Big Brother 12 – Monet about Rachel “Sleezy hoe, every time she wears a skirt I feel like STD’s are flying around .. I wouldn’t use her as a mop”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


12:38 Backyard Brit and Enzo Talking about how stupid Rachel is. Brit mentions Rachel’s choice in clothes and how BLANK she looks, She is amazed she wears that on TV.. “She actually thinks she looks good”..”I can’t wait to win HOH and put Brendon and Rachel up Suck it BLANKers” Enzo says that Rachel was smart to put Matt up and not Andrew because Andrew probably would of gone home. Brit says she would love to get Brendon out first then Rachel the next week. Enzo “yeah” Enzo “those BLANKing floaters throughout the house.. why are they even on the show they do dick” Enzo is worried that a floater might win HOH and do something random and dumb. They start bashing Kathy, saying how pathetic kathy is doing everyone chores becuase they have the power.. Enzo “I would love to hear her speech if she gets booted out” Brit tells Enzo she’s sure that Matt is on their side he’s acting really worried right now and she doesn’t think he’s acting. Brit “Rachel is so stupid she actually said I got gummy bears put in my boobs” Enzo Leaves to get some food Monet joins brit and Classic mean girl bashing starts (if you got the feeds flash it back it’s funny)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Monet” kathy is a hooker”
Brit:” Put a maids costume on her ”
Brit “I hope she losses her job and Rachel can get her job back as a stripper ”
Brit “Monet rachel is a chemist.. ”
Monet “ha she’s a chemist that has fake gummy bear tits and dances in a bar”
Brit “she’s a drunk chemist ya ”
Monet “she’s jelsous of me becuase I don’t loko lik a stinky BLANK stripper”
Monet: “Kristen oh kristen you big bikini model with your fake ass tits that are botched and need to get redone ASAP”
Brit “i don’t know what is up wioth the pores on her legs it’s all BLANKed up ”
Monet “Gross ”
Brit “kathy does everyone’s cleaning and she smokes ciggaretess thats all she does”
Monet “I’m going to throw her cigs in the pool ”
brit “they’ll be floating hahaahah ”
Brit mentions taht Rachel came up to hear and told her she’s sorry taht Monet is up and she still wants to be Brits friend. rachel reminded her that it’s just a game and they can still be friends even if their teams are different. Brit laughs at the proposition of having rachel as a friend outside the house.
Brit “I usally don’t hang out with BLANK for fun”
Monet “I woulnd’t use you for a mop”
Monet “Sleezy hoe, every time she wears a skirt i feel like STD’s are flying around ”
Brit She’s so BLANKing nasty Like how many times have we seen her dirty vagina.
Monet “I want to drop kick her off of the balcony

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1:10pm Backyard Couch kathy, rachel and Brendon All agreeing that Monet is done for. Kathy points out that Brit is now going to attach herself to the guys.. Brendon “of course she is thats her only game left” Brendon adds that he thinks everyone will break away from Monet now. Brendon says that he thinks Monet is a nice girl inside and he might go talk to hear and give her a pep talk “She did win 10 grand it’s not a complete lose” Both rachel and Kathy are trying to talk him out of it.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1:17pm Backyard Pool Most the houseguests around or in the pool relaxing.

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T that's Me

Wow! I have seen shallow in this game before, but Brittney and Monet really take the cake. They don’t even have to have an actual reason to talk crap about someone. It’s like they just sit there and whoever comes into their mind is free game. And it’s not just the girls they slam….it’s the guys too.

BAB - formally BB

They are so insecure, it obvious. Jealousy is a disease that these two freak shows can’t cure! Britney needs a tan (or bronzer) and have a professional stylist fix that “Botched” hair job. Money needs Rhinoplasty asap! Can she breathe? I am so sick of hearing these two go off on others.. this is game not a beauty competition. Can’t wait to see Britney cry, AGAIN, when Monet leaves! :)

T that's Me

Yup, the two of them are the LAST people to be pointing out others appearance flaws!!!!!

BAB - formally BB

Is it sad. They have trashed almost everyone in the house, especially the girls, as if they were cracked from the mold. PLEASE.. reality check!!!


I like Enzo but who is he to call anyone a floater? What has he won?

T that's Me

I was actually thinking the same thing. However, you have to admit, he is pretty swift. He is BLANK and whining, knowing the entire time that Matt is safe because of the Brigade. He is doing a good job of keeping his alliance with them under wraps!!! Hayden, on the other hand, is doing exactly what he accused Annie of doing, he’s just passing back and forth with whoever is in power. Which, if you think about it, is what you have to do this early in the game. It will be fun to see how far Enzo, Hayden, Matt and Lane get and when they decide it is time to cut each others throats!!!!


I actually hoped Monet would stay so her & Brit could try to put Brachel up but I hate mean girls. It’s so catty & so childish. Especially when they aren’t really pretty themselves. Now, me? I’m all types of cute. LoL JK ?


I dont know why Monet sits around talking about anyone in the house… she is one nasty looking girl! no wonder she has to cream her face all the time her face breaks out due to bad skin features. She is so nasty… she should really shut the hell up and worry about her own flaws. ahahahahahaha