Big Brother 12 – POV Prep. Brigade Talk Mad F’in Game and Rachel puts on her Lucky Extensions

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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10:30pm Cabana Room, Brigade yo Matt is swearing on his wife that he’s not the sab. The brigade believes him. They agree that the member of the brigade that wins the 500K will take them all out for a brigade vacation. They’re feeling pretty good about the POV competition however each one is looking pretty nervous, Enzo is pacing around. They go over the plan to have Enzo and HAyden team up with B/R. Both enzo and Hayden say they are making great headway with befriending b/r, enzo thinks they are starting to trust him more and more especially Brendon. They point out how much time they are spending together talking, Enzo is confident that the seeds he plants in Brendon will take root. Enzo mentions that Brendon will join him and hayden in an alliance all they need to do is ask him, The deal was unofficially offered to Enzo last night. They go over all the remaining houseguests to make sure that if any one of them wins HOH that they won’t put up 2 brigade members. So far the only question mark they have is Kathy. Enzo reports that he’s been planting in Brendon’s head that LAne is teamed up with brit, Therefore if Brendon wins HOH next week he won’t put up Matt and LAne like he was planning. Brendon already knows that ragan and MAtt are together but they’re going to try and play the Thursday vote as a tie and have Matt keep Brendon then use that to get him 1 week protection. There confident that the brigade will stay whole regardless of who goes up for HOH next week (4 deep). There plan is to use Kathy as a unoffical allaince member and to keep her around to the final 5, she the perfect pawn. Talk moves to pandora’s box where matt goes on and on about how he feels screwed over because everyone thinks he’s the sab, He had gone into the DR and yelled at production saying that they are sabotaging his game. Lane tries to reassure him that it’s not the case, the brigade believes he’s not the sab and that all he needs. They start to speculate about who is el Salvatore, Matt is asking the 2 brigade spys (HAyden and Enzo) what feeling do they get from b/r. Hayden had a long talk with them last night this is his analysis. ” I got a legitimate feeling that they are not the saboteur She’s (rachel) not a good actor my instincts tell me its not her ” Matt: “then who is it.. it’s not Ragan I’m close to him I would know, Lane says it’s not Brit, i don’t see it either but it has to be kathy”. LAne: “I bet it is kathy her DR sessions are probably OFF THE WALL CRAZY she’s shooting guns running her mouth off” They all laugh. Matt points out that any brigade member has to be a idiot to take the saboteur position because they are in a very good position to go to final 4, the rest agree. hayden and Enzo leave to go work on Brendon.. they are going to continue to get closer to him, Make him feel like he’s the target this week then offer him an alliance once Rachel goes home (assuming she won’t win POV.. which she probably will) Ragan walks in.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

They start talking about the POV comp and who is the best at practicing last night. ragan says he’s very good at it, He feels like this is one competition that he can do well in. Matt asks if he’s still nervous, ragan says more then ever cause he really wants to get her out. Ragan says that he would do much better if they gave him a drink before the comp. Matt asks how Brendon is doing with the bowling last night. Lane say he’s not the best nor is he the worse.. LAne: “There’s no way that Brendon has played any sports in his live because he has such poor sportsmanship” Ragan mentions that he cries like a baby. They joke around about what excuses Brendon will use if he wins POV, “the Ball is not heavy enough for bigger people.. the ground is too slippery for tall people… my centre of gravity is too high for this..he has to bend too far to throw the ball which throws the nerves in his legs out so he now needs a hip replacement.” Ragan doesn’t like Brendon’s personalty he’s a nice guy and he’s good looking but he’s such a douche. Lane calls him the groomed ogre. Kahty walks in Ragan thinks that the POV will be btween noon and 2. kahty complains she’s too tired to play the POV, she’s certain she’ll end up in solitary confinement wearing a unitard. Ragan starts to joke about how B/R were practicing last night “you got this babe.. yes yes use your toe babe..” Everyone laughing Ragan says if they start doing that during the comp he’s going to say the same thing to Lane, “You got this babe”(using ragans girl voice).. Everyone howling.

Kathy brings up that she saw Rachel roll the ball between her leg. Matt: “I hope they sanitize that ball… You all better watch out she might shoot the ball out of her strippers know how to do that”. They start to talk about the POV ans what exactly will be required for them to do. They know it’s bowling but last night they were only given 3 pins. There all pretty much all agreeing that the POV will be long (not sure why) , Ragan:”it’s going to be long and hard”. Matt heads up to the HOH.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:27pm HOH Brit and MAtt Brit brigns up how shitty Kathy is at bowling, she throws at her side adn every time she hits the side boards which means she’ll get nothing but gutter balls. Matt saw her last night, he doens’t know why Kahty has such poor confidence for being a cop and all. Brit thinks the 2 best are Enzo and Ragan both were nailing the pins last night. She doesn’t think Lane was very good but he was much better then Kathy. Matt tells Brit that HAyden it convinced that R/B are not the Sab. Brit agrees with rachel not being it but she’s thinking it might be Brendon because lately he’s been acting off. Brit mentions that B/R are trying to make everyone think MAtt is the sab and he needs to go next week. MAtt laughs, he’s not the sab why would he pick that roll for a measly 20grand. Brit : “how great will it be if Brendon and Rachel go out in the beginning and we’re left and can just to trick shots” matt laughs he wants to throw some backhanders. Brit says that they’ve had bowling like this in previous years, She explains “10 pins regular bowling and whoever gets the lowest number of pins gets eliminated”. MAtt: “it’s going to take a long time to complete this comp” Brit agrees she thinks endurance might play a factor because it’s going to be cooking out side today (lucky them it’s raining here). Matt: “oh god i picked Kathy my hand is sabotaged”. Talk moves tot he sab and both Brit and M on the sab messages during week one when they said “ha ha you didn’t get me on the block this week”. It was Annie and Annie was on the block so now they don’t know if its a lie or truth…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:50pm Taj Hayden, rachel and Brendon Hayden telling them they pulled the best picks for POV. the only way they could of pulled better is if they got Hayden to play cause he might be able to help b/r. They talk about how good Ragan is at it, Brendon is sure he’ll beat Ragan. Brendon thinks Ragan will get flustered adn choke during the comp plus Brendon thinks ragan is scared of him so Brendon is going to try and freak him out during it. Rachel says she’s wearing her lucky extensions today. Brendon mentions how pissed he is at Ragan for being mean to rachel, “you know he was her best friend week 1 and 2 and now he treats her like this.. Ragan was all heart broken when Kristen was on the block why isn’t he that rachel is”.. Hayden tells them he needs to get some sleep before they start the comp.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Noon Taj Rachel puts on her lucky extensions

12:41pm Trivia POV comp underway

1:36pm TRIVIA

2:06pm TRIVIA

2:26pm TRIVIA

2:46pm TRIVIA

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119 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 – POV Prep. Brigade Talk Mad F’in Game and Rachel puts on her Lucky Extensions

    1. I agree… pulling for Brit overall but hope 1 of the Barfmanceros win POV

      Enzo is a Jersey bitch, someone needs to drive a fist into his solar plexus

  1. Jeff and Jordan are in town for Jeff’s Around the World for Free gig…I’m betting they will host the POV today…I wonder if Jeff will stay the night in the BB house…would make for a better BBAD tonight….

    1. Nor is anyone else in the house… except maybe Kathy.
      And for the women who say they want men with a ‘backbone’, that same ‘backbone’ is the one that ends up cheating on you ‘cuz they don’t care… seriously ladies this is why the divorce rate is the highest it’s ever been in America.

    2. I have never seen a more de-balled man in my life….when will he realize that boltering Rachel will be a lifetime assignment. She is like the two headed snake. Hungry and rude with power, and a weeping 2 year old when not in power. She’s a train wreck and nothing he says makes her stop whining, and he isn’t apparently smart enough to realize it and shut the F up. He’s stupid, she’s one of the all time BB skanks. She loves those extensions…last night on BBAD she kept playing with them. But then Brit picks are her knees, and picks at her split ends all night long. Ragan was trying his best to look so shocked over this surprise Sab thing…. But still, I am there from start to finish watching the comedy.

  2. there isn’t one nice person in the house this year, everyone one of them are mean, they need to quit name calling and play the game

    1. when has there ever been a house full of nice people on BB?
      it’s always been about lying, manipulating, backstabbing, backdooring, spying.

      1. I don’t think you have to be nice, I just want them to play the game and less name calling, name calling has nothing to do with the game
        PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Name calling has everything to do with the game and it is FUN FUN FUN for the viewers.

          MORE PLEASE!!!!

          I want to see Brendon booted out and Britney win the HOH.

          Then, I want to see the rest of the house, minus Roach, hang out in the HOH with the door locked.

          Just so I can watch Roach cry.


          1. that would be awesome Uncle Cool even though I’m on Team Rachel, I do want to see her flip out and rip her extensions out.

      2. The first few BB seasons were game play and not all the lying and nastiness as there is now. I like to see real game play and not all the lying, name calling, nastiness, etc. that BB entails now. Each year it has gotten worse which is pathetic. I’m just saying………a little background for you.

        1. In season 2 alone you had the self-proclaimed biggest liar in BB history Dr. Will (not a slam, I enjoyed his gameplay), psycho Shannon who made fun of Autumn for being fat and used Hardy’s toothbrush to clean the toilet, Hardy and Nicole who were constantly bashing the others. In season 3 the entire reason Danielle lost was because she badmouthed the other players in her diary sessions and the entire house mocked Amy for her drama, heavy drinking and immaturity. So BB has always had this element to it, a little background for you.

            1. Actually what you stated was that “The first few BB seasons were game play and not all the lying and nastiness as there is now.” I was simply pointing out that the lying and nastiness has always been there, this season is just fresh in your memory.

    2. Com’on people. Think for a minute. If you were locked in a house with people you barely know, all playing for a 1/2mil, and you have absolutely NOTHING to do (except for what production allows you to do), how would you act? Most of you couldnt even survive spending the weekend locked up in your own house with your family or friends without say something “not so nice” about them. ITS A GAME, and they are the PLAYERS. The game is set up to be like this so we would watch. Seriously who wants to see a show where every one is sitting in a circle holding hands singing Kumbaya and inisitng that they dont wont to win and for the other person to take the 1/2mil????? NOT ME.. BRING THE ENTERTAINMENT!!! I realize these people are “role playing” in this game. If you dont like this form of entertainment simply dont watch it and then you will have no reason to vent.

    3. Everyone’s game play in this house is sitting around calling everyone names and making fun of them. I am sick of all of them but that is what you get when you have a bunch of children playing an adult game.

  3. Why do they mention how Lane did in practice last night? I thought he and Hayden were the 2 not playing for POV today….

  4. it don’t matter.. brendon or rachel is going home this week. brendon wins pov, he’s going home and hopefully rachel will quit(if not, she’ll go if rachel wins, she’s taking brendon off. they’re both stupid. i’m so thrilled they’re not going to win. acting like king and queen. rachel reminds me of jessie. he flaunted his roids, she flaunts her implants. she should get a complete face do-over.

    1. Yeah I’m sure they’ll do something…..heaven forbid they let the game play out without interfearing somehow!!

      1. I think we will all have to suck another week of Rachel!!!!!!! but it would be fun to see her in the Jury house all by herself!

  5. ok – Kathy can’t bowl worth shit but it would be great if she won this. She could look them square in the eyes and say I have been the target since week one you whiney ass m-fers.. cut the shit – one of you is going home. That would be Kristens best revenge if Kathy won. I would pay money for that.. Everyone else would cheer her on.

  6. Oh please, please let Brit or The Brigade win the veto…I so want that Rachel gone…so freaking annoying and such a bitch!

    1. It’s a ticket to play, not to pull anyone off. This way he plays for shure and not worry about if his name is pulled out of the bag or not.

  7. I agree. You can’t say the brigade hasn’t done anything. They are starting to come alive. I didn’t like enzo in the beginning but him and Brit are my faves. They are both hilarious. Regan has the best one liners.

    1. Naw, season 9 was the worst of the worst. Unwatchable. Season 5 was pretty lame too. The horsemen were jerks and the rest were just boring. The only one I liked was Karin. This season isn’t the best, but it isn’t the worst either. I just wish it wasn’t so predictable.

  8. What is this POV ticket you are talking about? And, why is Matt not playing for the POV, isn’t he the HOH, so doesn’t that mean he plays for the POV? I hope Rachel gets sent packing. But, I also agree, the show is fixed and she will probably stay, which really sucks.

  9. yea; i wil lbe interesting to see kathy win, she hates rachel for taking out kristen. i want rachel to go…brendon a good guy. being around her to much is making him lose it… :|

  10. Here’s a suggestion for the sab. I want to see him mess with Rachel’s head. Start speculating that something they told him in the DR makes him think Kristen is coming out of Pandora’s box. Make it look like she is going home and Brendan will stay. Every time he gets a chance, bring up how wonderful Kristen was. Say how Hayden and Kristen are probably as well liked by the public as Jeff and Jordan. Make a point of telling Hayden when they are around BR that he will probably get to do things with Kristen after the game like go on Amazing Race and other stuff because they are so cute together. This will drive Rachel nuts and promises lots of drama for feed watchers.

    1. How about saying that Kristen didn’t go home. She is in the Jury House and Brendon is going to be in there with her all by themselves!!!! Rachel, she is with your man!!!!

  11. “Brendon mentions how pissed he is at Ragan for being mean to rachel, “you know he was her best friend week 1 and 2 and now he treats her like this.. Ragan was all heart broken when Kristen was on the block why isn’t he that rachel is”

    Um hello, No one like your or Rachel! You dug your grave, now go bury yourself in it. These two Balloon heads need Psych evaluations …pronto!

      1. I think there is some sort of evaluation.. though, these two are really good actors! How they managed to pass it is beyond me!

  12. It was mentioned from a House Guest that this will be a long competiton because they have to reset their own pins and what not? So I guess we shouldn’t be expecting anything soon? So maybe another hour or so before we find something?

  13. Im getting nervous about the results. Either way though, one of them is definitely going this week! I’d rather it be Rachel, but on the other hand, it might be more interesting if she’s the one who stays. And by interesting, I mean Crazy.

    1. yeah I mean he had been saying horrible things for weeks….

      these people seriously believe its a house vs B and R thing…

      watching kathy, and brit…with the plan of “be friends with the guys”…the ENTIRE game…is just sad.

      Brenden Rachel Kathy Brit will go out in the next 4 weeks

      1. Ragan had been “saying horrible things for weeks”? Like what? As opposed to who? Maybe Ragan finally had enough of Rachel, like so many others.

    2. while ragan is playing both sides which is called good game play, he as well as kathy and kristen saw the “destructive potential” in brenchel and distanced themselves from that b4 it messed up their game. brenchel acted like they were the victims when in fact it was them pushing everyone away not just with the mushy stuff but when they were threatening people to vote their way and acting all arrogant when they won throwing it in everyone’s faces, and the way rachel acted during her 2nd HOH even bitch boy said she was wrong for what she did. they did this to themselves instead of trying to make friends with the house and growing their alliance they kept to themselves pretending the were all that with their temporary power, they thought they would coast through just on the strength of them winning in comps while not doing any “strategizing” to ensure they make it to the end, making enemies along the way… they forgot the one golden rule BB is not just about winning in competitions it’d about “alliances”, “strategy” and “not making too many enemies”…

  14. Is it just me, or is the saboteur really corny? As a house guest I don’t think you should really be concerned about it. What is the saboteur capable of that is so great, lie, do mischief. Anybody in the house can do that. I could see if the saboteur could alter the HOH nominations, or prevent other house guests from playing in the POV by removing them from the random drawing.

    1. Saboteur is stupid just as the Pandora’s Box is. BB needs to come up with more exciting twists not the same tired tricks re-branded (e.g America’s Player is now the Saboteur). I’ve sent a few new suggestions to AG. Lets see if she uses any!

  15. Rachael will not go “crazy” if Brendon leaves…she is an actress. She doesn’t give two shits about that guy…what show are ya’ll watching?

    Geaux Brigade!!!!

    1. Yes, but she will go crazy if the rest of them alienate her because she is an attention hoar and cant stand to be alone! Tho the rest of them are doing a great job of pretending so Im guessing they would pretend to like her and she wouldn’t know the difference! She would just have to continue to fight and play harder than anyone! Lets see if she has it in her, or not!

      1. Rachel will go into her work mold. She does get guys to buy her $1000 bottles of liquor, as she says. With Brendon gone, she will work all those talents that money has bought her.

  16. People I won’t believe it until I see either Rachel or Brendan exit on Thurs. I’m convinced Production has an affinity for that dopey duo like that useless Jeff and Jordan. I heard those two were going to drop by the house. I’ll fast forward thru that.

    Anybody else with me in voting that Kathy becomes the bowling ball? Hell what else does she do in the house? She’s got to be a sheriff in Mayberry or Whoville because I can’t imagine her in a real live town with real criminals. Sorry, I just don’t respect people who don’t come to play. And not having a strategy isn’t a strategy people. It’s called LAZY!

  17. Yeah this is a game folks and all the mean, horrible nasty things all of you are calling Rachel, just remember folks she is a “Human Being” playing the game, if you like her or not but all these evil things you people are calling Rachel and wishing bad things to happen to her personally is totally un-called for and all of you fools should be ashamed of yourselves!!!
    Just think………KARMA could come in your lives and come back to BITE you in the ass for all the evil things wished upon a human being as all of you are, just for the way she happens to be playing the damn game, you’d think Rachel has done something evil to all of you personally, which she hasen’t.
    You people are horrible , nasty, mean and cruel human beings, if any of you can even call yourselves a human being, I have my doubts that you are.
    Leave Rachel the hell alone, she’s playing the game as the rest of the HG’s are playing the game, and she don’t deserve all the nasty names she’s being called by all you idiots!
    KARMA!!! KARMA!!!!!! KARMA!!!!!! to all you horrible peons!!!

    1. Karma is exactly what’s happening to Roachface.

      Haven’t you been keeping up with her actions and statements?


    2. I do hope you realize how hypocritical you’re being by calling other people horrible people for calling another person names. You’re judging a bunch of people because they’re judging Rachel! Get over it. People are going to hate, and some of it is definitely warranted!

  18. The brigade is so sure that if Brendan stays in the house and wins HOH he will put up Matt and Ragan. Well it would be hilarious if this backfires and Brendan puts up Matt and another Brigade member like Lane.

    1. Then they will all have to play just that much harder for a change! Some of them have just been saving their strength for when they will really need it! Looking forward to the game changing and it not being all about one person……

  19. If Rachel wins the POV and saves herself, and Brendon goes home, I guarantee Rachel will win HOH next week and Mr. I can’t keep my hands out of my pants (Matt) will be scared. I hope Rachel wins this thing.

      1. Matt will be scared. I want to see her take Matt out. She’s gonna end up just like Jordan after Jeff left the house… she’ll win the game,

  20. Simon and Dawg, thanks for this site. I’m addicted to it and I read every post. I have it as my homepage on my computer and phone.

  21. my gurl she bees puttin those xtensons in her weave like the black gurl she bee. she should go on soul train, all the bruthas would wanna get sum of that funky stuff she bee givin two branden

    1. yeah.. it made an inappropriate comment about the President earlier. not the place for racism or politics. too bad we can’t flag.

    2. Just another dumbass thinking they are on “Last Comic Standing” Dont let it bother you, just skip those posts, that is what Im doing cause I cant make sense of it anyways!

    3. t shah wrote in a earlier post that rachel was the closest thing to a black person on BB and she wants to see a black person win and since monet is gone I guess she picked rachel to win.

  22. Simon, I kinda agree with the poster above about you guys posting in bold. However, I can certainly understand you guys NOT wanting to BE the site, but letting your info. be the main theme and reason for being here.

    But you guys posting in bold would not be a bad idea, I personally think. Sometimes I try to find what you guys post and with your posts not being any different than ours, except for the names, it’s tough to find. There might be an easier way to find posts of those we like to follow, if so, please let me know how.

    Thank you. Again, good job.

    And 4-Deep from Way Back in da Day Yo. LOL!!

  23. simon….thanks sooo much for this site. i just made a donation because i think you do a great job and i read every bit of what is posted here. Go Brigade :)

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