Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Backyard Lockdown .. POV Ceremony Underway

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:19am Hammock Ragan and Rachel Discusing the HOH this week. Ragan doesn’t think it’lll be a hanging one because
of past seasons. They Are positive it’ll be endurance though. Ragan starts going through all the endurance possibilities. .. Backyard Couch Monet and Matt– Brendon is going to get a million woemn when he gets out of here he’ll dump her in a heartbeat.. Monet how the hell can he lilke her she so fucking annoying. Matt theres no way she’s not getting to him. Matt points out that the other day brendon was getting really annoyed at her but she doesn’t clue in. BIG BROTHER OVER THE PA “Houseguests this is a lockdown. Backyard Lockdown.

11:20am Brendon Changing into his underwear and opps he slips

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How ??????? She is no more of one then the rest of them, what is she doing that is so bad????


are you kidding me?

this is a game and all, but the things monet and brit say are just flat out rude…beyond rude actually…its just wrong…I cant believe people are actually like that, then say “how can she put me up, it must be personal” WELL DUH…monet, you said STD’s fly out of her pants? CMON

you cant defend that type of stuff…If I was related to her, I would be seriously ashamed


thank u aples56 everyone in there istalking trash this game is full of crap


really? rachel is annoying but she tells people to not talk trash…there is also an extent to which you can go..Monet and Brit are going WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too far…