Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel and Brit BUBBLE BATH FROM HELL

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:20pm Bubble Bath Brit and Rachel Each has a glass of wine, Rachel’s holds about 6 litres. There getting along chatting and laughing at what happened in the house today. Rachel tells brit about the conversation she had with brendon in the hammock and how he says he doesn’t care about money then says he wants a prenuptial. She adds that brendon says he doesn’t care about the cash yet he always talks about all the money he’s going to be making once he’s done his Phd. Brit just hopes he’s not the type of guy thats 35-40 and still “not ready for marriage”.. Rachel starting to get a bit tipsy.. talking louder, laughing more (oh the pain) They bring up Kristen and how she thinks she’s better then everyone else. Rachel thinks she a gold digger. Brit brings up what kristen was saying about text messages and voice messages with guys she’s dating, they agree that any date with her is a bad date. rachel says that during here HOh week her and Kristen were fake friends and kristen told her all this mad
Big Brother 12 Spoilers
shit about hayden. Brit bashes Kristen wearing bikers boots and burps, Rachel says she hates other girls and the only reason she latched onto Hayden was because he was week one hoh. Rachel now makes fun of kristen being a major giggler.. (BARF) rachel points out that Kristen and Kathy sure spend a lot of time together. Brit says that kathy does that sort of thing, she’s really fake. Points out how Kathy was like Rachel’s servant during rachels HOH “rain”. Rachel says that Kathy was talking mad shit about brit and Monet during that week and was throwing matt under the bus more than once. Brit knows that Kathy is fake and will float towards whoever has the power it doesn’t bother her. They agree to put kathy and kristen up if they win HOH this coming week. Rachel asks her if kathy is staying. Brit thinks theres a lot of votes to keep kathy but she won’t say who… rachel starts to bash brendon you’ll need to flashback to it… the conversation lasts keeps going past 10:16pm they really spend a lot of time bashing Kristen. its the same thing Brit and mOnet were saying about her, Burps, drinks beer, hikes pants up high, eats spiders (that ones new), wears makeup when she shouldn’t. Rachel says she’ll throw up if Kristen makes it to jury house the same way we all throw up when we see rachel on the feeds.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:35pm Brigade keeping it hairless

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:05pm Taj Kristen and Matt he is explaining to Kristen his plan to get Rachel to quit Big Brother 12. He thinks if they are all on board with it there might be a chance.. At the very least he thinks it’ll make for entertaining TV. Kristen is totally game for it and she was actually considering it herself. Matt explains that they need to get brendon out first then if they can get the witch to quit they save themselves a double eviction.. which is something they both know is dangerous. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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Things that make me wonder as I watch Britney stewing in Rachel’s yeasty broth:

Complaining about Kristen drinking beers and burping (while coyly ignoring the blackout queen she’s festering with).
Britney cracking on Kristen’s clothes after bagging on Rachel’s “boob popping dresses, ass hanging out shorts, and overall bootylicious attire for the last three weeks?”
With no gall, Rachel bashing someone’s laugh, really???:
Britney: “Why does she (Kristen) hate me, what die I do?” Wow, you’re asking the chick you’ve practically called STD central behind her back this question? Gotta admit, love your balls!
Really Rachel, Kristen wants to be the “only girl here?” Pissed that the title has passed on from you, you narcissistic poster child.
Rachel accusing Kristen of “throwing her under the bus” while she sits in a petri dish of bacteria with the original Greyhound driver?

I’d hate to see Rachel in WW2; if Hitler’s hand was shoved furthest up her ass working her mouth we’d all be speaking German right now.


Rachel is a Two faced backstabbing walking sTD all day…Every1 knows Brit has been talking smack from day1…But Rachel(Boy George) wants every1 to think she is a great person but is a absolute snake….Brendon is just as bad a corn ball that tries to blend in with allof the other HG’s but as soon as he’s with BG he talks BS and complains about everything crybaby wuss America’s Favorite my A**!!!!


Rebelm everyone in this house is two faced that’s point of the game. Everyone this week same to be in love with Kristen just wait until her claws come out. It’s only been three week! Plus Kristen has Bad things to say about Rachel!


LMAO that was a good one.

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

DAMN YOU BB for making them wear bras when taking a bath, NOT FAIR


oh my goodness kathy just said she thinks the people in the DR don’t like her very much! hahahaha…I guess she got the hint, she said when she is in there it seems like they don’t like her…love it!


If that is true and they dont like her, she WILL be out this week! And I WILL be happy about that!Im sick of her “Raggity Anne” (sp?) doll face! And the other night she babbled on about how she doesn’t talk much…REALLY???? She never shuts the F up!


I think BB needs to do a better job asking questions they don’t care to hear answered….seems like they may be giving away things to houseguests by asking questions about only certain topics


You can really see Britney and Rachels freckles with these camera angles. It’s disgusting.


I didn’t think cats like water. Remember Rachel told Brendon a week ago that she knew her and Britney had a lot in common.


Yo BBGrandma.. .I only have these pics to go but to me it looks like BB is making them take a bath together… Rachel seems to be saying…’dude I didnt know you liked me…you really really like me’, Brit seems to be saying ‘I got sooo much data for my mean girls catalog.’ Only shes got nowhere to go with her claws…
I have a 50 gal barrell of pirhanas for the BB house, where should I put them???


Brit is just playing rachel. Shes hates rachel!. But then again kristen hates all the girls in the house, so what other female does she have 2 talk to?


I thought brits thought s of kristen was funny az hell. Brit doesnt like rachel either. Lol. Kristen does walk around like she has balls. she’s a late bloomer on bb. she never 1 any competitinon I want her none drama boring azz out the house soon. How did she get cast? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Can anyone confirm to me who Brits loyalty is to? is she just pretending to be friends with rachel?


I agree you said it all with that statement!!!


Simon, you probably don’t have the capabilities, but if you did, it would be the perfect forum to start a letter writing/email campaign to get rid of B&R. For every one of us who posts his/her distain for B&R, there are at least 100 people, who only watch the broadcasted show, who write/call/post on CBS’ website who much they love these two!!!!! If only they knew. Just a thought – I’d even write the letter, all anyone on this site has to to is cut and paste it to their personal email, fill in their name and hit SEND!!!


I’ll take that as a no – and move on. Thanks, though, for considering it. maybe some other time.

geaux BRachel

LOL its not that bad… its called luv and being deserted in a house for 3 months…theres way 2 much complaing and not enough game talk on here…..B/R reminds me of Chelsea/JAMES…. gotta luv them..and besides they r winning competition so y hate them?????? i wld rather 1 of them win the 500k then someone in the house that cant win a game????right aint thats the point of BB????


Oh that hurts! Comparing James/Chelsea to B/R……..Nooooooo…..I loved James and Chelsea! Not a fan of the B/R!


Correction. Brendon has won 2 POV comps based on skill. Rachel lucked out on a “pick an number” tie breaker. It could have just as easily gone to Brit or Monet. It was pure luck. Rachel is not a good competitor. I would be surprised if she won anything involving brains or physical prowess.


ragen was in the DR for a LONG time…did america vote for a power of any sorts?

I think B and R are needed to keep the game interesting IF H and K doesnt come out more….that needs to break up the brigade, then I wont care at ALL what happens to rachel, I do hope brenden keeps winning


I think the other HGs paid DR to kept Ragan in there.


Oh, I ain’t ever trying out for this show!!!!


Onelast comment before I cut my hands off!!! If anything I am disgusted and angry at myself for not only taking some jabs at Kathy but also laughing at other comments about her. Maybe Kathy came into this game not wanting this to be mentioned to even the playing field or something. And I can understand her need to win some cash!!!! But I blame AG’s poor taste and decision-making, as well as her lack of empathy for Kathy and CBS’ audience.


I’m trying out for this show, because I want to be naked all the time, have sex and embarrass my family whenever the urge befalls me, and I want to shit all over the HOH toilet, just like Rachel did!!! That’s her way of getting back at Matt for messing with her and her man!!! LMFAO!!! She marked her territory all over that bathroom. It’s just too, too funny! The funniest thing is…I have nothing better to do than to laugh at some woman’s diarrhea!!! Life is good!!!


She marked herself alright… and the visible sh!t is only the tip of the iceberg. The bedding on that HOH bed is starting to gross me out. They all wrap up in that comforter like it is home sweet home. I can’t believe the BB staffers are washing it each week. GROSSING me out!



BAB - formally BB

Just dawned on me – Britney’s hatred toward Kristen is because of Reagan! First episode, Britney states that her and Reagan will be the best of friends because he’s gay. (she really did) Reagan is rubbing on Kristens arm and sending Britney into a jealous rage! Makes sense!! : )


Now I gotta listen to Kathy talk about her cat
for the last ten minutes of BBAD. This is GREAT!!!
I just want to see what Andrew said at the POV ceremony 🙂


Did anyone notice last night on BBAD, near the beginning, when B/R were in the hammock. She is looking off into to space when he is talking romance to her. She had the look of someone losing interest. She gave him smart remarks and when he brought up proposals, she got off the hammock and left to take a bath with Britney. I think that she is getting a little tired of Brendon.


Yes, I noticed that as well. Appears to have been after all the pre-nup talk.

Deborah Phelps Merriman

What’s the latest on who will leave this week. Kathy or Andrew. Sitting up here in the Great Smoky Mts. Wondering. Help me out


You said it right! Im so over both of them! BB, please get one or the other out soon so the one that stays can start acting like an individual and maybe redeem themselves!