**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – POV Results Brit wins!! Rachel goes on Rampage

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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3:04pm HOH Ragan and Matt Talking about awesome it is that Brit won. Matt feels sorry for brit, B/R is going to hammer her these next days. Brit storms in completely pissed at B/R. Brit: “I’m not going to talk to them until the POV ceremony is over” Ragan and MAtt say they are going to do the same. They start going over Rachel’s behavior during the POV Comp. Ragan repeats the some of the things. Brit and Ragan start to go over the POV and how it was so obvious that Jeff and Jordan didn’t like Rachel at all. Matt says that he feel so bad that Brit is going to get hounded tonight. Brit warns them that B/R is going to throw her under the bus and try to destroy her game if she doesn’t use the POV. MAtt doesn’t think so he thinks they will be bugging him after tomorrow.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:10pm Rachel and Brandon fighting over Brendon wanting to quit. Rachel is positive she is going and she doesn’t want to leave Brendon in a bad position. She tells him to cool down and start being nice to people. Brendon says that he’s going to try and get evicted because he want Rachel to stay. (Brendon is a winner)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:17pm Kitchen Kathy and Rachel fighting.. Kathy is fighting back. Rachel is pissed that Kathy was not sheering for her during the POV. Rachel demands an apology because she is in the lowest point in the game. Kathy tells her NO WAY “what you going to do? huh you can’t make me” (OMG KATHY is tough!!) Rachel: “I’m going to make you i’m going to stand here until you say it” Brendon jumps in says he makes ice tea for Kathy every day.. he tells Rachel it’s not worth your breath. KAhty leaves “I’M NOT GOING TO apologize to you I BEAT YOU” Brit comes down tells Kathy to go up to HOH with Ragan.


3:24pm HOH Ragan and Kathy Kathy explains to Ragan what had just happened. Ragan: “After everything Rachel did when Kristen was HOH she has the gaul to say that”. Ragan continues about how he is sure Rachel isn’t well in the head he thinks she’s manic and bipolar and that Kathy needs to treat her like someone that is sick.

3:28pm Downstairs Lane is fighting with Brendon and Rachel (lol this is crazy yo grenades going off)

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169 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – POV Results Brit wins!! Rachel goes on Rampage

    1. Absolutely! Brit is killing the POV’s. Only two off of Janelle’s single season record. I love the Brigade but I can already see Brit throwing a huge wrench in there plans when she wins POV the week they are trying to get rid of her.

        1. My bad. I checked another site and misread. According to that site Janelle and Danielle are tied at 5. I’m not linking bc I dont want to just go pluggin another site on here. if Dawg and Simon ok it I’ ll share but its not a big secret or anything so I’m sure most have already heard of it. It’s an Encylcopedia for BB knowledge.

          POV – The Numbers

          7 Times:
          Janelle Pierzina – Total

          5 Times:
          James Rhine – Total
          Janelle Pierzina BB7
          Daniele Donato BB8

  1. BRIT, YOU GO GIRL. No matter what B/R or the Brigade do to you, just win that POV and pull yourself off the block!

  2. The HGs better start wising up and realize Brit is starting to win comps (when she actually tries). If anything falters within The Brigade then look out for Britney to win the big bucks.

    1. It would be fantastic.

      She could just say she’s being fair because she did not use it on the other ‘showmance’.

  3. Well, well well so Rachel you gonna have to worry about “YOUR MAN” now, cause I think you are about to be history. At least I hope the house agrees. She has got to go. Britney play strong girl you have the power now!

      1. all this payback, i hope the houseguests would wake up and realize they are all being played for fools. I don’t know why they don’t get it. all of them are going home including brit. b/r will get tplayed this week, but so will brit and ragan, because lane and matt will vote them out. so their day will come too

  4. I AM NOW A BRITNEY FAN…HER DIARY ROOMS ARE AWESOME!!!…AND SHE IS AWESOME…i think of her as the new janelle….which i love in season 6 too

  5. That’s awesome. She’s going to have B/R hating her if she keeps them on the block, which I’m sure she will. B/R are gonna be kissing some ass! Brigade is sitting pretty.

  6. Yay brittney! Rachel is going to have the same thing happen to her that she did to kristen last week. Start packing rachel b/c u are out of there. I feel badly for the rest of the hgs that are going to have to be around her drama til thursday. I would just go camp out in the HOH if i were brittney.

  7. You mean the Enzo Yo man didn’t win?
    He bragged so much and didn’t win anything again.
    I hope he is the first of the brigade to go down.
    Go Brit!

  8. Enzo’s record in HOH and POV competitions remains perfect; 0 for. After all his bluster he remains tied with Kathy. When you are full of hot air you are a floater. Nice job Brit.

    1. 4 way tie between kathy, enzo, lane, and ragan, and 5 really with hayden, because the hoh he won really shouldn’t count.

  9. and as expected brit will prob not use the POV as she is trying to become one of the grenades, so i am guessing rachel is pretty much in favor of the house booting her out. Most all the HG’s like Brendon (without her) and they know he will be heart broken when his one and only true beard (ah I mean) love goes and that he won’t be any threat because of this. I will be glad to see rachel go so the game can be played fairly and not because of grudges.

  10. Soooooo excited Brit won.

    In other news, Kathy beat Rachel (not sure what exactly went down) and now Rachel is pissed that Kathy was cheering FOR HERSELF!! “You rubbed it in my face.” Seriously? Kathy hasn’t won a thing all season and when she finally beats Rachel at something, she’s a bad person. I’m glad she stuck up for herself. Pretty good to watch…3:10ish on Cam 4. KATHY HAS A SPINE!!

    1. okay so member the brady bunch girls , well rachel is marcia, (always wanting to win all the trophies), kathy is jan, (always screaming, rachel, rachel, rachel) and well brit is lil cindy with a slight lisp but cute as pie.

    2. THANK YOU for giving us the details !! I wish I could subscribe to the live feeds … but alas I am poor and borrowing someones computer to even get on here and read what is going on! I just wanted to Thank all of you who have the live feeds for making this all happen for us have nots !
      that being said …… Keep up the details !!

  11. Right now Rachel’s going after Kathy, and Kathy’s giving it back to her! Whoo Hoo! Notice how Rachel only goes after the females!

  12. “Rachel DEMANDED that Kathy apologize for being happy that she beat Rachel and Kathy refuses to apologize for being happy.

    Kathy: “I am NOT apologizing for WINNING!!”

    thats the attitude behind the reasons brenchel is hated….

  13. I think i’m gonna buy the Live Feeds. this seems like the best time. i don’t want to miss out on the drama this week!

  14. Why is Brit whining?? She sat in the tub with Rach for hours, kissing butt, whenever R/B were in power! Brit is the BIGGEST TWO-FACED LIAR in the house!!! Reminds me of NAT. How does she keep getting POV?? But never HOH?? She wants everyone else to do the dirty work. I’m tired of her picking split ends, cuticles and hairs out of legs!!! Does she ever do anything constructive?? She plays both sides – obviously her strategy- but doesn’t anyone in the house see her game?? All of pow-wows with the guys in the cabana room are controlled by her!! They all are so DUMB!! Quit whining Brit!!! You have more power in the house than all of them but will the Brigade bring you down in the end??

    1. rachel always saw it that’s why she put her up with monet, but felt monet was a bigger threat. i don’t care for brit much either for the same reason. no one has a real reason for not liking b/r except for the fact they are in a relationship in the house, but please someone with common sense tell me how is a showmance any more of a threat than an alliance? These people are all about kissing someones butt.

    2. Nat..? are you for real…. not in any way shape or form.. i dont see brit cheating and ignoring her hygiene..!

      1. Rachel has one of the nastiest attitudes ever on BB. The others do not like her for that reason … the showmance is not the real reason for being upset with her – it is how they act to others!! J&J had a showmance and were not hated for it. It all comes down to personalities and actions. As others said, Rachel is a despicable person and Brendon is an idiot – needs a ring in his nose like you see on big bulls on farms!!!
        Some have said he does have a ring in his nose already.

  15. when Brenchel wins they gloat and throw it in everyone’s faces(something nobody else did), but when someone else wins they don’t want them to be happy, and they whine and make pathetic excuses, all BB HGs are hypocrites in SOME way but Brenchl is by far the biggest hypocrites this year.

  16. Rachel is a certified nut case. Who does she think she is!!! I’m am so done with that stupied giggle of hers. The more I see Brendon acting like a complete wimp, the more disgusted I get. If he thinks he’ll have a chance of seeing Rachel after they leave the house, he’s more stupied than I thought. She’s going back to the bar and hook up with more men with money.

  17. I love it!!! Looks like we found out who likes to dish it but can’t take it!! “I make iced tea for you everyday” LMFAO is this guy for real?

  18. The true POV champ is James Rhine because he one all if them when people were gunning for him he saved his on @$$ he won when it mattered. 5 POV’s was the record he set.

    1. Actually, he only won 4.
      Janelle won 5 in season 7 though. Unless Brit wins a few more, I think Janelle is the true POV champ.
      Season 6 – 2 POV’s and 2 HOH’s
      Season 7 – 5 POV’s and 4 HOH’s

        1. I agree with that….She was a great competitor and very playful….Her and Howie had a blast in the house and the other houseguests were horrible to her….She fought the entire time in the house and not once did she whine and cry and carry on like this fool Rachel…..She can dish it out but can’t take it!!

          Miss Janelle bunches!

  19. First Kathy stands up for herself , then Lane is fighting with Brendon and Rachel bout time. everyone is fid up with them. Hayden and Kristen didn’t act like them went they were on the block.

    1. So true. I have new found respect for Kathy. and GO BRITNEY! XD she is going to be a force to be reckoned with, she’s playing a very smart game so far.

  20. Couldn’t be more perfect. yay Brit, and I hope we all are on the right cue to know that Brig is smart enough to not use that POV. Let those two rot in the nom chairs and wait for the gavel…or is that axe? Rachel is so predictable. On a rampage because she lost, after Kathy because she didn’t cheer her on???…give me a break…!!! Rachel is manic depressive. If Brendon goes first, let’s all cheer her on then….for her big burnout.

  21. Put something else in perspective. Rachel may be on her way out…to the jury house. HGs can bash her and make her miserable all they want, but they better remember that to win they might need her vote. Jury members are allowed to vote how they want and often they don’t vote for the best game player, but rather the person who pissed them off the least. I hope Brendon and Britney make it to the end. If Brendon gets his head back in the game and starts playing it could be a real interesting showdown.

      1. He may NEED to but he WON’T…..He’s too big of a flippin sissy! Not to mention the poor sportsmanship he shares with the Bride of Brendonstein….Is anyone else worried about what kind of OFFSPRING these two will set off into the world?

    1. well.. that won’t happen. brendon doesn’t have the mental ability to last. and if the final two are both people who pissed off the BG creatures, then so what? they have to vote for someone. maybe they’ll be back on their medication by then.

  22. Gotta love it. Rachel wants an apology!!???? She can pull the bitch card every time she wins something and then expects others to cheer her on and be supportive when she loses? Give me a frickin’ break. I think this will be the week of Drama Queen Rachel….demanding camera time because this could be her last big bang (until she gets some from poor slob in Vegas) before she sails off into the sunset.

    1. Exactly!! When she wins shes aloud to say things like “bring on” and “grab your life vest floaters”!! And now she wants an apology….F&CK HER!!! Asta lavista baby!! Don’t let the door hit ya in your big ass bit!h!!!!Bring on the frickin Rachel lovers!! She has no class what so EVER!!

  23. I wanna know details of the Lane vs. B/R fight. Everyone fights with Rachel eventually, that’s gotten old, but its time someone called out that bitch-made pussy-ass muhfuka Brendon

  24. The “power couple” is thisclose to being broken up! Things are looking good! Britney is awesome and a real threat to win it all. I hope she does. Good for Lane to finally chime in – better late than never. Has Hayden said a damned thing though? His quiet man routine is – I dare say – a coverup for a below par intellect. Nonetheless, 3 cheers for the Brigade !!! (Plus Brit)!

  25. gotta love how brenchel is pretending to be SOOO innocent no they were NOT gloating in people face when they won shit and threatening others when they had power and they were also NOT talking shit about the people who they put on the block. im loving watching them getting what they deserve….. they both need serious psychological help

    1. The funny thing is Brendon never had any power ! He rode on the hair extensions of Rachel !
      He has not won anything … and whines about not winning !! He will not eve get HOH or Veto .. he is going home and will hide his head in shame when he watches what a complete ass he has made of himself !

      On a production note … I think they should have had more single people in the house, because lets face it sex sells :(

      1. Excuse me- have you been watching? Brendan won 2 POVs. And a floater is someone with no alliances. Brendan has an alliance with Rachel–unfortunately, and he has been duped i to thinking he has one with Enzo. I’d like to see if he wises up after Rachel is gone, but I doubt he will. Like Rachel, he is trusting all the wrong people.

    1. Thanks Grenades…Yo…I was hopeing Lane would snap on them 2 soon!! I would LOVE to see him go ape sh!t on them!!

  26. I guess it’s time for me to flip back on BBAD. I might even record it now that the B/R situation seems to be nearing an end. I say SEEMS to be because I’m still not sure the reign of terror is nearly over. I must admit though that unless some of these other scrubs don’t step up and make something happen, I’m gonna be bored again. Rachel and Brendan were there to play the game (nasty tactics and all) which made things a bit more interesting. I’m guessing the true players to battle it out will be Brit, Ragan and Matt.

  27. I’m so pissed. I wanted Brendon or Rachel to win it. Oh well… I hope Brendon goes home now and Rachel wins HOH next week.

  28. If i was britney i would use the POV.
    First she would have 2 strong competior (brendon and rachel)
    that would fight for her, she would have 2 votes for the jury if she
    makes it to final. The target would still be on brendon and rachel.
    If rachel is gone this week everyone is going to be gunning for britney
    since she already won 3 pov and she standing pretty.

      1. a bulleye from who? the only two that have competed and won HOH’s are Rachel, and Matt, matt can’t play in hoh next week, and if rachel leaves that will make her a stronger hoh candidate to win, but if rachel stays and win, and brit didn’t use the pov, rachel will put brit and matt up, not kathy. I don’t think anyone at this point except the brigade is thinking about putting kathy up.

        1. Britney cant win a competition every single week moron..if she save one of those two scumbags she is done in the game.

      1. Jordan you are an idiot. If Britney uses the veto she would be HATED by the rest of the house and targeted by everyone. She cant win the veto every week. Anyone who messes with the certainty that one of those two dirtbags is gone will be despised by everyone else.

    1. No, Kathy BEATS RACHEL and it’s Team Kathy. Kathy proved herself to be not so weak today, even though she’s the weakest contestant, and Rachel couldn’t stand it. And Kathy grew a back bone and stood up to Rachel.

  29. when rachel gets evicted, i am sure before she leaves, that she is going to instruct brenden to put up lane and brit if he wins hoh

      1. true, but matt can’t play and no one else left to win anything but brendan, and brit. one of the brigades will go up next week wait and see. the only way they don’t is if one of them win. think about the scenario’s of someone other than the brigade winning, who will get put up. If brit win, she has now put herself in such a position she is friends with everyone, she can put up B/R whichever one stays, and Kathy, but then Brendan will probably win POV because only he and Brit has evey won it. Then one of the brigades will have to go up, because I don’t think she will put up ragan, and the brigade have put them self in an awkward position to, because if they try to hard to get someone put up they are going to make everyone suspicious of them. If Ragan wins, he will not put up brit or kathy, because he knows kathy can’t win anything and will go after one of the guys. Kathy won’t even try to win.

  30. go brendan and rachel!! their playing an awesome game the rest of the house is stupidd and neeeds to leave. brit is a bipolar 2 faced bitch tht needs to get her fish eyes fixed..

  31. Why would Justin Bieber (Hayden) lose his cool while the block?
    Because he had 3 votes in his favor. B/R were playing with their backs up
    against the wall since week one. But thats how it goes sometimes.
    It was a good ride B/R while it lasted,now its time to get yo ass up!
    Rach get drunk on bbad in the first half hour….. I need a good laugh.

  32. I believe that the reason for them bringing the saboteur back is because the knew BrendHO was going up on the block eventually and they had to do something to make drama happen when the Drama King and Queen left !

  33. OMG BB is starting to heat up with alot of fighting I likes this. I hope one of the floaters go next week I would like to see all strong players fighting to win. Since Rachel will be going home this week I need to pick a new fav. Brit is two faced and talks about everyone, Hayden is a douche, Lane is just boring so far, Kathy is just floating her way to finals dislike her, Matt is just a dirty liar and I cant get over the thing he said about his wife that was cheap. So we have Ragan, Enzo and Brendon Enzo is funny and makes me laugh every show, Ragan is silly and would like to see get the money for sab and Brendon some stuff he does is just not right. So I think my new fav would be Enzo or Ragan I just wish these guys will start win comps.

  34. If Brit happens to use POV, please not Roachel. She starts drama, but Brendan is kinda a decent guy, he is just with roachel. Rachel would be voted out even against Kathy.

  35. Have to admit with all this drama I will miss Rachel. The rest of this week will be so much fun with all the drama. Maybe Brendan will finally get a spine. Hopefully as time goes by he will realize how bad Rachel treated everyone when she was Hoh she getting her just deserts!

  36. Brendan somehow believes he’s a knight dropped into King Arthur’s Camelot. This isn’t about chivalry. It’s about winning $500K, which I would think any ph.d candidate could use. Play it like Hayden and Kristen. No sacrificing your game for an unrealistic relationship. WAKE UP DUDE!

  37. Yep this season is over. Like her or hate her Rachel made the show. Better luck next season.. this season is fail after fail… saboteur, B/R, Brigade.. bleh.

  38. I just don’t see why anyone would want to align with BR. Yes, they are competive, but the way they come at people on a personal level, in front of all houseguests, seems to be a pretty dumb move. While I wouldn’t be sweet and sugary, I certainly wouldn’t want to be associated with them. As a couple, they could have remained a united front without the gloating, bold statements, etc. I think the other HGs should focus on eliminating one of the duo, then focus on the side deals, regardless of what carrot BR may dangle or what they may say. Personally, I would not trust what either of them say, as their actions have shown that they are untrustworthy.

    1. B/R have noit been less trustworthy than the rest of the house. Brit has lied to their faces all along, Hayden was going to back out of the fake alliance he and Kristen made with them. Enzo lied to make a fake alliance to trick Brendan. Matt planned on taking Rachels $5k in a deal he was going to reneg on. So what lie did Rachel tell? She busted her deal with Matt to the house after someone told her Matt was making deals all over and back stabbing. They are all lying except Kathy and Ragan. I don’t like rachel as a person but the only way she is worse than the rest is the whining. The Brigade brags too but they do it in private to keep their secret. Rachel gets in people’s faces and the rest spread their mess bewhind folks backs.

  39. “Im going to stand here until you apologize”…….DAH…….Dont bother, you dont need to practice for the next “Standing” competition….you are outa here “Crazy Bitch” sung to the tune of Buckcherry’s song!

      1. HAHAHAH! Hey BB-Ma! I was trying to stay calm and relaxed thru all this because I have one hell of a migraine from my visitor but Im not having much luck! This Crazy Bitch is something else! Gotta luv Brit for pullin’ it off yo!

  40. can’t wait to see if rachel has a meltdown and attacks matt. did she honestly think he owed her ( or her pet brendon) anything. like kristen said ” you come into the home to play a game alone and only one person will win alone. so matts playing the game as did nat last year with all the lying and missed loyality’s. and nat got to the top 2 . I wouldn’t be surprised if Matt is in that same top 2 .

  41. You gotta know, Brendan’s family must be so embarrassed by his actions with R. He entered the game to win money, probably to pay for school, swapped it out for a Red Head floosie.

    1. I know, I feel badly for his family. I know if I was his mother, I would be screaming at the tv the whole time

    1. Because they are the only ones who are playing the game. If you look past personal stuff then you’ll see that they are the only ones with targets on there backs. They keep the game intresting.

        1. I’m not going to cry cause my favourite HG is going home 0.0 I’m just dissapointed that the BB Game is going to be really boring/predictable. Heres exactly whats going to happen B/R go home next then brigade knock everyone out till final 4 and one of them ass holes win. There you go BB12 right there for you.

      1. The Brigade is playing an awesome game. They are still aligned since the game started and nobody has a clue about them. Not even their closest friends, Britney and Ragan.

        They are actually playing brilliantly.

        Enzo is a master at playing people.


      2. Being assholes and nasty is not playing the game! Rachel does not know any other method of reacting to others. She could have been out long ago if Matt didn’t think he had an infallible plan to backdoor one of them. He never listened to the others – thought he was such a genius.

  42. ugh i hate rachel i kinda feel bad for brendon but then again hes stupid enough to be with HER because of her his whole game is ruined brendon seems like a nice person and tries to get along with everyone unlike rachel ugh i hate her

  43. I think Matt is the most disgusting player since Johnny Fairplay on Survivor when he said his grandmother was dead to garner sympathy. That lie made him the most hated player in Survivor history. Matt will realize too late that you simply do NOT give your loved one a disease (even pretending) for financial gain. In the “real world” – that is called fraud. Imagine making a donation to someone with a terminal illness and you discover they are not sick. Matt is seeking the half million based on a lie. If he wanted to make up something, why didn’t he tell the house that he lost his testes to cancer and THAT is why he has no kids and his growth was stunted? It would be believable.

    1. Yeah! And the MOST TALKED ABOUT!! Think about it…everyone’s talking about how much a wezzle he is!! But he will be remembered for it!

  44. Give that ole’ dyed red headed, fake boobed, stone-white face bitch a broom and let
    her fly back to Vegas ! She is the joke of Vegas !

    1. She needs to go straight back to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch brothel and back to her old job..mopping the floor cause no one will give 50 bucks to screw her, LMAO !!

      1. …well i wouldnt say “no one”. Brendon did. I probably could understand if being with her was part of his strategy in the game or if it was on a dare a bet or a promise of money in the future. But I really think he likes her, i mean he says that hes found true love. Makes you wonder what was he dating before that makes Rachel the best hes ever had?

  45. Alright I hope Rachel goes home, that way they will leave Bredon alone for awhile, just to get out Kathy and Britney.

  46. Britney better use the fucing POV .. 2 faced bitch .. she was kissing Rachel’s ass last week !!
    Anyways ur plan will backfire soon britney

      1. Gaven — Brit was ‘playing the game’ when she talked with the witch. You only see the witch as the player?
        What a loser to worship! We will all have to pray for you!! LOL

  47. Oh great. Britney won… Too bad she’ll loose the veto comp when she actually needs it. Can’t wait to see that 2 faced bich walk out the door.

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