Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel to Brendon “We Have to Win back to Back HOH or we’re gone” HURRAY!

11:30am Hayden and Lane are up in the HoH room talking Hayden asks Lane if there was any good talk last night. Lane tells him no, nothing really. Lane says that Annie is saying that Brendan and Rachel will going to go all the way, and that Brendon is going to take Monet out next week. Hayden says that the best scenario would be that Monet should really get HOH. Hayden says that Rachel is going up for sure next week for the whole eye roll thing. Lane agrees. Hayden says can you imagine if Ezno got HOH … no one knows what planet he is on!!.. Lane says yeah… They laugh. Lane says that Enzo said he will put Brendan and Rachel up if he gets HOH. Hayden says that Brendon and Rachel have huge targets on their back. Lane says that he hates how everyone makes Brendon out to be some god athletically. Lane asks Hayden if Kristin will do whatever he tells her to do? Hayden says yeah, Kristin said if she gets HOH she’s putting up Monet and Britney. They both agree Brittany will stirs up shit in the house. Lane says that Britney can stir up crap in the house as long as it doesn’t affect them. Lane says that he really wants Rachel or Brendon gone and that their alliance must be broken up. Lane says that he thinks Brendon is being really fake and that he is all paranoid about what Annie is saying about him. Lane says that Annie has said he is not what he says he is. Lane laughs and says so what if he is an engineer, Jordan LLoyd won Big Brother last year. What’s he going to do build a robot. Hayden says that Brendon has been pushing really hard to form an alliance before and after the POV competition. Lane thinks they can blindside him. Hayden and Lane both head down stairs…


11:44am JULY 13th Back Yard Houseguests Chillin


12:12pm JULY 13th Getting ready for today’s drama

 Big Brother
12:30pm JULY 13th showmance Room Rachel and Brendon. Rachel says she starting to prepare for the HOH competition by eating right. She thinks it’s going to be a physical comp. Rachel is certain that her and Brendon will go up again next week unless they win HOH. Rachel is really worried that the target is huge on their backs she thinks that everyone has been listening to Annie going off about our showmance and some of it must of sunk in. She says unless they win back to back HOH one of them will go home. Brendon doesn’t think everyone in thehouse is gunning for them. HE beleives that Ragan won’t put them up. Rachel brings up Annie turning on Brendon, SHe’s so surprised it happened so fast. Brendon understand whats she’s going “She’s playing the game and trying to survive” Rachel “She’s so Fake” Rachel starts listing off all the people that will put them Monet, Enzo, will for sure. Brendon tells her he’s not as worried he’ll talk to to Enzo. Rachel says it’ll be her and a pawn up and they will try and backdoor you Brendon. She now says that Ragan, Kristen and Hayden are the only ones on there side… Brendon doesn’t think it’s that bad. They both agree that if they get onthe block Monet and Brit are going up with Monet going home

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26 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel to Brendon “We Have to Win back to Back HOH or we’re gone” HURRAY!

  1. Wow, Rachel showing some acuity for the game. Just last night Enzo, Lane, Matt and Hayden were planning to backdoor Brendon in exactly the way she described.

    I think she is right about Hayden and Kristen being on their side. Hayden has his alliance with those guys, but I think that his loyalty is to Kristen (pretty sure they are the lifelong friends as others have pointed out) and I’ll bet that Kristen and Hayden will make a final 4 deal with Brendon and Rachel in the next 2 weeks, definitely if one of them wins HOH, so long as they all survive.

    They have to notice how much time Matt, Lane and Enzo spend together. Those should be their targets should they win HOH next week, Money and Brittany are not as much of a threat at this point in the game I don’t think.

  2. I’m beginning to believe the lifelong friends are Hayden and Lane. They are both athletes (Hayden=baseball; Lane=football), have similar accents, and seem VERY comfortable around each other, especially when they are alone. Everyone is speculating about relatives but the saboteur said it was a lifelong relationship not necessarily a familial relationship. I know they live in different states now but is it possible they grew up together? Maybe they met at some kind of summer sports camp? What do y’all think?

    1. I also found it weird that Lane said something about Hayden being up in the HOH eating pizza at 3 am and how junk like that was bad for him. He hadn’t been up to the HOH so how would he know that’s what Hayden was doing unless he knew his friend did stuff like that all the time? Just saying………

        1. Yes, but as I said on a previous thread, I think the “secret” they were referring to is their secret final 2 alliance and their secret alliance with Andrew. They have been trying to keep that to themselves. Go back and look at when they first talked about working together and about bringing Andrew in with them. They said they had to keep it a “secret” so as not to put a target on their backs.

    2. – Kathy is on the Texas/Ark. border, Brit = Ark, Lane = Tex
      – Kathy/Lane/Brit combination of familial… mother/child, aunt/niece-nephew, cousins, siblings, etc…
      – Lane = football, Brit = cheerleader…same high school?
      – Brit/Monet both did pageants
      – Monet/Matt both from Illinois
      – Brendon/Ragan both from LA area
      – Andrew/Annie both from Florida
      – Rachel/Kristin both did swimwear modeling / photo shoots

      Lots of possibilities.

  3. OK I JUST GOT A PERFECT THOT… no one is the sabo yet….BB will figure out by our guesses who THEY will annouce by thurs…that explains y we the audience didnt know last week..bec they dont fing know their selves.

    1. I gave her that nickname after her and monet went off about everyone in the house while in private. also she’s on of the bigger shit disturbers in the house, has been able to get away with it for some time but eventually she’ll be the centre of CHAOS.. don’t get me wrong i am a fan of brit :)

  4. NO! I got it, Hayden and Kristen are twins…. lifelong friends and previous BB alliance…. the twins from like 6 years ago!

    1. I don’t know about brother and sister, Hayden kinda seemed like he was flirting with her last nite. I could be wrong.

    2. tif they are then thats nasty, they said in the first episode that they would date each other, i think they might be lifelong friend thats it

  5. This is by far the best site to follow BB on. I’ve checked them all out and this one rocks. Thanks for all the hard work. I just wish the time stamp was right on the comments.

    1. THanks Eagle, I really appreciate hearing that. Dawg and I are going balls to the walls this year.. i’m working on fixing the time it but it’s tough to find the time. After i install the comment emailing system i’ll start to fix the timestamping. It’s only week one and it feels like week 5, am I the only one that feels this way? LOL its a great season though

      Please send me comments through “contact us” if there’s realistic fixes/tweeks I can do to make the comments system better for you.

      1. I certainly appreciate all the work you guys are doing.

        I think it seems like week 5 as well, but nobody’s even been evicted yet.

        We’ve got a long way to go.

        Lots of backstabbing, lies, cheating, fights, threats, forced escorted evictions from producers, and so on… to come.

      2. Well nothing is perfect, but this is about as close as you can come. I can’t think of a thing you could do to make it better. And the time thing isn’t even that big of a deal….it just confuses me a little bit, but that isn’t hard to do. Keep up the good work. I’m sure everybody appreciates the effort and time you put into it for us.

      3. Simon, you and Dawg are awesome for doing this! I got Showtime just to watch BBAD and I can’t get through an hour of it before I get annoyed or bored. I don’t know how you do it!!!

        1. I totally agree with ya! I can only go so long watching After Dark. I know it’ll be easier once a few peeps are gone & we know what’s really going on with the saboteur. It’s nice to know that Simon & Dawg have our backs & keep us updated on what we miss!

      4. No, it definately seems like we are further in the game than we are. We usually don’t have this much drama this early in the game.

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