Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel and Brendon “Them 2 gonna Bang I Just Know it”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


9:30pm July 11th Cabana Room Monet and Annie. Standard conversation about how difficult the game is and how they weren’t prepared for the challenges they are facing. Monet tells her she was “literly shaking” during the POV ceremony because she thought she was going up. Annie knew she was going up..

Annie tells her how she went to hayden and told him if he didn’t put her up then she will never put hayden up. She doesn’t understand why he didn’t do it… she had every intention of keeping her side of the bargain. Monet nodes but tells her theres probably 1/2 the house that made the same deal. Annie says she doesn’t have the votes to stay the only person she felt close to was Brendon and he would never vote for me over Rachel. Annie says she was trying to convince Brendon that the showmance means nothing, she had asked him if he really thought there was a relationship with rachel after the show. He said yes. Monet thinks its pretty strange how they jumped in a showmance so quickly in the game. Annie asks Monet if she could give her a honest answer.. she asks her who she’s voting for. Monet tells her she’ll vote for the person hayden wants out. Annie thinks the best thing to do is call a house meeting and get all shit out that Brit is saying.

Annie asks Monet her advice in how to stay in the house. Monet doesn’t have a clue. Annie counts the votes: she has Lane but Ragan and Matt will go with the majority. Brit is going to vote against her. Annie decide the best thing to do is get brit alone and apologize for everything. Monet warns her not to start anything with brit cause she’ll fight back….

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
10:05pm Bedroom Brendon and Rachel Snuggling. Talking about the votes. Rachel is a little worried She knows she has Kristen’s vote and Brits vote. She mentions that Kristen is a really nice girl now that they’ve gotten to know her a bit more. Rachel thinks that Annie is very Charismatic and may be able to change peoples minds. Brendon counts the votes and says theres no way Rachel is going home, “If you don’t vote house Your in trouble”. Rachel points out that the saboteur may not get to vote. Brendon isn’t worried he thinks even with the saboteur theres no chance. Rachel starts giving Brendon a back rub they talk about what Brendon can make Rachel in exchange for this backrub. Brendon asks here if she’s been craving anything in the house.. She says she’s been craving so many things.. (They continue the sexual flirtations… i bet they bang this season)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:30pm Backyard Annie, Enzo and Lane. She’s talking about how big of a risk Brendon and Rachel as a couple are. Enzo and Lane act dumb while Annie lists off all the reason to split the pair.

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Uncle Cool

Enzo and Lane are not acting dumb. Just saying…