**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit to Lane “I’m planning long term to protect the 2 of us, B/R want Hayden or Kristen Gone this week”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


9:51pm Hot tub Lane and BritLane explains to her the strategy they have for the POV competeiong how it’ll be point based etc etc shows her the angles that are best to hit it the ball. Lane is pissed though becuase he thinks hayden told Kristen about it. He can tell because earlier in the evening they were alone outside and now she practicing using their technique. Lane asks if kristen wins Pov who will Rachel put up… “Kathy?” .. Brit says no, Lane “WHY” brit explains that she wants to break up kristen and hayden. Brit thinks she’ll put up either lane or herself.. but she’s not worried becuase they have the votes. She counts out that they have ragan, matt, enzo and brit/lane. brit tells him she wants kristen to go home becuase she is coming after the girls she’ll fight for the POV not to be used and she’ll try her best to protect her and lane. She says if it comes down to it they’ll have to get rid of Hayden.
Lane tells her why is she thinking 2 weeks in the future.. gives her a look. Brit:”don’t look at me like that all disgusted i’m looking after you and me and thats it”. She tells him that they need to keep her, lane, matt and ezno intact (New brigade yo) Matt joins them and lane asks hows Kristen’s doing. matt explains that she’s doing very good….. ragan joins and they start talkign about drinking etc..

Brit tells them a story about when she told her little brother that

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:17pm Most people practicing for the pov  


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:52pm some houseguests playing pool some practicing the POV. At one point Brit tells lane that kahty heard him says that she would be stupid if she used POV.. Lane doesn’t care he’ll tell her that cause it’s the truth.

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Uh-ohs…. Brit has a secret crush on Lane. It’s not like we did not see this coming with all the playful and flirtatious fighting. Showmance number 4…. ugh.


Who is Shomance 3? Brendon and Andrew?


Showmance number 3: Ragan and Matt. 😀 Ragan is like Matt’s lap dog.


They have the same shape of head. Sometimes I wonder if they are related.


imo, ragan’s head is too big for his body…especially with that candy apple- stick neck. matt has a pea head and a short, flexi-straw neck (why can’t he keep his friggin head upright when he talks?…especially when he’s being “matt the rat”)….and ragan? don’t get me started…what a friggin’ phoney!! he seems very “needy”, too. i don’t trust him..you’ll see.

i’m so over his little “look-how-far-i’ve-come” speeches. shut up, already.


Rachel and brendon.
Heydan and Kristin.
Matt and Reagan.
Britney and Lane.
Brendon and Andrew.
Enzo and his farts.


Brittany is engaged . so yahh nott happening , but there an alliance deff ?!

geaux BRachel

RT—RT– truth is… the brigade is a bunch of idiots.

they can barely win anything…the biggest thing they have going for them is that they are a secret.

it doesnt matter if you have a secret alliance if you can’t pull out big moves.

i hope rachel takes them out.

so far, she is the one that deserves to win.

yes, we all get sick of things she does and says but shes playing the game


Lane + brit/long time friends, not only that but “nick” is actually either lane or just doesn’t exist if u know what i mean;)

sweet dreams.

yea kristen/hayden. they better kick ass this POV.
im pretty sure they can do this.
&’d now i can sleep peacefully.
thanks simon for the post.


Rachel’s whole game is based on personal…trying to get all the chicks out. Monet looks far better than her and any man would wanna date her. Kristin also looks better than her, and so does brittney. Her thing is that these girls are coming after her. Memo to Ms Redness, every1 is coming after you.


It just dawned on me……could Lane and Brittany already be a couple?? NAH?????


I was thinking the same thing too….

Sir Bob

Yep I seen this Brit/Lane relationship growing also, I don’t see them jumping into the sack anytime soon though. Let’s see what happens with this BRANE duo, a new twist awaits!


OMG, Enzo is eating!!!!! I have to mute it. Let me know if I miss any good conversations.


Im on Tivo time and about 40 minutes behind I think on Afterdark……what is up with the piss spa??Dont these people know how to clean it? I remember in past seasons the HG’s were always cleaning it!


TiVo has it’s own time??


No silly….I recorded showtime latenight and am just now watching it! Im about 40 minutes behind….I think……


wa sabout to say i know TiVo is better then that DVR shit Timewarner got, i hate only bring able to tape 2 shows at once

The Excitement

that should be Brendon’s job. he is the pool boy.


I hope they succeed in getting rid of Kristen. She just rubs me the wrong way.

Julie :)



Ditto that to getting rid of Kristin.


yeah, ..she bugs me, too.

she’s kinda arrogant….needs to be knocked down to earth.


On BBAD tonight they were talking about getting a cut of the revenue they made during the eviction, and Hayden made a comment “our cut is 750 a week”.. anyone know what he’s talking about?


They get paid 750 a week that they are there and if they make it to jury house they still make that amount.

geaux BRachel

yea i just read on twitter earlier today that the HG gets $750 a week..even during the jury house… so since its the 6 week=$4500..if that correct.


They receive a stipend each week they are in the house, or the jury house of $750. 2 weeks, $1500, 3 weeks $2250, etc. Plus any amounts they win in competitions.


DAMN they get $67,500 if they make it to the finale……….


Brendon looks kinda hot tonight…..or maybe its just the Vodka Crans……


Im starting to smell Matts PJ’s from here…has Kathy washed them for him yet?


I know. I’m tired of seeing those pjs


At least in the footie pajamas he can’t play with himself!


I know thank God!!!!! Matt should be required to wear an onesie at all times.


Rattsmell has to be some kinda stripper dancer….she is such an expeditionist at heart! I was just in Vegas last week and now most of the casinos have dancers dancing above the blackjack tables etc….guess to distract you from your card game…..maybe thats what she does……They dont discriminate either, there were hot ones and homely ones so Im just saying……plus they dont talk, which is perfect for her…….


what game is it they were playing???? i know it;s gonna be the POV game but what is it? they be building some crazy shit for them


It was lame, but I think it is because it is a scaled down version….it’s like a wooden pin ball game ……..


The Brigade must win the POV then they gotta go to Brenchel and say look, we rollin five deep so if you don’t wanna get put up next week you better put Kathy up as the replacement. Now that’s good TV. This is the weakest brigade aka Gaygade.


oh how special….B\R and H\K are bonding in the BY having a great time!!Making light of the big fight!BFFL!!

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

Does Kristen remind anyone else of Janelle?


Now that you mention it……..
she has the cross eyed thing
going on…but no one compares
to Janelle! I loved Janelle! Now that
was the best season for me I think!


Kristen reminds me of Christina Applegate. circa 1988..Kelly Bundy

you got got

AHAHAHA YES, I totally said that the other night that Kristen looked like Christina Applegate. Don’t Tell Mom the Brigade’s Dead.

you got got

also, Enzo has this Al Bundy quality to him–the beleaguered, indignant old man/House Dad.

tony b

I have thought that Kristen looks like Jennifer Anniston myself.


Yes, she totally looks like Christina Applegate!


Kristen reminds me of Christina Applegate, too. But Rachel reminds me of Winona Judd! 😀 (only in looks of course!)




Reminds me of Will Ferrell


How come every time a girl and guy connect, people have to label it as a Showmance? Brit’s engaged, and she flashed her ring before giving her vote this week. Don’t recall if she’s done that every week. She’s likely happily engaged. It IS possible for a guy and a girl to be really good platonic friends without turning into a showmance.


in your dream because we all know that the briigade is lame all they can do is talking shit about Rachel and Brendon that’s it


I can’t stand that ugly…stonewhite face…fake boob….fake redhaired witch with the silly
cackle ! I hate that ugly varmite ! Hopefully….she goes home next week ! ! ! If Brendon
can’t do better than that……….hell……..I’d give up !