Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon’s upset, ” I Know you Drink a lot and party a lot I’m scared to get hurt”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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11:45pm Cabana Room Brendon and Rachel Brendon telling her he’s worried about if they get separated she’ll cheat. Brendon: “I Know you Drink a lot and party a lot does that mean something is going to happen when u go home”. Rachel says she won’t she’s with Brendon and he’s special. Brendon says he doesn’t want to hear about all the celebrities she makes out with he doesn’t want to know that in Vegas she hammered every day and that she doesn’t remember who she’s making out with. Brendon tells her he can’t compete with all the rich men she usually dates, he can’t afford to go on expensive trips. Brendon having a whinny pathetic pity party, he’s scared of being hurt by rachel. Rachel promises she won’t hurt him. He doesn’t believe her, “I took a big risk being with you in this game but I take an even bigger risk with my emotions”. He starts talking about the HOH competition and how unfair it is. He wants to have competitions that puts everyone on the same level. He’s sick of competing when theres a unfair advantage given to his opponents. Rachel rolling her eyes like mad. Rachel says that they need to focus on winning the pov she thinks she’ll win it and He’ll win next weeks HOH. She’s not as worried as he is.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:00pm Kitchen table everyone but Ragan Of course there talking about survivor. Brendon thinks that on survivor the competitions are more equal allowing each player to compete on a fair playing field. Enzo starts giving him a hard time about his big feet and the hoh contest. Matt doesn’t think survivor will be as hard mentally as it is physically. Brendon completely disagrees. Enzo jokes that everyone sent to the jury is going on survivor. Rachel brings up amazing race and how she watches every episode and loves it. She wants to apply for it becuase it’s only one month and the grand prize is 1 million dollars. Ragan joins them and they talk more about survivor and Amazing race. Ragan says that the challenges in Amazing race are no fun for the viewer to watch, Matt agrees. Racehl doesn’t think so, she brings a challenge that she thinks would be a lot of fun. Rachel: “Umm lets say your on amazing race and you go to Vegas where you have to take shots of tequila and the detour is starbucks” No one really understands what the hell she’s saying.. Rachel starts bashing Jordan says “She wasn’t good”.. Hayden defends Jordan reminds them all that Jordan won 1/2 a million so she must of done alright.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:44am Matt get his HOH room Ragan, Brit and matt acting over dramatic about it

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I think Brendon is too emotional dependant on Rachel. However, I think we can all agree he is truly a nice guy. He made a bed up for kathy in the have not room. That was really sweet. I don’t think anyone feels he is a nasty or mean guy. He just has guilt by association with Rachel. Is he too emotional and whipped? Yes. But he is a good guy.


AGREED! He is a sweetheart! Definitely too good for Rachel. I like Rachel and Brendon, seperate NOT together!

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

I completely agree. He is a nice guy. Rachel is a nice person too. Yeah she can be annoying, but I like her.


Jordon- I think I disagreed with everything you said last season but this season I have to agree again


Agreed and sometimes nice guys finish last. After BB, Rachel is going to rip his heart out because she won’t be able to stop herself. He will look back at this and feel foolish, but will learn some valuable life lessons. Finally, he is seeing her true colors. He looks for the good in people. On another note, I kinda agree with Brendan that the HOH challenges were better suited for smaller people. I thought that right when I saw the competition.

just a thought

He is probably not a bad guy. He seems overly sensitive, but that could be the result of all the estrogen in the water and non-organic meats/milk, LOL! I think he made a bad decision being with Rachel. He is definitely emotionally needy. It cost him this game!


No, he isn’t a good guy. He is self centered and tries to cover it with a fake concern for others. I remember the first week when they both got put up, He won POV and took himself off. She stayed on the block, and he was whining to her about her being inconsiderate of his feelings, that she didn’t seem to care that he was going through hell. He was safe, she wasn’t and he expected her to feel sorry for him. Then when she was HOH, he behaved like he was HOH and did things in the name of HOH without consulting her. He is arrogant and fake. I bet he’s a mamas boy with a latino macho streak. I know the type all too well. He has all the signs of a guy that can turn abusive. He never accepts when he loses. It’s always someone else’s fault. Last night he couldn’t admit that he lost, he starts ranting about how unfair it was. I could see in Lane’s face that he wanted to punch Brendons lights out. Not a nice guy.


I think you are totally correct Chloe…..there is something creepy about him too. It is wierd to see such a big good looking guy be such a pussy. His effeminancy is sickening.


I agree he is a wussy.. she is just a scank.. she is going to rip his heart out and like weve all heard a million times hes been hurt before… maybe if he wasnt so pushy he gets mad at her for being her…she is vegas.. bottom line..nasty but vegas is her and they are never going to make it.. I hate when they compare themselves to Jeff and Jordan…NOTHING ALIKE… Jeff was the man…I hope Matt gets rid of one of them this week.. I sometimes wonder how they find these people… They all think there hot…. ummmm groce!!!! I did find when Kathy lies she says “ya know” a million times..


He seems to be a really nice guy. Unfortunately he made a huge mistake aligning with Rachel, and now he comes off as being dumb and a poor loser.

Uncle Cool

I do not agree.

He was already gunning for support because he knows he is going on the block.


He made Kathys bed because he needs votes. Don’t you see that? He is controlling and a bit creepy……IMHO. He feels the competitions aren’t fair for everyone, yet he wants some competitions that are meant for big guys????? As long as things are going Brendens way, then Brenden is smiling. Hey, he can still win Veto….but then what will he do. Keep it or give it to his beloved Rachel?


If he wants any shot at winning or surviving he would use it on himself if he wins POV. Rachel is dragging him down and needs to GO!!!!

give me a break

I agree totaly, I think he has very low self esteem and that is why he was with her in the first place. Very nice guy. Before people start bashing about him complaining about the hoh comp that also goes with low sef esteem.


CBS, you can shut down BB12 now!! It will be very boring from now on with Brendon gone. The others are all such bad mouth people, that I’m sick of all of them!


I agree, I quit last year when they got Jeff out. Brendon is no Jeff, but once he is gone, what will there be world peace? We skip through wAtching BBAD already because they are all so predictible.
And what’s the point of “The Sabateur”…ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh…they might put tape on your photo, that’s a real game changer.not!

ugly truth

Bottom line: he’s a nice/decent guy and the guys who bash him do so because they can’t stand that part of themselves. The girls that bash him do it because they need some one to be a prick to them because that somehow equals love/caring. A guy doesn’t have to be a big dick to be a man, and spending time long term with guys that have to prove their manliness by being hard, non compassionate/caring, or all wrapped up in themselves is a big drain. Sheesh … let the guy have an emotion and be decent without crucifying him.


Maybe we bash him because he’s a major douchebag pussy boy!!!


I agree completely.


BTW, Matt is annoying! ugh!


Allison Grodner is upset, she eats a lot and hates herself, but it’s just because she’s scared to get hungry.


By the way, why haven’t we seen Britney’s tits yet? DAWG! Step up your game! Coerce Allison Grodner with that fatty Double Down KFC burger abomination. SIMON! Make a montage of you hacking into BB production camera grid. Just play some 80s music and make it happen! If all else fails, just drive to Cali and start throwin’ gerrrrnades! Yo! Yo! Yo!


What kind of mixed nuts? With peanuts or without?


OMG….seriously i actually liked B/R and now im really just getting annoyed by rachel…is it just me or is her voice and the way she talks over dramatic….if i hear her say “dont get between me and my man” one more time i’m gonna strangle myself!!!

and wow in shock….jordan played a way better game than Rachel is playing…shes just jealous that jordan had some class and didnt go around all over jeff and acting like a B***H!

i hope Rachel gets evicted next and Brendon goes on!

New Favs….The Muscle and Meow Meow…..they are hilarious!

and can’t believe Kristen had a BF!!! WOW…yeah ur very classy!

Kathie from Canada

I notice that her personna totally changes when she knows she is on camera or if she is in a group situation. Her need to be the centre of attention in isunnerving. I can’t help but wonder if she is just using B in the game to make America love her. I do think that she came in with an agenda that she thought would take her to the end. If push came to shove, I think she would dump B and realign herself with the new flavour of the day. He on the other hand, needs to cut his ties asap as he is being played big time! Surely he is smarter than he now appears. It’s not like he is a kid.


I agree that personally Jordan is a lot better then Rachel but as a competetor Rachel is a lot better.


I’m going to break out my Buck Owens collection. Ah, here it is. I GOT A TIGER BY THE TAIL. Rachel is what she is. She may modify for a few days but in the long run you can’t change the tigers stripes and call it a house cat. Tigers can purr but they usually do it while they are eating you. Forty more pounds and she will be down at Treasure Island pushing 10 dollar drinks off on the motorhome crowd. TWO BUD LIGHTS AND A PABST BLUE RIBBON FOR THE LADY. LOOK HON THEMS REAL PIRATES.


LMAO!! Too funny!!!


Funny…or she’ll get some rich old guy to marry her and run and around Vegas being a scanky racHO.

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

This probably won’t happen, but I think that Matt should make an alliance with Brendon and Rachel. He should come clean about the brigade and put up Hayden and Lane. Matt, Ragan, Brit, Rachel, Brendon should all be an alliance and dominate the house. Get out Kathy, Lane, Hayden, and Enzo.


Yeah the 3 most hated players in the house, Totally want to see that. GAG.
Team brigade all the way.


matt would definitely get more jury votes that way, since r/br are so disliked, he could stand a better chance of winning the jury vote.


i agree 100%


BTW..Jordan…so excited for Jordan and Jeff to bust into the BB house!

Ms Kewl

Let’s see if Rachel backpedals on her hate for Jordan once she sees Jordan on BB next wk!


lol!! can’t wait to see her reaction


Like I’ve said before, get Rachel out this week. Put them both on the block and let them fight over the POV. She is going to get rid of him soon, so he could cover himself.

J.P. Brigade

You said it right Daniel. He IS guilty by association. And that’s just as bad in this game. Shoulda picked a better ho to ho around with.

Oher than that, I bet he’d be a pretty cool guy to hang out with here in the real world. I would strangle Rachel though.

4-Deep YO. Grenades 4-Sho coming now.


if britney or raygan get pov i bet they save rachel.


LOL, delusional.


why would britney ever save Rachel? She only chose not to use POV last week when Rachel mentioned Lane since to her he is a “floater”. Why would she ever endanger Lane by pulling off the threat to him?


britney hates rachel with a passion. rachel doesn’t know that. on rachel’s first hoh, she put up brit and her best friend in the house, monet. brit won pov and monet was evicted.


i dvr BBAD last night and have not had a chance to watch it yet


this is the 2n time this season that the comp did not pick up on BBAD……not cool.

just a thought

If you are worried about your girlfriend cheating on you this early in the showmance, then you are in trouble. He is insecure, potentially possesive. He is definitely emotionally manipulative. We all Rachel wouldn’t be faithful, none of the viewers are that stupid. Sounds like it’s the beginning of the end for those two! It was not fun (for the viewers) while it lasted.


brit is quickly turning into a gnat (bb11). the way she is fake nice to b/r then runs and talks mad crap about them.
when bnat limits her showers to 1x a week then the transformation will be complete.


i agree. i am tired of brit talking about everyone like she is running things…seems like everyone forgot when she was nominated for eviction and she cried that whole week. she needs to stop kissing the boys butt and wake up!


i used to think that she was funny, but now it isn’t anymore. she is not playing very smart. she needs to keep what she knows about b/r to herself and use it to her advantage. in her mind, she is playing both sides, but in reality, she is getting played. brigade will get rid of her real soon. they won’t need her after b/r are gone


WOW that top picture of Rachaelskank is bad!! What to much wine?? Looks like an air bag went off in her face!! WTF!!


Walk away Brendon walk away…..better yet RUN!!!!


Agreed. Good and Pathetic. And always gonna get walked all over.


well yeah brendon is alrite but that monster on his hip is a problem


Yes, he’s a nice guy……but if you think that is what girls “really” want, then you don’t know girls.

I can guarantee you that most girls are watching his pathetic display of whining and lack of self-confidence and are turned off by him, even though he’s a good looking guy.

GIrls want somebody with confidence and some backbone, not somebody who whines more then a toddler.

Kathie from Canada

Some girls just pick their prey. She saw him as vulnerable from the beginning. I think that is why she loads him up on guilt and he ends up constantly apologizing when he tries to show some backbone.


You nailed it!


Rachel is going home this week! It’s going to be pretty funny when she is voted out and cries… Guaranteed her showmance is over as soon as she walks out the door..

I think Brendan will be a better player after Rachel is gone and may win it all…


Is this scripted? If it is it’s the worst soap opera on earth. “I took an even bigger risk with my emotions.” “I am Vegas.” who talks like this? Did they find this script in the 1/2 off bin at the Dollar Store? If this is a soap that means they can bring back Kristen and Andrew, but they will have aged 10 years.


That….is funny!


I swore when I was watching that I thought the same thing. It was like a bad soap opera script. I caught myself asking, is this for real last night?

DJ poopy pants

Brendon is a psycho headcase. I feel bad for the guy in a way but perhaps those two having a relationship is the best. Brendon will realize what a skank is when she cheats on him in some sort of gangbang after he gets Herpes. Brendon acts like he’s some 15 year old kid emotionally with the I wuv U stuff and constantly making excuses. Oh Matt, you’ve got to nominate those two together, no stupid backdoor crap. And it won’t be good for your game strategy to make a deal with Rachel and Brendon, the other 5 people in the house dislike them and should assume that you are in a “secret” alliance with them and start targeting you. Brendon is terrible at competitions, even physical ones, and CBS isn’t going to be able to throw the luck competitions to Rachel every time.

Kathie from Canada

Matt is a loose cannon as HOH because he lives the illusion that he is some kind of brainiac player. How’s that workin’ for ya Matt??


Workin to the point he has been HOH twice, still in the house and as of right now a member of the strongest alliance in the house! Don’t know about you but that seems to be working!

or maybe.........

i think poor brendon has never had a longterm girlfriend becausee he is toooooo goooey and is toooooo possessive-it works in the beginning but gets old real fast when you just want him to be a man! He always likes someone who likes him first and then he ruins it. Like i said-poor guy (and for this one to be a sl*tty horse-ugh)


I agree he seems to be a genuinely nice guy. Its too bad his entire game has gone to hell over his “relationship” with Rachel. Now he just comes across as a needy, clingy, overly-emotional, desperate man. And all over a girl who doesn’t treat him with 1% of the caring and respect he treats her. Its painful to watch!


Is there anyone out there who can find someone else to complain about besides B/R? OK, Rachel’s laugh is annoying and Brendon does seem to be a basically good guy, but yes a little over emotional, can we get past that now. Let’s bash everyone else for a change. Kathy in her DRs seems to be saying she is throwing comps to appear weak and fly under the radar, based on what I see this is crap and she just sucks. Enzo acts like he is the BMOC in the house, plays up the Jersey shore speech, yo, but also hasn’t done a damn thing thus far. How annoying is Britney making fun of and bashing every other female in the house, some of those bikinis she wears could be considered skanky. Also, while she says she is engaged, it looks like she is playing up to Lane. Not cheating like Kristen, but staying just shy of crossing that line. And how about Ragan on the annoying scale. What has he done all game? What is he doing now? I consider the way he talks and overdoes the gay thing annoying as hell. As far as I can tell, not much. For people who claim they don’t want this season of BB to be about B/R, this message board in particular seems intent on making it just about them.


NO!!! I can’t!!

DJ poopy pants

Yeah, I don’t get how upset people get over how annoyed people are about B/R. They get 50% of the camera time on the show, plus they are a train wreck. Kathy attempting to fly under the radar, possibly throwing comps is not a criticism it’s a strategy. Enzo is an interesting character on the show, he’s just being himself and he doesn’t run around threatening and screaming at people or whining like a baby. Britney first off can wear whatever she wants because she actually looks good in the stuff she wears and as far as skanky there’s no comparison between her and Rachel, she’s not giving blow jobs or flashing on national TV. Ragan… what’s with the “gay” comment and overdoing it? That’s ridiculous and bigotted.


I agree with all you have said. Yet, Enzo is both hilarious and harmless. Brit’s flirting is part of the game and she is the funniest person in the house; I adore watching her and would be casual freinds with her, but would never get serious with some one that appears to be such high maintenance. Kathy is nice but is physically and mentally challenged for this game. Lane seems like a nice guy’s guy, piggish but fun for a guy to hang. Matt is a wanna-be cool guy that will always just be a dweeb and his wife looks like Dracula’s long lost daughter. Ragan just likes to analyze and babble, trying to be everyone’s kind Dutch uncle; he is very smart and that has the Britgade worried. Rachel is simply just a mess as a person and Brandon is very immature emotionally. Hayden is not very bright guy sliding through life now on his looks and cool personality.


Speaking of Brit and Lane, did you see them last nite in the Cabana room? he had his elbow on her but and her legs were under/over his and it looked like they were one roll-over from her in his arms! I could feel the chemistry coming off of them! Then she started going on about her shoulder and hinting for him to rub it but he held out! Not sure how since we all know he’s in love with her! If they dont end up doing something nasty in the next couple of weeks Im gonna have to give the “Real Man” and “Real Woman” hats to Brit and Lane!


i think Brit and Lane are the ones that know each other…i think maybe they are engaged


That would be an interesting twist!


It’s a show. The people are like characters on a show. That’s why I personally didn’t get up and the air about Matt lying about his wife. It was unnecessary and stupid. But it’s a game, a human game.
The site is for people to comment so of course people are going to talk about Brendon and Rachel since they are in a showmance(as I cringe even typing that stupid word), or whoever else is being shown on the screen with some type of over the top or under the top behavior.


Brandon is a nice 15 year old boy in a 20 something body trying to play in the big boy pool. How on earth can a person fall deeply in love in four weeks, particularly with one of the most annoying, bi-polar people I have ever witnessed?
His excuses are pathetic, his constant wondering if Two-minds is mad with him, his on-going “I’m sorry’s”, his redundant “I love you so much’s” are painful to watch.


Isn’t he 31?


He’s 30….close enough..


I will take your word for it that he is 30something, which makes his emotional disfunction even more pathetic.

or maybe.........

oh so painful………….


I just saw Kristen on the Early Show and Julie was discussing with her about Hayden’s secret alliance; Kristen said that she had a feeling that Hayden wasn’t being completely honest with her. Julie as her about her boyfriend back home and she informed Kristen that her boyfriend had been watching her showmance and Julie quoted Kristen’s boyfried “I HOPE SHE COMES HOME WITH A MOP BECAUSE SHE HAS A LOT OF CLEANING UP TO DO”. Kristen said that she never meant to hurt her boyfriend and that she thought about him every single day. She said that she couldn’t help that she had feelings for Hayden and that she doesn’t have any regrets. She said that this is a game and to expect the unexpected. She said that she has always been an honest person and that she has never cheated on a boyfriend before and that regardless if Hayden was in the Brigade or not, they still had genuine feelings for each other. She said more stuff, but that’s all I caught . Julie told her that she played the game with dignity and class. Also, she had on regular street clothes.


Rachels voice is annoying but shes playing the game perfectly and its paying off, so far. Also she caught Matt and Britney making fun of her and all she did was laugh, shes a good sport. Brendan is emotionally immature, hes not ready for the Rachels of the world. He needs constant reassurance and thats a pain in the ass. Does anyone else think Kristen looks a bit crazy in the eyes? Someone should check that girls freezer, Britney is a scream. I love her diary room comments. I find it odd that Britney didnt use the power of Veto because she was so worried that Lane would get put up yet there was nothing shown since they arrived in the house that they were close. Weird.


I agree, Britney’s diary room comments are the best, especially when she just makes a funny face and doesn’t even say a thing. She is pure gold.


they are close, bet they are engaged…the secret friends

Uncle Cool

WHO does Brenda think Roach is going to cheat on him with?

Let’s see…

Ragan – Gay
Enzo – Married – hates her
Matt – Married – hates her

Lane – hates her
Hayden – hates her
Britney – hates her
Kathy – Hmmm…


camera man, gaffer?????


I cant wait to see Brendon’ s family’s reaction to Rachel. If haydens’s mom thinks that Kristen was “carzy” then i cant wait to see the flood gates open when brendons parents come on the show when they are both on the block..That will be Epic

Uncle Cool

I love the look on Roach’s face in the top left photo.

It is FEAR.



or maybe.........

seems noone wants HOH this year except B&R-so here we have Matt again- shud be interesting to see which way he goes since he has alliances in every direction. RIght?
ragan& matt
that leaves brit and kathy-no?

or maybe.........

look at that pic at the top of this of rachel-real cute


I am surprised that Ragan is is such an awful judge of character. He is smart and sensitive, so it seems he would have a great intuition about people, but the poor guy is totally off the mark…starting with his bromance with the sleezy gremlin, and his parting comments to evil Annie and bitchy Kristen. Now he seems to fawn over mean girl Britney. All of them are bold faced liars and he just falls for them hook, line and sinker. Maybe his naivete will actually help him in the game, but I think he will be really hurt when he finds out what these people are really like.

julie chen

um maybe he doesnt have a bad judge of character and knows them way better than you do. you only see the ways they’re portrayed on the showw im pretty sure they’re all good people


Just curious what everyone thinks the best strategic move for Matt is?? I know it makes sense to get rid of B/R but he really has no chance against the rest of the Brigade once we get to later stages…..he is the most expendable to them….

How funny was it that Hayden’s mom as like “Kristen’s CRAZY” trying to telepathize to her son to get away from her….lolol….Ragan sounds stupid calling her a class act when the girl is cheating on her boyfriend on national tv and basically planning a one night stand after the wrap party


matt maybe should align with b/r and give them safety for a week. there’s ragan, britney, and kathy he could put up. he never should have tried to win hoh in the first place. let other members of the brigade get blood on their hands. he wll not win big brother with all that blood on his hand. other members of the brigade will win with clean hands.


my point was mainly to let other members of the brigade get blood on their hands, that why i said what i said


in my opion, it is not idiotic. i am not a fan of b/r, but they do manage to win comps. hayden is the only brigade member to win besides matt.


i agree bc if he can get far with B/R, there is no way people will vote for one of them over him in a final 2 situation – i know people want them out but it’s not the best idea if you want to win. even though B/R said they wanted to get Matt out, all the more reason to try to align with them…and yeah Matt really should not have won HOH this was a bad move for him i think bc if Rachel or Brendon goes he is a bigger target for everyone

just think how boring this show is going to be with Rachel gone and just Britney and Kathy with all these guys

I am the saboteur

Matt is expendable because he has these side deals going, and he screwed up his first HOH reign. His “diabolical super-genius” scheming is going to make him expendable. That, and he has won more HOH’s than the other 3 brigade members combined, and will be viewed as too strong. My prediction is that he will make it to final 5 or 6 and be backdoored by the brigade.


PS, I don’t even believe Matt or Brit are Married……..both are scammers.


He is definitely playing both sides of the fence, otherwise he would have put them up last time he was HOH. It is at the point where somebody has to make a big move though. He either needs to put up B/R, or two of his guys. He can only go so far with the brigade because I’m sure his first HOH nominations will come back to haunt him. Even though he claims to have been backdooring B/R I don’t see how anybody could believe that.

Either way he goes, if any of the three floaters gets the POV this week, no matter who is up, it’s not going to be used.


I like that dude, why won’t he man up?


On BBAD, at the kitchen counter, you could see Rachel recoil when Brendon kissed her and I couldn’t hear what was said but I think I saw her say “stop, leave me alone, please” and she stomped off. Of course in moments puppy dog B followed… the on camera time was long on B and R in the bedroom but their mics were off. Couldn’t even hear whispering. Whatever, Brendon talked non stop and Rachel did her crying scene. Bad loser. BAD loser.
In the room with all the HGs and Rachel started in on her wild Las Vegas ways, Brendon left, cleaned the kitchen and the Have Nots Room. I think coming into the game Brendon was probably a well respected swim coach and now he has dwindled down to a guy who has been de-balled and chained to a bitch and a ho (who called Kristen that on the goodbye speech and oh wait, I never saw K flash her body parts in a drunken stupor) and he now talkes like that Jersey Enzo who can’t say 3 words without flinging the F word. Brendon, restore yourself with the viewing public and the school kids…….get away from Rachel. She’s never going to change. You are water and she is oil dribbled in with tequila and boobs.


it is possible that brendon is a nice guy outside of the house but I am so tired of him talking smack abt comps and how he is going to win them and then when he doesn’t he whines like a baby abt how the comps are unfair b/c they are geared to people w/small feet
get over it brendon and stop bugging everyone w/your constant whining
he needs to grow a pair the way he lets rachel treat him and manipulate him

I am the saboteur

Rachel needs to go this week so Brendan can start up a new showmance with Ragan.


Ragan already is in one with Matt, the cock coddler!……Rachel is a vegas girl whose time is come, she will be replace in a year or so by some hot 21 year old. She so stupid she dowsn’t see that.



DJ poopy pants

Of all people to go after Brendon and Rachel, Matt has the best reason. If Brendon won this week Matt would be up on the block for sure, that’s AFTER the guy didn’t put B/R up on the block the last time. Anyone that thinks it would be a smart move for Matt to keep them off the block again is delusional regardless of whether or not you think he’ll get to 4th or 5th. If he doesn’t throw them up then the following week he is gone. There’s a good reason for Rachel or Brendon to boot him the next week as they already said he’s the least trustworthy to them, plus Rachel (if she could put 2 and 2 together) should recognize that there’s only 1 other person that has 2 HOHs in the house and he didn’t gain them by random luck.


Showtime no longer picks up the feed from the HOH, whats the deal with that!!?!?!?!?

ryan idol

I noticed you did not post my last comments, which is cool but I am done with this fake site anyhow. oh and learn how to spell, it’s scared not sacred. so go ahead and censor just like the BB show does and continue to post your own comments as the 2 people who really were real on here (one now , since i am gone) will go to a real BB site.


I postt so thatts fivvve.


I posted so i did some ciphererin an i figur it makes it 5 or sex……………….


6…uh huh


Hilarious! I love the spelling, LemmyKool! Mad grenades yo! Simon your site is awesome :)


Simon, dont dignify douch bags like that with even a one word answer……not worth your busy time! He was like that last nite too and Im not sure why cause if you are not busy enough watching, writing, monitering etc, that you would have time turning yourself into 1000 different poeple and have time for all those comments too! Sounds like someone has a personal grudge against you! Maybe that someone is running thier own site that isn’t picking up colorful enough viewers or something! I say dont post any of his\her comments at all anymore!


I’m would be okay with Brendon and Rachel separately. Rachel turns me off with the “trying to come in between my man” crap. It sounds so low class . But if Matt doesn’t put them up than than he needs to go. I think Brendon and Rachel are on to him anyway.