Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel in Shock that the House Hates Her, She Just Wants to Play the Game CMON…. Let her play

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8:45pm Cabana Room Matt and Rachel Rachel is working matt already she wants to clear everything up between them. They start talking about the house meeting and the incident that happened a couple days ago. Matt tells her that they didn’t need to have the meeting, A personnel conversation would of been enough. He tells her that he wants to keep her and Brendon in the game becuase they will give him votes if he goes final 2 however if he doesn’t put them up then the entire house comes after him, “you know the entire house hates you and brendon”. Matt: “What i’m thinking of doing is putting up Andrew and Kathy and I want Kahty gone” He asks her to please not tell anyone. He starts to remind her that Ragan did not fall down that they had agreed to fight it out till the end. He attributes his size 8 shoes for doing so well in the competition, “I have no idea how Brendon stayed on for so long with size 13 feet… for me it was east a piece of cake”. He tells her that b/r are a powerful pair and most the house will be after them so they should keep him around.. Rachel is shocked that the house feels this way she thought they all liked her. Matt explains that when your HOH people will say or do anything. Rachel starts to cry she didn’t know that is how it went.


8:59pm Kitchen the rest of the house talk about the comp, being on slop, the week that follow while Matt bullshits with Rachel. Ebzo says that being on slop again is like being on crack, “i’m a crack addict” is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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What a skank! Already hitting up Matt…..


matts a ass and rachel is too nice she’s a deer in headlights!


Well, a deer with big headlights.

bb addict

BB Grandma always has the best one liners…LOL


she has headlights like the guys in our town put on their trucks to overcompensate for some penises


Hey rockstar – haven’t heard much from you tonight. I decided to take my marbles and go home. its amateur night here tonight. can’t take the same comments over & over & over . . . Goodnight – back soon.


I can’t post. I type something, click submit and it tells me I’m commenting too many times. I try a few more times to submit and lose my post. I only have so much patience tonight. but that has nothing to do with the site I was waiting for money to hit the bank and as of 12am it didn’t come in. I had to wait til ontario time which I had forgotten so girlfriend thought she was not getting paid and I was starting to freak out. haha all is well though so I’ll calm down and relax


doh, now it’s making a liar out of me, I can post fine now. haha oh me and my drama queen ways.

Evel Jim

awesome. Two thumbs up on that one BBGrandma.

Scott ( This Daddy)

Rachel @ Nice????

She is a crying bitch. Ohhhh ME and Brendon, I love him, dont vote him out. She is a flake and a fake.

To nice, what a joke


Rachel is going to implode this week lol….and i’m going to love every second of it!!! She wanted good tv…well now she’s got it lol


Me too Jeff. I can’t wait to see it.


Hey guys have y’all noticed whoever survived the block previous week became HoH


Maybe it will be a pattern but if that is the case Brendon or Rachel will get hoh again


doesn’t seem smart to target Kathy for eviction when she’s one of the weakest players. he backed himself into this with the Brigage alliance. he can’t play the house forever. should bite the bullet and put up brendon and rachel. maybe we could be free of that laugh of hers.

Kris in Fl

How is she going to take it when she comes out of the house and she realizes that most of the BB fans can’t stand her. If she cries and gets upset about the house mates she’s going to be mental about all the fans. I almost feel sorry for her, then I remember her laugh and how annoying she is and I get over it.


LOL Enzo is going to self-implode as well this week….the have-not is getting to him…

Dae Yum Yum

Rachel is up the with Jordan in dumbness and naiveness.


I agree. Then again winning hoh that early was never wise especially when they know you are in an alliance of 2. dumb


Here is how I would paly it. I would put up Rachel and Brendon, Send homw Brendon and make rachel stay another week and give her hell. She and her hair extentions would fall apart. Then we all could thank CBS.


Enzo gets on my nerves with his “talk” and meow-meow. .Kathy should go. What the hell has she done? nothing, that’s the point.

Mr. Me Too

i think she don;t really want to play the game she wanna play with brendon tool but not in the house so she trying hard to get sent to the jury but that plan is dying so she better get her jollies this week because one of them will be gone , and i hope it’s brendon because i can see her loosing it




why dont people see that Rachel is acting? She’s on ” reality T.V. ” emphises on the t.v.. She’s playing her own game within the game, she’s thinking about what “America” is thinking about her. She’s also playing for Americas choice. She is sooooooo fake – inside and out! Before she got into the house she was talking about her “fans”. Anyone who doesnt see who she really is, is gullible. And they probably have men or women like her pulling the wool over there eyes all the time – a.k.a LOSERS!

Mr. Me Too

i can see she’s acting as well as kristen


yes Mr. Me Too, i see it in Kristen also!


I do like her but she has gotten on my nerves. I’m proud to be a loser. I wear my shame like a badge of honor.




No brainer here for Matt – he doesn’t even need to talk to everyone 100 times. Put up B&R. Smartest and safest thing to do this early in the game. The last thing you want to do this early on is make more enemies than you need.


that would be a smart thing to do iheartjeff but something tells me he’s going to be stupid, maybe I’m wrong but he’s walking a thin line for dumb ass moves but they seem to be working for him so who knows


I can’t believe Rachel actually said she would rather have Brendon than the half million. That is just beyond pathetic. I’ve been married for 16 years and I’d sell my wife for half a milllion and I’d throw my son in too. She’s known this guy for less than a month…..pathetic. Wait till she finds out that he’s a closet homosexual. He’s gonna dump her before the summer is over. The way things are lined up Matt has no choice but to put B/R up. He definitely backed himself into a corner and can’t do anything to piss anybody else off or it’s game over for him. Right now I consider him and Andrew as the front runners to win it all.


I’m not an Andrew fan but I think they think Andrew is a bigger threat when he is a swing vote and could go either way.

I would also trade in my family for the 500 grand. haha I wouldn’t give away the dog though. She is priceless


Rockstar, Andrew looks like Norman Bates to me. Physco/Bates Motel.


LOL. You’re right! I knew he reminded me of someone! Andrew is playing it smart. He doesn’t stir the pot and he is doing the best job of hiding his cards. It’s too early to pick sides. It worked for Kevin last year. Before they started, he was my first pick for winner. Then first week I thought he was an idiot, but now I kind of like him (maybe like is a strong word). I was rooting for him last night,


Well, Rattlesnake Jake said the same thing to me when he heard her say that. I told him I feel the same about him. That is why I have a half million life insurance policy on him.


me too Grandma but if he is a keeper all you need to do is sell your sex tape and it will be like winning the lottery haha


The only tape we have is Scotch Tape.


It is going to be another Jake and Vienna scenario.
R: He keeps making excuses about why he doesn’t want to make love to me.
B: I was on a slop diet and didn’t have the energy to penetrate your force field.
R: When I try to get fun with him he just turns me away.
B: I can’t stand your donkey laugh.
R: You must be gay if you won’t have sex with me, I’m America’s sweetheart.
B: Well, now that you mention it, Andrew is pretty cute 😉




It was hard for Jake to work things out with Vienna, when he is really into kielbassas!


I think Andrew knows exactly what he is doing in this game. I’ll bet he never wins an HOH or a POV and he’ll skate through to the end. Matt is going to have to play his ass off but I think he’s capable of pulling it off. I honestly think it will come down to those two. I keep thinking this group will get better as time goes on but I’m starting to think I’m wrong. Other seasons have started out slow and picked up speed. This year started out slow and is going backwards. If it weren’t for this site I’m not sure I’d continue watching. BB should throw some money your way for keeping fans for them.


BOY GEORGE!!! Holy shit that’s funny. Rachel is the lead singer of Culture Club. And Brenden totally looks like the drummer or something. That clique has got to be called “CULTURE CLUB.”


Smart money is on her saying Do You Really Want to Hurt Me at some point.


really R and B are good people…they just arent good BB players.

to make it to jury, they need a dumb HOH in matt, to put up rachel, and probably cathy. they will hope to backdoor brendon, and will discuss it over and over…BB will rig the comp just like they did tonight for matt/ragan/brit and try to get the win for brenden…if they can last the week, andrew will win HoH, if they don’t, they will certainly win POV if both are up on the block, since BB wants the drama of which will fall on that sword

Uncle Cool

And what if Brendon wins POV and takes Roach off?

The only way to get rid of one of them is to put, and keep, them both on the block.

I hope Britney wins POV. Get rid of Brendon first. Then next week, Roach. Then Kristen or Hayden.


why? brit isnt IN with the other side…she wins HOH she will buddy with B and R if they are still around.

matt will NOT put them BOTH up because they want to do the dramatic blindside on brenden….we will see if that works out for them


the votes just aren’t there unless kristen becomes tied to R and B


what fun is BB when you can see the outcome already? cmon BB, mix it up

make the jury FROM THIS EVICTION ON…..I dont know the exact numbers so I cant even say if annie could be included.