Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel: “The Game is not Fair, I’m sorry for Whatever I did that made you all mad”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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3:30pm Kitchen Rachel says that she’s know Lane has been talking behind her back. Lane tells her it’s a game and people talk so don’t get upset you do it to. Brendon jumps in he brings up that he thinks Lane fell in the first endurance Competition. Lane replies “Did you jump off the paint can in the last competition?”. Brendon doesn’t answer Lane: “I THINK YOU TOOK A DIVE IN THE LAST COMPETITION DIDN’T YOU” (boom grenades). Brendon: “why would I it wouldn’t benefit me”. Rachel steps in to calm them down, she starts in on her sorry sorry speech, “I’ve made choices some of them i’m not happy with and I wish I had never won HOH I’m sorry for making mistakes I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done wrong”. Lane: “i’m not questioning anything.. people talk behind each others backs all their time this is what BB is all about”.. Rachel goes on about how she’s upset that Kathy won’t say sorry, She says no one understands what it is like to get kicked when you are at your lowest. She tells them that this week she’s going to lose Brendon and what she has with him is true real love. Hayden jumps in says you have to expect that Kathy is going to be happy during a comp especially when she just beat one of the biggest comp winners in the house. Brendon: “rubbing it in peoples face when you won the POV is not right , fucking (he says fuck out of context) Lane: “Kathy is just happy she beat you thats all”. Rachel says Kassey is a terrible person she’s won’t say sorry for rubbing the POV in my face.
(***Kathy Knocked Rachel out of the POV but Brit won the POV***) Lane and Hayden try to calm Rachel down explaining to her that its a game and someone has to lose the comps. Rachel “This isn’t fair I’m always fighting to stay in this game I’ve been fighting since day one.. she says that her and Brendon are going to be separated this week”.. Rachel looks at Brit tells her that it’s the same thing if Brit and Nick were up on the block and they were going to be separated. .. rachel storms to the Taj room the guys make up brendon follows rachel.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:45pm Cabana Room Brigade yo the boys are laughing at the whole thing, Enzo says they need to keep Brendon because he’s done.. he’s going to go crazy you can see it already. Matt says the hypocrisy of everything B/R are saying is insane, “They are guilty 10 times over of everything they are saying is happening to them” Lane says he has been waiting for this to happen.. it feels good. Enzo: “I don’t know how youz guys can argue with them I can’t stop laughing there being so stupid its hilarious yo”.. Enzo “Brendon is done he’s like a 40 year old boxer thats past his prime”. LAne is worried that he was too harsh on B/R when they brought up that Lane’s been talking behind there backs. Once Lane heard that had to tell them that this is big brother and that is what you do, Lane “I hope I didn’t get too angry” Enzo: “No no NO you did fine you stayed cool enough” . Matt says he wanted to say something but couldnt it would get turned around on him because they’re trying to throw him under the bus. (B/R are trying to get the house against Matt thinking he’s the Sab) . Hayden can’t wait for this week it’s going to be a blast seeing b/R flip out. During the POV Jeff and Jordan were there, Lane starts bringing up that is was obvious that J/J didn’t like Rachel one bit. The rest of them agree, Lane point out how Hot Jordan looked he didn’t think she was that hot from watching the show. The rest of the bridgade agree (yo). They all agree that it’s rachel time to go home she’s played enough of the game…

*** Shits happening so fast it’s crazy .. tonight is going to be insane on the feeds


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139 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel: “The Game is not Fair, I’m sorry for Whatever I did that made you all mad”

  1. Rachel – “…no one understands what it is like to get kicked when you are at your lowest. ”

    Really, Rachel? I bet Kristen does. Maybe you can talk to Kristen about that, since last week, you kicked her several times at her lowest, you hypocrite!!!!!! Kristen tried her hardest to stay, and all the while, Rachel and Brendon were gloating. So, how does it feel to FINALLY feel the sting?

    1. stop with the Kristen, the girl did absolutely nothing in the game, and she is a complete moron who doesnt know better than to get into fights with people right after they win HOH and embarrass herself, her family and her boyfriend by cheating with someone she JUST MET on national TV (i am sure watching a few more weeks of that would have been so fun for them)…if it were a power player I could understand but i don’t get why anyone would care about this girl, she deserved to go home even more than Kathy

        1. And, Kristen’s “boyfriend” at home said himself that they had only been dating 2 months before she left for the show. Some fall in love that fast and some fall out of love that fast.

            1. Why? My age would mean what? I don’t mind telling you but I don’t understand why you are asking. I know you don’t agree but I am not questioning your thoughts because of your age. I just saw it a different way. Was that because of my age? Maybe, I don’t know. But, I appreciate your interest.


              1. yeah i have a tiny brain but happened to go to an ivy league university…i wasn’t trying to be mean but the good Lord knows why you are getting in the middle of this…i should use your same logic which then tells me you are a fat middle aged housewife sitting on the couch eating ice cream…so lick it up

              1. I feel like all of a sudden we are walking on eggshells around here!! Well, Im gonna dissapear for a bit, but I will be back!! And you know I have your back too!! Im not going to spend all nite defending my thoughts and opinions that is FOR SURE BITCHES!!

                  1. Jimini Crickets…tried to stay off her a minute to shower and couldn’t even comb out my hair before jumpin’ back on here! Good God!

    2. Spot on. I am hoping Julie Chen rakes them over the coals during their farewell interview. Maybe she can give them a little perspective.

      1. I wonder if R. did get drunk, would she decide to pull a Chima? Hold a knife to someone? Poor girl, so unhinged…If so, she would be out and B. would be in the jury house alone.

  2. Finally – the end is near for Rachel….I think BB will be much better without her. I am dying to watch the brigade turn on each other!

    1. OHHH me too!! I can see that happening BIG TIME!!!! Enzo doesn’t want anyone but the brigade knowing things and that’s gonna be hard for Lane(Brit) and Matt(Ragan)……oh the drama wahoo!!

  3. I dont know, I would get rid of brenden….

    he would worry me in a physical comp if she left….go into some sort of mental thing and just dominate an endurance…rachel would walk out the door …

    heck, I kind of hope they both walk out

    please walk out

    Lane is also a huge hypocrit, I think Enzo, Matt and Hayden deserve final 3 at this point

    1. Brendon has been a big flop since game 1. I would get rid of Rachel too. Plus Brendon’ll be a big pile of mush without the “love of his life” around…..he’ll be down for the count. AND WHY would they want to put up with Rachel for another week? She’s too much to take when she’s got ‘her man’ around to keep her company. Can you imagine what she’d be like one-on-one?? Eeeewww…

    2. Brenden is going to latch onto his new alliance (hayden/enzo) and will doing all their cooking and cleaning. He’ll be like the goofy younger brother who completely idolizes his older brother.

  4. Ya know what about what they did between Hayden and Kristin…she wasn’t winning anything!! They both are such frickin liers….they probably believe themselves as the victums!! GOOD RIDDINS!!!

      1. Wow. Rachel will have the mirrors all to herself. Take a long hard look and ask yourself what did you do to deserve this.

  5. Yes, let Rachel get Tequila’d out of her head and really show what a Las Vegas party girl can be when she’s down and out and in L. A. (say, isn’t that a song)?) , away from her adoring LV fans, almost 5,000 Facebook fans, and about to be parted from her one true adoring love. Rachel was horrid to Kristin and that goodbye message to Kristen from Rachel was a laugh with Rachel calling Kristen a “bitch and a ho”. Where are the mirrors, oh Bartholomew, where are the mirrors???


        1. ‘Cuz I’ve seen bigger hypocrites walking down the street… and America is full of them so I assumed you just couldn’t be..

          1. Too funny! Well Im not going to be offended by that because even tho I do live in the states, I was born in the UK! Maybe I haven’t seen one so like her because I choose to not associate myself with them if I can help it! And no I am not perfect, but I do take advanatge of the fact that as an adult I can pick and choose my friends! And I adore the few that I have because they are AWESOME!

          2. BTW, I forgot who you are rooting for……Im a little torn this season and have gone back and forth but today I like to call it Brit-Gade…….please dont hate…we are all here to enjoy the entertainment ….arent’ we???

  7. its funny how rachel and brendon are upset that “kathy was gloating” about getting rachel out when last week rachel did the exact same thing when she said “get a life vest floaters….. kristen.” how is it not the same thing? they can dish it out but they cant take it.

  8. During the POV Kathy took out Rachel. She was excited and it hurt Rachel’s feelings. Rachel goes to her and tells her that she hurt her feelings when she cheered and Kathy refused to apologize. Rachel tells her that she let her sleep in her HOH room for a week and has been nothing but kind to her. Brendon makes her tea every morning. She never put her up. Rachel follows her into the Cabana room when Kathy leaves the room. She doesn’t want to take away her excitement, but it hurt her feelings and she wants an apology. Kathy says that she is sorry that her feelings were hurt, but she is not going to apologize for being excited that she won. Britney gets Kathy and tells her to go to the HOH and be with Ragan. At some point during this argument, Rachel told Kathy that she didn’t have integrity or have morals, or something like that. Kathy also points out that Rachel chose her because she thought she would lose and Rachel says that Kathy would have done the same thing. Kathy says I beat you.
    Ragan talks to Kathy and he agrees that she was within her rights to not apologize. She is angry and Ragan says Rachel is manic/depressive and she is sick. He says look at it that way. And that lets you let go of the anger. He has decided to stay away from her, avoid her.
    Brendon is in the kitchen and Lane says that people said that Brendon said that he dropped on purpose. Lane asks Brendon if he said that. Brendon says that the people who were up there were wondering if they took dives. It was a hard time in the have not room and the people there did talk about it, wondering but they didn’t say that anyone in particular did.  Lane says that he doesn’t take it personal.
    Rachel comes in to make her point and try to garner sympathy. She restates her case, says that she didn’t try to put her down or hurl insults. Lane tries to have a cooler head and says that Kathy just beat the toughest competitor in the house and of course she is excited. Hayden points out that they said the floaters get your life vests, so they have to expect that. Rachel says that when Kristen and Hayden lost the comp, they didn’t cheer. And when Kathy lost the POV she didn’t cheer. When you are low, at your lowest point, you don’t need people to cheer. She says she is on the block with her best friend in the house and it is hard. Hayden says that he knows. This continues for awhile.
    Rachel goes into the Taj and Hayden says that if they need to talk he is there.
    In the Cabana room, the brigade meets and they decide that Rachel has to go. Enzo tells Hayden that they have to support Brendon and tell him he has their vote so if he gets HOH next week he won’t put them up. Matt and Lane come in and the subject changes. Enzo says that Lane shouldn’t snap at him. Lane says he didn’t think that he did. Enzo thinks that he is an idiot and he contradicts everything he says. He sleeps with a mask on his face. Enzo says that this is great, Rachel goes home now and whoever wins gets him out this week. Enzo says that the brigade wins and it is over.
    They talk about how they figured out from Jeff and Jordan that America doesn’t like Rachel and Brendon. When Rachel and Brendon were finished and crying, and he went to comfort them, Jeff said it was brutal. He says that Jordan said meow meow and he knows that the brigade is liked by America. When he made a face at Brendon they looked like they agreed. Jeff is nice and Jordan is really pretty, really hot. She looks good on television, but she is really nice looking.
    Enzo says that they are ready for jury house. They can’t take the pressure no more. They are cooked. Enzo says that the pressure is what the brigade is about, chinese water torture. Jeff and Jordan were liking him. He was joking with them. When he has the show, he will take the brunt of the bad press, he wants his notoriety, what he is popular for. Enzo thinks that the saboteur is one of the brigade because everything is going in their direction.

      1. Wow Simon, you didn’t like my comment about letting Blah do your blogging? Come on. I thought this was a free speech site. You could use a little help….you’re bad as Rachel,.only print the good replies…

          1. I agree with Rockstar. I love all the different opinions of the show and cast. But, I am here because of this site and all that Simon and Dawg do so I can come to one place and catch up on everything when I have the time. But, I end up staying up all night because I can’t leave. You say anything against Simon and Dawg and you will have a Grandma on your case. And, it ain’t goin’ be pretty!

        1. we dont need people giving interviews for jobs that are not open. please leave the updates to simon and dawg..lets just have fun with the opinions and comments

      1. If you don’t like the summaries we get here, go elsewhere. There are tons of folks who come here year after year and look forward to simon and dawg, as well as their posts. Maybe you can get blah’s phone number and just chat with him about whats going on ion the house. Bye bye!

  9. Rachel is a piece of work, what work, now she’s attempting to conniving her way out of people not liking her. Sorry, too late. Maybe if she had treated people better it would have helped but nothing is going to help her now. No sympathy here for Rachel.

  10. “She tells them that this week she’s going to lose Brendon and what she has with him is true real love.”

    to “brendon” it is true love, to rachel it’s a “2nd person helping her win”…

  11. Im so glad rachels getting upset and no one will have to hear go, ” Your trying to get between me and my man.” on eviction night.

  12. this week is almost better then when Jesse got evicted and Clymidia,Chimpa, and Gnat were at the table whinging and claiming how great a person Jesse was and threatening to leave BB and getting presents……….. i had it simon next year im buying the live feeds

    1. oh that night was hilarious! Chima Pet put Lydia on the block and Lydia sat with her all night and badmouthed Jeff, the HG who took the ignorant skank off the block. Good times, good memories. LOL

    1. But, even Brendon told Rachel up in the HOH room that she basically told the whole house to F off by saying that. He thought it was to the whole house, too.

        1. I was not disagreeing with you. I was just saying that even Brendon heard it in a different way. He wanted her to go down and apologize for saying it. Just another opinion of the statement is all I am trying to show you. But, I understand where you are coming from.

  13. rachel is groveling and complaining what a raw deal she got? LMAO she is a wining, self centered hoe who is only happy when people kiss her ass. BTW after they are split up I bet they never see each other again. brendon will go back to his gay life and rachel will go back to vegas and her 50.00 a gig “escort service” and “pole dancing ” jobs.
    now that I think of it rachel should go on jerry springer show. she looks and acts like the girls that go on there.

  14. This is a lyric someone I know named David Woolacoot wrote…

    It is copyright and he gave me his blessing as he is also a BB fan.

    It is totally appropriate for this day and is dedicated to Rachel

    “It Sucks To Be You”

    It’s too late to say you’re sorry
    The damage has been done
    You brought this all upon yourself
    You can blame no one

    If you’d treated others
    As you wish that they’d treat you
    Maybe people you deal with
    Would have a different view

    While you were in power
    You ruled with an iron fist
    You treated all with total disdain
    You expected your ass kissed

    When someone else is in control
    Your true nature bursts out
    You expect sympathy and understanding
    Without question and no doubt

    Forget your pity party
    It ain’t gonna work
    There’s no one left who doesn’t know
    The meaning behind your smirk

    What they say about karma
    Is absolutely true
    You’re just getting what you have earned
    It sucks to be you

  15. Rachel says she is going to lose Brendon, but does she know it is she they are planning to evict. I can’t wait to see her face when Julie says she has been evicted. Now, that is one show I am going to watch.

    1. Ya know what would be funny….after she gets evicted and the are showing her the goodbye messages, they throw in her goodbye message to Kristen!!!

      1. Dogshit is not awesome when you have to pick it up in a doodoo bag while walking the dog and carry it around until you find a garbage.

        Just sayin’


  16. The house seems full of people happy to talk trash about others but whine when they find out shit has been talked about them

  17. Britney is playing Rachel so hard right now. “I genuinely feel that you’re a good person rachel” Hahahahahaha I love this chick.

  18. LOL
    good she’s going home, i remeber B/R comparing themselves to J/J…err; are they crazy?
    anyways; Rachel is going home, cuz Brit. is not using POV her! Brendon’s going to lose it…and want “pay back”. he might be too frustuated to win HOH.
    if i was Hayden, in the goodbye msg; i’d say this one is for Kristen bitch!

    1. I remember Rachel telling Brendon Jordan was so stupid and she wanted him to compare her to the next Janelle. No wonder why it was so obvious J&J did not like Rachel.

  19. I love the fact that Jeff and Jordan hate Rachel’s guts, but they love the Meow Meow! :)
    Brigade just got bigger yo!

  20. The dumbest players in the game are Britt, Rachel, Bren, and Kathy. If anyone does not see the guys together, their just straight brain dead. Last Week Hayden did nothing but yet got all the votes. That should ring a bell already.

    The smartest move so far would be for Britt to use the POV and save Rachel. So far the best single PLAYER is Rachel and the stats speak for itself. That way it would be Rach, Britt, Reagan, and probably Kathy vs the Bragade.

    1. Sadily this $hit is personal and Brit really believes in Lane…. but I like the way you think ‘cuz I was about to say the same thing I didn’t see why Kristen didn’t force their alliance down the throats of everyone not named the Brigade, but the pressure of not being able to decide her own fate got to her. I understand why Rachel’s upset.. their really is no way to decide your fate in the household so of course you lash out, it’s instinct, Kristen did it, Andrew kinda did it and so on and so forth… but telling everyone to ‘bring it’ like you’d win any competition that comes your way doesn’t help, sadily Rachel learns her fate is not her own the hard way…

  21. Britney reminds me of 1999 Christina Aguilera during the Genie in the Bottle Days. She way yaps too much, but her harsh dry humor is something I can appreciate. Hope she can go far in the game,but it will be an uphill battle.

    I do hope they send Rachel home. I don’t have the patience for watching people like her on TV. Makes me feel like I’m losing brain cells. Not sure how Brendon doesn’t feel the say way. Maybe he’s already lost some and that’s why he’s acting like he does.

    And I’m not as sure if Brendon is the prime skilled athlete he thinks he may be. He maybe be good at endurance but not at other things. But Rachel she’s too self-entitled and is probably used to getting her way and a control freak. You can’t make someone give you and apology. She would put Kathy up if she saw fit to and I think Kathy knows it. I hope Kathy doesn’t revert back to butt kissing. If she can control that I will have more respect for her overall.

  22. I think it would be great on eviction night to see Brendon make the first speech asking the others to vote him out because he loves Rachel, then Rachel making her speech asking that they vote Brendon out because he is a floater.

    Ha ha ha!!!

    That would make for classic television and make me a fan of Rachel.


    1. Brendon would probably think she did that so he would be more focused on winning then revenge and was her strange way love and reverse psychology..

    2. Uncle Cool, I was just thinking that I bet Brendon would say that in his speech, to vote him out and keep Rachel. Now, your add of what Rachel would say is Funny!

  23. How can Matt talk, he is the biggest liar of them all. The brigade better watch out for him, because of all the brigade members he is the only one with a side alliance. I wonder what he will do if the brigade wins next week, and want to put up ragan? That’s what they will do. I think they will want ragan out before brendan.

  24. After all the crap she has said and done…What the hell! She really needs to sit her botox lovin, boob job havin, backstabbin, alcholic, whinny, dresses like a stripper on a bad day, ass down somewhere. Put in some more hair extentions, her helmet and straight jacket and take that pill! While she does that Brendon needs to go on a scavenger hunt to see where his testicles went.

  25. I will first say, that this is the most boring BB season ever. Allison should be ashamed of these lame casting pics. In fact, the last few seasons have been dull, and I love me some BB.
    Frist of all, I did like Rachel, despite whatevever anyone else has to say about her. Personally I think she’s Crazieeee, however, she played the game, and that’s what their in their to do. Remember folks, this is a game, not a personalility contest….. Brendan is too nice of a guy, to be mixed up with her. But, it’s obvious he’s thinking with the wrong head. The Brigade is a big joke. Which player in there has done anything, up until Matt, putting up Brendan and Rachel? Seriously, everyone in here is supporting the Brigade, but someone needs to tell me WHAT power plays they have done? Matt, is a total loser. What Genius would come up a lame lie about his wife? Even his wife wasn’t thrilled with him.
    Frankly, I’m glad to see Rachel has one foot out the door, and I can’t wait till the Brigade turns on one another, and you see a bunch of Alpha Males act like a bunch of P*&&ies.

  26. so after all the love is gone and rachel bites brendons head off because she got evicted, you think she’ll end in ward with padded walls and a nice white straight jacket?

  27. well i still love rachel,i know she might go home everything can change in this house but she’s my favorite,she made BB season 12 brigade aint doing SHIT sorry

    1. If the Brigade is doing nothing, how are they all still there and their alliance unknown?

      They are doing great, yo.

      Go Brigade!!


      1. The brag-ade’s alliance is (still) unknown because they haven’t done anything to get them noticed!!!!. They haven’t had an impact on the game till now–breaking up and alliance that has won lots of comps. And this impact really only comes courtesy of Matt who would dump the Brag-ade in a new york minute to go to final 2 with Ragan.

  28. I would like to see a video compilation of Rachel and Brendan both talking about other people behind their backs as well as all of Rachels snide immature comments to everyone else the last few weeks. This video just needs all the clips ran together….. and name the video ” OVIeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

  29. During good-byes to Rachel in the DR, every houseguest should say, *I just came between YOU and YOUR man, BEOTCH!*

  30. my moneys on matt final 2 as he will play the others one by one like a fiddle til they are all expelled then laught all the way to the bank. go matt.

  31. umm Excitement, there was only like 5 Rachel fans, the rest of the brigade fans were fighting each other with self love and hand jobs. when no one else fights with you but you insist they are so you fight with imaginary people, there is a good chance you have some type of brain trauma or you eat paste which I’m now believing to be true.

  32. simon your site is moving way too slow compared to earlier. was wondering if you ever dhut down for a couple of hrs every now and then for maintainance?

  33. i love britney i use to hate her in the beginning of the season but she is hilarious and tells it how it is, plus she is winning those pov’s like it nobody business, i hope she wins the whole game! it funny how rachel thinks the game is”unfair” when her or brendon are going home what sore loser..

    1. i agree….I think shes engaged to Lane…maybe Nicky is his nick name or middle name??? Lane Nicholas????i dont know thats dumb, but I agree with that

  34. This is the worst season ever. They think they are giving cbs all kind of drama and should get paid for it. What a joke. It is completely lame and it is the worst cast ever. The only two worth watching are Enzo and Britney.

    1. Ragan also has talent. He is very funny and has better one-liners than most sitcom writers.

      Enzo and Britney could easily be actors. They are hilarious.

      I loved when Britney did the hanging herself bit on the D/R segment and told us how she was faking being interested in Rachels HOH room tour.

  35. I don’t think you can tell J/J hates them off of one meeting. I can’t stand Rachel but I do like Brendon. Kristin was annoying as hell I am glad she is gone I will be just as glad when Rachel walks out that door. I really dislike how Matt got the secret advantage that they have yet to say since he is lying about his wife sickness it makes me ill since there are people out there that are fighting for their lives and could use the money.

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