Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kathy and Andrew are up, Kristen “Sh!t is going to start happening now”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:33pm Taj Room Ragan, Kristen and Matt Talking about nominations, telling them if POV is used Brendon is going up because that is what the house wants. He adds that he’ll take Andrew down if he wins POV. Kristen tells him she doesn’t want Kathy or Andrew up there. Matt says GREAT i’ll pick you for POV you can take one of them down. Kristen tells him that crazy shit is going to start happening now in the house. If she uses the POV she’s going to have at least one person mad at her, either Brendon or Rachel. Matt says we gotta do this lets win this thing. Ragan and Kristen both tell Matt he made a logical decision and it makes sense.. Kristen doesn’t look too happy.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:00pm Cabana Room Enzo is telling them that that he has negative nutrition right now and he’s going to make his slop dish. Lane chimes in that shit is good. Matt joins them Enzo asks how he’s doing with the nominations. Matt says that its tough but it is what it is. Matt now asks Meow Meow what does it feel like to get Backdoored. Enzo laughs says Kathy is going to get it. Matt says He’ll yeah go for it. Enzo adds that Kathy should win the POV and not use it.. Kathy just laughs in the background. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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76 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Kathy and Andrew are up, Kristen “Sh!t is going to start happening now”

  1. Sorry if i seem clueless, i just wanna make sure i know when things are going to happen. Are they going to pick players and compete in the pov tomorrow? then the pov meeting sunday?

  2. I think this will backfire….the smart thing to do would just put up rachel and brendon to ensure that ONE of them go home. Now, watch one of them will win the veto and noms will stay the same.

          1. uh how would they put extra chips in there… What if they got picked twice? that wouldn’t be suspicious? They could put extra Brendon & Rachel chips in but then if one gets picked twice the HGs will know.

    1. Lol, I know this very cliche, but I really was going to say the same thing. This is BB people. Not having either one on the block is just Matt once again overthinking things. With both of them up their would be a chance both would stay up on the block.

      Their is 2 chances of epic fail. One, Brandon or Rachel get picked and win POV,two,something crazy happens in the house and they end up sending Kathy or Andrew home.

  3. Kristen doesn’t need to let this bother her – Cathy is about as useful as a wet blanket in this game. I honestly believe that someone will take Andrew off the block, he at least deserves a chance. (He did awesome in the HOH competition yesterday)

  4. Bad decision. Should’ve put Rachel and Brandon up thus insuring one would be there when it came time to vote.
    Dumb, cowardly, vanilla, bland, boring.

  5. I wouldnt mind seeing Kathy go at this point… But soon there wont be any girls left in the house if it keeps going like this :SS

  6. This is Matt’s idea of a Janelle move. But unfortunately, Andrew has all the power because he is onto Matt’s lie, plus, should Brendon get POV he will definitely take Andrew off the block leaving Rachel wide open. The only think he accompliushed – though I may be wrong – is decreased either B or R’s chances of playing for POV. But like BBBuppie pointed out – I am sure there will be extra B & R chips in the bag.

    1. I’m starting to think Matt and mensa is a lie too. He commented that osteopathy is quackery. Actually, Osteopaths are full fledged doctors, physiotherapists. It isn’t the same as being chiropractor or a masseuse. Osteopathy is a specialty. You have to be a doctor first. Just like he blew it by telling Andrew, a doctor, about his wife’s disease, he has exposed himself to anyone that does know about osteopathy. Of course, Rachel is too dumb to put that information to good use. Matt is taking a huge risk, and it might blow up in his face, and we get the fallout of at least another week of Branchel.

      1. I think Dr. Evil also was a MENSA member. Anyway, at least this week will be a bit more interesting. At least in terms of figuring out how this could play out. Brendon will save Andrew and vice versa – he is Brisket Brain’s only ally (beside Rachel but she don’t count). Rachel has more targets on her then Jenna Jamesson.

  7. I kinda hope rachel wins pov.. they vote out andrew then kathy miraculously wins HOH just so the birgade can worry a bit..since they think they have this game won

  8. How the…neither of the barfmance-eros was nominated… did they both give Matt oral? How could that be? Maybe I need more beer. Come on Andrew, your people are great at negotiating (and I mean that in the most positive way…I mean come he is afterall lying about what he does for a living that gives me some leeway). You keep Kathy cuz she is just riding the tide, you can send her packin at a later date. Lets go people that beer isnt going to get here by itself!

  9. Matt should play the game as MENSA Matt (probably another lie). Sadly, all he has done is mocked to of the best BB players (Dr. Evil and Janelle), and made an ass of himself with that pathetic Johnny Fairplay impersonation before the eviction votes. The only thing that is saving his ass is that the idiots he is playing the game with, are clueless about any season except BB11. The only one who is probably on to his schtick is Ragan. Ragan is very knowledgeable of the game and past players. Be original is all Im saying, but if you need to use the strategy from previous season’s winner put your own spin on it. He’s trying to use everyone’s strategy and poorly.

  10. Atleast Britney’s not the target. If she leaves. I’m done with this show. She is VITAL to entertainment on this show.

    1. Why is everyone so scared of Brenden and Rachel though. The entire house would have supported him if he put them up. They were after him already. What did he have to gain in this? Get Brenden out this week then what could Rachel do? She’s useless and you know the only reason she won HOH was because production fudged it for her. She would have won no matter what.

      1. I don’t know if production fudged it, but it wasn’t skill that won it for her, just dumb luck (pick a number). She will be a mess when Brendon goes and would not be a big threat to win anything.

      2. Because they are Alison’s idea of a gimmick for this season! Funny thing is, Rachel couldn’t even be a one trick pony, at least not with candy boy Brendon.

  11. Geez, what a bone head move! What happens if Brendon wins POV???? He doesn’t use it and Cathy or heaven forbid Andrew goes home! A waste of HOH, that’s what it is!!!! I don’t like Cathy, but she isn’t a threat to anyone. This means that unless someone willing to use the POV wins, we are stuck with ditz and pussyman for another week. Matt, you are no genius. You better get lucky and win the POV yourself.

  12. brenden is less of a threat than rachel lol…bad back.

    I predicted these noms for one reason, matt overthinks everything and wants the dramatic blindside….well, you played into the game of BB…either it will be a dramatic blindside, or R and B win POV…and to the idiot above, Brenden would NEVER use POV on andrew when matt would just go…Ok…RACHEL take his place…yeah, if they win it, it wont be used

  13. I can’t imagine them putting more than one name each in the bag. What would BB do if they ended up pulling somebody…say Rachel’s….name out twice, or possibly even three times? Would they just edit this out and tell the houseguests that they damn sure better not mention it on After Dark? I don’t know. I just don’t see that happening. I think it’s just a crapshoot and everybody has their name in the bag once and only once. But they can gear it towards one individual. Or for that matter they can even give somebody the answers if they want to do that too. But not two or three names in the bag.

    1. I wasn’t thinking, they can NOT put a name in more than once! I over thought it and I came up stupid. It has happened before and it will happen again I warn you! I will not stop drinking, however!

      1. BBBuppie, I accidently mixed my ADHD meds with my Midol today. I never thought I could have my period 3 times in one day.

  14. The POV is going to be a true or false, take either a step up for true or down for false, something like that. Last year, it was obvious that Jordan could tell what the HGs on both her left and right were answering by listening for the squeak of the steps (something like that). Since it will be a knowledge type competition – I think Andrew, Rachel and Britney have a good shot at winning. With Kathy’s luck she will get Brisket Brain Brendon as a partner. But since her ass is on fire she could pull off a win. The odds are that MENSA Matt will win, use the POV on Andrew, and back door Brisket Head Brendon. But I could be wrong.

  15. Matt is playing the game well. He will get out one of the two peeps he wants gone.

    I hope it’s Brendan so we can watch floppyT!T$ go crazy. maybe she’ll pull a Chelsea.

  16. These people are getting on my nerves. I don’t understand how no one has found out about the Brigade at this point. They are constantly around each other talking game talk. I really hope Brendon gets backdoored this week. I am so tired of watching him and Rachel. It seems like no one this season has any balls. They are just letting everything play out without being proactive. Gosh and they are so boring!!!!

    1. with the recent “all female alliance” that was not an all female alliance(survivor) I wonder if that has kept the brigade safer than it would have been….since, if I saw 4 guys that got along, I would assume they had a deal

  17. I agree I wish he would’ve put either B or R up but he believes he has their jury vote if he gets to the end because they told him he would get it after telling them about his wife’s “disease”. He keeps his hands clean getting rid of Kathy if the pov isn’t used and if they win hoh next week they go after brittany instead of him because he kept his word. He knows he has to turn on the brigade at some point and needs other votes in the house if he makes it. At least he’s trying to play the game and think ahead. I don’t agree with his logic, but understand why he did it. Hopefully he backdoors one of them.

        1. I am not surprise. I knew that Rachel and Brendon would compete. If Andrew or Kathy don’t win POV, the only one that might use it is Britney. She might give it to Kathy for voting with her for Monet. But, maybe not because she does want Andrew gone. Matt may have got himself backdoored. I still think that may set Enzo and Lane off on him.

  18. they talk about this season like it’s so crazy, but really it’s not. the viewers all think it’s boring. & I think matt or someone made the comment today that there are really no big alliances (other than the secret brigade). which is pretty true.
    you’ve got Brendon & Rachel, the brigade, Kristen & Hayden, Lane & Britney kind of, Ragan & Matt, but the house isn’t really divided. In most seasons it’s clear who will vote which way, but now it’s like, they should realize how easy it could be for them to sway votes & campaign because most people are not that dedicated to their alliances.
    Which means if Brendon goes up this week as a replacement, they should really try to get the votes. They could easily get Andrew, Kristen, Rachel, so that’d be 3. I could see them persuading Hayden or Ragan. Even Britney.
    The thing about B/R is that they are actually, genuinely nice & can give their word without people questioning it.

  19. see there are 3 interesting winners there….well…

    r an B wouldnt use it

    would brit? would she be smarter to align with r and b as monet said she should to julie?

  20. hey bb fans im a bb noob i just started watching last year umm i really dont like the way there playing the game this year very boring instead of getting the strong out first there getting the weak out first and i am a lil confused with matts nomination decision can anyone tell me what exactly he is doing?

    1. Matt thought he would be able to get them out without making anyone mad. he told B/R im not going to put you up but if someone uses the POV i have no choice and they would have less of a chance to play for it, someone else would win use the veto and he would go through and put B or R up it just didn’t work like it played out in his head. I still like Rachael I just wish she would play the game instead of playing with Brendon shes more concerned with him than anything and its sick

  21. I would like to see this backfire on Matt and see the look on his face if Brendon or Rachel won the POV. I want Matt gone home he is a liar and what he said about his wife was so on called for He is a idiot and this will backfire. I hope when he get out his wife slaps him for letting a big liar about her health.

    1. Chance are you will see that. Brendon, Rachael and Andrew are together to the end. Of course, Andrew is with Brendon and has been since day one. People have missed that. They have been secretly meeting in quick spurts since day one. Rachael may not know about Andrew and Brendon right now but will when the time is right for Brendon to tell her. He has already tried to point out to Rachel that he wants to protect Andrew all the time. She is actually jealour of Andrew and Brendon IMO. This was really dumb of Matt this week. Really Dumb…but he will pay with them evicting him first chance they get.

  22. C’mon Guys what Matt did is game playing. You do whar ever you can to win this game.

    How quickly have you forgotten Dr Will (the Greatest palyer of all Time) Evil Dick, Janelle etc.
    Every year there is one that is a coniver (sp?), and that’s the one that we remember end up loving.

  23. Obviously, Matt didn’t get the memo.

    Rachel and Brendon SHOULD have been put on the block. That was the ONLY way to ensure 100% that one of them would go home. Preferably Roach. I cannot stand to look at her anymore. Everything she says and does is for the cameras.

  24. Remember BB8-just when the Danielle/Nick showmance was heating up, they kicked Nick to the curb and Danni ran to the end!! That may be the case here if they evict Brendon. If they do evict Brendon then Raquel MUST follow him out the very next week or she will run to the end!! Don’t forget she is eligible to win HOH next week!! God help us all if she does. The whole house is really stupid if they cannot see the Brigade alliance. If I was in the house, I would be asking myself, why all these guys, including Matt deny they have an alliance with anybody?/ Please common sense dictates that by this point in the game there must be more alliances than just B/R–If I was a HG, I would be doing anything I could to flush out who was with who right now.

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