Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon and Rachel Staged Fight and Andrew has a secret that will change the Game

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:30pm HOH Andrew and Matt Andrew is questioning if there is other pairs in the house as tight as B/R. Matt says he thinks theirs pairs but B/R are the close ones. Andrew continues on saying that he needs 4 or 5 votes and he thinks he has them just needs to work them a little harder. Asks MAtt if he knew about any other alliance if he would keep it a secret or would he try and break it up. Matt thinks if there was any other alliance as tight as b/r he would try and break them up. Matt asks if there’s a secret alliance that Andrew knows about. Andrew says he’s not really sure if he can trust Matt at this moment he needs to see what happens. Andrew wishes the vote would be more based on individuals then a house vote.
He reminds Matt that he’s a team player and that he’ll do the right thing if left in the house but he needs to get those votes to stay. Andrew says he’ll be going after the 2 tight alliances in the house. Matt calls Andrew the BB12 bounty hunter, Matt thinks he knows of a 3 person alliance and there of course the B/R alliance. Matt really wants Andrew to tell him about this alliance that he knows about. Andrew won’t.. he gets a little agitated by the situation He tells Matt straight up if he keeps Andrew in the house he’ll tell him about the secret alliance.. Andrew tells him for your survival in this game you need to know about this alliance. matt keeps on trying to figure out about Andrew’s secret alliance but he won’t budge. Andrew begins to leave upon leaving warns Matt “Be Careful who you talk to” , matt chuckles at the camera.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:25pm Rachel and Brendon fight lets hope theres blood Rachel starts off telling him that he’s not giving her enough space. He defends saying there no were to go in this house. She thinks he’s just making a big deal about nothing because theres cameras around, she asks if they can just drop it and talk later. Brendon says they are in love why is she acting like this. Rachel brings up a conversation they had in the kitchen, which involved a prenuptial agreement she says it’s not the only reason she is mad.. Brendon asks her to tell him what is wrong he’s not going to walk around all night trying to figure it out. Brendon wants them to be together and for them to build a life together (barf.. sorry threw up in my mouth) Rachel insists she doesn’t want to talk about it. Brendon asks if she thinks he’s selfish because he believes in prenuptial, he says he’s not and if she knew him she would know that. Rachel snaps back “well apparently I don’t know you then” Brendon pleads for her to tell him whats wrong.. “you told me you loved me please let me know”. rachel says he told her he loved her to and that their love is real, she doesn’t want to get hurt because she’s been hurt before, “It’s selfish for us to continue to talk about it”. Brendon interrupts her tell her he’s sorry for what he said he doesn’t want to fight. She snaps back at him for interrupting her, “i’m trying to talk..i’ve been hurt in the past and i’ll tell the stories to you 3 months”. Brendon again tells her he loves her.. she explains theres different levels of love.. brendon is confused, she tells him not to question her.

She tells him she wants him in the game and outside the game. Brendon asks we love each other right?.. because I love you.. Rachel doesn’t say anything back, tells him he’s too sensitive. She tells him she loves him to and they kiss.. She tells him she’s not perfect he tells her he’s not either.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:08pm Brendon and Rachel in the hammock Snuggling I turned the audio on and hear him saying this “I’ll wake up really early every morning and cut you up fresh fruit everyday… She says “hmmm nooo” ….mute is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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80 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brendon and Rachel Staged Fight and Andrew has a secret that will change the Game

  1. lol @ the “I don’t eat fruit in the morning”.. I would have pushed her off the hammock, she’s being a total baby. I thought I would be able to tolerate her more when she wasn’t being completely sappy/mushy, or drunk and loud… but I can’t. Even when she’s depressed I don’t like her :-/

      1. sucks what??? (heh heh heh)

        Simon & Dawg, you guys are the best. Not enough time to watch much yet, but your site gives me all the pertinent info so I can keep a “ta ta” on the goings-on. thanks for your efforts on our behalf, hope you are richly rewarded! I’ll be donating again soon.

    1. she is a bad bad person…I cant believe she keeps dissing brenden for having feelings about marriage…he got CRUSHED…and what 50 percent of marriages end in divorce…can he REALLY be blamed for the opinion that a prenup is necessary when you have money?

  2. Fighting already? Hmm.. Staged maybe? I am so sick of these 3 week live affair! These other HG need to enterain the viewers a little more!!

    1. Bab, I thought the same thing, that it was just an act. For the TV or for the others there to let them think they aren’t as close. I just wasn’t buying it.

      1. nahhhhh, once one on one in the hammock, it was obvious they were fighting…In fact, I would bet Big money that brenden was hurt by being called “jaded”…

        1. I agree – once in the hammock the pouting and pleading continued…I’d say the honeymoon is over. I think B is caught on the hook and R is beginning to feel the trap being set…

      2. I agree. Meet someone, fall in love, (barf) talk marriage and then have several fights.. All in 3 weeks!! Not buying into whatever they’re selling!

  3. rachel is openly dissing brenden to brit in the bathroom

    I cant believe she would do that….WTF!!!

    at this point brenden should walk up out that house and say “good luck”

  4. people hate on rachel b/c they want brendon (yes including the girls and ragen in the bb house). its not her fault he chose her over caddy britney and monet, annie or even kristen. if brendon didnt hook up with rachel first, i bet kristen or monret would have been all over him. hell even britney would have cheated on her fiance

    1. actually he CHOSE annie 1st (Get It Right) but she turned him down(maybe she spotted the pussy in him), rachel and brendon got together over the situation of both of them being put up, neither of them chose one another..


  6. Here in the midwest I just watched the “I’ll feed you fruit every morning” comment. *crickets chirping*. Looks like trouble in paradise. She needs her space, eh? Good look sweetie, you’re stuck there! For now anyway…..Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

    Hells bells of COURSE she needs space. They meet, canoodle, and fall in love in two weeks? I think we all know how realistic THAT ‘showmance’ is. I’m going to whip up a “DUH!!!” just for this occasion.

    Having said all that I have to admit that I’m just plain embarassed for Brenden. What a little girl! And he began to say something to her, like “I know you’ve had a lot of guys propose…..” and she testily replied, “No, I haven’t” right before jumping off that hammock and running into the house to take a bubble bath with Britney.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa! I guess maybe we’re all a little dysfunctional but THEY put their dysfunction on TV thus giving me permission to make fun of them.

  7. andrew MUST break the news of the kristen hayden kathy alliance….its the ONLY thing that will set other moves in motion…you can see matt/lane already worried…if they found out that they were HOOKING UP!!! can you imagine?

    can BB break the news via chenbot? or is that hurting gameplay

  8. Can’t stand Rachel, BUT she and Brit are in the tub right now talking crap about Kristen and it’s cracking me up.

    1. this is when I start to think “ok, rachel, finally…get brit on your team, expose the rest of the house etc….play the game”…but after her display with brenden, I want to run in, tell brenden there are other fish in the sea, and run out.

  9. nope it wasnt a staged fight…

    really, I have been watching the feeds, and I know its just one person’s opinion…..

    but brenden is a REALLY nice guy….and rachel is a FAKE of a person…I hope brenden finds someone who appreciates that he isnt some cheater, or $$$$$, hes a legit guy that is just sensitive…big deal…

    she treats him like “HE” is messing up HER game….WOW is that so incredibly wrong.

    1. Like Kristen said… He could have done so much better in this game without her. He really is a nice guy and he needs to realize that he is way too good for her. Their talk last night about her thinking she is conservative and what she would wear to church seriously killed me. I couldn’t stop laughing. He can do better.

      1. EXACTLY by attatching himself to that hoochie he sealed his fate is not winning 50k/500k….. the relashinship won;t last soon as the game is over and he smartens up, or she drops him for the men she’s used to being aorund being a vegas showgirl

    2. I’m sorry, but all I have seen is Brendon being a self involved, self centered and arrogant asshole who tries to hide his real nature under a facade of “sensitivity”. I’m not buying it. What kind of “nice guy” falls in love (mega barf) with a vegas tramp in less than a week? What kind of nice guy tells the trashy girl that his parents won’t approve of her? I see red flags for a potentially abusive streak in Brendon. There is a lot of frustration under the surface, and when he is under pressure he lashes out and then tries to put the blame on someone else. I think it’s an act. I think he went into the game looking for a girl to use, abuse and then dump. He tries to cover it, but the signs are all there. I don’t like Rachel, but I think I dislike him even more.

        1. Brendon is very insecure. Men like him need a woman that they can control and use as a scapegoat to blame just in case they fail. They can’t accept their own faults, so a woman with low self esteem is the dumping ground for all those things they can’t face about themselves. Her victories are his, and his failures are hers. If left unchecked, such a relationship can become very abusive. Trust me. I have lots of experience with people in codependent abusive relationships. For both their sakes, they need to cool it and seek help in resolving their individual issues before either of them will be ready for a healthy relationship.

    1. Carol the whole cast is boring! The most boring to least………
      rachel is just annoyin, matts a fake as genius, enzo and brit is funny. Ragan act like and prune. lmao

  10. the loss of andrew may be the biggest one of the year…hes easily one of the most entertaining hg’s in a long time.

    please please please please EXPOSE THE ALLIANCE ANDREW…do it with just enough time to let the votes go your way because BB will be boring without thee

  11. Things that make me wonder as I watch Britney stewing in Rachel’s yeasty broth:

    Complaining about Kristen drinking beers and burping (while coyly ignoring the blackout queen she’s festering with).
    Britney cracking on Kristen’s clothes after bagging on Rachel’s “boob popping dresses, ass hanging out shorts, and overall bootylicious attire for the last three weeks?”
    With no gall, Rachel bashing someone’s laugh, really???:
    Britney: “Why does she (Kristen) hate me, what die I do?” Wow, you’re asking the chick you’ve practically called STD central behind her back this question? Gotta admit, love your balls!
    Really Rachel, Kristen wants to be the “only girl here?” Pissed that the title has passed on from you, you narcissistic poster child.
    Rachel accusing Kristen of “throwing her under the bus” while she sits in a petri dish of bacteria with the original Greyhound driver?

    I’d hate to see Rachel in WW2; if Hitler’s hand was shoved furthest up her ass working her mouth we’d all be speaking German right now.

    1. WOW! You took those words right out of my mouth – I was thinking the same thing! I smell a hint of jealousy coming from these two. Talking about someones looks, laugh and overall manners has nothing to do with the game. I think they’re upset that the guys think Kristen is actually a cool chick.. and so do I.

          1. Kristen wants all the girls out of the house. I said on week 2. She’s cool, boring and not made for tv. Why the hell was she cast? Omg . She does have a few more cameos this week.lmao. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

      1. Kristen is a cutie so is brittney, but rachel like i said b4 Boy George must have had a fling with a women in the 80s and knocked her up, rachel favors him it’s not even a joke, if she was baled she would look just like him, thats why closeted -gay brendon likes her so much

  12. I think what I hate about Brachel is they’re always sitting under/over/on top eachother. It’s just too much. I’m all for love, no matter how fast [yes, Im sure it won’t last], but for my sanity, move over! Gosh, if my husband was on me like that, our marriage would’ve never existed. I bet they even smell alike…

  13. This is the most BORING BB EVER!! The people are wicked annoying and the most two-faced people EVER! How can Brit talk about Rachel sooooo bad a week ago and buddy/buddy with her now! LOSERS!

  14. BTW… If Andrew doesn’t expose the alliance between K & H, I will track him down & rip him a new 1. Well, at least via twitter.

    1. i dont think matt will buy the kristen/hayden alliance….matt thinks hayden will always side with the brigade boys 1st…and besides the brigade boys say that they will deal with that(H/K) in the final 5 weeks

      1. That’s why he has to throw Kathy under the bus while he is at it, saying that she is loyal to Kris and H. Not only does he have to confirm that H and Kris are into severe heavy petting which he has overheard, he also needs to say that he has also overheard their game talk when they thought he was asleep. The gist would be that H has promised to take Kristen to the end, and that he is pissed that Matt didn’t put up Brendan and Rachel, and doesn’t trust Matt anymore. The lie has to be big and mixed with enough truth that Matt falls for it and puts Haydens loyalty to the brigade in doubt. I really don’t think Matt is all that loyal in the first place. He is just using the other three. The ones Andrew really needs to talk to are Lane and Enzo. Go Andrew. Brit and sometimes Lane are the only other houseguests that don’t bore me to death.

  15. brachel staged a fight? why?? like people won’t instantly notice it’s fake like everything else they do in the house thats not cuddling and kissing?? they will enjoy their time together alone in Jury … they’re fans are even more blind and delusional then they are….

    1. Look, maybe it was for real but I thought it strange. However, when you first met a guy and he gives you a lot of attention, it is great. But, after awhile, you want some breathing room. They don’t get that in there. So, maybe they are getting on one anothers nerves. I couldn’t stand being alone in the house with my husband for three months and not be able to get away from him for a day. Even if it was just to the basement!

  16. Every night while watching BBAD I wonder what the casting people saw in this cast that made them choose them. None of them are overly eccentric or entertaining. I feel like there were thousands of other crazies that sent in tapes that would have been much much more interesting.

  17. I give Andrew 24 hours before he spills the beans. I really hope he does it right before BBAD tomorrow – that ish will be bananas.

    Simon and Dawg – thanks SO much for keeping us all up to date on the BB shenanigans.

  18. YES brendon get that pre-nup, millions of men who lost their money to a pissed off women regrets not getting a pre-nup, and any women who objects to getting a pre-nup is not worth marrying, and this is not just for men, women should get it too not fair to have someone take your money because of a bad situation that ends a relationship.

    1. Actually, they hooked up before the first episode aired and before the feeds started. They were already kissing the first night of feeds, someone correct me if my memory is wrong.

  19. The brigade thinks Andrew’s “secret alliance’ is Brendan/Andrew/Rachel, and the only reason he isn’t telling Matt is because wants to invite him to join it next week. It make sense, because he told Matt not to tell anyone or else he wasn’t going to reveal the secret. Plus, to add to it he claimed that is was a fact, not an assumption. I don’t think he’d know of H/K’s alliance, even though he’s witnessed them making out. If he he did know, he probably would have outed the alliance a week ago, and Brendan would without a doubt know about it. So, Andrew’s just trying to bait Matt to get him votes is what it seems to me.

    Lane got me thinking this, and I really think he was on to something.

  20. Brit is so busy working rachel dumb azz over! The funny thing is rachel thinks she working brit over. Brit is too smart she will get rid of them so fast!Its too funny!

  21. LOL I think brendon said that wrong..I’ll cut you a fruit everyday. He should’ve said I’ll make you a shot of taquilla everyday!

  22. Fun to watch all these strangers trying to live together. Shows that anyone, even Jesus, would become a pain in the ass after a few days in a house with no other distractions. Can you imagine if Jesus was there? Everyone bitching “He walks around acting sooooo holy all the time”, “Yeah, and I’m sick to death of all that “Love your neighbor crap!”, “No shit, and if I see one more miracle, I’m gonna kill him!” “You can just tell he’s up to something! I’ll bet he has an alliance with EVERYONE!
    Rachel needs more space? How about delivering on some of those teasing promises she makes in front of B – I love the bikini adjustments she always makes. Have to admit, the girl knows how to hold a man’s attention!

  23. Love Leach is what we used to call guys like Brendon.
    Lost what little respect I was building in Brittany. I can’t believe how hypocritical she is. Won’t that be a great photo montage for the reunion show… all of Brits nasty comments with the picture of them bathing together, yuck!

  24. Brendon is a conceited, self-centered, arrogant A–hole. I am so sick of this guy. It’s ridiculous how he’s talking to Rachel about how he wants a pre-nup, when the fact is that Rachel actually makes more money than he does! He’s such an idiot. He has no personality whatsoever.
    Furthermore, it irritates the hell out of me how he rips on Britney by saying she’s a spoiled brat and fake. If that pisses him off that bad, He’s got issues. He’s the one who’s a spoiled brat and fake. He’s such a bitch. And he’s such a hypocrite, because Rachel is the most skankiest girl in the house. Yet here he is ripping on all the other girls.
    I personally like all the girls in the house. Yes Rachel is the most annoying, but she’s kinda got a fun personality. Kathy is boring as hell, but she’s harmless and nice for the most part. Kristen is kinda weird, but omg she has the most incredible body. It’s like perfection. Quite mezmerizing, if you ask me.
    Then there’s Britney… she is my personal favorite and i don’t care what anyone thinks about that. To me, she is super hot. Sweet girl, down-to-earth, hot tight little body, beautiful and smart, and i think she’s so funny! I’m very attracted to her. I love her!
    I’m jealous of the guy who’s engaged to her. Anyway, i hope she stays on the show for a long time. And i love seeing her in bikinis! Like what Enzo said… “for a girl with such a small frame, she’s got huge tits yo!”. (ok, he didn’t say it exactly like that, but he should’ve.)
    My 2 favorites are Enzo and Britney. I personally want Enzo to win it all.
    Brendon’s got to get the boot. Somebody’s gotta kick that guy outta there!

  25. I am probably the only one that likes Brendon and Rachel. The brigade boys I think are to mocho and think they are better than anyone. I guess thats why I don’t care for them as a group…. Now that Hayden has shown that he is interested in Kristen, I am starting to like him because he dosn’t seem to into just the guy alliance..Now its time to turn the house around and Andrew needs to make a deal with them and say if he is voted off he will let the house know all about the two of them……

    1. I like Brendon and Rachel, I just wish the Brigade boys would shake stuff up and start kicking some ass. The showmance drives me nuts, I’ll have to admit, it’s just too much.

      1. I give the brigade another week if they don’t do something else besides dropping mad fart gernades i’m going team Kathy or team wild card which ever one is still in the house

  26. the whole B/R thing was too much too fast and they are showing their true colors now. He’s wanting real committment while she wants a sex ride to the finals… i hate that they get so much tv time while we barely see other people who i think are cooler anyways! (kristen, raegan) and just to throw this out there: im not a britney fan but she is better off without monet. so maybe B is better off without R.?!. oh i don’t care for the brigade either! haha

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