Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Andrew makes Annie cry when he asks too many questions about her family

Andrew is asking Annie a lot of questions about her family owned a pizza shop her whole life from 1969 – ..and the feeds keep getting cut out because her family didn’t sign the consent forms. Annie says she literally ate pizza every day of her life. Andrew asks what was it called and Annie says it was called Marcos …and the feeds cut out again. When they come back, Andrew asks Annie how long she lived in Detroit for ….and Annie starts to cry and leaves the kitchen. Andrew says AWWww..don’t do that, its ok! Annie goes into the small room in the bathroom with the toilet. Kathy follows her in there and says its ok … and the feeds cut out again..
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When the feeds come back …Annie is in the bathroom alone… she leave the bathroom for the kitchen. Kathy says I’m sorry. Andrew says If you need a hug …anytime. Annie says thanks Kathy, thanks Andrew.

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11am – 11:20am Britney, Lane, Brendon are in the kitchen. Britney says did you hear when Enzo said that he doesn’t have to wear condoms because he isn’t circumcised. Brendon says yeah I think he said that on the first day … They all laugh. Lane and Brendon talk about the Annie drama. Brendon explains that he told Rachel that he is emotionally involved with her and hes friend with Annie. Brendon says that Annie was just trying to start drama and was making stuff up. Brendon says that he though him and her were friends and doesn’t like she was trying to make him feel guilty. Lane says that he doesn’t even know what to say to her anymore, ..Annie needs to leave with dignity. Brendon tells Lane that he has the most influence out of any of them on Annie. Brendon says that Annie freaks out when he tells her how he wants her to act with Rachel. Brendon says that she is playing the emotional card, and that he is done with her drama. When Brendon and Lane start speculating that Annie is the saboteur because of all the drama she is creating …the feeds cut out… When they come back Monet, Lane, Annie and Hayden are hanging out in the kitchen talking about food and other random stuff …

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John D. Genovese

What the hell does being uncircumsized have to do with not having to wear a condom? Is he saying his foreskin can prevent pregnancies and STDs? Stupid guido.


Whata friggin idiot..i hope he knows he sounded like a real dumbass by saying that. I think these folks forget that there are cameras around 24/7!!!

chick from louisiana

did rachel really do what annie said she did, or is annie lying? Did anyone with feeds see this take place?


she did some of what annie says.. dawg posted it yesterday. as the night progresses Annie story became a little skewed though.

dany 1

simon it was never on the live feeds the rachel/annie incident…annie is full of shit !!!


LOl i thought dawg saw it.. oh well 🙂 onto the next bit of drama

chick from louisiana

We don’t need to see it, LOL. Annie will tell us about it all week long. PS welcome dany, lol


holy cow your right,.. i heard it last night 4 separate times i just gave up typing about it .


it’s times like these that I feel really sorry for ya Simon. I thought she’d never stop talking & talking!!!


Annie exaggerates the exchange between her and Rachel more and more for every telling, and throws in some nasty facial expressions to mimic Rachel, but she’s really making a mountain out of a molehill. Annie says Rachel shut the door behind her as she left the room, and GASP, Rachel replied “what are you talking about?” when Annie asked her “Why do you hate me?” or something like that.
Annie doesn’t have a prayer, she knows it, so she;s trying everything to make Rachel look like the better option to vote out. I’d vote out Annie based on the annoyance factor alone.

chick from louisiana

Yeah, pretty much all of after dark was Annie telling the story. Over, and over and over.


Hayden and Kristin are the friendski’s.. BBAD last night or 1109 pm big brother time … They talk about how if they think people are suspicious of them… they laugh and think they have everyone fooled… I think there going to become a target, there getting to gamey and obvisous…


Either that or they are talking about being in an alliance together! I would think that they know BBAD is on and production told them not to even mention it. But, I could be wrong!

TN Mama

I think they are talking about their “secret” alliance. Nobody is supposed to know that they have a final 2 agreement. That’s what they mean by “We got everybody fooled.”


According to Hayden’s AZ State baseball bio page, he has a sister named Terryn. Found a video of her riding on Youtube; “Terryn” looks an awful lot like Kristen. I think they are brother and sister.


Do you have the link to the video? this is big news!


if its the video i found on youtube it looks nothing like kristin…….. plus in the first diary room session they talked about how hott they though the other was…. that would be wrong if they were related………. i do however think they were connected before the show……… i think a few of them knew eachother before hand.


ladyswag, could you paste the link in a reply I can’t seem to find it on youtube. Thanks!




Def not Kristen, look up terryn moss on Facebook.


??? Really so Hayden and Kristin, they are the twist? Who do you guys think is the saboteur?

dany 1

kathy !!


Kathy and Britney mother/daughter

Rachel's Left Boob

I fully believe that it’s Hayden and Kristen. I don’t think Kathy and Brittney are mother/daughter though unless they are both really good actors because they have gotten into a couple tiffs that wouldn’t make sense and they haven’t had any sort of moment where they showed any sort of closeness. If they were mother/daughter or even a little related, I don’t know if they have the acting chops to keep up the act that well for this long, where as Hayden and Kristen have had a few moments where they seemed closer than they show the others in the house.

Also, in the video of Brittany before the house is is walking with a red headed woman that I would imagine is her mother, though there is a slight resemblance between that woman and Kathy.

That said, I think that Kathy is the Saboteur for a number of reasons, the least of which is she’s the only one in that house that i can see willing to take $50k for lasting to the jury house and give up the $500k. I don’t believe the Saboteur and the lifelong friends are the same people.


I agree, Kathy/Britney mother daughter. Both are from AK and Kathy made a point to mention she had her first child at 18 or 19, she is 40, Britney is 22. hmmmmm…………….


both of them are from AK? AK stands for Alaska so I dont think they are from here…


thanks for all the twit pics……. so hayden and kristen are twin

dany 1

damn they really are twins !!!holy cow same freakin face !

Uncle Cool

I think Andrew and Brendon look more alike than anyone else.

Then again, this whole thing could be BS.

CBS could be borrowing from Lost in the way they had so many mysteries that made everyone go nuts over them with their theories.

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

I don’t see what being not circumcised has to do with wearing a condom but ok… and Annie needs to shut up about that story already.


Did anyone notice that most of Hayden’s pics from his HOH were when he was a kid? Maybe it was because his twin really is Kristen and his older pics had her in them. I remember one pic when he was older but it was him and friends. Anyways, I dunno just a thought.


I think they are twins…….


When was it established that there was any twist other than the saboteur bit? This whole discussion, both online and in the BB house seems to be based on some paranoid comments one of the guys threw up into the air, just to see what would stick to the wall. In fact, ever since the season when the secret relationships really were part of the (established) twist, every group throws out that theory and wastes energy on it. It hasn’t had any validity since the original time. Did I miss something in the promos or something Julie Chen announced?


Its just speculation. The saboteur told them in a taped message that two houseguests are lifelong friends or have a previous BB alliance. It could just be a mind game to make them more paranoid.


I keep hearing a lot of people say Hayden and Kristen are twins. I honestly don’t think they look a like, so I tried to find Kristen’s Birthday online.. NO LUCK! I do know that Hayden’s Birthday is in May.. maybe the 27?!? Anyone know when her’s is? I guess anticipation is getting the best of me! 🙂


it would be wild if they were twins but I’m trying to stop my mind from believing that Lane is Kathy’s son


Hayden’s Mom has a straight head/face shot pic of Terryn on her FB and it is clearly not Kristen…..


Thanks, Chloe. I must have been taking a snooze while the saboteur was doing that bit of dirty work.