Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brace yourself Houseguests Kathy’s about to get her fight out

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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7:54pm Cabana Room Kathy is telling Hayden that she’s pretty much given up, she’s going to the Jury house she knows it. Hayden tells her if Kristen leaves on Thursday then Kathy can talk to Hayden like she talks to Kristen. He knows that they aren’t close like her and Kristen are but he trusts kristen’s judge of character and he know Kathy is a good person. Kath: “I’m going to miss her to death.. She’s all i got”. Hayden “I’m going to miss her to.. I rally am”. Kathy: “look at the damage they’ve done to the good people in this house so far.. she disgusts me”.. “if i have to site in the jury house and vote the 500K to either Rachel or Brendon I’ll refuse neither deserve the money playing the way they play”. Kathy “Rachel has threaten every girl in the house, I’ve been hiding my fight” kathy says she’s been trained by the police force to “hide her fight” but she won’t stay silent for every, She can’t play her game because R/B control everything. Hayden says they won’t win every competition sooner or later someone else will. Brit walks by and tell Hayden he’s up for pool.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:10pm Rachel and ragan workign out, brendon, hayden, brit, lane, enzo playing pool

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:12pm Back in the Cabana Room Hayden and Kathy Kathy telling him that Ragan isn’t going to put B/R. Hayden says he knows ragan wouldn’t put B/R up. She bets him laundry for a week that Ragan will not put those 2 up. Hayden says he’s been talking to him and Hayden likes him and he knows he doesn’t b/r. Kathy says she wants to win HOH and be the one that puts B/R up. She knows they will go off on her but she’s going to fight and put them both up. Hayden says he may be getting played by everyone but everyone is on the same page. Hayden tells her they should open the door because he doesn’t want Kristen to think he’s campaigning against her. They start talking about Andrew and what he did to hayden, Kathy says she is speechless about him. Hayden is going to give him a piece of his mind at the wrap party. Hayden doesn’t know what he’ll say in his speech on Thursday. He tells Kathy that her speech was classy and she sounded well spoken. Kathy said it wasn’t preplanned she just got up and started talking. Kathy starts to instruct him how to write a successful eviction speech. Hayden tells her he hopes that Kristen DR session doesn’t upset her. Kathy tell him Kristen won’t show the people here how upset she is.. Kathy: “She not a crier.. I wasn’t until I came in here”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:29pm Lane and Matt Have used their brigade training to make a ant trap. It’s basically a ramp that leads up to the lip of a cup. Lane says he’s been staring at if for 30minutes and he saw one ant almost go up. Lane (Whispering): “Shhhhhh don’t make a sound it’s like we’re hunting… WE’VE set the traps all we have to do is wait”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:40pm Brigade boys Masters of the hunt

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27 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brace yourself Houseguests Kathy’s about to get her fight out

  1. Kathy just blowing a lot of hot air, she’s all talk. she won’t put them up either. if brenden wins hoh, she will be right back up there crying and begging them not to put her up. in fact, they all say they want to put up b/r, but when they start counting jury votes, they chicken out and wait for someone else to do their dirty work. rachel and brenden equals 2 jury votes.

    1. Even more than that, they are an easy win if someone takes one of them to final 2.
      No matter who is in the final against Brendon or Rachel will win the game. Boy George and Needledick can’t win unless they both make the final 2, which is pretty much impossible, and that is their own damn fault. That’s why Matt isn’t in a hurry to get rid of them. Let them alienate everyone and hopefully they will burn his alliances for him. He looks good on finale night and Branchel will only get one vote. If Matt makes it to the end with another brigader, the only one he could beat would be Hayden. I don’t think he would beat Lane or Enzo. Of course a lot can happen between now and then, but I would rather be sitting in front of the jury with Brendon or Rachel than with Brit, Lane, Enzo or Ragan.

  2. kristen is the smartest person in the house right now. she is telling ragan about how odd hayden hasnt talked to enzo, matt or lane for votes but he is doesnt think they r in an alliance. r thought raga is smart? either ragan doesnt want to believe it b/c he is close to matt or he is not as smart as i thought. at first i wanted kristen out but now i want her to stay. she is the only one with game.

  3. I know Kathy has not done one thing in this game so far. Neither has the Brigade. I would love to see her surprise everyone and show her real “stuff”, win HOH, put B/R up and really shake up the house. Especially since all everyone there and here have done nothing but ridicule her. Surely she has more skills than she has shown thus far if she truly is a deputy sheriff. I have a girlfriend who is a deputy sheriff and they go thru tough training.
    GO Brigade!!!!!!!!

  4. Kathey??? Showing her real stuff, you must mean like Rachel did. I have seen way too many of the shows on TV, 48 hours and others. Those police and deputy sheriffs are just about all overweight ( that goes for you ff’s up North too ) Kathy needs to go, she has that “Whatever Happened To BabyJane” Bette Davis scarey look going on.

  5. I can see it now – the drama, the spectacle –
    Julie: “HGs when I …… by a vote of 6 – 0, sorry “Bitch Boy”, I mean Brendon, sorry, you have been evicted from the BB house. But before you go Brendon, please take that “mess in a dress” Rachel with you! Since you chose to play as one, you are evicted as one! . . . ..
    Rachel: “But, Julie!!!
    Julie: (rudely cutting off Rachel) “Sorry, Rachel, but it’s not your turn to speak”. With that, both the HGs and the studio audience stand and cheer as they watch B/R’s “walk of shame” out the front door. To B/R’s dismay, all that awaits them is an envelop which contains two bus tokens and a map of the closest bus stop

    Back inside the BB House!
    Julie: “Congratulations Kathy!’ I guess you meant it when you said there was a new sheriff in town!!”
    Kathy: “Well, Julie.” (Suddenly Kathy clings to her chest with both her fists.” She is trying to say something but all that comes out of her mouth are smoke rings.)
    Julie: HGs, don’t panic! Paramedics are on the way!!! in the meantime lay her out! I mean lay her down on the couch, with her legs elevated so she can breathe.”
    Britney: “Julie, that’s not funny – this is Kathy not Rachel, besides, if it were Rachel, when ever she reclined her legs autiomatically went up over her head! So that explains why Brendon’s pet name for Rachel was “Broyhill”, Aren’t they the company that makes those effen hideous reclining chair? My boyfriend tried to talk me into letting him have one . . . .. . ”
    Julie: “Your right Britney, I’m sorry” Wait what is Kathy doing!”
    Kathy has managed to get the middle finger on her right hand to stick upright, and is now forcing herself to speak!!!! (Cue the theme for Deliverance “Dueling Banjos”)
    Julie: Well be right back!!!!

      1. Thanks you. I try. It’s been hard just posting generic comments. I’ve been waiting for some good material – no fault of yours Simon – it’s just this lag time between shows from Sunday to Wednesday/Thursday. The new time schedule doesn’t help this season at all. Too much time in between shows – puts “people’s feet to sleep”! Thank all things good and nasty, for this site. Are you all still awake in there Simon? Dawg?

        1. simon and dawg have to still be awake as they monitor the comments and read them before they are posted so as not to offend anyone :) that is why you get that “comment awaiting moderation”

    1. NEW Jimik: Funny as hell, highly paid script/screenwriter. OLD Jimik: self-mutilating, stuck in a safehouse. Go Jimik!!!

  6. i think schathy thinks she is conundrum. but she is just an airhead that doesn’t have a clue.poor schathy, she will take 2 hrs to go from that BBH door to julie chen when she gets evicted :) then when julie says “why do you think they got rid of you considering you were a “conundrum” ? and schathy will say ” what mean ? I am a sheriff LOL

  7. I would love to see Kathy start acting like a cop and blowing people away in physical competitions, just to see all of their jaws on the floor.

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