**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – POV Results, Brit wins..YO


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:30pm Jumanji Room.. everyone laying around after the competition.. Kristen is PISSED Brit is exhausted.. Some results from the competition
Rachel won 5K, Hayden locked in have nots room for 24hour but he can talk through the walls to other houseguests if he wants, Kristen gets to wear a hippietard, Ragan wins VETO Ticket, Enzo 3D TV, Brit has POV. Enzo is on cloud nine running around.. He corners Matt in the Bathroom, says today was huge the brigade is going in with 4 people and nobody in the house has a clue whats happening. Rachel and Brendon have a talk in the storage room. They comment how poorly Hayden and Krsiten did. They are suspicious about why this happened, Brendon thinks hayden is just dimmer than they had thought. rachel agrees hayden is dumb.

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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119 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – POV Results, Brit wins..YO

        1. hay won the first pov which was basically a group game and matt won the surfing game b/c his board was longer. i hope hayden goes home, yo

          1. His board wasn’t longer.

            He is very small and his little feet took up less space on it, so when it went into the wall, he still had plenty of room to stand.

    1. Enzo can’t say anything without a “yo”…just like Rachel can’t say two words without adding “like”, and then there’s Kathy with the “I mean”, and “ya know”. I am so glad Rachel or Brendon didn’t win anything. Go Brit. Some of her meaness is gone with the departure of the Meaness Girlfriend Monet, and some of the things Brit says are downright funny.

  1. britney will def not use it even if lame tries to change her mind b/c she knows the power couple (those cocktail she has been riding) will come after her

    1. at least they r winning things. shaggy, lame, meow-meow and self proclaimed genius sucks. hope hayden goes home, Yo

    2. She hasn’t been riding their coat tails, she wants them gone. They think she’s with them and she’s not correcting them cause, why would she? Who would tell the HOH that they’re coming after them? Brit is palying the game better then most people in the house.

  2. Yipeeeee! So happy Brit won!!!! So glad stupid Rachel didn;t win!! Brittany practiced the least of everyone – interesting enough! Let the butt kissing begin!

  3. brendon and rachel r obviously not stupid b/c they have been winning all the mental games. the brigade is stupid.

    1. Rachel & Brendon need to go. They aren’t playing a game, they are having a showmance. Brendon can’t possibly be as smart as he thinks since he is into Rachel. Her voice is the most annoying sound in the world. She is screwing herself by being a j3rk to the people there now b/c all of these people getting kicked from this point on will be in the jury house.

  4. WOW! Britney and the POV. I wonder of the “Brigade” can convince her to use the POV on Hayden? Wishful thinking…yo! :)

    1. Nah, why should they? Hayden is in like flynn. Enzo, Matt, Lane will keep him. As long as Roachel continues to play emotionally instead of smart, She’ll make Brenda vote out Kristen. And even then Ragan will vote to keep Hayden.

    2. No, that’s dumb thinking just like they are. That would meAn one of them can go up. They are stupid, but not that stupid.

      1. I was kidding. I know Britney wants Kristen out but it would be amazing if there was a wild twist somewhere in there. We still don’t know who will be chosen for the new Saboteur!

        1. Or if they will accept the tag… There would have to be some pretty good incentives for me to take it.

    1. No, Kristen isn’t going to talk to Brit, she wants KATHY to do it. Surely Kathy won’t be that stupid to try to persuade Brit to take off Kristen. That’d piss off B/R & Brit could jeopardize herself. Besides, even Kathy knows SHE could be the replacement. I know she commented that she’d go home to save her “babies’ Kris & Hayden, but I don’t think she’s that stupid. I think she may be homesick for her own kids? But, she’s in it to make $$$ for them!!!!! Hope she keeps her senses on this!

  5. I’m glad Brit won. Not her biggest supporter but I’d rather any1 else have it but Kristen or Hayden. Or Kathy but she didn’t play so it doesn’t matter….

    1. I would think a veto card will allow the holder to use it whenever he/she wants.

      If Britney uses it on Hayden and HO puts up Matt, Ragan can use it to take off Matt or Kristen and Roach will choose someone else.

      Just a guess.

  6. 2 Bad Kristen is leaving but its better for the Brigade this way yo. The B/R machine will all be over next week and the Brigade will be in full grenade mode yo.

      1. Ha! Yoko ono. Astute observation, sir!

        Man Kristin is pretty useless, Hayden was smart to cut his ties with her.

  7. Well, I don’t know about been tough. She’s only won random shit based on luck. That’s better then the rest I guess.

  8. Britney is a smart player and has to be one of the favorites to win this thing.
    So Kristen goes home and next week hopefully Brendan and Rachel go up and one goes home. Splitting them up is crucial and anyone making Matt’s mistake deserves torture. I like Britany and Enzo’s chances in this thing and think Lane also has a legitimate shot. It’s all falling into place… Brandon/Rachel’s days are numbered!

  9. I wasn’t a big Brit fan early on, but the things she says cracks me up.
    The only people I want to go home right now are B/R.. Brendon had better get to the doc after the show. Something might fall off if you know what I mean. Rachel looks trashy and if she yells out Oviiii one more time, I’m going to scream. Just someone pahleezze get them the hell out of there.
    Wouldn’t it be funny if Kathy won HOH, and was the only person in the house with a big enough pair to put them on the block? The others are to scared to do it.
    Rachel wonders how America likes her. LOL. Just wait till you find out Rat-chel.

  10. damn,brit wins=kriston’s out.that means two of the biggest bitches are still left in the house.more agonizing weeks of britt bitch talking against the other women and skanky rachel and her fake ass showmance with ol’brenda..opps i mean brandon.why can’t everyone see brandon appears totally gay and rachel totally into herself.ugh! until r& b are outed,i’m probably not watching anymore.k& h are much easier to root for.oh, and please someone PLEASE tell rachel to stop with that cackling laugh…….ew.more camera time for enzo,haydon,lane and kriston…..less for creepster matt.thanks.

      1. Brains? how much brains does it take to get the whole house to hate you and want you out? how much brains does it take to have a fake showmance with an apparent alcoholic?

  11. i’m confused though; apparently hayden was kicking ass at the veto practice..and now he sucked at the competition? it seems weird, since he was the one who mastered the skill the best…and was telling everyone the angle to hit…HMM.
    think about it…somethings wrong somewhere

    1. you know I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully something is gonna happen..gee I love this show but every stinkin season I get so fed up with the people who play with so much hatefulness winning stuff.

    2. When production let’s HGs practice before competitions. it not so much for the HGs benefits, but more so production can see who they can “sway” the results in “favor of another HG”! It is “scary funny” how the one player who appeared to be skilled at playing it obviously lost.” But, maybe I am just being paranoid!”

    1. I like to call her Brite cuz her cute face shows her every emotion and lights up my sad and dreary world. Hence the nickname darkhairyhole. A person like her can make you commit crimes. Her meaness is even cute.
      She aint gonna use POV tho so you can kiss Kristen goodbye. Altho I could see Raygun & Brendohn voting to evict Hayden…aaa then it would probably be a tie and theres no question what Broomhildas gonna do…Adios Kristen.

      1. omg i can already hear rachel’s goodbye message for kristen.

        1. i hope not, she gotta say something else at least ONCE during her goodbye speeches, starting to sound retarded…… seeing as not 1 of the HGs tried to come between her and her man…..

  12. Brendon and Rachel are married in real-life. AG pretty much eluded to it during her interview, when she mentioned marriage. Alison is also trying to get Jeff to propose to Jordan, when he appears in the house – “2 Marriages”. Back to BG/R – Brendon’s last name “Villegas”, when spoken in spanish is “Vegas”. Why all of a sudden have the rules change and that 2 people can be HOH at the same time – showmance or not. From what I remember, never in the history of BB have both persons in a showmance won as a couple. Boogie’s last win on the All-Stars doesn’t count because that was strategy. Boy did she feel used! I forget her name!

    1. No time to be more specific. I am posting this on the fly from a “safe house.” Alison is trying to hunt me and my friends down for leaking her “Big Twists.” Oh shit! Our location has been disclosed!” Clarify Jeff and Jordan – Finale Night Surprise!!!! OMG! There shooting at us with “blowguns”! Officer down, Officer Down!!!”

          1. jimik- what is going on? You seem to be very sensitive lately. When you voice your opinions and thoughts you are gonna get negative feedback, I do, no one agrees with me at all but maybe it’s just me but everyone seems to want to pick fights lately? Is it the warm weather? Do you need a hug? I’m not kidding.

            1. Yeah rockstar everyone is on edge, me and my brigade boys are taking mad flack all the time. I think we have 5 camps this year the B/R fans, Brigade boys, Kristen fans, brit fans(which are usually brigade fans also.. yo) and ragan/matt fans. Last year we had Jeff/Jordan and the rest of them .
              I’m going to put up a poll this long weekend so we can see the breakdown.

              It’s tough to keep up so I’m letting almost all comments slide this year so it might get a little wild in here, with that said Jimik your tight with me do your thing it’s wicked

            2. Sorry to appear on edge. I am not actually. It has been both one of the worst, yet one of the best weekends I’ve had in a longtime! I was just being sarcastic with “DarkHairy”? Sorry for the misread!!!!

              1. never a problem jimik. Sometimes it is hard to read when we post online. It’s always open to interpretation. It just seemed that a great deal of the responses seemed negative to you and I was wondering if you were having a bad few days or stressed at work etc. it happens. sure this is fun but we are real people behind these keyboards.

  13. At least Hayden has the jars of bugs. He can talk game with them or how the brigade is running the game and throwing people out week after week. Oh wait that didnt happen. The only reason he won the first HOH was dumb luck. And he ruined the show by putting Annie up week 1 he ruined the saboteur twist of this season he needs to go. he needs to pay for ruining the show for the fans.

    1. You want some cheese with that whine? Fact: all 4 members are still safe this week. Fact: Rachel is still a smelly ho-bag. Fact… well that’s all I have. You get the point.

    1. could it work like a slop pass, maybe cancel out a vote if you are on the block? Either that or somehow affect the noms?

      1. This sounds plausible. I’ve never heard of something like it before. But if this is the case, then I’m also betting he has a limited time to use it b/c they would probably not let you use something like that if he made it to the final four or three, whatever.

  14. regardless of all the $hit going on, thanks to Simon and Dawg for an awesome job and for giving all us BB psychos a place to vent. You guys should be running the show! :)

  15. She could have targeted a stronger player who’se more likely to win HOH next week instead of Kristen… Since either way, pretty much anyone other then Brendan winning HOH next week is garanteed to send 1 of them packing. Oh well… Enjoy it while you still can Rachel.

  16. The Brigade stays in tact another week. I think it’s funny they haven’t really made any big moves in the game but they have been able to go undetected as an alliance.

    Just wondering what everyone thinks about the pecking order of the Brigade members?

    I would say going from most solid (1) to least solid (4) in standing within the Brigade:
    1. Lane
    2. Enzo
    3. Matt
    4. Hayden

    1. No way… Matt is the most vulnerable. He’s weird and wasted his hoh. Plus he’s playing too many angles.

      1. Before this week, I would agree that Matt was at bottom of list. Hayden is the one who could have jeopardized the Brigade by having a secret Showmance which was recently exposed by Andrew. I think the other Brigade members are wondering if Hayden is with Kristen or them.

    2. I like the Brigade but they probably haven’t been detected as an alliance because they don’t act very much like one…Lane with Brit, Hayden with Kristen, Matt with Reagan, Enzo well I’m not sure he even knows he is in the game. The best thing to happen to them now would be for them to get Brit to use the POV on Kristen then they put up Kathy and vote her out and then the Brigade plus Kristen Brit and Reagan could rid the damn house of B/R…then fight it out between the couples they chose to be with at that time and continue the game.

  17. Rachel won 5K and following the usual pattern when anyone wins any money that puts a target on their back (she already has one but Matt screwed that up) and they are usually gone within weeks so…………hoping bye bye Rachel after she is no longer HOH.

    1. Remember the HGs bitching about Monet winning the 10K and now Rachel won 5K. They do this every season when anyone wins money which is so stupid, they are just envious which is pathetic.

      1. omg Lydia’s costume was so fn funny…..I still crack up seeing her dumb ass posing in front of the cam with her leg kicked out….lol

  18. Could Rachel be an actress hired by ABC? She refers to the houseguests as “cast” and is constantly preening for the camera. If the DR requests that she agitate the houseguests and be a total Bit** she’s fulfilling her part of the deal. Maybe they need her for ratings. Brendon’s collateral damage and stupid to fall for her crap.

  19. Begin personally biased rant. Of all the people I’ve watched on Big Brother (and admittedly I only go back to the Maggie season) Rachel is the most annoying and disturbing – and Brendon is sorta “off” too. Understandably you need to be a little “off” to make it on the show, but there’s something a little more – involuntarily committed – about this pair. I’ll recap the vast majority of Rachel’s dialogue so far:

    “Haaay! Seriously, like, by the same token, Brendon, we’re in love, and we’re fighting to stay in this house e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. Du-du-da-doo-doo, stop that.”

    Loop that with that cold “I have 3 restraining orders, boiled a couple of pets, and totally love the movie swimfan” stare, and you have Rachel. Brendon’s not much better, he’s got daddy or mommy issues too. True, they compete well, but they’re not likable. Usually a mix of strong competitor plus a person you can understand makes a house guest likable to me; not Rachel and Brendon. They’re those incredibly fake and shallow people that have no character dynamic other than the one that makes you want to punch them in the face, all the time. The good thing is that their strategy is like a stick of dynamite, unless they plan on winning every week, they’re gone soon. They burned way too fast and just went in competing, instead of playing Big Brother strategically.

    End rant.

    1. Katie – When America voted out the HGs, the show was much better because the HGs really played the game and didn’t do all the lying like they do now because America doesn’t like liars. I wish it would go back to that. I hate the lying, to me this is cheating and not game play.

  20. What is wrong with R/B? Fair enough B is annyoing and really, sort of trailing along behind R, but she is smart, sassy and competes well. She deserves to stay and she deserves her say, she has so far fought her way and not by being cruel or mean, she just plays a good game and why do ppl not like that? Um, what exactly has Enzo done> SWEET F A and Kristen? Hayden? pfft, they all just walk around talking the talk but no one has actually walked the walk… so before y’all go off with your mouths because R has some big boobs please, remember its a game and she is pretty much the only one playing it right! Right?

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