Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel and Brendon fight … she cries …he leaves .. Ragan becomes Rachel’s therapist..

7:45am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Britney and Rachel are up and in the storage room talking. Rachel tells Britney that she doesn’t know who to nominate, besides the obvious. Then asks her what she thinks? Hayden? Britney says that Rachel has to think about the votes, do you think it will be a better day? Rachel says that she tried to apologize. I don’t even know what happened. Britney says don’t worry about that. Rachel says that she is worried about… (The feeds cut out to the we’ll be right back screen.)
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8am The houseguests are talking about a Luxury competition that will be happening today. Matt says that the diary room said that they will have an early competition today. They talk about whether the luxury competition will be where the winners get to watch a movie. Matt says it will be something you would never go and see in your regular life.

8:30am Enzo says that he is feeling so good right now, that he’s feeling like competing right now!? Ya know?! Enzo says that he is feeling so good that hes gonna go drop a deuce right now. Brendon says that he knows what he means. Kristen is eating breakfast at the table with Enzo. Enzo says he really feels like he is gonna win something today. He says that being a have not really mentally beats you down. Brendon and Enzo complain about the cots in the have not room. Kristen is doing the dishes … Rachel comes over and tells Kristen that if she would like to talk she would like too. Kristen says okay. Britney asks Enzo how he slept last night. Enzo says he slept amazing …that he is ready to drop a bomb in the toilet and compete.
Britney busts Enzo for snapping at Julie Chen last night. Britney says that Julie was joking with you and was waiting for a funny response from you and you took it all wrong. Enzo says that he and Julie are tight and that she knows he was joking around. Enzo says that he needs to watch what he says … that hes in recovery and that is the first step. Enzo says that his body is just in amazement ….it went from a third world country to the Taj Mahal! Enzo ask so when are we gonna do this …like 10am? Brendon says that they usually give them an hour or so after they wake up before the competition starts.

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8:50am Enzo says that Hayden will win a member to fill in his alliance because he lost one the other day. Hayden asks …so your taking a phone call. Enzo says hes gonna win it all!! Hayden says you can only win one thing. Enzo says ohh..I’ll win a car. Enzo asks Ragan what he wants …a BJ! Ragan says he wants a letter. Enzo says that he wants a phone call. ….or a car depending what it is… Lane and Britney come and join in on the conversation. Britney says that it’s her goal this week to trap Lane by excusing herself when Brendon is around so Lane has to listen to his stories. They discuss what the luzury competition will be like.  They wonder if it will be a messy competition and if they will have to dress up for it.  The discuss what prizes they think they might win.


9am – 9:15am Brendon is talking to Rachel telling her that they need to play their cards right and that she needs to be nice. Brendon says that there is a lot we can do, we can shrink the target. Brendon says that he thinks the way Rachel has acted towards Kristen will turn the house even more against them. Brendon tells her to be the bigger person so that more people are on their side. He says that if we play our cards right it can buy ourselves another week. Look at Matt he played his cards right and look it bought himself another week. Brendon says that if she is really struggling to be nice to Kristen then just don’t talk to her. Brendon tells Rachel that they need to make friends in this house. Rachel says well then, go make friends, let me be the bad guy and leave me alone. I’m going to fight and win everything I can. Just give me 10 minutes. Brendon tells her that she can’t win everything, and that he is on her side. Brendon tells Rachel that they should not be worried about being targets this week they have HOH. Brendon says that if we play our cards right, nobody will come after us. I want people to say we are really nice. Rachel asks Brendon what game are he’s playing? …people are not nice, every HOH gets worse. Brendon yells because your attitude is FUCKING THIS, FUCK THAT!! Brendon says this is a social game… you need to remember that. Rachel gets really upset and starts to cry. Brendon tells her not to cry. Rachel tells him not to tell her want to do…. And that she wants him to leave her alone. Rachel curls up under the covers and cries. Brendon tells her that he is on her side and that he loves her. Rachel tells him again to leave her alone. Brendon tells her not to worry about people like Kristen. Rachel says its not even about that!! Rachel says just PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE! Brendon gets up and leave the HOH room. Rachel then hides under the covers and cries….

9:35am Ragan comes up to the HOH room to talk to Rachel. Ragan tell she that she need to get out of this and be happy. Rachel is upset because she says that she is fighting so hard to be here and she feels that Brendon doesn’t appreciate her. Ragan tells her she needs to get out of her funk. Rachel says that she feels like there is an obvious person attacking her and Brendon keeps saying be nice, be nice… He’s not sticking up for me. Rachel says that Brendon isn’t sticking up for her. Ragan says no sticking up for someone in the real world and being in here are two different things. If you stick up for someone in here you then become a target. Ragan says but he is sticking up for you. Rachel says that Brendon is being too nice to Kristen by offering her coffee and he doesn’t need to do that. Rachel says that she should be happy that she won HOH and she isn’t. She says that outside the house she is the happiest, nicest person.

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9:45am Rachel says that Brendon isn’t being supportive and understanding and that she just needs him to be a friend. Rachel says that she is trying to win things to guarantee the safety of their friends …. Like Me, Brendon, you (Ragan) and Matt. Rachel says that Brendon is being so mean, and that she doesn’t want him to tell her what to do. That she is trying to keep him and our friends here. Ragan defends Brendon and says that he just doesn’t want her to make mistakes. Ragan says that the more nicer you are, the more gracious you are, the more positive you are, makes things so much better. Do not allow yourself to fall down the rabbit hole of negativity? Rachel cries and says that she is trying so hard, and that she told Kristen she would talk to her later. Rachel says that Brendon tore her down and wasn’t being supportive at all. Rachel says that she just doesn’t know. It makes things ten times harder. I feel like my back is against the wall. Ragan explains that women and men communicate differently and that he is trying to find a solution when all you want to do is vent and have your moment and be over it. Ragan says that you just need to get some of these emotions out.  Ragan compares communicating and fighting to the Real Housewives of New York.  Rachel is feeling better after listening to Ragan … She thanks him and tells him that she is so glad to have him here in the game with here as her dictionary, and therapist…


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Haha, oh man she’s so mentaly unstable when she has power. I see a melt-down happening between her and Brendon. What a joke of a relationship. Although props for offering to talk to kristen for the second time. didn’t know she could swallow her pride more than once.


Thats not all R should swallow


That’s not all she should or CAN swallow, I’m sure.


Could be that she’s had lots of practice swallowing.


She needs to rip Kristen a new one. I hope they fight in the HOH. Girls pulling hair. This would be awesome. Racehl could take her no problem.


The lovebirds are fighting? Oh I’ve been waiting for this!


R’s hormones are gonna cause her to self-destruct. Maybe if Brendan would just finally give her a little somethin’ somethin’ instead of waiting till marriage, she’d calm down. (Yea, like it would really make it that far!
These two are about as compatible as Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.




Wow what a psycho. I really see a big blow up coming sometime this week. I kind of hope Kristen gets veto so she can throw it in Rachels face and we can see a huge blow up between the two, and see another breakdown of rachel and how “She has to fight so hard” /puke


Enzo says he really feels like he’s gonna win something today. Does this pompous gasbag realize that he is tied with Kathy for number of wins? If Rachel decides that it is time to get rid of the floaters he might be on the receive end of a tossed grenade.

The Excitement

yes but he was 14 seconds off of an hour. it doesn’t get much closer than that. but most likely that competition was rigged anyway, because the BBProducers wanted Britney to stay that week.
you’re a brit fan, i’m a brit fan. we’re riding high right now! she’s playing a great game!


I agree as long as Britney is safe all is well.


Only 14 seconds off? Anyone who can count or walk and chew gum at the same time should know that after Britney stopped, all he had to do was stop 1 second after her. End of story. Enzo’s an annoying clown. He’s not even smart enough to be a floater in this game.

Brigade of idiots? Matt blew off the brigade but these morons don’t seem to realize it.
Rachel and or Brendon gone, easy. But no, matt decides to say FU to the Brigade and continue his lying ways by pitting Andrew against Kathy. Smartest guy in the Brigade?
I think the Brigade’s IQ might be pushing a hundred, but I sometimes over estimate things.

The biggest threats in the game are Matt and Lane. IMHO.. Time will tell!!

Sorry Rachel, but Brendon is PLAYING you big time. He does NOT love you, nor will he introduce you to his family EVER. (neither would I). (no matter how amazing he says you are or how many times he says it) Better lose this guy while the losing is good!
I suggest Rachel dump Brendon before her fantasy love affair comes crashing down around her.
Are there any SMART people in this game. Yes. Ragan (Rachel is probably the best prepared to play the game.. why she has 2 POV’s, but Brendon will be her achilles heal.
Best Floater in the game is Ragan by a landslide.
Have a Great Day

The Excitement

you’re way off about Enzo needing to drop 1 second after Britney. there was still 3 other players left. Britney was 15 minutes under the hour. CBS is bullshit tho because 14 seconds is questionable under these circumstances.
it’s obvious they wanted to keep her around. so they manufactured a game where nobody would know exactly what time it really is, therefore allowing CBS to bullshit around with the times, since no one’s gonna be able to argue about it anyway.
unfair, but they’re the Gods of this show.


BATTLE OF THE HOOCHIES : Rachel VS Kristen….make it happen BB


I’m loving it. Give them boxing gloves and watch the fun

philly baller

does anyone think there is an outside chance that Brendon is playing Rachel and isnt really interested in her relationship wise?

I mean it seemed really really obvious that Andrew was overly emotional towards Brendon, like 2 latent gay men stuck in the closet for each other trying to find the words.

Brokeback Mountain?

Rachel even touched on it in her goodbye speech to Andrew.


Brendon loves her. He’s a smitten kitten.


i believe the word your looking for is whipped

I am the saboteur

Here is an actual clip from Brendon’s bio on the Big Brother page on the CBS website:

Strategy for winning Big Brother: Get girls to like me and turn them against each other


Doesn’t Ragan hate her? KISS AZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s use to having brown on his nose tho! I would get tired of having a fake man too, Brendon is such a pussy. He’s not an athlete, he’s an f-ing fish!


but B is super cute and that is all that matters in life


I don’t think he’s that cute and he’s gotten a lot less cute. His posture is really bothersome to me. Someone commented that he looks like a preying mantis and I have to agree. Don’t like a soft man……for obvious reasons………………….


Cute only gets you so far….. for example, once I heard Brad Pitt talk in an interview any thoughts of him being cute were quickly squashed! Looks may get you in the door, but they don’t keep you inside!


Greatest scenario ever !!! Rachel puts Kathy and Kristen up for eviction, Brendan wins POV and Rachel convinces him to use the power to remove Kathy to backdoor Hayden, and instead she Backdoors Brendan ! I think that would be TV gold right there

Uncle Cool

That’s a fantasy.

It would be nice though.

The Excitement

I would love her if she did that. “Brendan, next time you wanna talk about a pre-nup, make sure you’re actually making more money than I am, bitchboy!”.
that’s TV Gold yo!


Is it Brendan or Brendon? I know Brenda, right? LOL!

I would love for Rachel to put him up. That would totally shake up things. Hell, he is annoying me and I’m not even in the house with him. She could get some space by booting his ass!


Not possible. If Brendon win POV and use it, he can not be put up as a replacement.


If Hayden and Enzo was nominated who would go home

Uncle Cool


Enzo is liked by more people because he is more open and he is funny.

Even I don’t like Hayden any more and he was one of my first favourites to win.

Now, I want Ragan to win because he is using his PHD in Psychology to manipulate everyone. He is playing them all.


Hayden for sure.


Ragan doesn’t seem to be “playing them” so much as he is genuinely nice and he has an emotional intelligence lacking in the majority of these players. I like him alot. He would be my choice of friends in that house.

The Excitement

Ragan is playing a great game. Arguably the best game. The only flaw in his game so far is that he’s completely clueless about the Brigade. But he’s totally got Brendon and Rachel wrapped around his finger now.
One could even argue that Matt might be the best position in the house because he’s in the Brigade, and he has all the inside scoop about Brenchel from Ragan.
If Matt wasn’t such a cock-fiddling doucheboy, i’d be happy for him.


Last night Andrew handed something to Rachel on his way out the door and today I have a vibe that perhaps Rachel and Andrew are siblings…. this is my new conspiracy theory of the day. I also want Ragan to be the saboteur…

Uncle Cool

I thought it was the POV chain that Brenda gave him. It was something on a chain.


Who is Brenda? Did I miss something again???


Rachel would have fought to keep Andrew if they were related.


brenda is brendon cuz hes a pussy


Gotcha! Thanks Amy… I missed that! Yes he is whipped by the pussayyyyyyyy, but in a funny way.




That would be something huh? Rachel and Andrew related. It could be. I am not sure what was handed over. I even rewound it to try and figure it out. I am sure the other house guests saw it ad if it was concealed, they would have brought it up, but maybe they didn’t see?


When no one wants to be saboteur what will CBS do then?

The Excitement

then they’ll probably just throw in some other twist to keep it interesting.
they should bring Brendon’s ex-fiance’ in there.


I pity you. It must be rough being half ginger.

Joliet Jake

you misread bro, he’s my STEP dad.. im ginger free.

The Excitement

It’s ironic how Brendan changed his tune about how to play this game. But he learned a lesson from Ragan. Ragan is the one that schooled Brendon the other night in the HOH room. Now Brendon’s strategy is to lay-low and make friends with everyone, and it’s a great plan. But Rachel is still stuck on fighting with everyone. It sucks that Brendon is actually in the right, this time. I hate him so much. I’d prefer him to be an asshole as usual, so everyone will keep gunning for BRenchel.
I hope Rachel and Kristin make up. It’s so sad to see that the both of them are crying and pouting and feeling like shit, at the same time. But it could all be resolved if they would just become friends and allies. Then they could focus on kicking Kathy the Floater out.
Why is Rachel so threatened by Kristin?? If Rachel was smart, she would try to kick out a guy since they’re all more of a threat than Kristin is. Kristin can’t win shit. It’s funny how the women in the house tend to think their best chance of winning the game is to get rid of all the women and coast thru while all the men take themselves out. so far, Kathy is winning that game. But Britney is the most liked girl by the majority of the males(and Rachel), so she actually does have the upperhand out of all the girls in the house.


the girls should be coming together and fighting the guy not fighting each other. does rachel honestly think shes gonna be able to win anything to do with athletics when its just her and a house full of guys?
she keeps saying its not personal but it obviously is.she needs to get her head out of the clouds


Women are always jealous of the next one and women who make money off their bodies are even more insecure because once their looks fade they are washed up. It’s hard for women. Men get more distinguished and sexy, women just get old.


I don’t date men my age because they are boring and set in their ways. They usually have mean ex-wives too! I don’t think men age well at all…. so I beg to differ but my husband was 13 years younger and my daughter’s father was 8 years younger. I am admittedly immature, but happy with my choices.


while I agree with what you said buddhistgirl, the rest of the population does not.


that is a sad and very true statement


Oh come on! Men don’t get better with age any more or less than women. Men may mature, but what happens to women is that they get sick of putting up with so much shit all their lives that they hit a point where they say F*&% it! Seriously. TV, movies, magazines, etc have perpetuated the myth of the male getting better with age. I will say as they get older, they are better in bed because they are less selfish, but that is it. Have you ever see older leading men, they are not attractive, but get lead roles. If an older woman did that in Hollyweird, she wouldn’t be cast as a lead role.


Men get better with age???? Have you seen Mel Gibson????


Kristin is fighting with Rachel because she knows she’s going up after Andrew’s speech. I think she is being a poor sport picking a fight before she even knows who’s nominated. Brendon is right telling Rachel not to be so mean when she has power. Why rub it in… just go for who is strategizing against her and make it impersonal.


for amusements sake though, I’d rather she get person


Every year there is an excellent cat fight…. too bad Kristin didn’t find Brendan attractive. That would have been the battle to end all battles. ding, ding, ding…..

The Excitement

well i wonder if Brendan is attracted to Kristin. i’m sure he is, on some level.
Hell, I would bang every girl up in that house. including Kathy. but that’s just me.
i would do Monet too. but maybe not Annie. she was just tranny-looking to me.


Kristen looks tranny to me and while I love tranny’s I would not want to date one, then again I think some chicks are pretty but I wouldn’t want to date one of them either.


This season has the most floaters ever. Lane, Enzo, Hayden, Kathy, Kristen, Ragan, Britney.

The only people who have actually made moves are Brendon, Rachel, Matt.


brendons just winning povs hes not actually doing anything thats gonna benefit him all hes done so far is follow rachels every command.

roach and matt are the only ones making moves.


he still made a bold move by winning when he needed too and saving not only his ass but Rachels which is what helped Jordon win BB last year so I have to give him credit for saving them both when he needed too

The Excitement

yes but Rachel and Brendon are no Jeff and Jordan. Jeff was a cool guy, everyone liked him. He was smart, caring and genuine. Jordan was a sweetheart who was never a bitch to anyone.
Brendan on the other hand is an idiotic, conceited, self-centered, unsociable, unlikeable asshole. Rachel is just annoyingly loud, and skanky.


These poople have watched previous shows and want to get by “floating” under the radar… I think Ragan is playing a subtle game and Britney is also winning points after her time on the block. Kathy is the definition of a floater though.


In case you forgot, Rockstar, Enzo made one of the biggest moves in history by forming a four-way alliance early on in the game. At least give him some credit for that and for lasting pretty damn long on the surf board HOH comp, only slipping because his leg gave way causing him to be have not again.

Hayden for winning one HOH – though in my opinion, winning competitions doesn’t mean that you’re not a floater – and for getting rid of the saboteur when he was HOH. A weak arguement for Hayden, yes, but credit is deserved where credit is due.

Matt for being in a pretty good position, knowing most if not all of the alliances in the house.

And Ragan for being friends and sociable with everyone, which you can argue as a lay-low sort of game play.

The only floaters I see are Kathy, Lane and possibly Britanny, but I can also argue that Britanny is playing a decent social game by buddying with Brachel and Ragan… And Kathy for gathering a ton of sympathy points…

Actually no, the only floater I see is Lane who basically has done almost nothing.

The Excitement

the major difference is that Lane, Enzo, Hayden all know exactly what they’re doing. especially when you see footage of them in the Diary Room, you can tell they have a masterplan.
whereas someone like Kathy has absolutely no clue what the hell she’s doing.
I have much respect for the Brigade and how they’re playing the game.
But i also have the utmost respect for Britney because she’s basically all by herself and playing a smart game on her own. she’s so cute, and so hot. You work that southern charm, girl!

Boring BRanchel

Rachel’s not a real redhead. As far as Brendon playing Rachel, not a chance, the guy wouldn’t be overdoing it so much. She has him wrapped around her finger, she owns him.


He is indeed her property

The Excitement

No i agree. He’s riding her coat tails. And it’s annoying as hell that he’s so delusional and thinks that whenever Rachel wins HOH that he acts like he’s the one who’s HOH. I hate him. He needs to GTFO.
Look, as much as I think Rachel is annoying, I have to admit I do think she’s cute.(She’s got the worst taste in men tho!) I thought she looked very cute last night, with her hair done that way. And when she was reading her letter from her sister, it was so heart-warming, to hear such kind words from a sister who obvi looks up to her. I like Rachel, I think she’s a sweet girl.
Maybe I’m just delusional. Infact, last night I thought Kathy looked really sexy. It was the first time i’d ever been sexually attracted to Kathy. But i was.


I’m not a Brachel fan or a Rachel fan… in fact i’m rather anti-Rachel… but I’ll have to agree that Rachel could be a sweet girl. That is, if she is outside the BB house. Inside the BB house though she just seems really really fake with her laugh and her constant tirade of how her and Brendon are like the ultimate awesome couple evar and how nothing is going to tear them apart. Production might be egging her to say these things and act that way to make up for theri twist blowing up in their face in the first week of the season.
Just a question… as awesome as the idea of a Saboteur is, am i the only one who thinks that it’s a really dumb twist?
I mean, if I was in the house, I personally wouldn’t care about the Saboteur writing on the wall, locking the food storage room or doing other physical damaga and sabotage. I’ll worry about the social aspect of the game, sure, but not that much I wouldn’t care enough to try and get rid of the Saboteur. They can get their money once they reach teh halfway, I’d rather worry about furthering myself in the game and gettind rid of people who are trying to get rid of me rather than the Saboteur.
Voting Annie out because they think she’s the Saboteur was a dumb move because… well… when you think about it the Saboteur is really rather harmless.
Or maybe I’m thinking this because we didn’t even get to really see her in action.

I am the saboteur

I agree about the saboteur twist. It was very interesting in the beginning, but bringing it back is stupid. And if I was playing, I would want the saboteur in the house as long as possible with it is one less person gunning for the $500K. You cannot trust anyone in the house anyway, so what is the difference?

The Excitement

Brendon and Rachel are “saboteur” enough, imo. Ugh.


I would love for Brenden to be the new saboteur-Rachel had a fit when Brenden had a “secret” with Andrew. Think how much she would lose it if she found out he was the saboteur or if Brenden started doing things without her and she couldn’t find him every second of the day!




Screw Kristin.. that girl doesnt even really like hayden. she is using him to get ahead in the game. atleast rachel is winning comps, playing the game and not hiding her feelings to Brendan. Kristin his hiding under the covers with Hayden using him cuz she hasnt won a thing. Hayden playing the game for her!

The Excitement

How funny would that be if Kristin’s boyfriend at home is watching Kristin making out with Hayden and saying “Yeah! Get that shit, girl!”. Like as if Kristin and her BF had already planned out that that was gonna be her strategy, all in the sake of money. lol!

kristen and rachael need to make up..who know they could make a new alliance,
hayden. hayden…what’s going on buddy. honestly: if you claim you like her, at least talk to her. (i dont know if he’s talk to her, from today or yesterday)….has he? well if he hasn’t he needs to. because if he doesn’t he gonna feel like a compelete ass, yes i understand it’s a game. but if u were with her..when things were normal. don’t diss her when she all depressed and crap.


It’s not real “red”, I don’t know what color it is, but it doesn’t exist in nature!


Too bad it’s Pandora’s Box and not the “Wizard” Power. It would be great for Kristen to get the “Wizard” Power take herself off and throw Brendan up with Rachel. Then she could say “I’m getting the biggest floater of all out. Your precious Brendan” da da dahhh! (Sinister Prairie Dog music) One can dream.


I just don’t understand all the hate toward Kristen. Many gals with boyfriends meet other guys they like. She’s not married or engaged. At least she is quiet, until yesterday, doesn’t talk nasty and I think she is rather attractive, much more so than Rachel. I hope she and Rachel make up and boot out Matt.


The real players are Brenchal, Matt, and Ragan. The Brigade is totally dependent upon Matt to, as Hayden put it, “be the brains of this operation.” Brendan, although he is adept at saving himself by winning POVs, lacks insight and can be too trusting. He makes bold promises to Ragan without stopping to think about how quickly things can change in the house. In his way, he is speaking for Rachel, without even consulting with her. That is how they end up arguing about game-play. Rachel needs to learn to be gracious in victory. Of all people, she knows how it feels to come crashing down after an HOH high. I wish she would forget about Kristen and take note that there are three guys (Brigade minus Matt) whose names are never mentioned as nominees for eviction and who stay calm and collected no matter who is in power. I would love to see what would happen if Lane and Enzo were nominated; or even Lane and Hayden. Who would the other two Brigade members try to save?

BB6 Fan

I’m sorry, but somewhere down the road, she is going to mess up Brendon’s game!


Rachel is just plain needy and crazy! There is a song about her by Buckcherry called “Crazy bitch”


Brendon needs to grow a pair and realize Ratsmell is going to be his demise (sp?) if he doesn’t drop her real quick! Id love to see how the house inter-acts w/o her self serving drama! It would be sooooo much better..then we can concentrate on getting Kathy out and so forth!