Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Post Blow up is Kathy is MeanGirl circa 1975?

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:30pm Palm Room Matt, Monet, Brit and Rachel Brit is talking about how kathy has been screaming at her tells her that she’s fake, doesn’t talk to anyone and when she does she mean. Matt “WOW Kathy is getting mean” They agree that it must be Kathy saying the lie. Matt says it makes sense.. He hopes that they can find out who told Rachel this and thinks that Ragan will find out for them.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:31pm Backyard pretty much everyone but Andrew, Matt, Monet and Brit ragan asks them for a summary of what happens and so they start telling him. Everyone has a bit to say. Kristen says that someone said Britney is saying that Kristen is voting to keep monet. Brit had asked kathy if it was her saying that and Kathy flipped out and started screaming at Brit.. Brit started to cry. Brendon tell them how pathetic it is that Brit always cries “when in doubt Cry” Ragan asks if there was yelling.. Brendon says no none at all, Kathy agrees. Enzo says “well no there was a bit of yelling between Rachel and Monet” Rachel i think she was like that because she was about to cry, Rachel goes on to say that she never uses the Bitch word not even when they try to get her to say that in the DR. (Apparently Monet said that Rachel called her a bitch)Enzo says she is going home so there no use them fighting about it “the votes should be 9-1” rachel “no 8-1”. kathy says she did talk to Monet this morning but no names were spoken and it was more of an apology/ decent conversation. Talk changes to making dinner tonight.. everyone laughing at rachel and Kathy attempts to make enchiladas last night.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:45pm palm Room Ragan and Hayden Trying to figure it all out. They think that Brit and Monet planned this to make people wonder about Kristen. Hayden says there no way Kristen would of flipped it’s insane. ragan agrees.. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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26 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Post Blow up is Kathy is MeanGirl circa 1975?

  1. Britney and Monet are crying because they’re feeling attacked, over a simple question? My heart breaks for these two knuckleheads.

  2. Okay, I have been to the Doctor so I have missed a lot of what has happened. Did Britney really tell people that Kristen was voting for Monet or was that something that someone made up? Don’t know if it is important or not but I was just wondering. Thanks.

  3. Say what you will about Britney, and believe me I have, but this girl is the most skillful liar I have ever seen. She has balls like and all star linebacker. If she decides to go into politics, watch out. She’s sitting with Rachel blowing sunshine up her ass. With a straight face Britney tells her that she has NEVER said anything about Rachel, and that she was NOT even thinking about putting them on the block given the chance. Rachel’s inept ass is lapping this pablum up like a hungry, orphanage dwelling infant. I don’t like her mouth, but this chick is packed with moxie!

    1. Britney is a skillful liar! But, what if, Rachel is just agreeing with her saying that she really likes her.. and fooling everyone? Rachel obviously gets on a lot of people’s nerves (including myself) but it would be hilarious is she goes to the DR and trashed her. What comes around, goes around! For Britney to be all talk, she sure does cry and gets her feeling hurt easily. It’s just a game.. someone has to go.

      1. Unfortunately, Rachel’s not that smart. If you’re watching feeds now, you know what I mean. Britney has just convinced Brendan and Rachel that Matt should go home. They are now going to turn the votes to that outcome, or try to at least. Britney is pulling some serious puppet strings! I can’t wait for her conversation with Money about her talk with these two mushy buffoons. The one liners will be epic.

        1. I agree, Rachel is NOT that smart. But, with the boys Brigade, I doubt they will let Matt go. He has Enzo, Lane, Hayden – also, Kristen, Kathy and maybe Reagan. I am still not sure how Andrew will vote. That’s 6 minus Andrew. We shall see. Apparently Rachel doesn’t get it.

  4. when someone accused of something, if their guilty the 1st thing they do is start to scream…….. it’s obvious Kathy is lying.. why wold brittney say monet had kristen’s vote when they don;t even talk game??

    1. we are talking about brittney so i could be wrong, but i don;t like Kathy at all and she should be gone after brachel

    2. Brittany actually told monet that she prolly has kristens vote, and they just need to get hayden on their side.

    3. That’s true! It may be one reaction, but it certainly isn’t the only reaction a guilty person may have to an accusation. It is usually the reaction of an innocent person. Shit man – stop being so presumptuous!!!!

  5. At least we are starting to see some drama. I think Brit is a combo of Ronnie (sneaky and lying) but the with outside of Jordan (blonde and cute). So she may be the most dangerous player of the game. She sucks them in with her good looks then strikes with her Ronnie the Rat tactics. NICE! She may be my favorite player now.

    1. Brittany is my favorite player right now only because she is the caddiest (is that a word) bitch and I love it!

    2. Me too. I wanted to hate her, but she is good, as in a good player. There are liars like gnatalie from last year who tell lies for the sake of lying. Then there are lies told for a purpose in the game of BB. Brit impresses me. Glad she won the POV and hope she outlasts Brendon and Rachel and Kathy.

      1. Natalie didn’t lie half as much as people hated her claimed she did. She stayed perfectly loyal to her alliance the whole time. Even the old BB when they watched the season could not deny the fact that she was loyal. Of course Lydia is still blaming Natalie, she was sloppy seonds and no matter how you play it, she was not Jesse’s choice, she was the dollar store hooker. She’ll never like Natalie, even if the girl saved her life, it would kill Lydia to admit that Natalie was decent because she was played on national tv.

    1. yea him and braden need to distance theselves from the bitch and ho… unless their giving up the ass they are of no use to them

    2. he needs to have someone else on his side because if B and or R get nixed, he needs someone else besides his brigade especially if it’s them against the girls

  6. Be careful, Rachel, no matter how you feel about her looks and motivations, is smarter than everyone thinks, and she’s been a student of the game with solid observations of past seasons. Despite the claims of others I think there is a Jeff/Jordan aspect to what she and Brendon are doing. Before it’s over Rachel will surprise a few of you….

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