Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kristen Figures a way out “I’ll offer Brit Protection from Rachel”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:49pm Cabana Room Enzo and Kathy. They’re talking about the double ecivtion.. they have no clue how it works.. enzo is in the best mood we’ve seen him in since matt won HOH, the guy can’t stop smiling. Kathy brings up that it’s coming to the point where they need to start thinking about jury votes. She says they need to have someone in the jury house that will vote becuase of game not personally. She makes a comment about how it would suck to live with some of these people for 6 more weeks. Kahty says enzo is going to make it to the end, Enzo “who knows this game is tough…looks easier on TV huh?” Kathy “yeah this game is much harder then I thought” Enzo “you really wanted to play in this one eh?” Kathy ‘More then ever” Lane walks in says he heard them talking game.. (joking).. He says enzo’s got the X on his back now he’s the target cause he won a thousand dollar tv ..yo… Lane mentions that Brendon didn’t do very good they wonder why not. Enzo says the game was hard/random and it was killer hot out there. They start talking about Kristen being in the DR room for so long.. Enzo thinks she’s just letting it all out. Kathy mentions that she’s probably getting fit into the unitard. They all agree she shouldn’t be embarrassed wearing it because she has such a nice body. Kathy tells the guys about the unitard rules.. they have to wear it all the time, in showers, while working out, sleeping. Enzo can’t believe it, questions if it’s sanitary to work out and sleep in the same clothes. Rachel joins them “HEEEEEEEEYY! WUD UP!” she’s worried about hayden being in the have nots for so long, comments on how they haven’t done anything like this since the allstar season. Enzo says that their season is the turning out to be the allstar season… Brendon joins them with food.. they start to question some choices hayden and Kristen made in the POV.. Enzo says that some times people do things in at the spur of the moment, sometimes they make mistakes. They leave Enzo to go to the kitchen.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:50pm Hayden locked in the have nots for 24 hour. hayden has a a giant stale baguette in his hand munching on it like some mountain man. They gave him a portable toilet and he has a bucket of slop. He talks to Matt and Ragan in the jumanji room through the wall. Ask Ragan whats MAtt doing, Ragan says that Matt has his hands down his pants all the way down covering his balls not the usual thumb out 4 fingers down… Kristen joins matt, Ragan and now LAne/brist in the Jumanji, Kristen isn’t wearing the unitard. They’re asking Hayden about his toilet. Hayden starts playing with the toilet and he thinks he’s broken it.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:25pm Taj Room Kahty and Kristen Kristen wants to try and form an alliance with Brit so that she will keep kristen. She needs to figure out a way. She thinks her and Kathy should try and use the Monet angle telling her that monet woulnd’t want her to not use is. Kristen says i’ll tell her i will promise her anything in this game… kathy isn’t sure thats enough. Last kahty heard that brit will not use the POV.. they both agree that Brit is terrified of Rachel and that is why she’s not going to use it. kathy is shocked that brit is being a friend with red.. she wonders if it’s just strategy on brits part. Kristen says she’ll offer brit to never ever put her up and brit can use her as a pawn. Kathy says she’s not scared of Rachel like the rest of the house, she’ll help Kristen in any way she can. Kristen is going to try the financial angle telling her that if she doesn’t make it to the Jury house she’ll be in ruin financially and won’t have a place to live. Kathy tells her she needs to talk to brit tonight and in private, they list off all the things she’ll say to brit. They’re not convinced that it’ll work but Kristen has to try. Kathy brings up that Britney will ask who will be the replacement nomination. Kristen thinks anyone would win against her on the block but doesn’t have a clue who would go up against hayden, they know brit is close with both sides of the house. Kathy goes on and on about how brit is scared of rachel but neither Kristen or her are. Kristen says she’ll offer brit protection from Rachel…

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protection from the She-Devil??? not gonna work brittney would tear that skank a new whole to stick something in… hmm jury votes for this year will be “personal” from everyone…




RacHELL looks like satan in this pic




How are kristen and kathy plan to protect brit? They can’t even win a competition. HAHAHA! That has to be the funniest thing all season.


I know! Such a stupid plan. Doesn’t Kristen realize that she totally ignored Brit the entire time?


It seems weird that Hayden did so bad in the POV. It sure would shake things up if Brit took Kristen off the block.


Hayden didn’t want to win. He would have to go against the brigade


It wouldn’t shake thing up. Rachel would just put up kathy. Kathy isnt even playing the game anymore.




Kristin honey, you are done, over, put a fork in it. It is nice that you have finally woken up and chosen to begin playing the BB game. However, Brit is already playing the game and you have nothing to offer her. She has limited protection from brenchel. She also has Lane and the brigade to a lesser extent.


lol , your right!


Brit is just a little pussy…….literally yo. She’s doing Monet no justice being friends with B/R making me sick 2 my stomach. I hope she goes home soon but first Big Red must be fragged yo.


when monet left she wanted brit to align with rachel.


brit hates red. just pretending to be friends


Brit is totally playing the game with Racho and the guys in the brigade. She appears to be doing a good job at it too. She’s doing fine on her own and doesn’t need Kristin’s help anyway!!


And just how is she going to protect Brit from Rachel. She hasn’t won anything. She came close in the last HOH comp., but if Rachel (again) or Brendan wins, how is she going to stop them from putting Brit up or backdooring Brit. Do she really think Brit would put her faith in the game in her hands? She must be stupid, because that makes no since. I also wondered could her and Kathy be life long friends the way Kathy comforts her, and is willing to leave the house for her. Why join the game if you’re going to be that emotional behind someone you have known for less than a month. I originally thought Matt and Ragan could be the lifelong friends considering I don’t think Matt would vote against Ragan not even for the Brigade.


I don’t understand why some people become overly attached like that. Its just weird. Reminds me of how Michele was so attached to J/J last year.


kathy is delusional. all that cigarette smoke must be clogging her brains


Seriously. Last week she was crying about how bad she needed to stay in the house. What were her reasons? Oh .. meds, kids, securing their financial future, college, etc. (Oh, and cigs are very expensive, got to support that habit). She HAD to be there. Then … woah, she would leave for K/H? Yeah …. great mom.


That’s what gets me about Kathy. She seems nurturing. But she’s just not tenacious enough in this game even when her back is against the wall. I don’t care if she’s is a sheriff. She doesn’t show that fighter spirit. She was giving Ragan a sad story about how she needed the money. But than she tries to be overly nice and a butt kisser. She’s basically useless other than doing the dishes.

I don’t have anything for or against Kristen . She has one of those personalities that maybe doesn’t translate well on TV since she’s kind of detached and that can come off as snobby. But she may not be. But it’s like watching paint dry sometimes. So it’s hard for me to read her. But at least she showed a little spunk this week with her fight with Rachel and even trying to win HOH. Kathy takes an almost begging route when trying to stay in there or not get nominated. And I wonder when she will realize that smoking isn’t the best for your health. If she is addicted I understand, but at least pretend like you know that. lol.


Yup. She sure poured it on thick last week when she thought she might be out. I still can’t get over the fact she was saying she could could barely afford to put food on the table/feed her family …. yet, somehow she can afford to buy cigs. Lets see … feed family or smoke? When you’re the only one your kids can count on, seems like an easy choice.


Shes gonna get tween Nanny McVile and her man… Oooowee I wish she would…it would be hot to see Kristin sex it up and start working Brendohn…
Going back into my darkhairyhole contemplate


Speaking of overly attached, does anybody think its weird that they all jump in bed together? I am not talking about the showmances either. They will get under the covers with just anybody and visit as though they were sitting across the table having coffee. They lay there almost snuggling up to people they have only known maybe a month now, bizarre. I need more space than that!!!!

BAB - formally BB

I think the only way that would work is if the guys got Lane to convince Britney to use it on Hayden or Kristen and throw Kathy up on the block. Let her know that all of them will team up and get Rachel and Brendon out. Now thats one big ass alliance! Oh, and to put the other two in their place. Now that would be amazing. <—- and good tv.


I don’t think the brigade will do that, because they seem to want Kristen out too. I think if Hayden or Kristen had won POV they wanted Kathy to go up and would vote Kathy out, but the brigade is always talking about being 4 strong they won’t risk Brit taking Kristen off without alarming Rachel, because if they go to Brit with this plan they will have to and want to know for certain she will put Kathy up, and not one of the Brigade. And in order to know that they will have to let Rachel know some kind of way, and then that will really have strong emotions in the house before the POV ceremony. If they don’t say anything to Rachel the Brigade will be taking a gamble, and they aren’t that good at winning many things, but they aren’t that stupid to risk that.


I can’t wait to see how CBS will edit Hayden in the have nots room. All alone… I hope BB does more of stuff like this


why is hayden in the have nots room?


thanx , simon. enjoy your site. will be donating very soon!


I laughed when I read Enzo said that this season is like the all stars season. He is soooo very wrong and so far this season is the worst and most boring. I keep watching hoping it’ll get better but who knows if it will. Anyway, BB has become a summer tradition since I’ve been watching since season one, OMG I have watched including this one 12 BB seasons, lol!


I totally agree. I watch, because, I can’t believe they actually have a group full of dingbats. I mean really love or hate them, BR are the only two as well as Brit that seem to be able to win anything, (and before I get a comment back on Matt, yeah he won), and Ragan and Brit are the only ones that seem to make any since when they talk.


It’s not likely that Britney is going to go for this “deal.” There’s not enough leverage to make this work. There are only a couple of scenarios that could play out that Kristen could capitalize on. First, and this hasn’t been mentioned a lot in the house recently, is the pre-show relationship. My personal money is on Britney and Lane being long-term friends. I think the story about Nick is completely fabricated and as easy for Britney to make up as the stories about Nick’s new girlfriend, which are very vivid, and roll of her tongue. Watching their body language and they way they interact with each other privately, versus how they interact with each other around other people and with other people is odd. Especially last night at the hot tub while everyone else was practicing. If Kristen could somehow cash in on that, or simply realize it, there’s some leverage.

Second, play on the “brigades” desires. That entire alliance is poorly calibrated. Despite Matt – allegedly – being a MENSA member, there’s not a lot of brains in the operation. What’s more is there isn’t a lot of bite with the bark. Perhaps it’s dumb luck and their failures have been fortunate because the alliance hasn’t blatantly been pointed out, but Kristen could approach the guys and incite a riot.

These two examples rely on a lot of incite, which most of this cast lacks.

Whatever the case, she should make use of the 24 hours Hayden will be locked up composting his own feces. She has very little to lose. At this point she could pull an Andrew and learn from his mistakes and use Kathy’s allegiance to help her.


i think that nick is real….he has a face book page – nick grisham and brit is ALL over it……..i am not sure she is capable of a ruse so large


I’ll trust you on that then, but I still say they’re the two that know each other. Maybe they’re siblings. Something about the way they interact just screams familial to me. Imagine two people at a party with 30 people attending. They make the rounds to everyone. Big smiles, laughing at bad jokes, and generally “presenting” themselves; then those two people run into each other and all that fades away. They talk to each other like they know each other, their smiles go away, and they seem more comfortable. Now watch Britney and Lane.

Many keep thinking the two are Rachel and Brendon because of their crazy relationship, but I’m chalking that up to both of them being psychopaths and closed quarters syndrome. Also, people tend to focus on similarities to make the guess like where they’re from. That doesn’t mean anything.

I’ve been wrong once but I’m still backing this horse.


How did you find his face book page? I looked up Nick Grisham and none of them were him. Some said who they were engaged to on their status and others only shared their stuff with friends so how are you able to see his face book page?


Why doesn’t the brigade get Brat to use pov on Hayden, and let the votes split btwn Kathy and Kristen? Tht would make people choose sides and be exposed… Has anyone heard this being discussed???


I was going to avoid all this today but I am weak and had to look. Sorry, Kristen my girl, but it appears you will be going. I don’t think Brtit will save you. You got the fire in your belly to late. Britney, dear girl, you need to wise up. The guys are not going to protect you. Of course they may be focused on BG/B but should Brendon win next, you or Kathy are gone. Kathy first and you next. I have never been against you and your trash talking. Thought it pretty funny. You need to get your head around the game and forget about Lane. As for Rachel and Brendon’s actions last night in the dark, well, my husband asks for that every Christmas. In fact every holiday: all holidays, President’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Valentines, St. Patty’s Day, Mother’s Day (highly contested), Father’s Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day, My Birthday (definitely contested), Ground Hog Day, Wedding Anniversary, Our parents birthdays (this is a hard sell), a full moon, a half moon, a quarter moon, all black outs, Lightning, black cats, all Friday’s the 13th, any NASCAR win, Kentucky Derby, Democrats President win (rejected the full term cause), romantic movies, comedies, horror (this is acted with scare tactics), defiantly Porn (with laughter), all months with 30 days, 31 days, 28 days, leap year (jump to it), all days ending with a “y”, rain, sunshine, cloudy, windy, hot, cold, ……………well, I think you get his point. Does he win, not always, but one must counter the action. Don’t hold that against anyone in love or heat.


Love it !!!!! Too funny. Too true as well 🙂

BAB - formally BB

Haha BBGrandma! BEST. POST. EVER!! Thanks for the laughs!!


Yea but on those rare occasions when you have performed ‘the act’, have you ever done it in front of ohhh I dont know at least 1/2 amillion people? Whatever job Agatha Cackle gets from BB it wont be hosting a family show.
Personally I think its disgusting but if you wanna do it then have at it. Who am I to judge? When I do it I do it with vigor, its me and the man in the little boat, when its done to me I accept it with the same attitude. Whats not to like about a moist warm oriface? Still its disgusting


Sorry, Darkhairyhole, but I didn’t really see anything that I don’t see watching the tumble dry cycle on my dryer with the bedspread in it. I know what you are saying but I was just trying to lighten things up.


Brit is going to win next week HOH.As for Will Ferrell aka Kristen, you suck.

Yae Dum Dum

Kathy just didn’t quit the game–because she never even started playing!! Enzo is too dumb for words and a total waste of space. People actually think he is a strong competitor and may win it all? PLEASE–he has not won ANYTHING and chances are unless production rigs a comp he will NOT win anything either!! He sucks and is sooo lame. BTW, I live on the east coast and that is NOT how we talk. The only people who talk like him are uneducated morons like himself. His wife is supposedly soo successful, I wonder what the hell she sees in him??