Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel tells Monet that she is considering making a deal with her and Britney..

4:50pm Big Brother calls off the out door lockdown.  Hayden, Matt and Lane are talking up in HOH room. Matt asks them if they want Kathy to go up as the replacement.  Lane and Hayden both say yes. Matt says that they should both to tell Brendon and Rachel that the best option is to put up a weak player as the pawn. Lane says that one of the people from the brigade has to win the next HOH.  They all agree that it was crazy that Britney won the POV.  Matt telling Hayden and Lane that he is sure they are fine from his talks with Brendon and Rachel.  They all leave the HOH room.

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Brendon and Hayden have a conversation in the HOH room.  Hayden asks Brendon if he knows what they are going to do with the nomination.  Hayden tells Brendon that they should really put up someone who is weak strong because they won’t end up going home and also they would not come after them. Brendon tells Hayden that they are thinking about nominating Matt as the replacement nominee.  Brendon says that Matt has been acting sneaky and paranoid. Hayden says that he agrees and then asks if Matt is going up as just a pawn or …. Brendon say oh yeah, yeah, just a pawn.  Brendon says that he hopes Matt won’t be upset about it.

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Monet comes up to the HOH and wants to talk to Rachel… Rachel tells Brendon that she doesn’t want to talk to her but then lets her in and tells her they can talk.  Monet says that she feels like its obvious that Rachel wants her out of the house.  Monet thinks its because of the $10,000 and that its personal.  Monet says that she doesn’t think that she is a threat to her at all. Rachel says that Monet is definitely a huge threat.  Rachel tells Monet that she is scared to death that Monet is coming after her.  Rachel says that you, Britney Enzo and Matt are coming after us and that you will try and back door us.  Monet says that for her the Brendon Rachel showmance isn’t a problem with her and that they are not her target …that she wants someone else out of the house.  Monet says that Rachel is a threat to her but that at this point in the game she wants to get out the people that you cant trust.  Monet says that she doesn’t understand why she thinks Monet is more of a threat than anyone else in the house.  Rachel says that Monet hasn’t even been talking to me.  Rachel says that Monet also rolled her eyes at her.  Monet says that she is sorry about that and that she wished she had apologized earlier …but that that was 4 days ago.  Rachel says that she would really consider taking a deal with Monet and Britney if she actually felt that she could trust that they wouldn’t go after them in the future.  Monet explains that Rachel and Brendon are not her targets… They then start talking about the POV competition.  Rachel asks Monet …so who do you think is coming after me in the house.  Monet says UMMm.. I don’t know…

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5:30pm – 5:50pm Rachel says that the only person she could put up against Monet …where Monet would stay would be Andrew …but that Andrew isn’t coming after her so why would she put him up.  Rachel says if she puts up Andrew he would go home.  Rachel says she wants to know 100% that Monet wouldn’t come after her or Brendon.  Monet would be so grateful and that she has other targets and that Britney would be eternally grateful too.  Rachel says that she sees the house splitting next week … that Rachel and Brendon have no one in the house .. there are a bunch of floaters and Monet has 4 people on her side ..Enzo, Matt, Britney and her…  Rachel says that this conversation is a Monet and Rachel only conversation.  Rachel says that she wont even tell Brendon about it.  Monet says that she would guarantee she wont come after them until at least the final 7 ….and then it’s a free for all.  Monet says that I could help you and you could help me… so I don’t want to get rid of people that can help me.

Rachel says where would you see the next few weeks going …if Andrew goes this week .. who goes next week…    Monet says Kristen.  Rachel says I like Kristen.  Monet back peddles and says Ummm I just don’t know where she stands in the house.  Rachel says yeah I just don’t know where she stands either.  Rachel says that she is really considering putting Andrew up but is scared that there are still 3 more weeks till people start getting voted into the jury.  Rachel tells Monet that no one in the house wants to make deals with them or to align with them because they are viewed as a threat.  Rachel tells Monet that she has already considered what will happen after the show with her and Brendon.  And that she would do anything for him.  Rachel says if we save you and Britney and you come after us …. That is just not cool … that even if you get out one of us ..there is still the other one …and that is not cool.  Rachel tells Monet that if they do make this deal that after they have to start playing chess not checkers… that they need to plan out their next moves.  Rachel tells her that she needs time to think things over but that she will let her know where her head is at before the POV ceremony.  Monet thanks her for talking to her and the leave the HOH room… the feeds then cut out to the we will be right back screen.

5:55pm – 6:05pm Britney and Monet are talking in the backyard. Monet tells Britney that Rachel is considering making a deal with them and that she may put up Andrew but that she will let Monet know what she is going to do. Monet says that Rachel thinks the POV is tomorrow. Britney then recites off the names of this seasons POV winners and tells Monet that they need to recite them every day so that they remember them for the memory competition. They head into the kitchen to make protein shakes to freeze …like ice cream.. The feeds cut to the we will be right back screen…
6:10pm Feeds are still cut….

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speaking from a man’s point of view, brendon needs of get the ass b4 the show ends or it’s not worth dragging her along, she’s from Vegas in no way will she even waste her time with a dweeb like brendon on the outside, the boy is being used for protection


if they get out either brendon or rachel is severely weakens the other so they won’t do anything but cower and wait til the next eviction week


All the dumb azz women should get together and vote all the men out until there gone!


no way. I do not want an all women show unless they give them a whole lot of alcohol and we get some lesbian action on the go because who wants girls talking about their periods and having a love in. This isn’t Sunday school.


A whole lot of alcohol always made Sunday School a whole lot more fun for me. But, I don’t know about this group on the show. Maybe mud wrestling?


Hey BBGrandma was also wondering where you be at? I am glad your back. Loved your comments from last year – keep them coming.




That aint gonna happen babe!!! lol


I agree this big brother is sucking already. Is this the best cast you could find big brother. Ok why each season all the women do the mens dirty work and vote out each other and then become easy pickings for the men once the dirty work is done.Rachael says this one has an alliance and this one has an alliance but duh don’t u and Brendon have an alliance. This big brother is sucking majorly. I will be so glad when this fake icky showmance is over. I mean honestly you come into a house and start freaking a dude u just met. show her and his real character.Lordy have mercy..I hope Rachael, Brendon,kathy(The butt kisser) and Brittney all just leaveeeeee


Oh my goodness. I really hope Rachel is pretending to be dumb for the sake of the game.

go team BRachel

Ok now I like the brigade boys…..matt is a pawnand have at least. 5 votes good thinking matt…bye bye mean girl monet and ur fake promises….this was another good hoh week if no one does a annie and evict


I’m scared. It might not work and I’ll lose my Matt.


This was a terrible week. Why keep those four in the house? Those four stay playing pool everynight being shady and then they gossip to rest of the house to try to throw them off. I mean If they turn on the cameras in the hoh they would notice it instead of lip locking. The dumbest cast! The most boring cast!


Enough of Brandon & Rachel, all they do is ” SUCK-FACE” & Rachel is way to free . Nice gal huh ?

Uncle Cool

If Brendon is, or is not, into women and he is doing all that stuff with that ugly, plastic alien just to win the game, then he is the bravest BB player in history.


He’s a dumbass!


Uncle Cool, ” your cool.” She is plastic & fake for-sure “