Big Brother 12 Spoilers – HOH Endurance COMP Matt’s Last Stand Part 3 .. MATT WINS

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8:33pm Bubbles on the feed.. all we know is Matt and Ragan were still in the HOH comp 30 minutes ago and they were making a deal to have Matt win it.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:38pm Feeds back Matt Wins

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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47 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – HOH Endurance COMP Matt’s Last Stand Part 3 .. MATT WINS

    1. Mat’s smart, I don’t expect he would put both Brendon and Rachel on the block pre-POV. If they want them out they’ll put Rachel up against a pawn, then put Brendon up after POV. That way they almost guarantee one goes. The only way they don’t is if Brendon gets picked to play POV and wins, taking off Rachel and protecting them both from being put on the block.

  1. Don’t know if I’m just out growing this show or what, but I don’t like anyone… maybe Brendon. I like the relationships and the back and forth, not just the ugly comments and lying. I’m just bored!

  2. Wasn’t it Rachael who said she wanted to play the game with honesty and then she goes and lies and says Brit said Money had Kristens vote..hmmmmm seems Rachael forgot her own rules. I just am sick of her already. Glad Monet is out the house simply because she doesn’t have to deal with the backstabbing and idotic reasoning of her having 10grand. can Rachael think for herself…should have got matt out but u know what karmas a mother ahahahahah pleassssssssssssse go bye bye Brendon and Rachael.

  3. great the ill haveing wife liar wins!! how can ppl actually be happy this guy won!! faking a ill wife is sick!! come on!!

    1. I completely agree, there is lying and then there is just being a scumbag. I don’t agree with anyone going in lying about their age or their employment because it’s so,,, Natalie,,, and I despised that leach. But to go in there and try to get people to feel sorry for you by lying about your wife’s health is disgusting.

      1. He definately lied about his wife and what comes around goes around so I hope his wife doesn’t get sick in the future because she was cursed by her husband’s tongue.

  4. unless Ragan Britney Rachel Brendon Andrew Kathy and Kristen don’t figure out the brigade in 3 weeks The Brigade is going to Dominate the competition

  5. heh Tony me too but u know what this bigbrother is sucking already. I mean can we get a cast that is not reminiscent of previous cast members. I mean really????

  6. Love Matt. Great karma here. I think Brendon will disintegrate this week. 2 wks as a have not and being in the cross hairs of the Brigade. I look for the showmance to explode this week when all the sudden Br/Rach start realizing they need to play for themselves. Thank you Jesus!

  7. If Matt is smart he will urge everyone to vote out Brendan before Rachel because with Brendan gone then Rachel will truly become a basket case and be of no use to herself and the show. Would make for a great week of TV to watch her meltdown. Don’t worry Rachel, it won’t be long before you are back in Vegas blowing rich guys in their Cabana at Pure or Rain….LOL

  8. I really wanna say that Matt winning is karma & Brachel will regret not sending him home but as annoying as Brachel is, I kinda wanna see them stick around, win another HOH & see who they nominate. Wait, did I just say that? Oh lawd….

  9. LMFAO rachel just told brendon she gonna be up in HOH kissing matt’s ass when she told kristen that she wasn’t gonna do that …too funny, i hope they show that tonight

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