Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel gives Brendon a BLANK under the covers in the HOH room….

12am In the lounge room Enzo, Lane and Kathy are talking. Enzo talks about how his body isn’t use to food. Lane says that he needs a snack . Enzo tells Lane that its too late. They both get up and go to eat cookies. Enzo ask if they are still out there. Enzo says that there is no skill to that. Lane says they will be out there all night. Lane and Enzo head to the bedroom.They talk about how big tomorrow is going to be and they wonder if the will be spending the rest of the summer together or not. Lane says that Britney will find out who she will put up, its either Matt or Kathy. Lane says that Rachel wants to split them up. Enzo says who cares what Rachel wants we got the votes. Lane says not if one of us goes up. Enzo tells Hayden that someone is getting back doored if you don’t win Hayden, it could be Lane or Kathy or even him, who the fuck knows. Enzo says that one of the brigades might go home if they go up against one another. Lane and Enzo agree that they think Brendon will keep it the same. Lane says that Kristin can’t come off. Enzo says they have to push hard for Kathy to go up as the replacement. Enzo says that things are in their favour to win. Enzo says that afterwards they can celebrate Matt’s birthday. Enzo says that if Matt had put them (Brendon and Rachel) up last week they would have no problems. They joke around saying that they know Brendon’s’ going to be picked. Enzo says talks about a possible double elimination, and how the Brigade needs to make it past that point. Lane says that next week is the week to get Brendon. Lane laughs and says that he knows they have been saying that week after week. Enzo says that he is scared. Lane says that Britney told him that Rachel wants Kristen gone but if she gets off, Matt will probably go up and want Hayden or Kristen gone but really want Kristen. Enzo says that he is worried and that he hopes there is more to it. Enzo says that Britney is a good source of info since she’s close with Rachel.

12:20am Up in the HOH Britney and Matt are playing with Rachel’s red hair extensions. Britney puts them in her hair and does an impersonation of Rachel. Matt has them on too. Rachel and Brendon come back into the HOH room. Rachel laughs. Britney does a little show for Rachel. Rachel laughs. Rachle jokes that Matt looks like such a stoner with her red extensions in his hair. Britney says that she wants to go downstairs and do her re-enactment. Britney leave to head downstairs. Britney says get you life vest floaters. Britney goes into the bedroom and does her impersonation for them. Enzo wishes Matt a happy 30th birthday. They continue to joke about how Matt looks like a pot head. Matt says that he doesn’t know what he is doing. Lane says that Matt looks creepy. Enzo complains about eating too much food. Lane asks Brendon if he found any strategy. Brendon says no. Enzo asks what if Kristen wins. Brendon says that he hasn’t thought that far ahead.

12:30am In the bathroom, Hayden and Kristen are talking about how she doesn’t have a job anymore. Hayden tells her to win the POV, and then they will get Kathy as a replacement nominee, that’s all we’ve got. Matt is now talking to Hayden. Matt wonders why Rachel would call him a floater. Matt says she says Kristen’s a target and if one wins there’s a good chance one of you won’t go home. Matt is worried Kathy will win and it will be him or Lane for sure. Matt says that if she does win we’re fucked. Matt says that he is just seeing if he had heard anything. Matt then asks if there is any skill vibe. Hayden says its hard getting it to the middle. Hayden says if he wins Kathy goes up. Matt asks if he’s sure. Hayden says they can say Kathy is tight with Kristen. Hayden says that he wants to keep Kristen around because she is great for them.

Kathy joins them and Hayden tells her that he adores her. Hayden says that no matter what happens he adores her. Kathy thanks him. Kathy and Kristen are still practicing the game outside. Hayden asks do you think we need some rest. Kathy says that they’ve been out here panicking. Hayden asks who and she says them two. Brendon and Hayden wish Britney a good night and head to HOH. They talk about whether or not they are comfortable with the apparatus. Rachel says that she can’t believe she’s practicing with them. Rachel says that she forgot she could use it. Rachel wonders why she’s on their side and says that she was talking shit about us to Matt. Brendon says Matt also told Hayden he said that we would put up a couple who took a dive. Brendon says he didn’t say it, as they talk about Matt playing both sides and that’s why Rachel put his key second to last since he’s not with us. Rachel says that anyone not with them is against them. Brendon says he agrees. Matt comes up to return her hair.

1am Brendon is talking about Kathy and he says that he doesn’t know about her. They make fun of Kathy and the way she plays the game. They say that if she uses the veto it would be the dumbest move she ever made. They continue to talk about Kathy’s loyalties. Rachel says that she hopes Ragan plays in the POV. Rachel says that Enzo asked them who they would put up if Kristin wins. Brendon talks about knocking people out and that they need to lock down an alliance with Ragan. Brendon says that Matt is going back and forth they may need to get him out because he’s always trying to stir the pot. Brendon says he never told Matt that. Rachel says that she thinks Hayden lies too. Brendon says it will come down to who lies the least. Brendon wonders about Matt’s loyal to Ragan and says he’s not loyal to anyone else. Rachel agrees. Rachel asks how Brendon feels about Enzo. Brendon says that Enzo and Lane make him nervous and he believes Lane and Enzo wanted to put them up. Brendon says that he likes Britney and in the short term, she’s ok. They talk about how they could give her a chance. Rachel says that she wishes she could send Kathy home. Rachel says that she will be a fucking puppy to Kristen. Brendon says they need to tell Kathy that if she tries to keep Kristen, that she is against us. Rachel wonders who she should put up against Hayden. Rachel continues to talk about Kathy. Brendon says that even though he wants to take out the floaters, they need to prioritize. Rachel says that she is worried that Hayden would stay and ask who they would put up. Brendon says Lane. Brendon thinks that Enzo’s vote can’t control his vote. Brendon says the only way to get Lane on their side is if Hayden is gone, and anyone against Kristen is good. Rachel says that if Kristen comes off she asks if he realizes he has a chance to go home. Brendon says he would that’s why he’s stressing out. Rachel keeps saying if we put up Kathy and the feeds cut to the we will be right back. Brendon says that taking out Hayden would be good. Rachel wonders if Enzo and Lane have something. Brendon says that he thinks he does with Britney. Rachel says no, Britney told her she doesn’t. Brendon thinks she’ll lie. Rachel says that she doesn’t think so.

1:30am Hayden tells Kristen how pissed off he is that he’s on the block and its only week four. Then he starts flirting with Kristen. Hayden says that Kristen is very special and weird as shit! Hayden says that he likes her way more than he should and if one of them leaves this week he will hate Brendon and Rachel forever. Hayden keeps saying that he thinks Kathy will be the replacement nominee if one of them comes off the block and that if she is then Kathy will go home. Kristen says she can’t believe she’s not making it to the jury house, she was sure that would be the very least she would do in the game. Hayden says he can’t believe Rachel won again and that if she makes it to the end no one will vote for her because she doesn’t deserve it. He thinks Kathy and Enzo would both get the money of Rachel. Kristen disagrees because Enzo’s wife is an investment banker and doesn’t need the money. Hayden says that if he wins the $500,000 he’s going to send Kathy $10,000 because she deserves it. Kathy comes out of the diary room and tells Kristen and Hayden that she’s ready to leave the house and that she will go home for them because she can’t take being in the house with Brendon and Rachel anymore! Hayden tells Kathy that if she wins POV and takes Kristen off the block Enzo will go up and then he will be voted out over Enzo. Kathy says the people Brendon and Rachel should be going after are the real floaters and they (Enzo, Lane and Matt) are all sitting in the Jumanji room right now. Kathy tells them she can get Britney to vote for Hayden over Enzo ‘cause they’re both from Arkansas. She starts getting herself riled up and starts telling Haysten that she’s mad now and that will make a big difference in the game, they all better watch out. Kathy starts spouting off that she thinks Rachel will cheat tomorrow when the POV names are called to make sure Kathy’s name isn’t in the bag. Then she goes on to say that she believes Enzo is in an alliance with Brendon and Rachel. Hayden starts to defend Enzo but, then switches to focusing the conversation to Ragan and how he’s going to win this game because he is the ultimate floater and he’s doing it so well because everyone likes him so much. Kathy starts talking into the cameras and begging America to save them (Hayden, Kristen and herself) because they are the good people and Brendon and Rachel are sick and manipulative. Kristen and Kathy start mocking Rachel and saying oh no, she doesn’t have sex with all those men that take her on dates and gives her trips and cars and things. Hayden questions why Andrew turned on them when they are the reason he stayed in the house for 2 weeks. Kristen, Hayden and Kathy go to their room and enter quietly. Enzo is still awake so they turn on the lights and start talking with him. They’re wondering if the POV comp will include questions or just be the pinball game. Hayden says no questions, just game. Hayden is mad that Brendon and Rachel have all the luck in the house. Enzo says that luck runs out!

2:30am Brendon and Rachel are making out under the covers in the HOH room. They are making out really hot and heavy and trying to be really quiet. Rachel was definitely giving Brendon a BJ under the covers in the HOH room.  When she is done you can see Rachel’s head move up from Brendon’s waist to his head.  After Fifteen minutes of it Rachel falls over to the side and they both take a deep breath. Rachel says that she is very sweaty. Brendon tells her she can sweat as much as she wants during their make-out sessions. They both laugh. Brendon tell her that she is perfect.  Rachel falls asleep laying on Brendons chest….

3am All houseguests are asleep….
7:40am All the houseguests are still asleep..

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Rachel sure is a classy lady!
BB please split them up!


NOOOOOO!!! As if the abuse were not enough, now we have bitchboy getting blown by Redwitchdragqueen?? Grodner, end the public abuse NOW or we will sue for pain and suffering! This season’s entire cast is lame! Ragan is Ms. Congeniality rather than the evil bitch he should be. The cop is a marshmellow but oddly likeable (I may just want her to be able to finally get indoor plumbing though). Kristen has the consistency of jello in the hot sun. Hayden is eye candy but a male version of Jordan. Enzo has all the mentality of a zit that won’t pop (YO). Lane by self admission shouldn’t be there because he isn’t smart enough. Mensa is desperately trying to find who gave out the answers of their IQ test to Matt. And we have the most vile showmance in reality history being force fed to us to the point where we feel like ducks being readied for foie gras!


This is soooooo funny. Love your humor. It’s all right on!!!




LOVED your message – I totally agree! ESPECIALLY with the hayden and matt comments! AWESOME~


There is no way he will stay with this skank after the show. He seems like the kind of guy who will listen to his parents advise and we know his father will hate her. ( especially if he watches BBAD)

Big Brother BBW

Rachel and Brendon are back on their power trip and I think this is why so many people are against them. They alternate between bullying and being pleading, pathetic sore losers. They KILL me with the “with us or against us”……THEY put the target on their backs and it continues to grow with their immaturish ( not sure if that is a real word or not) behaviors.
As much as Rachel pleads for people not to split her and Brendon up or warns them not to come between her and her man, she has ZERO problems breaking up the other couple in the house. I wish I were in the house and had won HOH; they would have been gone. Seriously. Hands will get bloody, lies will be told and alliances broken regardless…..make a power move before walking out the door, people!
PS—not sure if “Haysten” was a typo or not, but I think it is a cute name for Hayden/Kristen. Better than “Brenchel”!


did that house have any problem backdooring brenden? no…’

so what the heck are you talking about

Kristen/Hayden :)?

lmao. i was expecting that, i don’t really care what she does; its gross how she can do that; when half of america is watching her. thats trashy. sorry to say. who gives a damn though!
kristen/hyaden have to win POV today! honestly, then need a come back, if they win HOH: they’ve gottac ut the nice thing crap; get their heads in the game.


Honestly, Kristen and Hayden have nobody to blame but themselves. Making out in the same room where Andrew was sleeping? Didn’t it occur to them that maybe he wasn’t asleep? Don’t they both have someone outside the house? Didn’t they come to play the game? Couldn’t they have waited before they got down and dirty? Is it that hard to control your urges for a few weeks? I bet Andrew is loving this. Still, I want Kristen to win POV and hopefully Matt goes home. His idiot move last week is the reason why things are the way they are this week. I am amazed that the other 3 aren’t more pissed at him. If they weren’t so dumb they should see that Matt is playing everyone and has no loyalty. If he really had their backs he would have gone for people that were real threats instead of people that were no threat at all. I’d like to see a new brigade with Kristen taking Matts place.

Kristen/Hayden :)

true. but, they havent really done anything. &’d in the picture you can tell they are trying not to having physical contacts. hey are cute together & whatever, but they need to win this POV. i agree with youh.


I agree – I am shocked at the fact that endzo, lane, and hayden don’t see that Matt is playing both sides and that he’s the reason they are in this position and that he’s a pretend genius because nothing he has thought of has worked so far AND that the time he could have put both Rachel and Brandon on to for sure get rid of one of them but chose not to….. it only enforces my view just how lame and ignorant those 3 are. They’re idiots.

Go Brenchel

I haven’t really had a favorite this year with BB to date but I have to say that at least Rachel IS MAKING some moves for the game. Otherwise it’s been boring to date as everybody else has been chicken to rock the boat. And yes it’s not the best of manners to have sexual relations on TV but have none of you ever had such strong feelings of attraction before? At least they were under the covers. We’ve heard Brenden say several times that he loves her. Whether they last or not out in the real world is yet to be seen and none of our business tho of course we admit to being curious.

What has bugged me the most is how they seem to want the floaters out OVER those most likely to win the challenges. This has been a sedate game year EXCEPT for Rachel being brave enough to make the plays that can change the game. Everybody else seems to go with the flow. So I will be among the few rooting for Brenchel!


I’d like Hayden to go home he put B and R on the block week 1 because they were a couple now he wonders why him and kristen are on the block. what an idiot. He should allied himself better and backstabbed his weak alliance. The brigade is one the worst alliances in the history of the show. They haven’t gotten rid of any of they’re targets and can’t even win competitions when they matter. Sorry BRIGADE you had your chance and you blew it.


well poor brenden has been on a cot with slop getting yelled at by rachel for weeks….

to go from that to a BJ, a big bed, and good food…he must feel like a king

till he wakes and sees he has a “companion”


agreed hayden is an idiot….he HATES them for putting him up, yet he was targeting brenden and rachel for weeks…its just really hypocritical…one thing to be nice, another to flat out put people up then say “WTF, WHY AM I UP?”

if rachel puts up kathy as a replacement ill throw up

listen to brenden, hes thrown out a bunch of names

imagine if a brigade goes home…I would put matt up next to hayden, then its just boom, they took out a brigade member without even really trying to, while FOUR members of said brigade failed for weeks to get rid of a couple that spends their time making out/arguing

nice “best alliance ever” guys


WOW ! ..What I don’t understand is why Brendho (Brendon and Rachel) Think they are going to be there in the long run… If they are still both there after next week .. then I say folks this show is rigged !


also hayden picked them in the HOH to face off…what was he expecting? he should have put ragen vs rachel or something first

J. P. Brigade

Rachellaho at her finest. I guess it was Brendon that tossed that grenade last night. LOL!! And Rachellaho caught it all in up in her grizill. Nasty!!!!


She’s a skank with fake hair, fake face (ton of makeup), fake tits. Desperate to grab onto the first guy who smiles at her and insecure enough to lay guilt trips at the first moment of a disagreement. Exactly what is happening with Brandon. Brandon loves her. Yeah, my ass. He’s a putz and she’s a skank. But I dislike the Brigade even more. I don’t know who to root for. Maybe Britney.


Kathy can get Brit to vote her way because their
both from Arkansas. Great thinking Kath,..u go
do that I see how that makes all the sense in the
world. lol

The Excitement

lol! Kathy is everyone’s bitch.

J. P. Brigade

Nooooo goofy. Team Brigade. Britney is now an unwitting member of the Brigade. She told Lane they are an alliance. Lane is so dumb, he was like, “Ummmmm, Yeah, Okay, we’re good. We’re an alliance.”

It ALL comes back to the Brigade now. These guys is money yo.


RacHELL swallowed it.. yo

Lennon's Ghost

If she swallowed it then it must be true love. Yuck!

Red surpassed Natalie from BB 9 a while back.

At least that cast (BB 9) was well matched. They were all oversexed and nothing was out of bounds. That was one of my favorite seasons.

Red is a misfit for this season and perhaps any season including BB 9.


So you are in the top 2% of Mensa Matt ????? You are such a little liar. I have checked with one of the top dogs, about as top as you can get. You are indeed in Mensa, and all of Mensa are in the top 10% of intelligent people, but theres no way you would know about any 2%. Do you by any chance sit around during Mensa meetings with your hands down your pants? I think that would seriously detract from whatever percentage you think you are in. I bet the people in your circle of Mensa friends will be thinking about where your hands have been the next time you host a meeting in your home 🙂


So Rachel does a little mouth music for Brendon? They’re young, in lust, and under pressure, so what’s wrong with a little relief? C’mon guys – all you scank callers – you were never young and ‘um, a little tight around the lower zones? Can’t wait to see if Brandon will be a gentleman and return the favor in some sort of undercover way…


I think all these Hate filled messages directed towards rachel is getting redundant..


It sure made Brendan feel better!


RacHELL’s a HOOOOO she a HOOOOO, i said that she’s ma HOOOO, it’s OFFICIAL now…yo


I think anyone calling her a skank is jealous shes not doing mouth music on them. Its ok you guys will be alright someday you’ll find a ho that makes you happy. And if your lucky you might get presents that never go away.


I am with you Rachel is a HO!!!! her and her fake hair !




julie chen should interview brendons parents on thursday i wanna see what they have to say about their son contracting herpes from that hooker he found in the BB house.


i’ll bed rachel

The Excitement

Let’s hope Rachel gets very drunk tonight and gives Birthday Boy Matt a blowjob too. Infact, blowjobs and cunnilingus for everyone!

BB6 Fan

SICKENING!!!!! Pure disgust. They are so ridiculous, it’s NOT even funny. Rachel damn sure should be ashamed. This stuff is on the internet FOREVER. Think about what you’re doing.


Shes fake all over. Has no one seen her before and after plastic surgery pictures?


Why does anyone care? None of you have done that? So, they are having a good time. Would you be saying this about Kristin and Hayden? I just jealous that she can go 15 minutes without getting lockjaw!!!

BB6 Fan

Stephanie, NO, NOT EVERYBODY does that mess. Are you kidding me? We sure would say that about Kristen and Hayden. It’s revolting!!! These idiots are on national television, and all over the internet. Have some self-respect please!


I agree with you BB6. BJ’s are great and so is sex…..all different kinds and ways. But, have a little self respect, a little self control. It is not only disrespectful to each other, but the families too. Once it is on the internet, it never goes away.

BB6 Fan

Yes, Sophie, thank you so much for saying that…Once it’s on the net, there’s no escaping it whatsoever! How embarrassing, not only for them, but for their friends and families. I knew Rachel was NOTHING, but I was hoping Brendon was better than that. Clearly, he’s not. No wonder they were attracted to each other.


What is EBC? Is this for real?


Rachel looks much prettier with brown hair than that red mop! She also looks much cleaner and more wholesome looking. Thanks for posting the penthouse swim pictures!


Bjs are not sex. Clinton said so. (grin).




Rachel is so classy ……NOT!!!! Brenden your better than her. (I hope)
Rachel is so annoying…I can’t stand her voice. She tries to act like a spoiled brat…..but come on she’s not even cute. I like Haydens remarks about Rachel to Kristen. “I know a lot of guys that would do her but not Date HER.” Hayden hit it right on target with that statement. I’m sure back in L.V. she is really a low price Call Girl. Go Home Rachel!!!!!