Big Brother 12: Hayden Apologizes for the blowups.. Brendon blames it on Testosterone


9:40am The cameras switch to the bathroom where Kristen is crying and Kathy is comforting her. Kristen says that she is sorry that she is crying and for Kathy to not tell anyone. Kathy tells her not to worry.

Rachel says that she had asked the diary room if she could start calling people into my room, but that they said no because they are doing the competition early. Rachel asks Ragan to send up Hayden to talk. As Ragan is leaving the HOH room Brendon says we don’t know where we would be without you in this game, and then says final three. Ragan leaves. Rachel says to Brendon please don’t say that!


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10:20am Hayden is up in the HOH room talking to Brendon and Rachel. Hayden apologizes about getting into an argument with them before. Brendon says that he understands and that things change in the house day to day. Brendon says its testosterone …you know we are athletes. Rachel says that she really likes Hayden and that she doesn’t want to put him on the block, not today, not tomorrow, not next week. Rachel says that she really appreciates Hayden for saving her the 1st week and doesn’t know where the falling out came from, that thought they had a deal. Hayden says that anyone would have put Brendon and Rachel against each other in the HOH competition and that he would have on been on the outs with the house. Rachel says that she doesn’t see him as a target because he hangs out with Kristen, and that she knows they have a bond. Brendon says he wants to put aside personal stuff and play. He asks Hayden what he wants. Hayden says that honestly, the two of you in the jury house would be great for me. Hayden tells Rachel and Brendon that someone told him that Brendon and Rachel had said they were planning on putting up Hayden.

Hayden says that he cant say who told him that. Rachel says that she really wants Hayden to tell them who is talking shit behind their backs, because who ever it is, is a dangerous player. Hayden says that he doesn’t want to throw anyone under the bus. Rachel says well, I think you should because I promise you that I will not say anything. Hayden tells Brendon and Rachel who he was told Brendon and Rachel would put up Hayden/Kristen, Lane/Kristen, Kristen/Britney. Hayden then brings up how Brendon has been saying that he was going to put up a strong couple that fell off the surfboards early. Hayden looks at Brendon and asks him, you don’t remember saying that?! Brendon brushes it off and says he doesn’t know what he is talking about or understand what he meant by two people by falling off early in the competition. Hayden asks again so you never said anything like that. Brendon says no. Brendon then asks if Hayden was talking to Enzo. Brendon says that he is not going to lie, that he talked to Enzo about people falling early or throwing the competition, but I never said that. Brendon and Rachel say that they will be talking to everyone and seeing where they stand today. They say that anyone who says they are playing for what the house wants isn’t playing the game. Brendon says that he swears to god that he didn’t say anything like that. Hayden says so this person totally fabricated this whole story? Brendon ask are you going to be tell us who you are talking about, you are going to have to say a name at this point. Brendon assumes it is Matt saying these things to Hayden. Brendon asks so it was Matt then? Hayden says didn’t say any names. Brendon says that Matt is slipping back to his old ways. Brendon tells Hayden that it will not leave the room. Hayden says again I didn’t say any names. Brendon says that it must be Matt pushing his own agenda.

10:15am Enzo, Brit, Matt and Lane We gotta start winning some shit yo.. talk about the luxury comp and possible nominations


11am The feeds cut to TRIVA…

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So Hayden isn’t gonna be put up? And possibly Matt is gonna be put up? I’m sorta… shocked… and pleased as a pickle because admittedly I’m a sort of Hayden fan. Sort of. I want Ragan or Brittany to win though. I just want Hayden to last for as long as possible.
If Matt goes up, that’d be interesting. Kristen vs. Matt.
Who’s it gonna be and why? What do you all think?

The Excitement

Hayden is pulling a smart move for himself by getting his own ass off the block and putting someone else up there against Kristin. Matt would be the perfect player to put up there because he’d most likely be safe. he’s got the Brigade and Ragan, backing him up. so the numbers are in his favor.
plus, if anyone deserves to be put on the block, it’s Matt because he chickened out by not putting Branchel on the block when he had the perfect opportunity! dumb ass!


Hopefully Hayden wins POV,so he’ll have to choose between brigade and Kristen.

I am the saboteur

The problem is that if Hayden wins a POV with Kristen/Matt on the block, he would have to save Matt and convince Rachel to put up Kathy as a pawn if she truly wants her gone, then get the Brigade to vote Kathy out. Hayden would be the man if he pulled off such a move.


thats doubtful


If Rachel puts up Matt and Kristen, that wld be almost as dumb as Matt’s moves last week. Hayden, if he plays, winning POV means both he and Kristen stay. You go with Hayden and Kristen and u put Matt up if someone comes off. That way the Brigade, which is prob the WORST alliance in BB history, will be hurting especially so if Kristen wins the veto and you have Hayden and Matt up. Honestly, as long as Britney and Enzo dun go home this week, I dun really care.

The Excitement

I love Britney and Enzo too! Brinzo FTW!


I don’t think they’re the worst alliance. i mean, they are all still there and no one has a clue about them. We’ll see. i can’t wait for their coming out party to the rest of the HG. They will shit a brick. Only after one of the Brenchal bozos goes home and the house is in chaos. It will drive the rest of them together.


One word for Rachel: medication. The girl has got some serious issues.


Agree, she must be bipolar


I would love to see Matt go home this week as I do not like that he lied about his wife’s condition and then made the dumbest move last week not putting up Brachel. Rachel does need medication, plus if she would quit drinking as it is obvious she can’t hold her liquor, that would help. She cant be gone quick enough for me.


Rachel makes me nauseous!!!


I think Matt still has the brigade to back him in votes. He also has Ragans’ vote too. I am afraid Kristen will go. I think even Hayden would vote to keep Matt if he and Kristen were on the block. Hayden has to keep his loyalty to the brigade.

The Excitement

“We gotta start winning some shit yo” … couldn’t have said it better myself. Meeoowww!


thank you andrew…thank you

hayden finally had to play the game, and he did quite well…he threw matt quietly under the bus…I think he figures put matt up vs kristin, then if she wins HOH, another brigade goes up, then they vote out matt

I see matt on the outs for blowing HOH


Hayden should distance himself from Kristen, she digging her own grave.


I 100% agree with you!


but, what if matt goes up with kristen, and hayden is picked for POV, and WINS….could you imagine? what the heck would he do?


That would be ideal wouldn’t it, well for us, not Hayden. He’d have to pick Matt if he wanted to stay in the game.


Thatsa sick thought but I love it, almost like 1 of those psych question like ‘you can only save 1 out of 2 of your infants…which 1 will you save, and why?’

The Excitement

that scenario’s proabably already crossed his mind, and in that case i think he’ll throw the competition.
but it is a great scenario, nonetheless. wow. that would be good shit yo.


I hope Rachel forgives Kristen and puts two brigade up. The early final four while smart has made this season boring.


I would love to see her put Brendon up. That would be good TV. You are a pawn, LOL!


Keep the nominations the same


I think Hayden was stil pick the brigade over kristen, just for the fact of numbers. But i still wish that brittany would be on the block against kristen boy that would be a good one

BAB - formally BB

Rachel wants to take out all the “floaters” in the game and leave the competitors. She won HOH on a number game and last night on a quiz – when it comes to endurance, she doesn’t stand a chance! If Kristen, Britney and Kathy leaves .. she will be up against the boys. It will be Brandon and the other guys .. odds not looking good. Can’t wait to see what happens in Nominations and POV.


Rachel can beat the guys. She has. She’ll win HOH again. Those guys are dumb.


rockstar are you on team rachel now?


simon – I don’t know who’s team I’m on. haha I began the show on Team Rachel but before I pledged my allegiance I needed to hear her speak and I knew I would hate her voice. I have issues. haha I also like Matt but the lie about his wife and his hands on his balls all the time have turned my guts but I’m not goiving up hope.

I have to give Rachel credit. She is keeping herself and Brendon safe and you can’t fault her for that. If the other houseguests were more exciting there would be more to see on the feeds instead of the Rachel show. I can’t fault her for that either. So, it’s Rachel first even though she annoys me, Matt, Britney because I find her comments amusing when she lets loose and then Enzo. I hate Hayden and Kristen. If Kathy washed her face, I might tolerate her but she smokes and she is whining about not having money and I hate her for Jordon last year whining about not having money but having enough money for boobs. Same deal. Lane is about as amusing as dried toast plus he kills animals for sport and that means you need to be tied to a tree and beaten. Ragan is boring. I don’t hate him, I just don’t care for him. Brendon would have been a fave of mine but he’s too mushy over Rachel and it’s driving me insane however, I would take him anyday over Jeff looks wise as well as attitude. so, that is where I am today in my faves.


Thanks for the reply, I Agree with you on Brendon attaching himself to Rachel ruined it for me. I’m a brigade boy yo so i guess there my favorite as a whole but once rachel is gone (if she ever leaves) i’ll probably start disliking certain members in that group. .. Kathy/kristen can leave today and it wouldn’t matter to me. Ragan is a wild card some days he’s in my favorites pile other days he’s the sole reason i press mute on the feeds. I’ll keep my opinion about Rachel to myself as to not anger the boy george fans out there 😉


I’m for the brigade too!! Did anyone catch Brendon saying “I love you” to Rachael on BBAF? WTH??


Yea I saw that. I hope he starts to wise up and not say that to her over and over. I am not sure she feels the same way about him.


Boo, they were actually making wedding plans and discussing pre-nups, etc. I am sitting in my living room screaming “Really????” at the tv.

BAB - formally BB

See, I think that she can beat them on a memory type game (like last night, she was quick) but when it comes to outlasting the guys.. I don’t think she stands a chance. Maybe if it was between Britney and Kathy – against Kristen .. I’m not too sure! It’s all mind over matter! I just wish Rachel wouldn’t nominate over personal reasons. She needs to think about this before she makes any moves. ~Just my opinion!

Julie :)


As soon as this competition is over…go talk to Rachel. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DD sisters

who got put on the block????


I really want matt to leave he thinks he is so smart when he is a dumbass, ugh he makes me sick! thinking that not doing to ovbious will let him win the game. He should have put up B/R but noooo… because he think whatever comes into his mind is pure genius! what a loser! leave already!


I agree. i have no idea what Matt is doing. he could have gotten Andrew out a week earlier if he didnt volunteer to go up on the block. Monet wasnt good at anything. Why let her leave? Then he could have gotten Rachel out instead during his hoh reign. Plus, he screwed his alliance, especially hayden, by not getting rachel out. Honestly, I think he has to be the most unpredictable player in BB history.


Lying about his wife dying made him the biggest douche in the game. I loved when Kathy and Hayden were saying how sick a person would have to be to do it and Matt was making these weird faces and agreeing. He cannot lie, it’s all in the face, but they weren’t looking. People in the house really need to watch facial expression and where teh hands go when talking to people. Hand around the mouth mean they are lying, Hayden does that a lot! Matt’s face can’t hide a thing after what I saw last night.


i hope im not in the minority when i say that i would like to see h/k both stay, for 2 reasons: 1. i want to see where the relationship goes. 2. i want k/h to battle it out at the end for “power couple”. so based on that pretense, the best thing that could happen for k/h would be kristen/ kathy on the block, hayden wins pov and takes kristen off, then it really doesnt matter if brigade member goes up or not. if brigade goes up, they have the numbers, and obviously if its not a brigade member, it doesnt matter who goes home. as you can tell, i like the brigade + kristen, so that is my hopeful idea/plan. btw, whatever happened to flat out lying… just say anything to keep yourself safe kristen (never put up b/r), then hopefully win hoh, put b/r up and just say “duh… i lied! this is the end of nomination ceremony.”

agreed. hopefully kristen stays, if she does; she’s gotta win HOH.


Quad, clearly I agree with you 😉


lmao… really? couldn’t tell 😉 i know simon is on board… dont be a floater, pick a side 😉


I’m on Team Brigade with Simon too; what about you, Quad? If I had to choose anyone for final four, it would be them. I also think Ragan is hilarious and I like how he looks someone right in the eye and is able to tell them (in a respectful manner) that they are acting retarded.


if you are in the minority I am too. I LOVE that plan.

BAB - formally BB

I like the way you think Quadfather!


i like the way you think quad (;
if it is a minority, im part of it. alll the way.

Lennon's Ghost

I concur with quadfather. Brigade + Kristen to the final 5.
I’ll reassess my picks then.

Mary Moss

Quadfather-I 100% agree! I couldn’t have said it better. I love H/K but I want to see Kristen stop sulking & play the game. I admire her gumption by not sucking up to R but in this case she needs to. She needs to suck to be R tell her Kathy told her that R&B were going after her which soured her on their friendship and she’s sorry. She sees now it was Kathy manipulating her (which Kathy did!) and that Kristen wants to now work with R &B and wants Kristen & Hayden to go to the Final 4 with R&B. Rachel would eat this up and Not put Kristen & Hayden on the block. Rachel should put up Matt & Kathy then and then The Brigade would save Matt and the annoying manipulative Sheriff hits the road jack and the power couples fight it out as Kristen & Hayden should get HOH next week and put them up !!!!!!!!!


for sure Kristen needs to suck up to Rachel and it would be so easy to do. Rachel is so jealous of


Mary M, that is the ideal scenario. H/K need to make a final four deal with B/R. They can go back on it later if they need to (hell, let’s face it, everyone backstabs everyone in this game). I’m still trying to figure out how R and K ended up on opposite ends of the house…..seems to have come out of nowhere.


great idea, wish Hay/Kris would think of this. Final 5 the 2 power couples and Ragen, then final 4 it gets even better. Rach would fall for this, and Kathy would go under the bus big-time. I think Kathy is the most annoying.


your plan sounds good too !


me 2. i want kristen to stay so bad


The Brigade have 2 know that Matt is not entirely with them. Matt already said this in his DR sessions. Even though I’m with team Brigade I wouldn’t mind Matt leaving this week. Matt gets the grenade, Kristen enters the new Brigade. TEAM BRIGADE YO!!!

i honestly dont even care how its gonna happen. i just want kristen to stay. if she wins HOH. it will be awesome; that wuld be the best comeback ever. watching B/R kiss ass. SMH. epic.


if rachel puts kathy on th e block I will lose all faith in the game changing from abrigade blowout

The Excitement

If Hayden didn’t have an alliance(the Brigade yo), would he try to make a deal with Rachel and Brendon to form an alliance of Rachel, Brendon, Hayden, Kristin ?
I think Rachel and Brendon might wonder why Hayden isn’t trying to make that deal, because I know that Brenchel would definitely take up that deal and form an alliance(they need all the help they can get). plus they’d also think they’d have Ragan, Matt, and even Britney on their side too.
maybe Brenchel find it a little suspicious that Hayden is not trying to make a deal with them.
maybe Brenchel should be the ones to offer that deal to Hayden and Kristin.
it would be interesting. then ofcourse, i’d love for Haystin to backstab them.


ha! I said that in a post too! Great minds think alike 😉

Uncle Cool

Roach is such a power-mad bitch.

She sits in that room like it’s a throne room and she’s allowing the measley peasants to come and see her – using Brenda to summon the next appointment.


I hope Matt leaves soon. I hate that he lied about his wife. I can see making up stories, up serious shit like he’s made up us disgusting.


I was just reading last nights posts again and see that someone called me an idiot for stating that if there was a peoples vote that Rachel would be sent home……now I dont mind being called an idot…..I have been called worse in my lifetime and have no problem being a big mean name caller myself! But thats not my point here. I would like to conduct a poll right here and now! Now I understand most of you, like myself, dont care much for any of these people…..but if you could cast a vote right here right now today for one person to be sent packing, who would it be? Please cast your vote! Please dont cheat either, one vote per person…….we all know that we can all have 10 allias on here, but lets not do that!
I vote to evict Rachel!



Joliet Jake

The Order of People i’d choose to eliminate
1. Rachel
2. Brendan
3. Matt
4. Kathy
5. Kristen
6. Hayden
7. Lane
8. Ragen
9. Enzo


Enzo for the win YO

The Excitement

I vote to de-ball and evict Brendon.


I vote to evict Matt.




Rachel….she is so annoying on so many levels…sorry BG fans. And she isn’t a great game player; she won two of the lamest HOH contests ever. Come on, CBS, step it up a notch.

Julie :)

UH OH>>>>> Kathy has started the you know you know you know again


What is everyone talking about? – Kristen and Hayden a “power couple”?? Does anyone know what that is? Here’s a hint – you have to win, you have to be smart, and oh yeah, you have to have power—none of which these two have. And what relationship? Again, do you know what that is? It’s not a horny 24year old jock wanting to have sex bc there is nothing else for him to do like let’s say oh I don’tknow actually play a game to win money. To Hayden’s credit, he hasn’t made her any empty promises and hasn’t even promised his loyalty which he clearly hasnt given her, so we should stop pretending he has. But I know what you mean, they’re so great and fin and lively to watch….OHhhh wait, you must not know what a wet mop is either then




Hey did anyone catch BBAD last night? Brendon said he loved her…WTF!! He’s not a bad looking guy but really?????

bb fan

Kristen will get put up and win power of veto or hayden will and take her off. Hayden then a brigade member will get put up and go home my predictions for this week

Mary Moss

I vote to evict Rachel!


Rachel thinks she is basically the shit and doesn’t realize how immature she is also that she is already an alcholic and is probably going to be on intervention right when she gets out of bb


Rachael said that their season of Big Brother will be going down in history . . . . . yeah as the most boring cast.


Maybe as “the most Ho’s on a show!


hey Simon, did andrew keep that POV brenda gave him?? i don’t think he took that chess piece or did he? maybe they took it away for the POV?


I don’t know if he took it the chess piece or the POV. Maybe he’ll mention it on some post show interviews.


Rachel and Brenden are the only two people playing the game…You have the rest of the house throwing challenges so they don’t have to put a target on their backs are called FLOATERS…If there wasn’t a showmance, it would be the dumbest and most boring show ever…all you haters wouldn’t have anything to write about..think about it…HATERS KEEP CHEERING ON THE FLOATERS…I’m not a hater…I’m a cheerleader…Go Rachel…Go Brenden…


I think the real problem is that people just really, really, really hate Rachel as a person.




can it be a double eviction rachel/brendon two for one. And the biggest floater is RAGEN!!!!!!!


Rachel will put up LANE, not Matt, or Hayden. I guarantee you all that no matter what Lane says to them in the HOH, they will hear as all lies or veiled threats. It will be Lane and Kristen on the block. Kristen will win POV and Lane will be evicted. Sux ass in my book, cuz I adore Lane but this will be the end result!

jenni on the block

I vote to evict Matt for not putting up Rachael and Brendon last week!!!

Kathy's nice boobs

I vote to kick kristens ass out of the house. Or Matt I am as dumb as a post would be a good choice to. Hayden has no clue just listen to him talk. DUH


The brigade is lame… all talk no action… none of them even come close to winning competitions to have the power to get anyone out… Matt is all about himself.. but that is a good thing because the brigade will turn on him first especially now that he didn’t nom Brendon and Rachel when he was hoh.. Rachel is my favorite, she has guts to call out peoples BS… I wish Ragan and Kathy would quit floating and just team up with Brendon and Rachel… although they would have to get a clue and figure out the brigade exists.. HELLO those 4 are together a hell of a lot not to raise any suspicions..

ENZO a go!

My vote is for Enzo. I fast forward whenever B/R speak. HEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY……so freggin annoying….Brendon is a total whining B*TCH


Gee, wish I was seeing what you are seeing. Hope it carrys over to BBAD.


I can’t stand Hayden, it’s mainly the way he purses his lips. I know that’s kind of weird, but does anyone agree with me? It’s just very annoying to me.