the HH comp

      Brenden wins HOH causing the rift between hayden/brigade to go full circle…kristen/hayden get put up and have to try to win POV, they do, they put up kathy, kathy is voted out, and then after that brenden is voted out, rachel is voted out…and the game will be in chaos

    1. I agree 100% I’m sooooo sick of brachael all together!! Everytime the camara goes to them I fast forward or walk away! What a bunch of SKANKS!!

      1. I CANNOT STAND BRENCHEL! I liked Brenden when he first came into the house….but….as soon as he hooled up with Rachel, that was it! Rachel is so IMMATURE! and she needs to wipe the brown off her nose! She goes with wherever the power is in the house. Brenden needs to RUN FAR AWAY! from her! And I think Brenden is right…his family probably will not like her. I mean what MOM with any morals and standards would want their son with someone like her! She is so fake! And sooooo jealous of Kristin…which she should be!

  2. i think that rachel is jealous of kristen and hayden’s showmance because now, she knows that cbs will also be airing k/h, taking away air time from her and b

      1. i would love for it to be revealed that brendon is actually gay and has been playing rachel the whole time. i wouldnt be surprised either he looks so awkward when hes making out with her…like hes not that into it or doesnt know what hes doing.

        1. Exactly! I said that from the beginning! A real manly man doesn’t pet his woman non stop for hours at a time while sucking her zit chin! It is awkward! He has to be bi! Dont think him and Andrew are lovers tho……I feel like Hayden and Brendon could be brothers ….look at the pics above of everyone and look at the beady eyes on Brendon and Hayden…..they both has the long lower jaw with the underbite too and big teeth! And both playin’ the showmance!

  3. I am sick of seeing romance and showmance, play the game. I hope Matt win it all and Kristen get put on the block this week. She is a real floater.

    1. yea just like rachel, that HOH was a guessing game meaning nothing, brendon is doing all the work just like last year Jeff was doing all the work… brendon and rachel are hypocrites almost everything they say others are doing they’re doing

  4. Words can not describe how I find Rachel really annoying and how Brendon is equally whiny. HOWEVER, in the light of recent events, I actually would want these two to win the competitions and stay a lot longer. They are obnoxious, but they seem the most genuine.

    It seems that they (B/R) are being ganged up on by the Brigade, who in my mind are a bunch of floaters unable to make any game moves because I think they are secretly scared of Brendon. So they band together, hoping one of them would make the game moves like Matt. Unfortunately, Matt was a coward (didn’t want the target on his back… Hello Matt, had you put both of them up, one of them would leave which means one less person coming after you. Dumb, to think you call yourself a genius.)

    The Brigade and Ragan against Andrew. What a bunch of hypocrites. They seemed so appalled that Andrew may have a secret alliance (Lane and Enzo!) with Brendon and Rachel. The fact that the Brigade exists, that Ragan and Matt has a side deal (which nobody seemed to have caught on except B/R), that Kristen and Hayden is a couple means everyone in the house has A secret alliance.

    The Kathy situation. In my mind, she should go home this week. Ultimate floater, weak personality, not really easy on the eyes and ass-kissing all the time. Plus, the whole smoking while you’re claining your sick, surviving from cancer and the “I just want to get to the jury house so I could get the stipend” doesn not endear you to me or anybody I think.

    1. Cosign everything u said. Brendon needs to win HoH or CBS needs america to give him the Wizard power next week. This show becomes boring and predictable the second he is gone.

      1. The Wizard Power is back? I did not know about that. But I don’t want America to hand it to him (I don’t think they will even if that twist existed). I want all of them to fight tooth and nail for it.

        PS Lane is the biggest disappointment for me. He bashes everyone outside the Brigade but has not really done anything to improve the Brigade’s game play. He is also just a floater.

        1. if the wizard power does come back…and i hope it does, Brendon wouldn’t get it Hayden would. remember its the audience voting and from the reactions ive seen from people watching majority think Brendon is whiny

    2. THANKS U for finally highlighting that the brigade boys r lame……the ganging up on b/r is getn old..and B/R is the only ones winning any comp….i need them to stay to the end….and matt played the house just the way he wanted to,,he have no target on his back….matt/B/R to the final 3 PLZZZZZZZ.THEY R THE ONLY ONES REALLY PLAYN THIS GAME.

  5. rachel is sad..the camera wont be on her & stupid brendon anymore. oh how i wish brendon wasn’t with her…
    if kristen & hayden do get exposed; hayden will try everything in his power to keep her; possibly add her to the brigade. i think kristen & hayden relationship might actually be honest,
    who knows, only time will tell.

    1. I agree with this. Hayden and Kristen are not cheesy and groping each other all the time. They are classy and respectful about their attraction to each other. If I had to watch them make out all the time like B/R (hello, your family is watching this show, GROSS – who makes out in front of their family anyway???) I wouldn’t like them at all. I hope they keep it on the DL. Plus they are both so beautiful, lol.

      1. yea, if kristen wins HOH this week; watch R/B kiss ass.
        of rachael wins; im pretty sure; kristen wuld stay clear of her. even if she goes up on the block, she will set her mind to winning POV. either ways. B/R are annoyinq me now. honestly, they compare themseleves to Jeff & Jordan<they are nothing them. they only wish; America loved them.
        sigh. BB12 is startinq to piss me of,

        1. This season is pissing me off, too. B/R is nothing like J/J. Jeff had to work up so much courage just to kiss Jordan, after weeks of living in the BB house. And then they never did anything after that; they were classy like H/K. Every fn scene this season shows Rachel’s boobs or butt or Brendon groping her…it’s like watching the adult channel or something. I think it’s cool how Kristen is so quiet and doesn’t get into all the bullshit backstabbing gossip. She likes who she likes and she dislikes who she dislikes, but she doesn’t spend every second of air time bitching and lying about other houseguests….like Rachel and Britney….ugh Brit annoys the piss out of me too. Good Lord, she was talking about Rachel spreading STDs and now she is taking a bubble bath with her??? WTF? What a joke.

          1. How are H/K classy, because they are sneaking around? Didn’t you see him lunge at her on the show last night as soon as they were alone? And she has a boyfriend! I guess compared to B/BG they are considered classy.

            1. Yeah…compared to B/R, a hooker has class….it’s all in perspective, I guess. I just like the fact that they don’t make out 24/7, in front of all the HGs and the entire viewing audience. I think I am partial to them because they are both very good-looking, haha. I like beautiful people.

              1. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And nobody knows what Rachel does so how can you call her a hooker maybe Kristen is I am not a fan of either one but cant stand people who are so judgemental when they are only seeing what they wont you to see. Give me a break … I think the cameras are always on Brenden and Rachel so that is why Kristen and Hayden are keeping theirs on the downlow so they can make out as much as they want without their partners on the outside seeing them all the time and they know if they were out with it the cameras would be on them just as much as R/B. K/H are extra boring people on their own so they would be double boring togeather and R/B are gross but at least they can be entertaining on their own.

                1. Ummm, who called her a hooker? And in response to “I cant stand people who are so judgemental when they are only seeing what they wont you to see”…the whole point of the show and this website is to comment on them and judge them. What else is this website for, pray tell?
                  I’m sorry, I think I got it now: YOU are allowed to post YOUR opinion but no one else is.
                  You know what I cannot stand? Hypocrites.
                  I respect everyone’s opinion on here even if I don’t agree with them, because I am not a control freak that needs everyone to feel exactly how I feel.
                  One last thing: it’s a reality show, yo. Chill the f out.

          2. how can anyone say that H/K relationship is on the downlow because they are classey they are only hoping that the cameras dont show them because they are cheating on their partners outside of the house who can respect that give me a break….

  6. i wish that a female is hoh this week and have the galls to take out some of that testosterone in the house instead of being so catty with the other females in the house and wanting them out. at the rate this season is going, this is going to be a all male show, something that i am not looking forward to.

    1. nah they will take each other out if one of them won HOH rachel wants to take out kristen , kristen wants to take out rachel, and brittney wants to take out rachel and kristen, do the math….

        1. yep, its not going to be a very happy surprise when they realize they all got played by the meatheads in the house. the girls are being way too catty and competitive with each other- when they SHOULD be joining forces!!!

  7. as much as i enjoy ragan and i definitely wouldn’t mind him winning, i really think that he needs to put on the block by the brigade or someone, because he is feeding matt too much info. doesn’t he realize that he is being used? he is very knowledgeable of the game and he knows that people you trust will back stab u. has he just let his guard down or something? i don’t understand him . putting him on the block (not necessarily evicting him) maybe will give him a wake up call to let him know that he needs to chill a little.

  8. I think Matt knew exactly what he was doing by not nominating B/R this week. He was currying favor from someone outside his core Alliance. Alos, it keeps the non-alliance members thinking more about nominating B/R this upcoming week than nominating an Alliance member. If he did do this, he has been wise not to tell his Alliance members what he was truly thinking.

    1. Of course that was his strategy, but some posters still don’t get it. They want blood. But causing havoc is how you get evicted. So Matt played it safe and smart. And Matt is not going to reveal his strategy to the Brigade – they think he screwed up but they don’t think it was intentional. They just want to get B/R out even more. The guy is smart. But I do NOT understand the hand in the pants thing!

      1. I do. It feels good!!! I just do not do it on camera nor in front of females (except my wife, who of course does not like it)!!

  9. Brigade is now ALMOST officially unbeatable. Win HOH tonight and it’s all over with but the crying.. Brigade rocks ’til the final 5 or 6. Then they break due to Matt/Regan and/or Hayden/Kristen.

    This season is going to be a slaughter if they win HOH tonight.

    And get this, in about one more week (MAYBE 2) they can just let the cat out of the bag and TELL people, “Don’t do it . . or else you get the grenade!!” And they’ll have to obey or get mad shrapnel lobbed in their direction.

    I love it.

    4-Deep Yo. Brigade Power.

    1. I think the Brigade is amazing. There will still be drama once R/B are gone and then Kathy – then the Brigade has to decide which one of the side alliances goes first – it won’t be Ragen or Kristen, so it will probably be Brit. That giving Lane and Enzo the perfect chance to become each others side alliances and make a final two deal. Hayden and Matt will be to distraught that their secret BFFs are gone to catch Lane and Enzo taking this all the way. All this based on R/B not getting the HOH next week.

  10. actually, i wouldn’t mind r/b staying for another week just to create more drama and drive the brigade insane. now, that would make good tv,since it seems like that this is all that they are worried about(making good tv)

  11. Cannot believe the stories Rachel was telling last night about all the expensive gifts she receives from men. What is that all about? Did Brendan hear this?

  12. Rachel says that she hates how Kathy doesn’t fight.

    like Rachel wasn’t fighting 1st week? LMFAO @ brenchel’s true colors shining through everyday…. so funny to be proven right the reason people who are not blinded by mushy shit to not like brenchel

  13. Almost everybody is just a floater. Nobody will make any real moves. They have this secret alliance and they also have their own seperate alliance. They are all real scare to make any moves or to really voice what they feel because they are trying so hard to keep the target off them. I would like to see other people with a target on their backs like Kristin and Hayden or lane and enzo and see them battle it out and see how they react. I am getting tired of brendan and rachel but at least they are trying to make some moves.

    1. I agree with you, no one is playing the game, Brenchel is trying, but it’s like ping pong, with no one on the other side. The ball keeps falling on the floor. This is the most do-less cast in BB history. This is like watching an icicle melt on the coldest day of winter.
      And who watches just for a show-mance only?/ That’s what soap-operas are for! LOL ; ), just kidding!
      If Brendan doesn’t win HOH, I’d like to see Enzo get it. At least he’s funny.
      Does anyone expect Hay/Kris relationship coming out will change anything? and what would you predict those changes would be… BBGrandma, weigh in on this, I like your thinking !

  14. I don’t how anyone can’t think outing Kristen & Hayden wouldn’t be a HUGE game changer!!!! People suspect they have an Alliance BUT noone but Andrew Really knows that they have a Showmance and that is HUGE!!!!! The Brigade will fall apart when they really discover just how close Hayden is to Kristen and they won’t trust him. I also think Hayden & Kristen are real and really care for each other. I want to see them be open about it. I don’t think they will make out all of the time but at least some of the time which would be nice! I live for the Showmances and would have NO Interest in BB without a Showmance.

    1. Matt is out for himself, and Hayden will betray the Brigade for Kristen.I’m ready for him and Kristen to be outted so we can watch them fall apart. Matt is an idiot for not putting up Rachel and Brendon when he had the chance. Thanks alot loser. I bet he doesn’t even have a wife and him and Regan are really long lost lovers.

  15. I love Hayden and Kristen and can’t wait for them to openly be together. I think Kristen is a cool girl and Brit and Rach are soo jealous of her because she doesn’t try to get attention. Hayden is really smitten with her, you could def tell it when they had that talk in the backyard when he told her he’d rather hang out with her than anyone in the house. He was really being shy and nervous and she was just playing it cool. He obviously isn’t used to a girl who doesn’t fall at his feet. Kristen is so attractive to him because she is just being herself.
    Go Kristen and Hayden!!

  16. Hey. I haven’t been on this site for a while. I haven’t really been keeping up with BB because my grandma had a stroke and just died. We were at her bedside for 10 days and she passed away two days ago. So all I know is that Matt is HOH and Kathy and Andrew are up… why didn’t he just put up Brendon and Rachel?

    1. Hey Jordan, sorry to hear about your lose seems like this is a tough year for a lot of people.

      Andrews going home, Matt is siting pretty not being anyones target. The brigade is going to war with b/r yo.

  17. Just a heads-up for anyone who hasn’t read the article:
    ‘EW’ did an interview with A. Grodner and she had fairly interesting things to say, possible twist soon, and Jeff even coming back this season, also saying “the saboteur” might not be gone for good…and then a bunch of lame excuses for this years suckness of a cast!


        1. He’s ratings gold for CBS though, and i guess Grodner is attempting to “save” this season by bringing in last years, Fan Favorite. It is what it is i guess, this whole season, the twist, the cast, everything just seems so sub-par compared to previous seasons. Oh well, let’s all pray for a miracle with BB13!

            1. That is an excellent site…. but I know my Mom and Aunts and Uncles watch this show so I wonder where their demographics are shown. I think alot of people over 50 watch this show too! Anyhow, great to read that the show is doing well.

            2. do you think Wednesday nights get a lower viewership since the show is now aired Wednesday instead of Tuesday like it had been and fans have trouble finding it.

            3. Good point! I do see how the “TV Brendon & Rachel” are different from the “live feeds Brendon & Rachel”. Maybe people are just looking for another Jeff & Jordan type thing, but they are 2 VERY different couples. But all in all, whether this years ratings are higher or not, Jeff is deffinately being used to insight some interest from viewers who loved him last year, i.e – bring in more ratings!

  18. Jordan-I am so sorry about your grandmother passing.
    Tucker- I so agree! By the way do you have the day and time of Kristen & Hayden talk in the backyard? I never saw that. Also, I called in and spoke to Jordan (last yrs winner) on a call in show the other night. She loves Kristen & Hayden and feels their relationship is like how she & Jeff started and they are still very happily dating!
    Lastly, Alison Grodner announced Jeff will be stopping by the BB house in a few weeks to stay overnight with the houseguests on his way around the world in his trip!!

  19. to me, britney has a million dollar smile and a ten cent head….rachel and brendan should get a room…matt is a snake in the grass…enzo the mafioso…lane the double shotgun redneck…andrew the ‘foot in the mouth’ doctor…kathy, the ‘out in the middle of nowhere’ sheriff…hayden searching for a dentist…kristen wondering what in the hell she is doing here…have i left anyone out? yes…ragan…well…ragan is a good soul. i have no idea who is gonna win this thing….

  20. haha, so true! and yet somehow im not surprised… . she called kristen that too btw. ridiculous…. bashing her cos she drinks a beer every once in a while, while she walks around drunk half the time.

  21. if the power returns it will go to hayden

    meaning BRENDEN MUST WIN HOH!!!!

    CBS RIG IT! we need this, or else this season will be a bust…Branchel haters wont agree, but this has to happen, they will be voted out immediately as they just want jury…and thats fine, but brenden MUST win HoH…otherwise one of them goes home, and that HoH will think they are ok, when we ALL know the brigade will then ha ve the votes to win the rest of the game

    1. To be honest I thot Britney was just cast as the pretty mean girl. Didn’t really care much for her but she’s the best HG this season. She’s hilarious and I’m all for Enzo, Britney, Lane and even Ragan teaming up. The rest of the HGs…meah! Rachel and Brendon are puke-worthy. Haden and Kristen are have marginally better personalities than Ken and Barbie. Kathy is your resident floater. Matt is the seasonal dumb dude that always thinks he’s smarter than he his. And Andrew…while quirky…he hasn’t done anything to justify his place in the house which shld end tonite.

      1. I agree about Brittany. She was very annoying when Monet was there. Now, we get to see Brittany venture out to other house guests and see her true knowledge of the game. She is not quite as mean as before and really is funny. She is definitely no dumb blonde! I would like to see her in a strong alliance to get her to the end… long as she stops whining and losing the physical comps.

  22. Britney is a sweet lovable beautiful person with a great sense of humor.
    Old Britney takes sloppy shits in the HOH bathroom and doesn’t own up to it.

    Iol! in all serious I love her!!

  23. how can anyone say production is rigging it for R/b. i don’t believe it for a mim.
    i have being watching since the first show. the girls never stay together,if they would one might win . one of the girls that did win the guy let her win.brittany is sticking with the brigade. i wish she would find out about them. i hope brendon wins hoh

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