Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel says Something Unexpected “I’m Worried About Getting Backdoored”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:10pm Taj, Kristen and Rachel Rachel is telling her a heavily modified version of her conversation with Matt. She says that at least one of her or Brendon are going up this week but she doesn’t know which one. She thinks it’ll be herself, She starts to win saying that this entire game has been such a battle for her she’s struggled and struggled just to keep her head above water. Kristen tells her that Rachel had a awesome HOH week she did very well. Kristen thinks that MAtt will put ANdrew and Kathy up she doesn’t think Rachel has anything to worry about. Krsiten is SHOCKED that matt won that comp she thought Brendon was going to have it. Kristen wonders what would of been better Matt or Brit, Rachel says it doesn’t matter they are both after me. Kristen goes on to say worst case one of you goes up on the block but theres still POV and a lot of people will fight for you. Rachel starts pouting that she’s really worried about Brendon he’s on have nots again. Hayden walks in and beds over to pick something out of his suite case. Classy Rachel (or should i say boy George) says “Ohh I could check that Hayden ass out to” hayden sticks around and Rachel brings up that everyone hates her and brendon. Hayden Explains to her why the house may feel threatened by her. She says that in her head she though thought what people were saying to her in HOH was the truth.. Rachel starts to cry.. they briefly talk about who the replacement nomination would be if Rachel and Brendon go up… Nobody seems to have much of a idea. Rachel says the worst thing that could happen to her is if she was backdoored.. she would feel so betrayed, “I just wants to have a chance to play POV” She cries some more says she can’t handle this she can’t sleep she can’t eat she can’t focus…. (Please get rid of her)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:27pm Living room Lane, Matt, Brit, Enzo, and Ragan all talking about how awesome Matts Speech ways today (it was awesome) They talk about Have nots they are Meow Meow, Brendon, Andrew, and Ragan.

9:38pm Bathroom rachel and brendon she’s telling him to really lay low and not be sneaky She says that MAtt told her that he might have to put one of them up or the house will be pissed at him. She instructs Brendon to not piss Matt off or anyone else in the house for that matter. Rachel doesn’t think they should make any deals with matt unless it has to do with next week. She tells him that next week Matt will be in trouble. She tells Rachel that brendon needs to go talk to Matt privately and she’ll go up after.Brendon says he’s a pit upset with Matt right now becuase he told Brendon that he wouldn’t put either of them up if he won HOH.. Rachel adds that Ragan may not be as loyal to them as she thought.. she thinks they should play it quiet with him for the time being.

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Tyler Kent

Bwahahaha! Bye bye Rachel!! Or even better, Brandon!


Can this week please be a double eviction?
Please CBS, please!
We would all be so lucky…


I love seeing her whine! Allweek she was the queen b1tch!Now she’s scared!

Mr. Me Too

im in BB Heaven, love watching her squirm and the funny thing brendon is not as worried, she all whispering in his ear, somewhere along the lines ” don’t hang out with so and so, don;t do anything to make matt put you up” NEWS FLASH there’s nothing that will keep matt from putting them up…. i wonder what pathetic excuses he made up for falling, we know why rachel fell she didn’t want to be on slop, would’ve been AWESOME if they both were on slop and being put up




Rachel didn’t fall..she couldn’t even compete b/c she was the last HOH! And Brendon I’m sure didn’t intentionally fall, if he wanted to do that he would have done it earlier to not be a Have-Not!
Jeezzz people!


Note – she says nothing ugly about people and cares about their feelings – just wait and see – she’s not the bimbo everyone thinks – Britney, on the other hand, is a jealous gossiping witch!




I understand Rachel but why is it that everyone also cant stand Brenden?

Tyler Kent

Because he’s a puss. A liar. Because he gives aid and comfort to Rachel. Because he’s holier than thou. Because of the way he acted when he used the POV (the cocky way he said he’s using POV on “myself….”
He’s one half of Branchel, that alone is why he’s just gotta’ go!


I can’t stand all of the sloppy, noisy kisses and the over the top comforting and hair stroking he is doing with Rachel. Just PLAY the game. If they wanted to do a porno, they should have applied elsewhere. :0)


Sounds like sump pump to me.


So…basically, it’s Rachel that most people have a problem with. Take her out of the equation and I think people would end up liking Brenden. What do you think of Enzo eating pizza while on slop and getting a warning from BB? What a wimp.


He’s a chauvinist who thinks he runs Rachel’s game. He constantly played the power broker and tried to make deals off her hoh. He’s high on his own intelligence. He thinks his behavior with Rachel has been honorable and respectful for his young niece. He made a play for Annie immediately and when she declined he grabbed onto Rachel asap.


She made the dumbest move, trying to be all mighty and calling Matt out in a public house meeting. That was her demise.
There was no need for all that show. Payday!


I hope one of the B/R duo (preferably Brendon) goes home this week, and then another one stays around until the first Jury House week. That would be SUPER TV b/c Rachel would loose her mind trying to get OUT of the house before she’s stuck in Jury for the rest of the summer, while Brendon goes home.

I suppose that’s mean of me, but I really think it’s in Rachel’s best interest. B is playing her like a fiddle. I mean, she SLEEPS in the Have Not room b/c he’s in there. Stage 4 Clinger much?


Absolutely. This is what I hope. Brendon out this week because he is the bigger threat in the house, Send him home to mama and let her talk some sense into him. I honestly think Brendon is a closet gay. He looks really forced with Rachel. Once he is gone, Rachel will try to lose next week so she can join him on the outside instead of being cooped up in the jury house without him. But instead of putting her up, the new HOH gets rid of Cathy and makes Rachel spend the rest of the summer without her man. Guaranteed meltdown and lots of fun feed viewing. I love it!


I could be wrong, but I don’t think B is gay. I don’t know a single gay man who would touch a girl’s va-jay-jay, and B did on R’s first HOH night. I do think he’s insincere and on a power trip. He knows he can control R and he is toying with her.


nighty night all. It’s 3 am. Be good. Be back tomorrow to annoy everyone.


Be looking for you. Nite, nite.


I hate that little phony sneak Matt…he’s a cocky pice of shit.


I think you might be in the minority. I picked him to win the game. He’s my Dan pick from BB10. I think he has this sewed up.


no Matt doesnt have this sewed up cause he is going next week when Andrew wins HOH


I picked him too. I didn’t like the lie about his wife but I have issues about that anyways, I like him and I hope he doesn’t fluck up this hoh


I agree nanden. he’s not as smart as he appears and he’s gonna get caught up in a bad situation soon.


Of course she’s concerned about getting backdoored, she can usually charge extra for that.


Or is it that something Brendon goes for????


Brendon is into porn and big boobs.. He used to date someone that was going to do playboy.. Come’on… Now I know why he only looks at her boobies..
His stroking her the way he does looks like it is striaght out of a porn flick. And coddling her like she is a baby. Ick…


well, you are certainly in for a surprise about rachel! So is everyone. She’s not the bimbo everyone thinks she is, just like no one know Andrew is a doctor and Ragan is a professor!


Kristen’s voice is so so so annoying. And her face! She will never get wrinkles because she never smiles. She always has the weird look on her face. Okay … I feel better now.


It’s okay Sammie, I agree and will be ripping her a part as well because I am not a fan at all. I hate her more then Jordon last year. It’s not going to be pretty.


Again, it’s rachel’s turn to cry, it’s rachels turn to cry, it’s rachel’s turn to cry, Oh, that’s, It’s Judy’s Turn to Cry, song takes ya back to the 50’s. Hope this week make’s history !!


How can you hate Matt he’s awesome.

Yae Dum Dum

CANNOT BELIEVE BOY GEORGE IS THAT STUPID TO THINK THAT THEY WERE ALL TELLING HER THE TRUTH DURING HER HOH REIGN!! YOWZA!!!!!!!–She is dumber than I thought!! Just yesterday she was flying high on power, calling people out, talking shit— now she is scared shitless, nervous, can’t eat or sleep–it is going to be a LOOONNNGG week for her!! AMEN–Go back to your street corner in Vegas, RAQUEL!!


Man you people are ruthless!

Yae Dum Dum

Raquel is accustomed to using back doors especially in dark alleys!!

J.P. Brigade

Rachellaho and her showmance have 7 days left.


“Ya Mutha”

Hayden and Kristen Fan

I must say, I really enjoy all the commentary by the narrators of this site….cracks me up when I read “(please get rid of her)”….lmao