Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit and Rachel compare stories.. Sh!t storm is brewing, Brit about Matt “I hope he wears a diaper”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:15pm HOH Brit and Rachel Brit is telling her she wants Monet to stay because they are friends in the house but she has not gone around trying to get votes. She hasn’t thrown anyone under the bus or talked about people behind their back. She likes both Monet and Matt. Brit plays dumb says she has no clue how people are voting, she can assume that Monet is going home based on what she see but to be honest Brit is in the Dark right now. Brit knows that Rachel doesn’t like Monet and she doesn’t want Rachel to not like her just because she’s friends with Big Brother 12 SpoilersMonet. Rachel says she doesn’t play the game personally she plays it strategic, “I just want to have fun everyday while i’m here” Brit tells her there not fucking way that she was telling people that Kristen is voting for monet. Brit doesn’t know where all this mistrust and speculation is coming between them. “to be honest I wasn’t going to put you or Brendon up if i had won HOH” Rachel says she heard that Brit was going after Brendon and that is why she put Brit and MOnet up in the first place she wants to protect Brendon as long as she can. Rachel says that there has been a few people in the house that has come up to her and told her that Brit has been asking for votes to keep Monet. rachel adds that someone told Brendon that you’ve been saying that you’ll put Brendon and Matt up next week if you win HOH. Brit is shocked “why would I do that i don’t even want Matt gone this week and he’s up against my friend” Brit really wants to know who is saying all these things because that person is telling lies and brit wants to avoid them for the rest of the game. rachel wants to expose this person and get it all out in the open so they can get the truth out but she doesn’t feel right doing that (How convenient ) Brit says she doesn’t want a big blow up she just wants to know who that person is so she can stay out of their way. Rachel brings up all the shit Brit and Monet have been saying, “Monet is telling people that Brendin and I run the house.. WERE HOH”

 Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Rachel says that she doesn’t know why they are not getting along. She thinks that if they had met outside of the house they will be friends, Rachel goes on and one about how similar they are and how their backgrounds are the same etc etc. rachel and Brit agree that they are not each others targets right now. Brit “I’ve seen peoples true colours this week theres a lot of people I want gone” Rachel goes on about how hard it is being HOH and how she feels like the entire house is against her and Brendon, “this house is crazy”. Brit “I’ve been trying not to talk game or step on people’s toes and not cause any scenes or be dramatic, and to keep everything under control, I don’t know who’s lying but it’s driving me crazy” Brit says she’s been 100% honest with rachel and she wants her and rachel to trust each other. Brit confesses that Monet’s the only person she trusts and she wants to be able to trust more. Brit says that at least Rachel knows the person spreading all these lies is. Rachel says that it has been Matt that is telling her shit about Brit and Monet. “He said that you said Kristen is flipping the vote” Now it megins.. Brit starts throwing Matt under the bus big time.. She says that Matt is gunning for rachel and Brendon, Matt has said this all in front of groups of people, Matt said that anyone to ally themselves with a showmance is stupid, Matt says sthey need to break up the showmance.. Brit continues “Matt told a group of people that they need to throw him the HOH and he’ll take out Rachel” Rachel acting like she knew Matt was going to do it. Brit nodes and Keeps going “matt told me and a group of people that his main objective is to put Brendon and rachel up, “He said He’ll go after Rachel first then take care of Brendon” Rachel says she wanted to put up Andrew put everyone was trying to talk her out of it then Matt walks in and volunteers to go up as a pawn.. Brit “why do that unless you got something planned” Brit goes on and on about Matt its insane. The girls decide to go talk to brendon on the hammock they hug it out and head outside.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:11pm – 6:22pm Backyard Brit, rachel and Brendon Rachel tells them that this has been matt plan all along he wanted the drama to be crazy to put some heat on other players. rachel agrees she brings up earlier in the week when Matt was trying to talk everyone into putting Brit up because he thinks shes the sabetour. Brit points out that now that they think about it it’s obvious he’s been playing both side off the entire time. Rachel agrees, “he’s shitting his pants right now cause he knows, “I hope he wears a diaper” rachel thinks he’s being stupid because he’s on the block why would he rick causing all this when he still could go home. Brit “exactly is so confident that he’s staying he playing the game rachel” (brit is good holy shit) Brendon comes in and rachel fill him in.. brendon says they need to think about all this and figure it out don’t make any snap decisions and keep your mouths shut for the time being. Rachel says that monet will come after me for sure though. Brit tells her that monet is smart she’ll do anything to stay int the game she’s responsive and could agree to a deal. Rachel it’ll be tough to switch the house to keep her.. not sure even if thats the best thing to do right now. Brit understands Monet is up she’s going home, “watch out for Matt next week though”. rachel: ” do you have any clue how hard it is going to be to flips the votes back.. i doubt we could do it. what do i do call Matt out in front of the entire house right now?”.. Brit tell her that they need to think about it but in her opinion it’s only Tuesday and they have some time to think, she gets up and leaves. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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rachel plays the game strategically?? thats a flat out lie everything she does is personal


She is a flippyty-floppity emotion based player. That’s why Britney’s tears and stories about Matt are so effective. She has zerrrrrrrrrrrrrooooo strategic, forward thinking logic. Whoever talks to her last, that’s who she agree with.


Very true! If she really wanted to keep her and Brendon safe as long as possible she should have went after a stronger player this weak to increase their chances of winning HOH.


EXACTLY she ain’t no chemist and he ain’t no physicist , they-re both far too dumb to handle that shit


umm is branchel not HOH and are they not on a powertrip?? LMFAO i love the wh***s delusions


WELL at least she told the truth about matt LMFAO


Dumb matt never should have to branchel 2 put him up. Now he’s caught. This guy is suppose to be smart…


never have told*


if brittney telling the truth about matt get monet to stay, everyone who hates her need to start loving her she playing the game now harder than anybody has this season GODDAMN


Come on baby – let’s get this party started. I want to see Britney get in Matt’s face and Ragan come to his rescue. I’d love to see Ragan and Britney go at it. That would be a catfight!


Yo I can’t believe the shit Brit is selling right now. I’m beginning 2 love this girl more and more by the day. Looks like the Brigade could be 1 man short by weeks end. I would feel sorry as hell for Mat 2 leave, but he put himself on the damn block. LOL


that and he talked shit about brachel saying on many occasions that if he ever wins HOH he’s putting them up and telling brittney that


dumb move on Matt’s part. never underestimate the power of a girl

BAB - formally BB

Hopefully BBAD will be good tonight. Drama is already hitting the fan.


Me too, but with the heat in the current argument, they might just shoot their wad in the next hour. Hopefully not, ‘cuz this shit is getting good! Nothing like a “house meeting” to stir up some tasty drama.


Rachel is bipolar! Whoever stays this week will be gunning for her next week. Matt has shown the world that you can be a genus and still be an idiot in the BB House. Matt and Ragen are BBF. Brit is too obsessed with Kristen’s vagina. Kathy should have been the under cover agent in the house, she is boring and worthless. In fact, every person in the house is lazy and boring! I bought Showtime just to get After Dark……I bought Live Video to be ENTERTAINED!!!!! So far, I feel like I’ve been ripped off! Please BB call a meeting with the HG and get through to them why they were chosen to be a part of the BB House. I’ve been a FAN ever since year one; but I’m very disappointed and bored this season. Please BB SAVE my favorite show, call a meeting.


I guess Britney has grown on a lot of people. (myself included) If Mensa happens to leave this week then everybody has to watch their backs, because dang this girl has skills.


I know everybody hates brit but she is the only one playing the game right now so you kind of have to love her.


I think it was very dumb of Matt to ask Brachel to put him up as a pawn. That made it obvious that he was playing both sides. She should have known something when he wanted it to be anonymous and to play like he had no idea he was going up. He’s a floater and you can say the same thing for Hayden. I can’t stand floaters.


Rachel called a “house meeting” wtf?


Wow, Brit is doing a good job. Would be funny/awesome if she gets Monet off and then one of them wins and puts Brendon and Rachel up on the block next week.


Only if there is a God!

Other K

Rachel is such a tard. “We’re HOH” No, YOU’RE HOH, grow a pair. Stop rolling over and letting Brenden make all of the decisions.


Wish the cameras would flick through where all the HG’s are every hour or so so we would know what they were all up to.


Good for Britney. She’s smart and deceitful. It’s about time the shit hits the fan. Although, this is probably a .10 compared to the insane amount of drama last season.


Matt better pray that Ragan still votes for him to stay. If he leaves, the Brigade will be revealed to all the HG’s.


Lets be realistic Matt might be in trouble but it will still be tough for Monet to get the votes. No way Enzo, Lane, Hayden vote against him. That’s three right there. All he needs is Ragan and Kristin. The likelihood Kristin votes Matt out regardless of what Brit says is not likely since Kristin knows Brit would try and get her out and same goes for Monet. Ragan and Matt are tight and don’t see Ragan turning on him. Brit can make a strong push and commend her for playing cause this cast is quite boring right now but in the end I don’t see it working. Can’t call Matt and Hayden floaters since we all know they are in the brigade and just trying to deflect attention. Not sure how long that will last but that’s their game for the time being.


wrong, hayden is a floater for one reason…kristin…he will side with her…wait for it seriously


I’m not so sure. As I remember it, the brigade was Enzo’s idea. He pitched it to Hayden and Lane when H was HOH and didn’t know what to do. He latched on then because there was nothing better to do at the time. That was before Kristen turned his already confused brain to mush. As for Matt, I think he just went along with Enzo to see where it took him, but I don’t think any of them are loyal. The only ones that really believe in the brigade are Enzo and maybe Lane. Hayden would vote any one of them out if it meant saving his girl. I don’t see Ragan as being tight with anyone. Given that Rachel and Brendon are as dumb as they are, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brendon flip and give his vote to Monet if he thought there were enough votes. This could get interesting. As for Cathy, she will do whatever Rachel tells her to do. Matt could really be in trouble, and then the game would be on. Brendan and Rachel will be on one side, and everyone else would have to regroup. The floaters would have to align.


Britney is tossing some well aimed grenades. Glad she saw the value in strategically placed comments over generic high school shit talking. I’m digging the shit out of her new tactics. She has to be laughing her ass off watching the fruits of the hornet’s nest she stirred up. Genius.


You gotta love it! Britney, after lighting the fuse on this great argument just said: “I didn’t want to start anything. I don’t want to start any drama. I didn’t want to start any drama.” I love the balls on this freakin’ chick!


I hope Matt leaves.. i hate he was cocky enough in the first place to go up willingly and hate that the brigade thinks they are calling the shots.


I hated how cocky matt was when it came to “oh, Ill break them up” “oh, I have her” “oh, she loves me” “oh he likes me”…its like matt…cmon.

and brenden/rachel arent bad people, they just have HOH, are they annoying? yes…but they arent GROSS like Monet…who will call other people the most vile names then sit there and pretend shes marilyn monroe…its just gross.

good for Brit however to FINALLY start PLAYING the GAME instead of complaining about their living conditions and saying she wants to just go home because MONET is…please


honestly I know you all hate branchel or whatever because they are the HOH…the focus….but it would be worse with the brigade, at least rachel talks over EVERY FREAKING SCENARIO 500 times….the brigade would not be discussing gameplay….only outfits, and how people look…

I mean really, brit saying brenden will lose his hair to enzo…really? to enzo?


I don’t hate them because they are HOH. I hated them almost right off the bat, last week. I hate their arrogance, their fakeness, their face sucking and barf bag antics. I hate that they compare themselves to the best players in history and believe it. I hate the fake laugh, the fake tears, the mini dress without panties, the fake boobs, the fake red hair and two people that claim to be book smart but are as dumb as a pile of rocks. I could go on but I will spare you all. Go Brittany! You are officially my fave now. Keep it up. You rock girl!


OMG! Watching BBAD and if Rachel says “like really, you don’t understand…me and Brendon, like really you don’t understand!” If I could just say to her face shut the f*** up!!! Aughhhhhh!!!


And, I would echo you!


Like, like, honest to God… seriously, like we were literally like meant to be together, like honest to God……

The whole Brachel shoemance makes me want to puke. I thought I might be able to live with them individually, but now I don’t think so.


I was about to say the same thing….”you guys don’t understand” !!!!
What was that w/ britney and andrew??? I thought she hated him…is there something I missed and/or this a secret alliance???


Why can’t the BB House be as interesting as these message boards! Oh, and we aren’t getting paid by BB.


Rachel and Brendon are talking about who they want to go…Monet or Matt. Like they have any say in it. Rachel’s reign is over…and it stunk while she had it! They act like they have control over who is leaving. The brigade has Matt’s back and so does Ragan! Kristen and Kathy will never vote for Monet to stay. It’s a done deal. Rachel and Brendon can just shut the f*** up!!!!! Aughhhhhhhhhhh!!!


They both really seem dumb, Rachel and Brendan. Neither seem like scientifically educated persons.


Matt is soooo drunk!! LMAO! He can barely speak!! Too funny.
I love “No Lips Shaggy”! If he wins the money maybe he will buy himself a pair of lips!!! Go Hayden!!!


Look at matt’s drunk ass starring at britney lol

Big D

MESSAGE TO MATT–NEVER, EVER, EVER volunteer to be the pawn—the pawn almost always goes home–remember Dustin/ED?Just for that dumb shit he deserves to go home this week.