Big Brother 12 – Rachel’s chest are Gummy Bears

 Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:30pm July 11th Living Room Matt, Brit, Enzo, and Annie talking about chests.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Rachel telling them all about the serial numbers on fake chests. Matt and enzo wonder why they need serials. Brit explains to them that if there is a recall they need to know exactly your boob type. Rachel then says if theres a mistake or and accident they’ll need the numbers.
Rachel “I’m on a 20 year study every year I right a report on my chest”
Brit “what kind do you have?”
Rachel “Gummy Bears… Silicone gum”
Matt asks her about this report she has to fill out every year.. he wonders if its a mail in one or if it’s done over the computer. Rachel tells him its over the computer, she doesn’t want to get to graphic. Enzo tells her to go ahead he doesn’t mind they don’t get much here. Matt says don’t worry please talk. She explains some self tests she has to do and how they feel around the breast and arm pits tells them its done over the computer and is easy.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:45pm Backyard Couch Annie and Kristen. Annie wonders why people want to keep Rachel around. She points out that there is a definite known final 2 alliance and people aren’t seeing that as a larger threat than me. Annie tells Kristen to ask her anything so they can get the truth out. Kristen doesn’t have a clue about what happened and why Annie is here. Annie explains to here that it was Brit that started going around and spreading lies “She’s Playing everyone don’t you see” Kristen tells her if she wants to clear everything up with the house about what britney is saying she should call a house meeting and get it all out in the open. Annie laughs, “you know what will happen don’t you…. it’ll start a screaming match”. Kristen says she a good person inside and this game is tough because it forces you to be mean. Annie agrees. She wonders why this is happening what did she do wrong. Krsiten warns her not to over analyze things that go on in the house. Kristen leaves to make some tea.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:05pm Backyard lawn chairs Enzo and Kathy

Talking about how strange life outside the BB house will be. Enzo makes jokes about still playing the game at home after it was over. “Making alliances with my cousin Joe” Kathy giggles like crazy keeps saying “I love you man… thats so funny” Enzo: “Whatever you gotta do just get it in” Kahty “get it in the hole” (They said this when someone was playing pool and they’re laying on the lawn chairs)

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This is your plastic surgeon. You do not have “gummy bear” implants. You have the “Bean Bag Chair” implants. We used the “gummy bear” implants when you had brain surgery! – DUH!!!!!

T that's Me

Hahahahahahaha!!!!! That’s a good one!

Uncle Cool

I hope to hell Rachel is booted out this week.