Big Brother 12 Spoilers – POV Ceremony Results Brit is down Matt is UP, Enzo: “Game F*cking ON” ** Update **


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:25pm Have nots room, Enzo, Monet, Lane and Brit. Monet is pissed matt has been put up and she knows theres no chance for her to stay. Lane says that they told him Andrew may be going up. Monet says they keep bringing up that I won the 10 grand thats a bullshit reason to put me up. Lane says he’s sorry, Rachel and Brendon Lied to us. Enzo calls the other 1/2 of the team as a bunch of fucking floaters. Most that otherside is going to be doing our laundry and doing our dishes when we win HOH. Enzo tells them “GAME FUCKING ON” Monet is trying to tell them that Matt is on the other side.. Enzo isn’t sure about that. Monet asks them if she can get the votes will Enzo vote for her. Brit Jumps in and says she will. Enzo “You do what you have to do you campaign get your votes and talk to me” Enzo wonders why the fuck would Matt want to go up as a pawn “i would never do that” Monet thinks something is up. Enzo keeps saying that the house is split and is game on.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers
12:30pm Palm room Matt and Monet Matt is saying that he’s a bit worried about this week. “it’s a long 3 days anything can happen” Monet thinks Matt has nothing to worry about. Matt tells her he’s going to campaign for himself but he’s not going to slander Monet he doesn’t want things to be awkward. Monet agrees she doesn’t plan on playing dirty she mentions that she is thinking about walking out. Matt “Your going to pull a chima it must be the hair”. Monet “i’m not even going to talk to rachel right now.. I’ll slap that bitch in the face” You can hear Rachel in the background Monet: “SHUT the fuck up you stupid bitch” is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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BAB - formally BB

Matt is up! Does Monet think she has Enzo’s vote? I don’t think he’s going to go against Matt. I guess the game starts now.


I was hoping Matt might stay around so we can see evidence of his super high I.Q. Thus far he has played a crappy game. Also, does anyone get the feeling that the lifetime relationship in the house is Britney and the cop is her Mom? Just have a funny feeling about that.


There is no lifelong relationships. Annie just said that as way to throw off the HGs.


OMG … after horrible strategizing by Rachel & Brendon these last 2 days, Rachel makes the smart move of nominating Matt and ensuring that someone who is targeting them is voted out. Say GOODBYE to Monet 🙂


yep, I was cringing till kristen convinced them along with cathy that it was smart to put up matt….best move they could have made seriously.


I big war is going to star after this when it will show who is with who

angela melini

I soo can’t stand Money and Britney. So rude..calling Kathy a hooker and saying how smart they are and how dumb everyone else is. They always complaining how stupid the house is and how they wish they weren’t there. Well walk out and leave already. No one likes you two anyways. I just want to put a muffle on both of them.


a muffle? a muzzle? a muffler? WTF?


yay! Monet and Britney have got to go…I dont like when the game play turns into personal attacks. I dont mind the occasional frustration and “I’m stuck in here for how long” outbursts…but these girl talk trash about all the girls in the house constantly!


how is tis move going to stir up the game this was stupid everyone will vote for matt we all know this it will be another boring weak i love brit and monet i hope brit wins and sends rachel or kristen packing cant stand none of them.


Finally a comment that I can agree with!


Monet and Britney are the worst game players ever!!!
They both need to go…


And the rest of them are doing what?? Nothing just like Monet and Brittany. None of them are playing they all are talking about each other some talking more shit than the others


wrong, monet and brit are doing more than a little talking, they are SMASHING these people, its just not right, if I was their mother I would be ashamed

the others ARE PLAYING THE GAME…because they have HOH and power…how is putting matt up not playing the game? no one saw that coming, they thought andrew….

but you will support ANYTHING monet does….why, I dont know


everyone saw it coming,,matt told all the brigaders he volunteered to be put up …so he didn t have to vote and be a target


because they are the only entertainment in the house, and they will cause more drama than any one else who want to watch the showmance couples not me and that is all I have to say


Enzo is trying too hard. His overcompensating, saying that it’s game on, etc. That and Matt offering himself up as a pawn may put a focus on them, and eventually expose the Brigade Alliance. I can’t believe that no one has suspected a guy’s alliance yet.


Thank god Matt was put up, Bye Monet! 😀


WOW i can’t believe she listened to them…. she couldn’t think for herself like i thought


uhhhhhhhhhhhh. no….go back to the comments, you said matt would NOT go up, and that is was a terrible move to put up andrew which it would have been

now that matt is up, thats a bad move too?

you need to get a life, or stop hating so hard…WOW.

matt was the smart move…2 people up you don’t like…let them vote off who they want,


dumb dumb when did i say putting up matt was a bad move??, looks like your the one who needs a life, i said putting up andrew was a bad idea for her team, and putting up matt is the only chance they have of keeping the power, but i didn’t think she would listen to brendon,ragan, and kristen’s reasoning…learn how to read b4 you talk shit kido


wow it took them lying and putting up matt to the brigade to start playing?? LMFAO well i guess getting monet out was a good thing


I am going to love waving Ba Bye to the TV on Thursday when Monet is evicted by a 8-1 vote.
First Annie, then Monet, next has to be Brit, then Brendon, then Andrew, then Enzo, then Matt, then Kathy, then Rachel …. ideal final 4: Hayden, Lane, Kristin & Ragan


I would rather see brenden last than lane…but im with you onj the others

I still say hayden will have to choose sides…


I can not stand the constant lip smacking make out sessions of Brendon and Rachel. They need to go.


only thing i like about monet is she got some pretty eyes

T that's Me

Isn’t she cross-eyed or is that just the way she seemed last night on the show???? Actually it was the first time I really paid any attention to her, but she looked cross-eyed to me.


I am going to LMFAO if Brendon wins HoH Thursday. As annoying as he and rachel have become with their Showmance, that fact that it will drive the house insane will make for GREAT TV.


agreed. that, or andrew….since hes such the random wildcard and seeing people go to his HOH room would be funny


monet and brit are awful game players…but even worse as people…I may dislike someone, but the things they say are just WAAAAAAAAAY too much…its rude

and enzo etc…grow the heck up…they arent freaking floaters you nit wit…they are just on the other side…then hes all mad talking about doing dishes and this and that…oh please, brenden has been on slop and has been a have not, its just silly….they cant handle that the numbers aren’t in their favor…so go PLAY THE GAME, stop crying about it, and claiming that they are floaters…no…they just have a bigger alliance that the brigade.

so work with it.

Uncle Cool

I think Rachel will win if it gets physical with Monet.

Rachel is an uncivilized pig and probably has been in a lot of fights over johns.


yea no doubt , she look like she can throw down in the streets over her one dollar bills with another stripper


If Brendan and Rachel get evicted then this Big brother will be soooo boring. If they leave I’m not going to watch the show any more.


I agree. I’m a huge brenchel fan. they bring all kinds of fun to the house, even if they do make you want to puke with all the cuteness sometimes. If they’re gone, what are we supposed to do sit around and watch enzo’s hair fall out??


Wow, what is with that hair anyhow? To all the men out their with follicley challenged heads, just shave it off! So much better and balding men have way more testosterone so they are good to go in the bedroom! Just shave the damn head!


I agree!! Without Brenchel where will the drama be?? No one would have anyone to hate on! Ha Ha! I dont even like them but They are such under dogs I’d like to see them last for a while !!!


It’s already boring.


Every year there are tons of people saying if this happens, or that, I won’t watch anymore… then we all hang around until the end. It is a boring group with little ethnic diversity this year so I don’t know how they are going to save it. The hasidic jew is not floating my boat.


Rachel is just increasing the target on her back by putting a Brigade member up. What an idiot.

Lets face it, everyone in the house is after Rachel/Brenden. They all will put R/B up no matter what they say. Atleast if she put up Andrew, no one would care. Now she’s pissing off the Brigade and Britney/Monet.

Dumb bitch.


The sooner Andrew goes the better. He reminds me of every creepy dork I ever went to high school with who gets mean when you turn him down for a date. I can’t stomach him and his silly lifestyle.


I love how Rachel brags about how she is going to turn the show on its axis and America is going to be blown away by her nomination, and yet she still puts up Matt. Rachel truly is an idiot and far from the mastermind she claims to be. I was rooting for her and Brendon in the beginning but now I can’t wait for her to be gone and let him play his own game. I would love it if she was stuck being the first person in the jury house. Enzo can go right behind her.


I’m with you on that. Then maybe we’ll see the smart side of Brendon. However I think he’s too nice to play a good game. He feels bad for everyone.


Brendan is a pu$$y. He has no game. If Rachel leaves he will fall apart like the little bi*ch he is. I liked Brendan until he started acting like a spoiled little girl with his school girl crush and whining because Rachel dissed him and wanted to talk game with Ragan instead of snuggling in the hammock with him. Boo hoo. You are there to win a half mil. Play your own game and worry about yourself. Anyone who puts themselves at risk and includes someone else in their condition for safety is a big fat loser. Stop making agreements for the 2 of you like she is your wife or something. She is a stupid skank that you have known for 2 weeks. It’s ok to be in an alliance but when every move you make you have to include someone else in it is stupid. Make your own deals and let other people worry about themselves.


Have these people forgotten what show they are on?? 2 people are going to get nominated and 1 person is going to go home every week. Having everyone cry and complain “waaaahhh I’m nominated, waaaah why doesn’t everyone like me” Seriously people if you can’t handle being nominated then you really don’t belong playiing Big Brother. With that being said, Thursday night is going to be very interesting. I think everything is going to blow up.


I think that Andrew, Ragan, Kathy and Lane are the only likable ones in the house. Brit and Monet were obviously angry before they even entered the house. Enzo, Matt and Hayden (who’s hair is disgusting) think they are in charge of everything. Rachel and Brenden were ready to go at it just because they’re on tv. Rachel is not that pretty. I like Andrew, Ragan, Kathy and Lane because they are quieter and don’t cause trouble, they’re just trying to play the game. If it were me in there, I’d be doing the same as them. Trying to lay low til all the big mouths are gone…


Yep, I’m rooting for Lane, Andrew, or Ragan to win….I liked Enzo early on, but he is boring the hell out of me now…Brendon and Rachel have killed lots of the show for me….There showmance is over-the-top…Kathy could be the worst player in Big Brother history…


Kathy is not playing the game. She spends most of her time lying down and restating the obvious. I don’t understand why they keep her. She is so friggin boring and depressing to watch,


I don’t have live feed, so I don’t really know what they do other than on tv. But maybe I’m rooting for Kathy because that’s my name…lol. But I wouldn’t be boring. Ok….I’ll just root for Andrew, Ragan or Lane. 🙁


Sometimes After Dark is like watching paint dry and other times you get to see Britney cry like a baby and make every excuse in the book about her bad behavior and go and on and on about how she wants to stay and then you see her a while later calling Rachel every name in the book and then its more paint drying….I have no idea how Simon and Dawg sit and watch all this …. WOW……
…Hats off to S & D ………


Katie, if you really love Big Brother & then the 3 month live online is worth it if you have a computer. If not than reading these blogs will give you allot of information. If you look to the right side of this you will see other sites to visit and you will get different peoples views and ideas. Some are really interesting! I have had on line for 3 years now & I love it. It doesn’t mean that you have to watch it 24/7. it’s just nice to look at during the day, plus is you read interesting blogs you can go back & tgry to find the action on the 24/7 feed as well. I’m on disability so I’m home, so it’s good for me, but I can only watch them for so long. But all TV shows determine which way they want the show to spin, that’s the advantage of 24/7. One of the advantages anyway.
You do have a good group of people but the house is split for the most part now.
She stirs up allot of unneccessary drama. Play the game, she’s a good competitor but her mouth is just really nasty. If not for that she would have probably gone far, but she’s too rough.


I’m older, so if I was on this season, I probably would’ve already snapped out on her. I can’t hardly tolerate young arrogant people. But that would mean I would be going home…lol. She just reminds me of a spoiled little brat. Monet probably wouldn’t bother me, but she’s friends with her and seems to enjoy listening to her complain. I had live feed a few years ago and really enjoyed it, but I had been unemployed for over a year and a half and just recently got a job. So money has been scarce. Believe me, if I could, I’d have it. 🙁