Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit Tells Rachel She Won’t Use the POV, Rachel: “WHY I would use it on you”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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4:24pm HOH Kathy, Enzo and Brit
Enzo impersonating Brendon during the POV apparently he did very bad and making excuses the entire time. Enzo: “He spent 5 fuckign hours out there practicing” They start going over the POV comp and once Rachel and Brendon went out they had fun. Enzo says the entire POV was great Rachel was crying and Brendon was complaining to production that they didn’t stop the time because the pin was slanted on a angle. Enzo: “The rules were the pin has to be on it’s side the pin was still standing why was he making such a big deal about it”. Kathy: “Did you see him throw the ball when he got mad? Enzo and brit say yes, they heard Jeff say “hold up there wheres the insurance policy” Enzo: ‘they embarrassed us” They all agree that Brendon acted like a total douche during the POV and everyone will see it this week on TV. Enzo :”seriously there’s something wrong with rachel You can’t tell people to say there sorry to you” Kahty cackles Brit: “Expecially since you do the same thing to everyone else int he house” They starts to rehase the argument downstairs. Brit How can she be mad at Kathy Rachel did the same thing to Kristen and HAyden. Enzo brings up last weeks POV ceremony when she told Kristen and Hayden to Bring it, points out that she kicked them when they were at their lowest. Bruit: “she’s the biggest hypocrite”. Enzo says that B/R know they are going home this week and there wtarting to lose it. Enzo: “I can’t wait until she leaves jstu to see BRendon squirm for a week..Fuck Him”. Brit: “Jordan hates rachel”. Kathy remebers when Rachel said to Jordan “you can come hang out at Vegas and jordan was like umm yeah ok” Brit: “only 2 things that were obvious in the POV was that Jeff liked enzo and Jordan HATES Rachel” They all think that the speeches this week are going to be phenomenal. Enzo says B/R have no decency for anyone in the house why do they do all this shit. Kahty “What am I suppose to do tell her i’m sorry and hug her. Enzo bring sup that during the POV player selection Rachel picked kathy then Rachel admitted that she only picked Kathy becuase she tought Kathy was goign to lose the POV. Kathy: “That is why me taking her out feels so good” Kathy says Brendon had the lowest score in the competition. Brit: “He over thinks things, they were askign so many dumb questions” Kathy remembers at one point b/r were asking so many questions she made a gun out of her hand pointed it to her temple and pulled the trigger (see picture) J/J saw her and laughed.

Matt joins them he gives them a low down of the house.. telling them that it’s all pretty much all calmed down. They go over the same series of events. The only change in plans is they are not going to split the vote between B/R they are all going to


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:50pm Taj Room Brit and Rachel


Rachel asks Brit to talk (poor Brit) She asks Brit if she’ll use the POV, Brit says no and here are her reasons
a) It will put a GIANT target on her back
b) It’s pointless because one of B/R is going home regardless of what Brit does
Rachel asks why would she try and get HAyden off the block last week. Brit explains that Hayden had offered her the world and didn’t have the house after them. Rachel will offer Brit anything she wants and the 5 grand. Brit tries to explain to her how it will ruin her game, she says One way or another Brendon or rachel are going home this week. Brit again says that the entire house wants them broken up.. Brit: “IT WILL RUIN MY GAME IF I USE IT”. Rachel: WHY?” (Brit will try to explain it to rachel for about 30 minutes i’ll try and capture some of the magic) Brit: “This is not a personnel decision I cannot use the POV or i’m done for”. Rachel: “so what are you thinking Am I going home?”. Brit tells her some people are saying they want Brendon out because he wins POV’s and is big and strong other people want Rachel out because she’s won 2 HOH’s and are good with quizes. Brit says honest to god she doesn’t know where the votes will be. She’s not going to abandon Rachel or treat her any different she wants this to be as normal as they can make it. Brit understands why rachel is doing this she would do the same.. Rachel cuts her off “I WOULD USE IT YOU KNOW”. Brit: “Please understand Rachel IF I USE THE POV I”M GOING HOME NEXT WEEK”..”this is because the entire house wants you and Brendon broken up”. Rachel whimpering says she not a good competitor she’s only won 2 HOH’s, Brit says Rachel has only won 2 HOH but never had the chance to play for the other 2. Rachel “exactly i never had the chance”. Brit “No…. we don’t know how you would of preformed in those other 2 you might of won those as well if you had the chance”.. “You’ve said it yourself your the strongest competitor don’t you think that people would want you to get out? Rachel doesn’t understand why strong people wouldn’t want to team up and take out the weak players. Brit says that it’s a different type of game now they all are going to jury they need to think differently. Rachel: “I did everything i could to keep monet” Brit: “you had put both of us up” Rachel: “But you won POV you saved youself…. (whimpering ) I wish I would of been able to save myself… you know brit Brendon and I practiced so hard for that comp.. it’s just not fair” (you can tell brit is getting a bit fed up) Brit explains to her that the POV game was quite a bit different last night to today they knew that excessive practicing might not do any good just like it did in the last competition. Rachel thinks the guys all think she’s a bitch and thats why they want her out. Brit doesn’t think so she thinks everyone is looking at this as a opportunity to get out the strongest 2 players. Rachel: “Next time I lay i’m not going to win anything then people will like me”.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:15pm cabana Room HAyden and Ragan ragan trusts Hayden and wants to work closer with him, HAyden is no where near a target for Ragan. Ragan likes everyone in the house except for B/R. Hayden feels the same way about Ragan, he mentions that he never wants to see B/R outside of the house but everyone else he thinks is cool and he wants to hang out. Hayden says Kristen is now gone so he has no one that has his back, he’s coming into this game right now with no one. Talk moves to the Sab. both are not sure who it is but they can say with reasonable certainty that it’s not Rachel. Hayden says he really doesn’t think it is Matt even though it looks that way. Ragan KNOWS it’s not MAtt. Ragan says MAtt is a great guy but he doesn’t see America liking him enough to vote him as sab. Ragan thinks America likes Hayden a lot, HAyden says he’s not the sab. They go back and forth with there ideas of who id the sab..nothing we haven’t heard before.

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118 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit Tells Rachel She Won’t Use the POV, Rachel: “WHY I would use it on you”

  1. Rachel: “WHY I would use it on you”

    RIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTTTT and brendosn wou’dve use his POV to save andrew if andy didn’t go bananas like rachel is now

    1. I absolutely love the fact that Brit brought up the fact that Rachel split her and Monet up by putting them side to side. I say the Karma isn’t just because Rachel split up Hayden and Kristen but Brit and Monet also and it’s all biting her in her butt for it.
      I mean, I like the fact that Monet is gone because it forced Brit to interact with the rest of the house and get to know them. But Rachel kicked both pairs when they were at their lowest.
      She is insane to think that Brit would save her and Brit would be insane to save her.

      1. Yeah I wouldn’t expect her to use it either. But does anyone else think that Brittney is quite the bitch. See really thinks she is hot shit. I can’t wait till she’s the block on to take her down a few pegs.

    2. And risk the chance of Rachel going up? It really isn’t the same (although Brit doesn’t know that). Also Rachel what happen to ‘expect the unexpected’? She doesn’t even give Kristen the time of day when she says the boys are in a alliances… o wait that’s right it wasn’t ‘personal’…

      1. There doesn’t seem to be much ‘unexpected’. The houseguests are so familiar with the format of the game that they have quite an edge planning ahead. I liked it better when CBS threw curves right out of left field that would screw things up. There needs to be some new creativity from production.

  2. YES! A groveling Rachel~ Celebrations are in order. And I absolutely love the fact that Jeff’s favorite player is the Meow Meow and that Jordan hates Rachel.
    Maybe I will watch the episodes this week now that the real drama has started and I get to see Rachel and what’s his face get a taste of what they deserve…

  3. AHAHAHAHA RACHEL IS PSYCHOTIC. I want her to stay another week (and get rid of Brenden) just to see her complete meltdown. I can’t believe that even KATHY is standing up to her. HAHAHA!

  4. I can understand Jeff liking Enzo. Enzo is amusing. I can tell Jordon is jealous of Rachel because Rachel has a better boob job.

    1. um jordan doesn’t like rachel for the same reason everyone else in the house doesn’t like rachel b/c she is a royal pain in the butt, not b/c of boob jobs. jordan’s are better. rachel’s are so over the top they make her look like a hooker.

    2. Did they show the POV on live feeds or are we just taking the word of the houseguests to who Jeff/Jordan like and hate?

      1. Just a heads up – KK was replying to the same post you were. If he/she was replying to you in would be indented from your post.

  5. Are you kidding me Britney? Taking Rachel off the block would ruin your game? REALLY? with you in a alliance with B/R, that would give you a combination of SEVEN of the TEN comps won between the THREE of you!?!?!? Britney seriously wise up and realize what your doing… Lane is going to kick you to curb like a dead rat!!!! Sigh… you have to start thinking who Matt would put up: Lane? Enzo? Hayden? Yeah as pawns maybe (although she wouldn’t know that), but that would at least give the house the opportunity to keep a Brendon… Kathy? Ok, you know Brendon stays. And there’s no way in HELL Matt would put up Ragan…. Ruin your game… I don’t see any of these people winning more consistently then these three, they would pretty much own the house… Now that would be a REAL BRIGADE not these no talent jokes….

    1. blah blah blah. Rachel’s going home because the only one who can stand to listen to her is her whipping boy Brendon. Brit will do just fine taking her chances after that.

    2. Calling the Brigade talentless might be true, but they are the furthest thing from a joke considering that uhm… they lasted this long?
      And you do realize that Brit saying that using the POV would ruin her game is only to get Rachel off her back?
      Also, you can say all this now about how Brit would benefit from siding with Brachel but how far can she go with them, really? They would say anything and throw anyone under the bus to further themselves and Brachel would only look after each other. No. Correction. Brendon would look after RAchel and Rachel would look after herself.
      You already said that Brit doesn’t know about the Brigade so as far as she knows she and Lane has a solid alliance and she has Ragan’s and Enzo’s trust.
      She’s playing an amazing game with the limited knowledge she has. She’s not omniscent like the viewers are. And who knows? The Sabetour might pop up, reveal the Brigade and viola, no more Brigade. Something I don’t want to see happen but do at the same time.

      1. They lasted this long ‘cuz of Matt, period, should be called Matt’s Brigade, they talk a mean game but can’t do diddly squat. And I’m pretty sure Britney really thinks it would ruin her game.. like you said she has the ‘trust’ of Enzo, Lane, Ragan (only one really) so to switch over to a two person alliance seems foolish,… and how far would they take her? How far can anyone take another? I’ve said it before your fate isn’t your own in this game and your goal is to win monetary compensation of some sort, if it wasn’t you wouldn’t be on the show… so anyone at any time, for the sake of themselves, is willing to throw another person under the bus to save themselves… the three you’ve mentioned haven’t been on the block much less together.. only then can you know the integrity of that individual.

    3. Your not even thinking right are you SDFU? You do know regardless if she uses the veto or not, one of Brendon and Rachel are still going home, so what would a 2 person alliance do good for Brit? Brit already has a solid game plan and if she uses that Veto she will have such a big taget on her back. Brit using the veto would be the most stupid move ever in Big Brother history. Rachel is just being a whining bitch and has karma coming back to her, does she really expect someone who she put on the block along with her bestfriend to save her? Fat chance.

      1. You say I’m not thinking? Brendon has the chance to stay if put up against the right person.. put Kathy up and the Brigade can will Brendon away.. but anyone else in the house and he’s got a chance. Seriously though you got a point, but being on the outside and knowing of the Brigade made me think differently of the situation and two people winning competitions is better than one or none!

        1. Even better if Brit/Rach/Bren could get aligned with Matt but it’s quite the long shot… Man that would probably be the deadliest alliance ever!

  6. Crap!! I was out of town out in the middle of nowhere taking care of my brother’s farm,no internet,and no BBAD!! I missed the good stuff!!! I can’t help but LOL that Kathy beat Rachel in the POV and R expected Kathy to apologize??? hahahahahahahahahahaha I do still respect Rachel’s competiveness,but I can’t stand the way she is being such a hypocrite. Geez I wish that Rachel would realize that the show is called BIG BROTHER and NOT the Rachel & Brendon show.

  7. Simon – excellent play by plays!! Your hands must be cramping up and your ears bleeding from listening to Rachel!

    So excited for BBAD!! Hope the alcohol runs free and we get some great fights, laughs & grenades – Yo!

    I hope they stick with Boy George going this week, then I’d really like Kathy to go next so that BG/B don’t get a chance to have the jury house all too themselves.

  8. Rachel: “I did everything i could to keep monet” – What show was she on? By everything you could, you mean putting her up and making it known that she is the target. Oooh, good try on keeping Monet.

    That girl really is delusional.

  9. Don’t worry people, the B/R machine will be all over soon.
    Drinks for all Brigade fans from across the world are on me yo.

    1. And who wants to watch a whiny ass hypocritical bitch win Big Brother? Not me.
      Yea, all of them are lying backstabbers who gossip but day-um Rachel is the Queen Bee of nauseating.

    2. I want to see the drama of the Brigade turning on each other and which ones pair up. That could be good for a couple of laughs at least.

      1. To repeat myself…Everyone else. If you’re that unhappy, don’t watch. Try Bridezillas…should remind you of her a lot.

  10. @ the finale I want to see a montage of Rachel & Brendens wining about fairness, shoe size, making faces, not saying b!tch, etc… followed by them doing exactly what they complain about. I’d also like CBS to tape their after party in Vegas and have everybody stand them up.
    I just want to see their faces, how they act, and what they say when confronted with their actions. Also, very curious that Hayden & Kristins family and friends were on the show but that the headliners (BG/B) have not had their family on. How would you hold your head up in your community? @ the super market? church on Sun? Just bizarre!

  11. JEff and Jordan r 2 idiots for not liking B/R and im gonna say it again the FLOPGADES ARE FLOPLESS omg look at enzo he cant win a thing and im fed up with his YO,ragan is a rat,you know what i see at the end FLOPGADES will forget about kathy because they are gonna fight each other,matt might be the first to go of FLOPGADES,FLOPGADES has break records of worse alliance in BB history,i think Rachel made the show this year

    1. i agree with you.. it makes me mad how the “awesome” players of the brigade hasn’t one anything and they thinkk they are the best. UGHH.. i don’t want Rachel to go home, the show would be really boring, who wants to watch of talentless guy lose some more competitions. Britney is making a mistake if she doesn’t use the POV because B/R are the two strongest competitiors and they can make her go farther than the Brigade. She will be making a huge mistake, and she will see that when they send her home.


      1. ROFL….. more like ROFB – rolling on floor barfing…there is NOTHING attractive about Rachel and whatever disease she has all over her nasty face….that’s not my opinion, that’s a mf fact, yo.

    1. You’re joking right?,…..Rachel is the type of girl you bang during a drunken binge in Vegas….Any guy is an idiot to stick around and date a girl like that….No f’n way….

    2. Any girl that wears that much makeup, gets botox, and only feels lucky with fake hair is far from being a pretty person. A pretty person wouldnt NEED all those things to feel good about themself. I wear makeup and fake hair (at times) but without them I am still beautiful. But you cant hate on Enzo because he likes the “meow meow”. I only date men who like “meow meow” (wink) heehee.

      1. hey hey hey, I’ve got lucky drawers I wear to meetings when I want to cut a deal. Can’t blame a girl for being a little superstitious

    3. LOL!! Where is Rachel pretty at?? She is clearly the jealous one! All her moves have been personal! She was so pissed when she found out about Kristen and Hayden that Kristen had to go because only she could be the only showmance! She told everyone to bring it and Matt did! Even Kathy!! Karma is a bitch! And I’m going to LOVE seeing her walk out that door :) Calling Kristen a bitch and a hoe was uncalled for!! When it clearly Rachel is the Hoe! Lifting up her dress and screwing in the HOH room! And just for the record every girl there looks way better than Rachel!!

  13. Brittney Quote of the Day: “If I have to hear him talk one more time about small ledges, I will jump off a small ledge.”

  14. rachels full of shit she wouldn’t use any POV ever only for herself and Brit was brave enough to tell the troll right to her face that she was NOT gonna use it, especially on her. why does everyone make fun of brits eyes? they look fine to me.

    1. i think so too. and she’s SO funny in the DR sessions. she cracks me up. i also think she won’t be intimidated by the ones left in the house after the BR creatures are gone.

        1. I don’t remember Kristen’s eyes and I haven’t noticed Britney. But, Kristen talked, well not funny, but she held her mouth funny. Like she was trying to keep her teeth in. Just my opinion. However, I still like them both.


    1. IDIOT brigade is getting out brenchel thats a HUGE power move, funny your idols brenchel never made one “power”, or “strategic” move, only personal moves and treating people like shit when they had power, now that they don’t have it whiny hypocrites…. Rachel 2 HOHs Brigade 3 HOHs….. add that with Brits 3 POVs, thats more then brenchel HAHAHA, all that practicing and talking shit brenchel sucked ass in that POV and of course brenda whines, what else is new…. have your box of tissues ready thursday

  16. weeeeeee…..the infamous couple are finally done, I wanna see Rachel go home her nervous laugh gets to me ,karmas a bitch,,,,lol

  17. Brendon is a tool, complaining production cost him the veto lol…..I hope Rachel goes, but the Brigade wants Brendon’s head, since week 1…


    1. i think rachel will live not as the queen of bb but rather as one of the most despised, loud-mouthed creatures ever to step foot in the house.


    1. Don’t forget her “wonderful” extensions, and worst of all… HER LAUGH. Get that fake AHUHUHUH bitch out of here!

      Brittney has to steal her extensions again and make fun of her as she leaves out of the BB house. Absolutely loved it when she did it.

      1. I loved her impression of Rachel when she was wearing that ugly red road kill on her head. I could not help but think of Monet laughing because they always discussed what they would do with Rachel’s extensions if they got a hold of them. I am sure making fun of her right in front of her face, never made the list…

  20. I am cracking up listening to the Bro-gade already confident that they have the F6 planned out and how Britney and Kathy will then go next. LOL. They need to remember how strong of a player Britney is and once it gets down to 6 people and those idiots are the only competition left, Britney stands a better than fair chance to win a few HOH’s and keep her self in the game. She is the real threat and she is not going to be so easy to get out like they think she is! TEAM BRITNEY–BRING IT HOME, BABY!

    1. The brigade is lame. Enzo is funny, but cant win chit. He’s all mouth. Lane Is a waste of space. Matt is a jack ass, who’s lied for know reason.Everytime he’s on camera he looks puzzled. Hayden , sometimes I forget he’s still on the show. The whole brigade=Lame bb12

  21. Oh my god you know what pisses me off the most about Rachel? The fact that her goodbye message always includes “NOBODY GETS BETWEEN ME AND MY MAN!” She seriously thinks everyone is out to come between her and Brendan.. She said it to everyone so far! Seriously.. Andrew is coming between you and your man? AND MONET? Omg she is so delusional, and her laugh, its grating. I cannot wait to see her leave.

    1. I guess Julie will have to say to her, “the votes came between you and your man. Now the door has come between you and your man.” Poor Rachel and her man.

      1. ha ha, that would be awesome. Can you imagine her delivering that line w. the stoic look on her face that she always has. I have an image of Rachel crying and carrying on like a lunatic in front of the live audience.

  22. Honestly I dont care for Rachael nor Kathy nor Matt. But with that being said, it would really be funny if Rachael is booted out and then when she goes to open the door cbs says big brother theres a twist. The person voted out is now the new head of household. This is a non eviction week. Oh my the looks and Kathy would surely kiss Rachaels all. Don’t like her getting all high and mighty now. I will be glad when kathy’s behind leaves. she floats to where the power is. trying to show matt now she has heart. get the heck out of here. enzo or lane maybe regan has this locked in the bag. britney better start making some moves cuz shes on her way out. so is hayden…man is this show getting dumber by the moment or what…come on bb bring some action…much as i dislike rachael she does add the drama element..

  23. Simon, you started writing about when Matt was telling the house not to split the votes , they are all going to and you didn’t finish …….please, what’s the rest? I assume you meant all votes for Rachael to leave?

    1. teah at first they were thinking about splitting the vote and and having Matt make the choice to evict rachel but now they assume the sab will mess it up so they aren’t risking it and will be voting out Rachel

  24. Britt, is ” HOT” & she is also a ” LADY Along With Being HOT ” Poking fun & gossiping goes well with everyone in the house now & from years past. But Miss Britt can be PROUD OF HERSELF & HER FAMILY & FRIENDS @ HOME CAN HOLD THERE HEADS UP HIGH “, bless her for that. Rachel cannot even began to be a lady, & she has made her own bed showing America what kind of a ” Tramp ” she was before going into the B,B, house. She has given ” Vagas ” a bad name & if that’s what vagas is all about, guess I.d rather stay @ home with my Man. LOL !!!!.

    1. Actually she is from Charlotte, NC… “US” a bad name. I officially “kick her out” of the



  27. i still dont understand what is meant by “this weeks HOH is the most powerful ever”…i mean if Matt is HOH what power does he have….has it not been mentioned or am I understanding wrong?

  28. the question of two of the houseguests having known eachother for some time outside the show, hasnt been addressed recently either!? any feedback on that subject?

  29. I wish production would have had a twist of bringing someone back, instead of re-doing the sab. concept…..Where is Ragan’s pranks?

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