**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – POV Results Brit wins!! Rachel goes on Rampage

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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3:04pm HOH Ragan and Matt Talking about awesome it is that Brit won. Matt feels sorry for brit, B/R is going to hammer her these next days. Brit storms in completely pissed at B/R. Brit: “I’m not going to talk to them until the POV ceremony is over” Ragan and MAtt say they are going to do the same. They start going over Rachel’s behavior during the POV Comp. Ragan repeats the some of the things. Brit and Ragan start to go over the POV and how it was so obvious that Jeff and Jordan didn’t like Rachel at all. Matt says that he feel so bad that Brit is going to get hounded tonight. Brit warns them that B/R is going to throw her under the bus and try to destroy her game if she doesn’t use the POV. MAtt doesn’t think so he thinks they will be bugging him after tomorrow.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:10pm Rachel and Brandon fighting over Brendon wanting to quit. Rachel is positive she is going and she doesn’t want to leave Brendon in a bad position. She tells him to cool down and start being nice to people. Brendon says that he’s going to try and get evicted because he want Rachel to stay. (Brendon is a winner)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:17pm Kitchen Kathy and Rachel fighting.. Kathy is fighting back. Rachel is pissed that Kathy was not sheering for her during the POV. Rachel demands an apology because she is in the lowest point in the game. Kathy tells her NO WAY “what you going to do? huh you can’t make me” (OMG KATHY is tough!!) Rachel: “I’m going to make you i’m going to stand here until you say it” Brendon jumps in says he makes ice tea for Kathy every day.. he tells Rachel it’s not worth your breath. KAhty leaves “I’M NOT GOING TO apologize to you I BEAT YOU” Brit comes down tells Kathy to go up to HOH with Ragan.


3:24pm HOH Ragan and Kathy Kathy explains to Ragan what had just happened. Ragan: “After everything Rachel did when Kristen was HOH she has the gaul to say that”. Ragan continues about how he is sure Rachel isn’t well in the head he thinks she’s manic and bipolar and that Kathy needs to treat her like someone that is sick.

3:28pm Downstairs Lane is fighting with Brendon and Rachel (lol this is crazy yo grenades going off)

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I called it.




Absolutely! Brit is killing the POV’s. Only two off of Janelle’s single season record. I love the Brigade but I can already see Brit throwing a huge wrench in there plans when she wins POV the week they are trying to get rid of her.


Actually your wrong.
Danielle has won the most pov.


My bad. I checked another site and misread. According to that site Janelle and Danielle are tied at 5. I’m not linking bc I dont want to just go pluggin another site on here. if Dawg and Simon ok it I’ ll share but its not a big secret or anything so I’m sure most have already heard of it. It’s an Encylcopedia for BB knowledge.

POV – The Numbers

7 Times:
Janelle Pierzina – Total

5 Times:
James Rhine – Total
Janelle Pierzina BB7
Daniele Donato BB8


BRIT, YOU GO GIRL. No matter what B/R or the Brigade do to you, just win that POV and pull yourself off the block!

The Excitement

why can’t i see the animation??


get rid of rachel,she is rude


This is AWESOME!!!


The HGs better start wising up and realize Brit is starting to win comps (when she actually tries). If anything falters within The Brigade then look out for Britney to win the big bucks.

Uncle Cool

tee hee



Oh sweet… wouldn’t it be nice if she would show her true colors to BR and not use the POV?

Uncle Cool

It would be fantastic.

She could just say she’s being fair because she did not use it on the other ‘showmance’.


just like i predicted , brittney bout to get HOH too yo


Brit pleases do not us the POV



BigBrothers Big Brother

Finally this season has gotten interesting! Let’s see how this all unfolds. STILL not convinced B/R will disappear. Production has god-like powers.


i don’t know we thought that last year with jeff and jordan, and jeff got voted out.


Well, well well so Rachel you gonna have to worry about “YOUR MAN” now, cause I think you are about to be history. At least I hope the house agrees. She has got to go. Britney play strong girl you have the power now!

J. P. Brigade

Absolutely PERFECT. Brit, thank you.

4-Deep and Countin’ Brit is NOW officially a Brigade member. LOL!!




She can finally pay them back for sending Monet home! 😀

The Excitement

Yes she can!


all this payback, i hope the houseguests would wake up and realize they are all being played for fools. I don’t know why they don’t get it. all of them are going home including brit. b/r will get tplayed this week, but so will brit and ragan, because lane and matt will vote them out. so their day will come too




Booyah! Go Brit! ?


Brit is the best, hope she makes it to the final 2


I AM NOW A BRITNEY FAN…HER DIARY ROOMS ARE AWESOME!!!…AND SHE IS AWESOME…i think of her as the new janelle….which i love in season 6 too


Just prettier and smarter!


Janelle is wayy stronger of a competetor and Birtney is wining these when she doesn’t need to.


That’s awesome. She’s going to have B/R hating her if she keeps them on the block, which I’m sure she will. B/R are gonna be kissing some ass! Brigade is sitting pretty.


WOO HOO!!! Good going Brit!!!!!


What a shock…Brendan complaining and Rachel being a hypocrite.


Brit gone win HOH next


Yeah Brit’s cool. Way funny. And look at the pouty looks on the BR’s faces. LOL.


Yay brittney! Rachel is going to have the same thing happen to her that she did to kristen last week. Start packing rachel b/c u are out of there. I feel badly for the rest of the hgs that are going to have to be around her drama til thursday. I would just go camp out in the HOH if i were brittney.


You mean the Enzo Yo man didn’t win?
He bragged so much and didn’t win anything again.
I hope he is the first of the brigade to go down.
Go Brit!


BRIT-GADE!! Woowoo!


Dont be stealing my name..lol


Enzo’s record in HOH and POV competitions remains perfect; 0 for. After all his bluster he remains tied with Kathy. When you are full of hot air you are a floater. Nice job Brit.


4 way tie between kathy, enzo, lane, and ragan, and 5 really with hayden, because the hoh he won really shouldn’t count.


Finally, a chance to actually get at least one of those two out. Please let it happen! I hope it is Rachel that goes before Brendon.


i don’t know. i would get rid of brendan first.


and as expected brit will prob not use the POV as she is trying to become one of the grenades, so i am guessing rachel is pretty much in favor of the house booting her out. Most all the HG’s like Brendon (without her) and they know he will be heart broken when his one and only true beard (ah I mean) love goes and that he won’t be any threat because of this. I will be glad to see rachel go so the game can be played fairly and not because of grudges.


Soooooo excited Brit won.

In other news, Kathy beat Rachel (not sure what exactly went down) and now Rachel is pissed that Kathy was cheering FOR HERSELF!! “You rubbed it in my face.” Seriously? Kathy hasn’t won a thing all season and when she finally beats Rachel at something, she’s a bad person. I’m glad she stuck up for herself. Pretty good to watch…3:10ish on Cam 4. KATHY HAS A SPINE!!


okay so member the brady bunch girls , well rachel is marcia, (always wanting to win all the trophies), kathy is jan, (always screaming, rachel, rachel, rachel) and well brit is lil cindy with a slight lisp but cute as pie.


THANK YOU for giving us the details !! I wish I could subscribe to the live feeds … but alas I am poor and borrowing someones computer to even get on here and read what is going on! I just wanted to Thank all of you who have the live feeds for making this all happen for us have nots !
that being said …… Keep up the details !!

Other K

Finally she’s showing why she’s a Sherrif.


Right now Rachel’s going after Kathy, and Kathy’s giving it back to her! Whoo Hoo! Notice how Rachel only goes after the females!


she does go after the females but not in gay way 🙁 sorry allison.


HAHAH Kathy officially is my favorite.


“Rachel DEMANDED that Kathy apologize for being happy that she beat Rachel and Kathy refuses to apologize for being happy.

Kathy: “I am NOT apologizing for WINNING!!”

thats the attitude behind the reasons brenchel is hated….

The Excitement

WOw! Kathy and Rachel are fighting! this shit’s getting good!


Team Britney all the way baby! The POV Queen! Ow owwwww!

The Excitement

I think i’m gonna buy the Live Feeds. this seems like the best time. i don’t want to miss out on the drama this week!


Why is Brit whining?? She sat in the tub with Rach for hours, kissing butt, whenever R/B were in power! Brit is the BIGGEST TWO-FACED LIAR in the house!!! Reminds me of NAT. How does she keep getting POV?? But never HOH?? She wants everyone else to do the dirty work. I’m tired of her picking split ends, cuticles and hairs out of legs!!! Does she ever do anything constructive?? She plays both sides – obviously her strategy- but doesn’t anyone in the house see her game?? All of pow-wows with the guys in the cabana room are controlled by her!! They all are so DUMB!! Quit whining Brit!!! You have more power in the house than all of them but will the Brigade bring you down in the end??


rachel always saw it that’s why she put her up with monet, but felt monet was a bigger threat. i don’t care for brit much either for the same reason. no one has a real reason for not liking b/r except for the fact they are in a relationship in the house, but please someone with common sense tell me how is a showmance any more of a threat than an alliance? These people are all about kissing someones butt.


Nat..? are you for real…. not in any way shape or form.. i dont see brit cheating and ignoring her hygiene..!


Rachel has one of the nastiest attitudes ever on BB. The others do not like her for that reason … the showmance is not the real reason for being upset with her – it is how they act to others!! J&J had a showmance and were not hated for it. It all comes down to personalities and actions. As others said, Rachel is a despicable person and Brendon is an idiot – needs a ring in his nose like you see on big bulls on farms!!!
Some have said he does have a ring in his nose already.


Nat also never won anything til the end


CBS, close up shop!!! The game is over now, since the one’s that will remain will be SO BORING!!!




Go Kathy! Tell Mr. and Mrs. She-male where to stick it! 🙂


when Brenchel wins they gloat and throw it in everyone’s faces(something nobody else did), but when someone else wins they don’t want them to be happy, and they whine and make pathetic excuses, all BB HGs are hypocrites in SOME way but Brenchl is by far the biggest hypocrites this year.

Miss Tig

Rachel is a certified nut case. Who does she think she is!!! I’m am so done with that stupied giggle of hers. The more I see Brendon acting like a complete wimp, the more disgusted I get. If he thinks he’ll have a chance of seeing Rachel after they leave the house, he’s more stupied than I thought. She’s going back to the bar and hook up with more men with money.


Rachel laughs like John Candy in Uncle Buck, lol.

J. P. Brigade

ANOTHER catfight.

Br-Br-Br-Br Brigaaaaaade!!


I love it!!! Looks like we found out who likes to dish it but can’t take it!! “I make iced tea for you everyday” LMFAO is this guy for real?


The true POV champ is James Rhine because he one all if them when people were gunning for him he saved his on @$$ he won when it mattered. 5 POV’s was the record he set.


Actually, he only won 4.
Janelle won 5 in season 7 though. Unless Brit wins a few more, I think Janelle is the true POV champ.
Season 6 – 2 POV’s and 2 HOH’s
Season 7 – 5 POV’s and 4 HOH’s


Yeah Janelle still holds the title as greatest competitor in BB history!!


I agree with that….She was a great competitor and very playful….Her and Howie had a blast in the house and the other houseguests were horrible to her….She fought the entire time in the house and not once did she whine and cry and carry on like this fool Rachel…..She can dish it out but can’t take it!!

Miss Janelle bunches!


First Kathy stands up for herself , then Lane is fighting with Brendon and Rachel bout time. everyone is fid up with them. Hayden and Kristen didn’t act like them went they were on the block.


So true. I have new found respect for Kathy. and GO BRITNEY! XD she is going to be a force to be reckoned with, she’s playing a very smart game so far.


This should be a good next few days. Lotsa drama!