Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says if we get rid of Kathy, what kind of Brigade is this, yo?!

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12:10am Out in the backyard, Kathy and Kristen are talking in the hammock.  Kathy complains about how Matt’s plan to back-door Brendon didn’t work out.  Kathy says that she thinks the POV bag made have been stuffed with Brendon and Rachel’s names and that Matt shouldn’t have left getting out Brendon to chance.  Kristen starts to say that she wishes someone would have talked to him…. (the live feeds cut to the we will be right back screen.) Kristen says that a lot of time when the others are talking she thinks it is just phony bullshit. Kathy talks about how other houseguests are flaunting it in front of the cameras and that there are some that want some sort of fame out of this experience.  Kathy and Kristen agree that before they came into the house they knew they would probably have issues with other girls in the house.  Kathy says that the other girls sleep in their makeup and don’t appreciate natural beauty.  Kathy says the other girls have low self-esteem and they have to learn to love themselves.  Kristen agrees.  Kristen says that she knew coming into this that most of the people here would be very superficial.  Kristen says that she was worried about looking stuck up even though she was just trying to refrain from superficial things.  Kathy and Kristen start complaining about how messy they are, how they waste food, how they don’t appreciate having this opportunity.  Kathy says she hopes that if America has any vote during the show she hopes they vote for someone who really deserves it.  Kathy says that her, Kristen, Hayden and Andrew are different from the other houseguests. Kathy tells Kristen that if she goes then Kristen has to stand strong and not back down from the rest of the house.  They both head inside.

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Enzo, Lane and Hayden are talking in the lounge room. Enzo says that it’s fucked up, there are still 2 people in here that know each other, why is no one talking about it?  Lane tells America to not judge them for sending out a weak player (Kathy) home. Enzo says that they should really send Andrew home. Hayden says it’s better to keep a competitive player like Andrew who will go after Brendon and Rachel. Enzo says that the Brigade gets to decide who stays.  Enzo says that Ragan needs to go soon, that he’s too friendly with both sides. Hayden agrees. Lane tells Hayden that Ragan isn’t out for him. Enzo again says that he wants Ragan out.  Lane says that Brendon and Rachel are probably going to go after Lane/Britney or Hayden/Kristen.  They think that it would be fine since they have the votes to save the brigade member.  Enzo thinks that people are starting to see that they are close.  Kathy walks in on the guys talking and freaks them out a bit.  Kathy leaves.  Enzo says get the fuck outta here!


Ragan, Matt and Britney are up in the HOH room talking.  They are talk over who they should vote out this week Kathy or Andrew. They all say that they have no idea what Andrew is thinking. Britney says that Andrew fights tooth and nail to win competitions. Britney says that it would be easier for her if Andrew left, it would be easier for her to beat Kathy.  Matt says that he thinks keeping Andrew would be better because he has a better chance of getting out Brendon and Rachel.  Matt says that Andrew is a stronger competitor than Kathy.  Britney says that she’s worried that Andrew will align with Brendon and Rachel.   Britney says that if that happens we might as well all go home. Britney says that week 3 is the time to start thinking of the big picture, jury house, final 2. Britney says that she doesn’t think she is looked at as a strong competitor.   Ragan and Matt disagree; they think she is a strong competitor.  Britney says that she feels like people see her as Kathy part dos.   Matt and Ragan laugh and tell her no that’s not true! Britney is still really pushing for Andrew to go home.  Britney tells them that Kathy told her that the reason she (Kathy) was on the block this week was because she voted for her friend (Monet) to stay. Britney says that Kathy thinks Britney now owes her a vote. Britney says that she was shocked that Kathy would say that to her. Britney says Andrew is another Brendon, just not with as much luck.  Britney then says that Andrew is Brendon part dos.  Matt says if he had it to do over he would put up Brendon and Rachel from the start.   Matt and Britney feel much closer to Rachel than they do to Brendon, they think most of the house feels this way and that is why Brendon is the target. They think that by Wednesday, the house will probably come to a consensus and have an 8-0 vote on Thursday night.  Matt says that he thought the house was leaning towards Kathy going but in the last day it has started to lean towards Andrew going home.  Britney says that she can’t believe it’s only one more week till Jury House starts.  Britney says that they need to start making some moves.  Britney asks Ragan if he can play straight.  Ragan says that Big Brother asked him if he could pull off playing straight. (Right then the live feeds cut to the we will be right back screen…)  When the feeds come back, Ragan is now doing his best straight guy.  Britney and Matt are laughing.  Matt thinks Ragan isn’t too bad at acting straight.  They break up their conversation and head downstairs.


1:15am Lane, Enzo, Hayden and Kristen are all talking in the bedroom.  Enzo tells Hayden and Lane that he thinks this week he is going to win HOH and that he really wants to see his wife.  They are talking about past houseguests and they all agree they wouldn’t want to be in the house with Russell.  They laugh about how Russell harassed Ronnie.  Enzo says that he thought Ronnie was gay.  Hayden and Kristen are surprised, and say that he wasn’t gay!  Matt comes into the lounge room.   Matt tells them about the pow-wow upstairs and says that they just left my room.  Enzo asks what Britney was saying.  Matt tells him that she was pushing for Andrew to go home. Enzo says that they have got to get together and talk this thing out.  Matt says that Ragan and Britney both made good points.  Enzo says if we get rid of Kathy, what kind of Brigade is this, yo?!  Ragan then comes and farts. Enzo says that he has never smelled a gay fart before.  Britney then comes into the room and gets into bed.  She is away by the smell and starts blaming Enzo for it.  Enzo says that Britney is disgusted by gas, …the old Britney would queef right back.
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1:45am Kristen and Kathy are talking in the lounge room.  Kathy says that her strategy was to lay low and now she thinks that has backfired on her.  Kathy says that she thought that week 4 she would start really playing the game.  Kathy says that she thought that the houseguestss would be threatened knowing she was a sheriff, she wondered whether she should have told them.  Kristen tells her that she is ready to start making big moves in the game!  Kathy and Kristen start talking about Rachel.  Kathy says that Rachel is trying to draw attention away from her and Brendon and put it on Hayden and Kristen. Kathy says that she hopes America doesn’t like Brendon and Rachel.  They both agree that Brendon and Rachel are no Jeff and Jordan!  Kathy tells Kristen about how Rachel and Brendon were arguing one night about how Brendon had told Rachel that his parents wouldn’t approve of her.  Kathy is tells Kristen to study the memory wall.  Kathy thinks the competition where the faces are mixed up is coming soon.  Kathy says that she thinks it will probably be in a couple of weeks.  Kathy gives her some tips from her police training…to look at the eyes, nose and mouth, forget about the hair.  Kathy thinks next week HOH competition will be true or false.  Kathy starts going over probable questions and answers for the true or false competition and is tells Kristen how she would answer.   Kathy and Kristen decide to go to bed…
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Kristen left the room before Enzo said if we get rid of Kathy, what kind of Brigade is this, yo?! , right?


Awww. Andrew is toast. I don’t see how he will turn this around. He is this year’s Casey, they guy that should have stayed to play the game. I wasn’t decided about Matt until I saw the episode last night, but now I am sure I don’t like him. He is another Ronnie. He thinks he is so smart. He is already playing like he is final 2, and he has betrayed his bros, they just haven’t figured it out yet, because they aren’t the brightest bulbs in the house. Andrew is the only one that can mix it up and destroy both alliances. Come on BB, we need a good twist. This is becoming too cut and dried. Brendon and Matt will eventually team up to take out Brit, Ragan, then Kristen, Enzo, Hayden and Lane.Once Andrew and Brit are gone, I don’t care what happens. Please BB! Save the season before it ends up like season 6 which I turned off when Janelle was evicted. I didn’t even watch the finales for seasons 5 and 6 because I didn’t care. We need a good twist that will shake things up, and we need it soon because this season is one of the worst and boring ever.


Andrew isn’t half as bad as Casey was. I loved Casey during the first part of the game but the anger in him scrwed up his game and he got sent packing in a banana suit. Andrew is just a scapegoat because Matt needs both teams to work for him right now. It’s Matt’s game and they are all playing it for him. Casey deserved to go, Andrew even though I’m not a fan, does not deserve to go.


Chloe..I value your insight. I think alot like you do and have been a fan since season one. But, don’t you think that Andrew is really in a tight, unbreakable alliance with Brendon? I do. I have seen them talking several times in secret and break it up fast if they see anyone coming. They tell each other to “keep playing like you’re playing”. That said, I too, do not care for Matt after last nights show. In fact, I really hope if Andrew stays he will get Matt out. I also drew the conclusion that the Brigrade only exits in Enzo and Lane’s minds. I don’t really have a favorite (I usually do at this time in other seasons) but I am leaning toward Enzo and Britt (if nothing else…for their entertainment) I don’t really care who wins at this point. Sad season for me but at least I get a break from being addicted to it this year. I get most of my info from here now. Love everybody’s witt and comments. Really a great sight..Congrats Simon and Dawg


Umm Enzo, it’s the Bozo Brigade. Matt is playing you guys like a fiddle. Hayden has a side alliance that puts out. The bridge only exists in Enzo and Lane’s minds.

Looking back on past seasons, this one is pretty lame.
Season 8 – the best bar none!
Season 7 – lots of fun watching the best compete
Season 2 – really good. The HG never knew what was going to happen next. BB wasn’t a formula yet.
Season 4 – lots of drama and people you loved to hate.
Season 3 – not bad, not great. Still exciting because the show was still fresh and had new twists.
Season 11 – ok, but with lame twists and too scripted and repetitive. Too predictable.
Season 10 – boring. I hated them all.
Season 6 – was good, but ended very badly
Season 5 – almost the worst. I stopped watching halfway through
Season 9 – the worst. Everyone was unlikeable, like watching a football game in the middle of a porn flic.
And season 12, the twist blew up first week and there apparently was no back up plan, or Julie would be teasing us with it by now.


oops, typo. The Brigade only exists in Enzo and Lane’s imagination.


Season 1 was so good because the show was so new and different and it was a learn as you go thing. Chicken George comes to mind, he was so funny and season 7 with the all stars was great.

Stacy Day

why did you change racheal picture back!!!!!! lol


Unfair.Protest.I’m never coming back.

I had to put up with Jesse’s picture being massengil douche all last season and did I complain? probably yah, but I did not freak out. Rachel gets a little picture of Boy George who might I add was very famous back in the 80’s. This is an outrage. I’m writing a letter to my premier in complaint. Simon, Dawg, bad boys.

Oh yah, I was just kidding about not coming back. Hells no. I’m here. Either stalking or commenting. I just woke up and saw the pic took down and wanted to protest the fact I did not have any cereal because someone ate the last bowl of something they do not like to eat.

Good morning/afternoon


Second that….I didnt get to see the picture….put it back up


The image has been change temporarily so we can figure out a way that we can make everyone happy. We like the funny images and will continue but we need to also remember there are thousands of people that come to the site to just get a quick glimpse of who won POV/HOH etc. Too many people were confused last year and I think it caused them to go somewhere else. So with that said i’ll be reworking the graphic over this week so that everyone is happy.


it’s okay simon. I’m happy with whatever you do. I totally understand. I was trying to be funny, it came out more catty.


no problem, i knew that you were being funny


This season is probably the worst, boring show ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don’t mind showmance’s but the Brendon/Rachel is boring and disgusting.
I am glad that the last couple night have been more on the others better to hear boring talking than 6 grader kisses.


In agreement with you all the way. IMO this year is beyond boring!

Who Dat

I keep on saying that they need to have a Celebrity Big Brother, with Joan Rivers, Lindsey Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Oprah, so on and so forth, featuring the most random celebrities that would never get along in a million years.


What time do the houseguests usually wake up?


8:47pm rachel and brendon on feed 1 and 2 talkign in the bacyard.. the rest of the hosue is sleeping.


Thank You!


On last night’s telecast Enzo told the brigade “we got to get rid of Brendon and Rachel.” They had Rachel in the cross hairs in Week 1 and they threw a grenade at an innocent bystander. This week with Matt as HOH the grenade again missed the target. The brigade is The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight. They make F-Troop look like a well oiled military machine. It will be interesting when one of them finally goes on the block. I think these mental midgets will self destruct as they lobby for votes and the brigade will come apart like a 2 dollar suit.


I love how Kristen is worried about looking stuck up. Oh please! She complains about people being messy. Have you ever seen Kristen help out in the kitchen? She walks around the house with her prune face and her high and mighty attitude. And her voice. Uggghhhh. However, I balance the Kristen downer by replaying Lane and Enzo laughing over the cereal game (7/24 @11:44 pm camera #3). As Simon would put it … that was some funny shit!


After watching the CBS show last night, I’m sure Matt is only looking out for himself, and the backdoor plan for B/R was just to make the brigade happy. Matt’s intention all along was to get rid of Kathy because she’s onto him…


where’s Evel Dick when you need him? We need someone to call people out and grow a pair…


The Brigade…….what a laugh…..Enzo couldn’t lead a horse to water………..the guys a putz. He goes back to Hoboken or where ever the hell he’s from and he’ll be the laughing stock of the neighborhood. The do remind me of “F” Troop Enzo could be Cpl Aganio…….Meow Meow???? What the hell kind of name is that?? This guys a laugh. I use the name Flea, because I get under your skin………..he should have been Tweety the Bird !!


who is going home this week?


am I the only one who thinks that brit would literally be DEAD TO YOU if she saved kathy somehow? I personally dislike brit, I think shes rude, and mean and she picks on people behind their backs, while doing the SAME thing shes making fun OF.

shes massively jealous of the pairs in the house, its not just the b and r bashing, she bashes kristen pretty horribly too…its just so uncalled for…she sits there like she and Lane are the cool kids in high school, its disgusting, grow the heck up brit.

andreW MUST stay…seriously if its not Kathy then B/R/Andrew HOH ….Im done for the season….

if that can happen however…B and R can go whenever they want in the future

the brigade is sort of a joke, enzo is the only one looking at people like ragen as a threat.

they claim they go after b and r because th ey would put em up…PLEASE….and ragen wouldnt?


if kathy stays….it will be the biggest mistake for TV’s sake in a long time

the “you know’s” the cancer sob story 24/7, THEN SMOKING A FREAKING CIG….

you NEVER succeed in tugging on cancer heart strings when you then go and smoke cigs constantly


The brigade is such a stupid name and it shows the mentality of the guys in this group. Every time I hear or read the name it makes me laugh.


Meow Meow and The Pussy’s would be a better name. They could start a band.


branchel is a nickname, what about LAME for Lane….he really is Lame….


I don’t have the feeds, but the only thing I think I’ve missed out on was Bratney’s anal bleaching commercial w Lane!! Wish someone would put it on youtube!!! Speaking of Bratney, she can be funny at times (mean girls part) but I’m REALLY getting sick of “old Britney” jokes– what a narcissist!!! Get over yourself for 5 minutes and realize it’s over done!!!


btw: “old Britney” was what, how she acted LAST WEEK? There is no “old Britney” she’s still in her waiting to come out when “fake Britney” (current one) has another meltdown. She’s trying to pretend that she’s nice, but we all see her true colors: she’ll be stomping around like a 2 yr old soon enough…


Does anyone think Brendon & Rachel are the “life long friends”? Maybe they were together
before the show? When Rachel nominated Brit & Monet and Brendon was acting sad for them, Rachel said he’s “crying over girls he met 8 days ago”. Seemed like a weird statement considering he supposably met Rachel then as well.


I see your point, but I’m more suspicious of Brendon & Andrew being the life-long friends… Btw, I thought everyone determined that the lifelong friend thing was a saboteur lie. Why is everyone assuming its still true?

Sandy D

Hi Lori,
I have thought the same thing from the beginning of the show that it’s Brendon & Andrew that are the lifelong friends. The way they interact is supicious.


we have to believe something, if not this summer will be a waste.


I don’t think they’re lifelong friends but the statement was a weird one to make. I need to believe BB is plotting something big or else I’ll probably stop watching.