Big Brother 12 Spoilers: *Updated* Enzo says what makes him different is his dog dick & that some girls like that, but his wife hates it…


11:35am – 12:10pm Enzo and Hayden are talking in the bedroom about next weeks HOH. Hayden says that he doesn’t want Matty to get too close to Ragan. Hayden says what if Matt gets HOH and doesn’t put up Rachel and Brendon. Enzo says fuck that …he has to put them up ..or he’s out of the Brigade. Enzo says that we gave him a chance last time and it didn’t work out …so now if he gets it again he has to do it. Enzo is still pissed about have Brendon and Rachel swear on his family but he says if they are putting someone else up he can just say he swore on his family so they can’t put him up. Enzo says that he is going to win this thing today …he feels good …he is more than focused… hes not playing any more games with these people. Enzo says that if we survive this of the brigade members is winning this thing. Enzo starts talking about the movie and says that he will have to hear her fucking laugh through the whole movie. Enzo says that he is getting so tired of Kathy, Ragan and Britney. Enzo says that he is tired of Britney kissing their ass. Enzo says that Britney is lucky she won the POV last time. Enzo says that she goes up puts on Rachel’s hair, …stop kissing ass. Enzo impersonates Britney saying I don’t like confrontation. Enzo says well then why are you here? ..go be on wheel of fortune then!! Enzo says that after this week the Brigade is half of the House because Kathy doesn’t count. They both laugh. Enzo says that he would be embarrassed if Kathy wins $500,000. Hayden says if she is up against Rachel. Enzo says that she has to win at least one competition… I don’t think she has it in her. Enzo and Hayden then join Britney, Matt and Lane in the other bedroom. Enzo asks then if they could hear Hayden and him laughing. Britney says no ..and asks what they were talking about. Enzo says that they were laughing about the luxury competition they played yesterday. They all talk and laugh about what they can remember. Ragan comes out of the diary room and joins them in the bedroom. Britney says that once Brendon goes in to the diary room …then the POV will start. Soon after Enzo gets called into the diary room. Enzo says thats what yeah gotta do when you have fans yo! Enzo goes into the diary room and there is a diary room leak.. Enzo saying that he feels good, he is fed and that he is ready to win this thing yo!! Enzo says bring on the uni-tard, bring it, I am ready yo!! I am ready to win it!


Enzo says that he wants to win the platinum power of veto so that he can bring Andrew back because he went ape shit. Enzo says that then Captain Kosher can’t win or vote but he can write their speeches. Enzo asks Britney if she wants to win? Britney says yeah! Enzo says but what if there are prizes? Britney says well everyone knows I want to get a vacation or letter from home. Lane makes fun of Kathy and how in the luxury competition she thought she would win because it had a cop theme, but she lost anyway.
12:30pm Kathy and Kristen are in the lounger room laying next to each other. Hayden comes in and asks if Kristen is nervous. She says yeah. Hayden says yeah me too. Kathy then starts rubbing and scratching Hayden’s back … right then the feeds cut to the we will be right back screen…. when they come back Kathy says that if one of them gets the POV and gets off the block she is going to tell Rachel to put her up and send her home so that they can stay. Kathy says that she would sacrifice her two children, as long as her two babies (Hayden and Kristen) are okay then she is fine. Kathy says that its just like jail in here …its nicer but it’s just like jail and then says that if she wouldn’t go to jail she would beat her ass… Hayden says no you dont want to do that you would lose your job.


12:40pm – 1:20pm In the bedroom Enzo, Lane, Britney, and Ragan are talking about being circumcised. Britney says that if she was having a one night stand and a guy wasn’t circumcised she wouldn’t do anything. Enzo says that’s what makes him different and that some girls like that, but his wife hates it. Enzo says that he has a son he will fight for it not to be done. Enzo says if he wants he can have it done later. Ragan says yeah but it can really hurt later because if you get an erection while its healing it can hurt. Lane asks don’t they put you under?! Ragan says oh yeah but I’m talking about when its healing. Enzo says let him have a dog dick and that’s it. Then they start talking about cars …]

Britney and Hayden move to the kitchen and continue to talk about being circumcised. Britney talks about this guy in 11th grade that had it done then and everyone knew about it. Hayden asks so he told everyone. Britney says yeah …I guess he thought the girls would want to try it out. Hayden asks if any of her friends tried it out. Britney says that she doesnt know. The conversation changes to the POV competition. Hayden says that he is more worried about Thursday and Britney says that she is more worried about the POV because it changes everything. Britney whispers to Lane and says that he might have to be a Bouncer next week If she wins HOH and Puts Rachel and Brendon up. Ragan, Lane, Matt, Britney, Enzo are in the kitchen eating lunch and making protein shakes.


1:35pm Matt and Hayden are in the lounge room talking. Matt asks so if Kristen is up on the block against one of the Brigade are you okay voting against Kristen? Hayden says oh yeah of course that he will vote with the brigade. The go over the possible replacement nominations and who has the votes. Matt says that Kristen can’t win the POV …that would be horrible… we would be fucked if she did! They talk about America voting for one of them to get something since they are not have nots this week..

2pm – 2:20pm The feeds cut out to the we will be right back screen… when they come back Kathy is running her fingers across Kristen’s shoulder ….

4:25 Trivia..
 5:01 Trivia..

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Uncle Cool

Don’t be a liar, Hayden.

Vote with the Brigade.


So far he’s been pretty honest and seems to be vague when he doesn’t want to be held accountable for something he says. I think he will but you never know!


I hate went they talk about how other house guest kiss ass and being extra nice to the HOH.If you don’t you have a good chance of go up on the block.


I’m circumcised yo.

BAB - formally BB

Can someone please tell me if the person going home on Thursday is going to the Jury house? I thought there were seven in there – last season there were 3 until the finale.


this is the last non jury eviction…so R and B have a free ride to the jury


the fifth person evicted goes to the jury house

Jordan (#1 BB Fan)

What are the houseguests talking about a platinum veto? Huh?


It’s kinda humorous that every picture showing Matt in reclining position, shows him with his hands on or near his… winkie.


I used to like him but because of his constant winkie holdings I think he’s gross. lol


Enzo and Hayden are the new Brittney and Monet.


i like it when enzo said go be on the wheel of fortune..yo


That was the funniest!


If their is a BB god, Kathy will win the HOH because she will take Kristen off the block,which will cause a little drama between her and Rachel, but the big drama is 2 brigade members will be up on the block.


kathy is all talk. she ain’t gonna do nothing


at this point we dont need drama with rachel and kristin, we need 2 brigade members up, OR kristen with hayden, they need to see where people will stand

Other K

It would be kind of awesome if the Brigade was forced to choose between members. BB needs some drama asap.


I would love to see Kristin win POV and then another brigade member go up next to Hayden. The brigade will vbe drama and Rachel knowing that Kristin is still in the house will be drama.


same here i want matt to go home


Haha … Kathy talking about beating R’s ass. Kathy has NO physical abilities, R would take her out so fast.


Kathy is a trained officer meaning she can take rachel out easily, as emotional as rachel is for no reason she wouldn’t do shit but cry in a corner

Uncle Cool

If she is trained, criminals must love that town she is a cop in.

But, based on the physical shape she is in, she probably shoots first – asks questions later, or just runs people over with her car.


Kathy is a wimp


“Trained officer” … lol.


But what if Kathy is chasing a murderer and they run down the street, race into a molasses factory and Kathy gets stuck. The murderer would escape. Kathy would not get out alive.


yeah I wish rachel would realize kathy wants out for a reason(she knows she stands no chance) so they need to LEAVE HER in the game


she talking bout beating r ‘s azz, but on BBAD on thursday nite, she was begging and pleading with r not to put her on the block again. she just a bunch of hot air


a lot of people call that talking loud and saying nothing


and how could you watch a competition and judge someone’s physical abilities outside of it??? not like anybody knows how to do that shit 1st hand …. their not FIGHTING in the comps, and have you seen the “take down maneuvers cops use RacHELL wouldn’t stand a chance..


Wow. You have no idea what you are talking about. Just because someone went through training at one point in their life doesn’t mean they can take someone out. MANY “trained officers” get the sh*t kicked out of them.


now if she wans;t a cop[s then yea rachel would mess her up, being a stripper and all you gotta know how to defend yourself


Well you have to take into consideration that Rachel a stripper/pole dancer in Dubai. That has to count for something!




Can you clarify what you mean when you said Ragan uses his all wrong? Are you being a homophobe or just ignorant?




So you 2 are what enlightened??? Get over yourselves these are just harmless words so dont get your frillies in an uproar. Since you asked I am gay friendly, but its within my personal rights to not agree with the gay lifestyle and I dont. In my humble opinion it is about sex, as that seems to be the only difference between gay & straight, cant be just the love of show tunes, but so what. I did vote to legalize gay marriage.
Thats about all I have to say about Ragans penis.


True, people are so sensitive. I don’t know why straight people & white people have to tip toe around with our words. I too am gay friendly & think Ragan is an awesome person, and I have a few gay friends as well and it doesn’t bother me but I don’t want to watch it.


In my circle ‘gay friendly’ means you like both men and women.

J. P. Brigade

I think the POV is happening now. I maybe wrong though.


it’s going down right now yo


RacHELL pulled the pin all we gotta do is let it blow… yo


good plan since the brigade has been so right on yo


I hope Kristen wins and one the brigade goes up. Im going to hate it if there is nothing good to look at in the house. Lets face it Kristen and Brittany have to stay in there. I like Rachels game want her to win even but hate her face. I enjoy the drama shes capable of causing. Im thinking of sending them a paper bag with a smiley face drawn on it or sending dr. will to do emergency plastic surgery on her.


ehhh, Id pass on kristen personally.

The Excitement

yeah but Kristen’s got an ass that don’t quit. and she’s got big tits too! she’s got an amazing body in my opinion. it’s like perfection. she’s got nice hair and a pretty face. her personality is kinda dull tho.
I’m a huge Britney fan. that chick is hot is the type that i love. she’s real cute, hot tight little body, and she’s real sweet and down to earth. and she’s funny as hell. and i love it when she pops that booty when she does her little dance yo!


Silly people. So boring this season brendon is lame rachel sucks and is annoying. Everyone that is halfway descent they don’t put on cbs. I hope regan or brit wins.


I love this Enzo talk!! Hey maybe he can get his own show!! LOL!!!


I like it too. I find him amsuing, like Scottish people and one legged birds

The Excitement

It nearly brought a tear to my eye when Kathy said she’d sacrifice herself to keep Kristen and Hayden in the game. That’s beautiful yo.
I hope it happens.


she’s real sweet yo not like that SheDevil


Kathy is dumb.


Hey has anyone heard who won POV?


still on


Thanks Simon! Love your site!


go Rachel !


I agree. Go Rachel. I hope production gives her some acme medication soon.


I hope Brit wins


not so sure she wants to win…this weeks POV puts her in a bad spot. same with ragen…I feel they both want to avoid it but cant since its a crap shoot game

they will BOTH be prize winners


this is true….just want to see Brit break out on Roachel. She was so arrogant after hoh comp.


Come on Meow Meow!

i love hayden&kristen

is the POV done yet?
nervous. :$


I’m going to climb the wall into the BB yard and punch Enzo in his hideous face.
He’s just as annoying as Natalie.


from BB11*


oh my I don’t think anyone has ever been as annoying as Natalie IMO (that stands for In My Opinion, by the way – to all the aggressively insane people who may or not read this….)


I’m sorry to disagree, but I have to say that by far the most annoying Natalie in BB history was the bikina barista from BB9. I was going to plunge iron stakes in my ears if I heard her talk about Oregon as “The Beaver State” one more time.

Surfer man

enzo is no where near as annoying as natalie not even the same comparsion


who could be?

Lennon's Ghost

Big Red Rachel is as annoying and more.


I just hate houseguests that keep on talking game but has not really done anything. Enzo is one of them. Has not won anything and just tawk and tawk. Win gosh darn it THEN start tawkin’ game. But if you’re just a spectator at this point, you are not a player, just a floater.


Im really praying for Kristen to win, it will just be great, the Brigade will realize there not all that great, and Rachel will be pissed, and Kristen will still be hot, so it all works out.

The Excitement

what exactly is the contest?
come on Hayden, get that shit, boy.


4:25 still trivia


Yo dude! Imagine Jeff in the Brigade yo. DUDE!


i hope kristen wins


the she can finally claim to have done something in this game…

DD sisters

who won the POV?????


any results on pov???

Lennon's Ghost

Thanks Simon! Tick…Tick…Tick…Tick.
It would be DA BOMB if Kristen were to win POV and Kathy gets in Big Red’s face causing her to put her up against Hayden. Then It would be the Brigade + Kristen against B/R.


brit won the pov


brit won

Go Branchel

Does anybody have who won Power of Veto yet? Please share the wealth!


Britney won POV!


Enzo seems to talk a lot a crap out floaters arent him and Lane floaters they havent won anything.

Yae Dum Dum

Stop with the “yo” already! It is not even slightly amusing when that dumb d— Enzo says it but even worse when you idiots copy it!! Kristen has a big chest?? Are you kidding me??? If she wears a B cup that would be a stretch!! My chest was bigger when i was in first grade!!