Big Brother 12 Spoilers: *Updated* Rachel threatens Kathy to not use the POV. Kathy tells Kristen that she will use it so America can see Rachels reaction..



8:25am Rachel and Kathy are in the storage room talking. Rachel says that if Kathy wins the POV, Rachel would take it as a personal attack. Rachel says that she didn’t put Kathy up on the block for a reason. Rachel says that she has done it twice … where she has not put Kathy up twice now. Rachel says that she knows that Kristen is a friend of Kathy’s and she knows that it’s hard but that she needs to consider that. Rachel says that she is not threatening her she is just letting her know. Rachel says that Kathy is not her target. Rachel says that she has had to piss people off twice now, and that Kathy was a choice of mine before and that she didn’t put you her up. Rachel says she has told her from the beginning that you had my vote. Kathy says she knows, and when this is done she would like to talk to her. Kathy says that she is ready to start a war this morning. Rachel laughs. Rachel says that it’s ridiculous to treat others, you know, there are plenty of threats out there. Rachel says that all she knows is what her and Brendon have talked about because everyone lies straight to your face. Kathy says that she understands. Rachel says that she knows it’s hard when it’s your friend. Rachel says regardless of how you feel about people it’s a game and that she is only saying this to a few people. Kathy says she knows, thank you.

8:35am Rachel joins Matt and Ragan in the bedroom talking and laughing about Matt and Ragan getting in trouble by production last night.
Kathy is in the bedroom talking to Kristen telling her the whole conversation she had in the storage room with Rachel.  Kathy says that she will use it anyway.  Kathy says that Rachel told her told that she wasn’t trying to threaten her but it was all a game. Kathy tells Kristen yeah her game not mine. Kristen says that she is so nervous.  Kathy says I know, and don’t anyone tell her because I want America to see her reaction when it’s used.  Kathy says that it doesn’t matter, if Hayden or Kristen come down she is going up in their place anyways. Kathy tells Kristen to just act like you don’t know anything.  Kathy says that someone is telling her all of our conversations.  Kathy and Kristen both agree that they really need to fight and win this POV.   Kathy says that she’s scared ….and that’s good.”  Kathy says that Rachel doesn’t want to put a third person up. Kristen says that’s good.   Kathy says again, just act like you don’t know.  Kathy says that she is worried about who she has talked to, and that she said she was talking to only a few and who knows what they say to her, and that she is going to talk to others.   Kathy says that Rachel could be lying.


9am Ragan and Rachel are talking in the storage room. Rachel tells Ragan all about the conversation she had with Kathy earlier. Ragan asks what did Kathy said when she asked her what she would do if she won the POV. Rachel says that she said she paused and said that she wasn’t sure what she would do. Ragan says well when some one says that they aren’t sure what they’re going to do ….that usually means that they will use it. Rachel says yeah I know! Rachel says that she told her that she would take it as a slap and that she didn’t put her up twice. Regan says well dont get worked up, she might not get picked to even plan, 4 people wont. Rachel says just think it is the dumbest thing she could do. Regan says that if she gets picked then you should have another conversation with her. Ragan says that its hard enough to put up two, but with two HOHs you will have to put up 6. Rachel says that if she wins.. I will freak out. Regan says just dont make any deal until she’s won it. Rachel says yeah, good idea, things like that frustrate me. I haven’t put her up or a lot of people for that matter, and its really like a slap in the face. Especially since Kristen and I really got into it. They leave the storage room.


9:10am – 930am Rachel and Brendon go up to the HOH room. Brendon asks her what Kathy said. Rachel says that Kathy didn’t say that she wouldn’t use it and she also didn’t say that she would. So basically she is saying that she would use it if she won it. Brendon says thats a good reason to put her up. Shes choosing her over you. Brendon says that well you need to nail her down and find out exactly what she is going to do one way or that other. Brendon say that if you can nail her down before the POV that even if she doesn’t win it you will know where she stands. Rachel says that she told her that it was hard to be HOH and put people up. I told Regan and he told me to wait. Brendon says yeah. Rachel says that she said.. she doesn’t know, and that what she said to her was nice. Rachel says that she told Kathy that she would vote for her. Rachel says that she is her friend. Kristen wasn’t her friend until last week. Brendon says that he has no doubt, Kathy should be out now. Brendon says that Kathy shouldn’t be in the jury house. Brendon says that if Kristen wasn’t so dumb she could be in the jury house, but she doesn’t deserve… he says that everyone has a story of why they should win. Rachel says that Kristen will stab her in the back. Brendon says yeah, she was friends with people in the game that were keeping her safe and as soon as Kristen is gone guess who will want to be your best friend again. Rachel says that she will say she wouldn’t have used the POV. Brendon says again that Rachel needs to make her say what she is going to do before the competition if she is picked. Rachel says that she will. Rachel then spills coffee on the HOH white carpet…. She starts freaking out and thinks that she will be kicked out of the HOH room …

In the bedroom Matt, Lane, Ragan, Britney and Matt are talking. Matt explains to Britney that his wife Stacey picked out all the outfits that Matt could wear and put x’s on all the things that matched so that Matt wouldn’t look like an idiot on tv. Matt says that production took most of his clothes away and so now he doesn’t know what matches, which is why he only wears the shorts. Matt then tries on some really tight blue pants and says that he’ll wear them to the picking of the veto players and if he gets picked he will jump around and get all excited. Britney tells Matt that she should wear one of Ragans fruity shirts …they pick out a see through black shirt and a scarf.

9:40am The feeds switch to the TRIVIA screen for the picking of the Power of Veto players….

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more threatening people from RacHELL??? what a surprise…. SkankEVIL running ramped


I hope rachel is smart enough to NOT put kathy up, seeing kathy is just playing for…Kristen I guess….shes honestly more checked out of the game than anyone else….Rachel MUST backdoor matt

jason voorhies

what did gayan say? and to who? I must have missed that. I don’t have the feed or the BBAD and I did not see in the reviews on here him snitching.


he goes and tells everything he hears from either side to the other side


kristen kathy are super hypocrits….they did the SAME things to B and R week after week, and now B and R are bullying because they win and finally put em up…Pleasase


I agree


I love your website you give all the juicy details.


its just funny to watch kristen freaking out, when she was making fun of Rachel for the SAME thing when she had to win…

if only the couples had come together…then not only would we have seen a different power alliance, but we know it would end poorly…all the better


nah they wouldn’t kick them out for spilling coffee, now if she spit that nut on the floor which we all know she “swallowed” it, she might get in trouble


Hoping Kathy wins (not like that will happen), Kristen’s pulled off, Matt or Lane goes up, and Hayden leaves. End of the Brigade yo! Or Kristen wins and Rachel has enough sense to not put up Kathy because she’s useless.


playing for the veto is
Ragan. Rach
Brit. Enzo
Hayden. Kristen
and Brendon is hosting


they gone lose, RacHELL is just about alone Ragan flippity flop, brittney,endo, hayden and kristen….. maybe itl’s not rigged


I’m pretty sure if it is rigged, it’s rigged so that there’s the most impact and drama to be had rather than a favoring of BracHELL or not.


oh, ragen is playing the game like matt, both would be HUGE targets to anyone with half a brain


Britney, Enzo, Kristin, Hayden, Rachel & Ragan playing in POV. No Kathy! WooHoo!


I hope Kathy does compete and wins the POV and takes Kristen off the block. The look on Rachel’s face would be priceless. What would be cool to would be Kathy winning HOH next week and putting Rachel on the block and getting voted out. Rachel has some pair to be threatening about not using POV, it’s not her decision, it’s the decision of the person who wins POV. Rachel is just classless!!!


I wonder what the Brigade would think of Matt if they knew he was on Average Joe and kicked off first episode… I can’t believe the clothes thing with his wife– grown man can’t dress himself obviously by those blue pants…

jason voorhies

matt was on average joe. here is the link if you wanna check it out.


LMAO!!!! Coffee on rug BIG problem…DNA everywhere else, not so much.

J. P. Brigade

End of the Brigadr cause one MAY leave (not likely at all). B 4′ Realz.

Brigade is 4 Deep. One man goes down don’t mean ya concede the war. Ya march on and fight back. Brigade foreva. LOL!!!


True dat yo^^^^^^^

bb addict

I love the brigade, but I wouldn’t be upset if Matt left. He is the weak link, in game play anyway. Interesting that most of the comps have been mental, where last years were mostly physical. I anticipate more physical comps coming up soon, so Brigade has a better shot of winning. Let’s hope the Brigade loses Matt then makes a move.

J. P. Brigade

Look at this Veto comp. THICK with Brigade power yo. 4-Deep and Countin’!!


J. P. Brigade

I feel kinda special with you siding with me Simon. Gimme a “Yo”. LOL!!

Brigade Power Baby. 4-Deep . . . . . and Countin’ YO!!

keeping fingers crossed

who is officially playing in the POV?
>hopefully kristen/hayden wins.

J. P. Brigade

BBGrenades tellin’ it YO!!!!


must she spread her legs? stds mustve gone airborne by now because of her


It would be great for Rachel to mysteriously find out what Brittney said about her having STDS. If I was Kristen I would secretly go up to Rachel and tell her “We did it. I think they are all fooled into thinking we are really fighting.” Then she should tell her what a good job she is doing (because Rachel is feeding on compliments) Then she should say so how are we going to get Matt out?


I don’t understand the whole hate on Rachel thing. She’s playing the game harder than anyone, of course, she’s being forced to. How about those that are along for the ride. I think is doing things on tv, that are discussing, but it’ll come home to her. But you people been hating on her from the beginning.


I agree with every thing you ur saying….

bb addict

She is totally Chima from last year. Bring back the wizard power and give it to Enzo. Rachael will lose her sh*&. That would be awesome.

J. P. Brigade

WAKE UP!! Why worry about getting out the Brigade? Ya just can’t do it. There’s too many of ’em. Ya can’t get rid of ’em all. It’s kinda like havin’ da crabs–Ya can pick off one but the other 1000 just gone itch da hell outta ya.

Know how you take out a brigade? An air strike. We don’t got dem in BB.

Know how ya take out a showmance between a goofball and a ho? With a grenade Yo. Those we got.

4-Deep and Countin’ Yo. Brigade Power. Brigade is THICK in da POV Yo.

Lob dat Grenade Enzo. Lob it NOW!! Fire in da hole yo.

To those who oppose: “Ya Mutha.”


It is hilarious how some people think no one is allowed to post their comments or opinions if it differs from their own. I just like to sit back and read all the nasty comments about how no one should be thinking for themselves. Oh yes you will brainwash me into being your protege if you just keep attacking everyone who disagrees with you…eventually we will all just give up and agree with everything you say…yes..that will work.
Oh and……Go Brigade Go!!!!! 🙂


@ShutFup, You tell me ” were is her Dignity ” ? She has none, period. I could not do that in front of my parent’s out of great repect for them, my grandparent’s , family & years down the road to my future husband that I would not shame to death in front of his family & friends. But most of all my children & there friends & God,. It’s just RESPECT allAROUND,. My parents never did those things in front of us !!! EVER & they were married 55 years.


who cares if her parents did it too…im sure they didnt do it in front of her (although that would explain so much)

Yae Dum Dum

Simon and Dawg–I do not see any convo where Enzo is talking about his “dog dick” Did I miss something?


Kristen is going home since she lost pov. Plus she has to wear a unitard. I am glad that Britney won because she wouldn’t use it to save Kristen or Hayden.


are you sure britt won pov, I hope so because your right britt would not used it to save kristen ur hayden.


1 billion percent sure brit won the POV


Brit won for sure. Hayden is in confinement in the have not room, lol. He deserves it for playing the brigade. Kristen is going to have a horrible week being nominated and wearing unitard. They deserve it for thinking that they were going to keep their relationship a secret.


Rachel is entitled to do whatever she wants and that includes having intercourse. People shouldn’t be judging her.