Big Brother 12 Spoilers – POV tomorrow, Matt “America Sabotage Rachel and Brendon”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


11:40pm HOH Ragan, Brit and Matt (acting like he’s hoh) Matt doesn’t really like how the HOH is run this week he would rather have the HOH be a open forum. Brit comments how cute Rachel looks in her HOH Pictures. matt thinks she looks the same but younger. Brit takes another look says “yeah she has a fresh face and she looks natural in those pictures”… Talk about chairs… cheese… and candy..They briefly talk about the pov comp and how it’s a waste of time to practice because it’s such a crap shoot. Brit: “i guess it shows there desperation”. Talk shifts to Lane screwing with the hot tub filter so it sprays all the waste out into the water.. Lane did it when enzo was in the hot tub, he was saying “it smells like shit in here… like dead puppies” (he actually went on about it for at least 30 minutes) Matt asks ragan if he want’s to play in the veto.
Ragan :”I’m indifferent”
Brit: “Me to”
Matt: “I kinda want to play”
Ragan: “Me to”
Matt wonders if the coup d’etat might be voted this week.. becuase every week they vote for something and this week there was no have nots. Ragan thinks it’ll be america’s player or america’s sabetour. Matt: “America would want to sabotage Brendon an Rachel” brit: “I can’t predict who america likes but based on the questions i’ve received I think know what America thinks…. the obvious”… Brit asks ragan if he’s sad that Kristen is up or do you just like her in a disposable way. Brit says isn’t sure that B/R want hayden gone she thinks they might put up kahty. Matt isn’t sure “Kathy perpetuates their bullshit about them being after a floater but they might just deal with he hypocrisy they’ve been spraying and pick someone arbitrarily”.. Matt if Kathy gets it and uses it that will be crazy.. that is worse case scanrio.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:59pm HOH



Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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Okay, I officially think Matt is a major douche now.


now? I thought so at the very beginning…Those other 3 Brigaders need to wake up-He’ll vote Them out too! There are NO friends in Big Brother!

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

Does Kristen remind anyone else of Janelle? And matt looks sexually frustrated in that pic

BAB - formally BB

Is it just me or did it seem like half of the house avoided Rachel tonight? (On BBAD) Still can’t wait to see who wins POV tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Matt! 🙂


brenchel just had sex in hoh


I think so too


I think they’re gonna give the new sabatouer the ability to cancel out an eviction, as long as they are not on the block. It’ll look just like a regular eviction episode, but when the sabatouer goes to vote, they either vote like normal or let both houseguests stay. Then when Chen goes to say “By a vote of..” the dumbass sabatouer thing will pop up on the screen and tells them everyone gets to stay this week. And freakin’ America will probably give it to Rachel or Brendon.


they’re loosers that’s all
they’re always talking shit about Rachel and Brendon but at least they’re playing the game and winning competition which is not their case as i can see pfff


they’re loosers that’s all
all they can do is talking shit about Brendon and Rachel but at least they’re winning the competitions and playing the game which is not their case
loosers go home it’s what you deserve
go Rachel and Brendon


So the showmance still makes me ill, but I’ve got to give credi where credit is due. Rachel is playing the game and playing hard. I can’t believe Brendon told her she needed to apologize for telling them to bring it on.

J. P. Brigade

ANYONE, and I do mean anyone, on this site that thinks Rachellaho is in charge this week, or any other week for that matter, is bat-shit crazy.

She has but ONE duty and that is to nominate 2 people for eviction. That’s where it ALL ends for her. She doesn’t / CANNOT decide who goes home. Brencehl do not have the allies to make those kind of decisions Think about it for JUST a second. Please STOP the the damn Rachellaho drama on here. She has wons comps–Given. She is in a showmance–Given. A showmance this tight is a tough thing to break–Given. The luck of the draw (production) has been on their side thus far–Given. After that though, it’s all down hill. EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE HATERS HER. And, And, And:

The Brigade is four deep yo. You CANNOT get past those numbers. Why folks don’t see that, is unbelevable to me. THEY ARE FOUR DEEP YO. Brigade has been running the show since day one. Check back and see for yourself. AND LOOK–Hayden is the ONLY one to have a target placed on his back and that was not even his fault. His girl (Kristen) got him put up on the block and he’s STILL SAFE. Say what ya will, but the Brigade is MONEY right now.

1st scenario:

Okay, I hear ya, I hear ya. Hayden is on the block this week. Okay, Okay. Let’s say noms stay the same. Who do YOU think goes home?? Hayden?? Be for realz dawg. Kristen is toast. WE ALL KNOW IT–Not because Rachellaho wants it BUT because the Brigade wants it. They WILL save Hayden. That’s 3 SURE Votes Hayden. Matt brings along Regan and Lane snags Britney–It’s DONE. I am ALMOST positive Kathy would even vote out Kristen. Use your noggin’ and “See the Whole Board”. <<Chess phrase.

Second Scenario:

Hayden OR Kristen wins POV and Kathy goes up. Well, we all KNOW right now that Kathy goes home. Brigade is 3 votes to KEEP Hayden or Kristen (whoever's left on block). If it's Hayden on the block, then we know Kristen is voting for him to stay. If Kristen is on the block then ALL 4 of the Brigade vote to keep her. Use your head for just a second. Do you honestly NOT think Regan or Britney (especially Britney) cannot be talked into keeping either Kristen or Hayden?? Really?? This is Saturday morning and the vote on this scenario is already decided. Kathy goes home.

3rd Scenario / Last Scenario:

This is the BEST CASE SCENARIO for all of you Rachellaho fans. Kristen wins POV, pull herself off the block, and Rachellaho places another member of the Brigade on the block. Well, let's look at that, okay? Enzo has done swore on his family to Brendony, and as much as SOME would like to say Rachellaho is making ALL of the decisions for the Brenchel Affair, that's just NOT the case. Brendon will sway her from putting up Enzo–Period. Matt is not even a factor. They THINK he is not an enemy. They may not see Matt as an ally, but they surely don't see him as a direct threat at this point.. That leaves Lane. To this scenarion I say, "NO DICE." Rachellaho wants to be the last vagina standing. She'll rationalize a way to put up either Kristen or Kathy–BET ON IT. She'll not put up another guy. If she did, my money is on Regan, 'cause EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE is saying how well he's playing the game right now–Everyone. Brendan has mentioned it A BUNCH over the last week. This scenario (which is the best scneario for Rachellaho fans) has NO legs. Red is too much of a narcissist, to put up anyone other than a female. She would love to be the last vagina in BB12.

See what I mean from up top. The Brigade runs the show. IF, IF they keep the Brigade in tact for one more week, it no longer matters what happens. They decide who goes home from this point forward. Let's face it–Bendon WILL NOT win HOH next week–This is Rachellaho and Brendon last week of bliss in this house. The house WILL NOT make the same mistake (Matt's mistake) twice. Bet on it. I got a cool grand say either Brendon OR Rachel goes home in LESS than two weeks. Anyone want that bet??

Anyone thinking any different, I got two fords for ya:

"Ya Mutha."

Brigade Power Baby. 4-Deep Yo


The four Brigade members don’t do crap in the competitions and every plan they make up seems to blow up in their face. They’re pathetic. Edzo sounds like a retard when he speaks – you should not emulate him.


I agree and what does Matt do for a living go around playing on reality shows? He was on Average Joe.


I hope Enzo or Lane wins the POV if they play, then let’s see how deep loyalities between the brigade are then. I bet you if they play they will not use it to save Hayden, because then they will be exposed. I bet they will say to each other if I use it then they will put another brigade up. But wait a minute no one else knows about the brigade, they won’t even use it to save Kristen, because they know the Rachel they want out so badly will be mad and if she wins again will come after them. The brigade is all talk and no real action.


I hear you, but you are only part right. The brigade is only three deep. Matt will flop in a minute to get him further in the game. He is the ONLY one looking at the end game. The only one Matt is loyal to really is Ragan. I think they are the long lost friendship in the house. Usually when there is someone gay in the house they are friendly with just about everyone, but Ragan and Matt share a loyal friendship that’s only to the two of them. Neither will vote for the other. Everyone else to them is fare game. When has the brigade made any decisions? They only keep saying they want Rachel and Brendon out, but no plan beyond that. They go with the flow week after week. They couldn’t even get there own member to do what they wanted. They got suckered by their own member and don’t even know it. They are the brigade in name only. But again, Matt will sell each of them out for his own gain.


The Brigade Sux. Enzo is great. Hayden is a DOUCHE. Matt has a small weewee or else he wouldn’t be putting his hand down his pants.


I said last night that Rachel is the only one playing the game…I don’t know what she said in her nomination speech…but how about…what Hayden said to her and Brendan on week 1…You are in a showmance…you two are a threat and strong team…you are in an alliance that must be split up…Karma is a Bitch…I would really like to see the girls get together and have their own alliance and start screwing with the Bridage…if there was a girl alliance, we know Brendan and Ragan will be in it…


I agree. The wrong people are leaving, making me ill. Wipe out that stupid brigade, I don’t like enso


I think that the focus needs to come off the showmance and start targeting the stupid brigade. Is everyone in the house blind and not see these guys hanging out. Com’on the showmance is stupid I agree but they are playing the game except they have all been targeting the wrong people. Dumbes big brother yet.


One more thing rachel needs to stop worrying about people coming between her and her man, (gag) and start putting up the people who will go after her. She certainly doesn’t act like a chemitist. She keeps knocking out people who could have been alliances, except she comes off soooooo obnoxious.But I have to admit I do want them to go further then the brigade especially enzo…plzzzzzz


I beginning to think Matt has nothing else to wear except they skeleton pajamas. Guess he needs to do some wash which I really haven’t seen anyone doing except for some towels. Hope these people aren’t wearing their clothes dirty, EWWWWWW that would stink! LOL!


As much as I dislike Rachel, she seems like the only one who actually plays the game and competes. Everyone else is either a moron or a floater. When I look at the Brigade, I see Matt as a moron who thinks he’s a genius (clearly the least likable person on this year’s BB) and the other 3 as complete floaters who haven’t done anything as of yet. Regan is OK, I don’t have a problem with him. Andrew was plain crazy. I honestly feel that it’s time one from the Brigade goes home, because none of them deserve to win this year.


What if the Pandora’s Box has Andrew in it and he comes back to the show and aligns with Rachel and Brendan…

J. P. Brigade

No, the Brigade is 4 Deep, and as Simon pointed out, 5, and even 6 and mayube even SEVEN (7) deep. Don’t believe it?? Watch this:

Matt begets Regan.

Hayden begets Kristen.

Looks like now Lane begets Britney.

That’s 7 (SEVEN) yo. Grenade lobbing time. I really can’t see how ANYONE could think any different.

AND if Hayden goes this week–Kristen will wanna burn the house down to avenge him. If Kristen goes this week, Hayden is gonna want revenge.

It”s a NO LOSE for the Brigade. I’ve said it since THE MOMENT those 4 got together. Those kind opf numbers are unbeatable. Rachellaho fans need to simmer down and sit in the back seat of the short bus, JUST LIKE their mentor–Rachellaho.

This game’s already been played. Brenchel LOST and are jury house members AT BEST. Brigade ’til the final 5, then it starts to unravel. Not ’til then though NO MATTER what happens this week.

“Ya Mutha.”

J. P. Brigade

Thanks for the shout out Simon. I been yellin’ “4-Deep” since that alliance formed. My wife and daughter are all about getting Rachellaho OUT of the house. They are okay with Brendan IF, IF Rachel is removed from the equation.

Enzo is BY FAR my fave player this year. That cat is formidable.

J. P. Brigade

For those not liking the Bragade, get OVA yaself. It’s either like them or Brenchal, ’cause those are the only two alliances that matter thus far. So, choose who ya runnin’ wit, but choose carefully, else ya might just be diggin’ shrapnel out ya skull. LOL.

Brigade Power Baby. 4-Deep Yo.


who let enzo’s wife on the site?

J. P. Brigade

Last thing here, who thinks their gameplay has been dumb so far??

No real target on any of ’em. Matt going up was a product of Rachellaho’s ignorance of the actual game she playing. She knows nothing of the Brigade. She just closed her eyes and threw a dart. It hit Monet.

She’s doing the same shite this week. Closes her eyes, tosses a dart, and is prolly gonna take out Kristen or Kathy. THESE PEOPLE are NOT her REAL threat. She has NO IDEA who’s really after her.

It’s like this: She’s in the back of the short bus with a blindfold on throwing darts at noise.

That’s no way to win BB. Come on mane, WE ALL KNOW THAT!!!!!

4-Deeeeep. Booooom!!!


Brigade bout to start playing hardcore..yo brenchel bout to get what they asked for COMPETITION, and they won;t see the grenade commin right at their face

J. P. Brigade

Apples to Apples~

“Ya Mutha.”