**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – New Sab Message, Lane to Enzo: “if I find that the BGs had anything to do with love conquers all i’m going to get hostile”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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3:00pm cabana room Ragan, Lane, HAyden They’re talking about being naked in front of the life feed cams. ragan says he forgot once in the beginning of the season and was completely naked in front of the camera. Enzo says that they caught him once but all they got was his butt. He tells them that his butt is like a tiger because it’s covered in stretch marks. Enzo tells them he was cornered by Brendon. Brendon told him that ‘they’ (Brit, ragan, matt) are going to peronal. He’s worried that they will try to keep him her to be malicious. Enzo says he’s been trying to talk Brendon into hitting the exit button and walking on out. Enzo thinks he better become a have nots she he doesn’t have to sleep in the same room as Brendon. Ragan is not looking forward to Brendon’s eviction speech, the diarrhea that will spew from his mouth will make Ragan ill. Enzo says that Brendon is going to toss them all under the bus, it’ll be his last ditch effort to get voted out. They start talking about how big of a douche Brendon’s been, Lane: “in Texas a boy like that would get his ass kicked”. Ragan: “I’ve seen a lot in my life i’ve had people come up to my face and yell DIE FAGGOT.. when brendon calls me a cockroach and says i’m LA fake it doesn’t phase me one bit”. Enzo and Lane starts to joke about the DR. Enzo says he’s been in the DR 4 times today, they have a separate room for him, ESPN, pizza, he knows where Lebron went, he knows who the sab is, he’s got a comfy couch. They are talking about the fans that are out there and how R/B will probably have few friends. Ragan explains that the cbs site has a poll that shows you week to week the popularity of the houseguests and he bets that the first week B/R must of been at the top but after week one they probably dropped to below zero. Lane says he doesn’t care what the people out there think of him when he goes back home he’ll have plenty of friends.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


3:58pm HOH Lane, Matt, ragan They got another Sab Message the message told them that someone has received ad power voted by the fans. Lane doesn’t see America wanting to keep B/R thats why he doubts they have the power. Ragan isn’t sure he thinks they could of been give the coup de’tat. Lane thinks that perhaps America gets to vote who the sab is. Lane adds that the message said “don’t sweat it someone on the block is leaving”. Matt thinks most of the message was probably bullshit because the message said “one of them is not necessarily going home because true love conquers all “…”Thats not true love at all”. Brit joins them. Lane tells her Rachel and Brendon are really excited because they think they got the voted power. Lane: “rachel is so convince that America loves her”. Brit: “You think america wants her to stay?. Lane: “NO I think she thinks, and that is why she’s so happy all of a sudden” They all agree the most likely person to go up on the block if Rachel has the coup d’etat will be lane and ragan with the target being ragan. brit and matt cannot go up this week because they have POV and HOH. Brit thinks that maybe they gave Rachel a power that will only benefit her. She says that if Brendon goes this week because of some wizards power it still isn’t the end of the world because she’ll broken. Brit explains that you guys will still talk to Brendon like you do now but not a single person will talk to Rachel she will not have a single soul in the house. Brit: “She’ll probably come talk to me but I won’t say 2 words to her” Brit knows rachel will be good in quizzes but she’s sure Rachel will just give up if Brendon’s gone and she’s stuck in the house with noone. There looking at the HOH TV, They make a comment about Rachel’s short dress and they all saw her “crack” during the sab message. Lane comments on how Brendon’s posture keeps getting worse and worse.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:21pm Living Room kahty + BRIGADE Talking about the sab message and the special power. Enzo is speaking in code so that production doesn’t get after him
GBs = goodbyes
Lane to Enzo: “if I find that the GB had anything to do with love conquers all i’m going to get hostile”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:32pm Taj b/rThey are both happy that the sab message got all the other houseguests running scared like little cockroaches. rachel starts to fake cry and says she doesn’t know if she can survive with Brendon gone, she doesn’t know if she can win HOH. Brendon tells her that after the show he’s not going to leave her he’s not going to let her go. Brendon tells her he loves her over and over.. rachel: “I love you” Brendon: “you are my soul-mate” Rachel:” says me to” they talk like brendon is leaving on Thursday, Brendon tells he not to trust LAne he’s with Brit not Hayden and Enzo. (it will be epic when rachel goes home tomorrow GRENADE).

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:08pm hayden and Enzo Hayden says id B/R have the coupe d’tat they will put up ragan and Brit because they can’t put brit and matt up. Hayden continues if Rachel can only save herself then she’ll put Ragan up and we vote Brendon out. Enzo says that will be perfect, they both are happy with the progress they are making being “Friends” with B/R both of them think they are safe for the next week regardless. Hayden says that rachel thins kshe’s 100% sure who the sab is and it’s not Lane. Enzo mentions that brendon thinks it’s Lane. Hayden and Enzo both agree that B/R will be coming after them next week so they have to be ready to take them out quick if they both stay this week. Hayden says BRit is much more dangerous than Ragan because Brit knows everything in the house including the players family’s. Enzo says he wants to get BRit and Ragan out more then Rachel right now. Hayden explains the double eviction to Enzo, he’s sure that one of B/R will be going home then it’s double eviction. Hayden: “after double eviction it’s the brigade against Kahty and someone else”. They don’t know how the brigade will break down at final 4.. Enzo: “Well worry about that later”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:12pm Kitchen B/R making dinner (She’s covering her boobs whats going on?)

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157 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – New Sab Message, Lane to Enzo: “if I find that the BGs had anything to do with love conquers all i’m going to get hostile”

  1. I… don’t get what Ragan’s doing as El Salvetore… I mean… this isn’t fun. This isn’t exciting. Come on Ragan, pull some duct tape and duct tape the windows. Pour red dye in to the pool. Write messages all over the mirrors or something. I don’t know. Do something funny and interesting. Go trash everyone’s belongings. Go switch the luggage around. Pour the bugs from the have not room into the pool.
    Ok, maybe not that last one.
    You’re crafty… I hope… I think….
    I don’t know! Just DO something!

    1. I agree. Regan sucks at being the sabotour. His things are lame
      and he rarely does anything, I like Annie so much better.
      I actually want Regan gone cause he useless!

    2. Sorry, this really has nothing to do with what you said but has anyone noticed how no HOH so far has nominated ANYONE from their team from the first HOH competition, the hot dog one? No one! Every HOH has nominated other people from the other team? Isn’t that weird?

    3. Production tells Ragan when to do things so it’s not his choice WHEN to do it. He can’t do something whenever her feels like. Plus, he gets suggestions from the audience so he doesn’t come up with the ideas at all. Having a saboteur that does “nothing entertaining” is better than no saboteur at all. And you’re ideas are lame, just saying. How do any of those sabotage anyone in the house??

  2. when rachel did that walk mocking brenden i wish he would have punched her in the face. its ok for her to trash people but when brenden does it to her its getting personal, i hope someone screws over britney next week and gets her ass out she is a*************

    1. I think you meant when Britney did that walk mocking brendon …. But, yes, none of her mean comments are personal. How could they be? She never gets personal. None of them do!

    1. I dont think this was his Idea..lol..how would he know to say what the Sab said. This was a prompting from the producers. It was cryptic for more than mood, it was so he wouldnt know what they meant either.

    2. I know. If he doesn’t do something great to EARN it then they better not give it to him just because he did a few minor things that really didn’t bother anyone. Step it up, Ragan! Does he only do what America tells him to or can he get creative on his own?

  3. Can’t wait for Thursday yo. Rachel will have a bazooka shoved up her ass and fired out the front door.

  4. Say Simon, shouldn’t you put some devil horns on Ragan’s photo so we can keep tabs on the Saboteur?

  5. I think the look on Rachel’s face when she is evicted will really be something to see. A lot of folks have been waiting to see her get some kind of payback. I can’t wait to see it, either. But I keep wondering if it would be a better payback to keep her in the house for a week without Brendon. I would just love to see the theatrics! With no one there to cry to, no one to constantly reassure her, no one there to manipulate, and no one to stick up for her … THAT would be a show.

    1. What do you think Brendon is going to say when he plays back all of Rachel’s diary messages. “I think even a monkey could do better.” Uh, hello. She does not respect nor love him.

      If Brendon goes this week then she will morph into a new independent player within MINUTES, guaranteed!

  6. I think the “Saboteur” pranks are just the messages to the HG. After Annie, there isn’t anything he can really do except leave messages to make the others paranoid.

  7. Remember people Ragan can’t do much because the whole house is on Sab look out. Hell, they even have the rooms rigged at night and watch people get up for bathroom breaks to make sure they aren’t stunting. The Sab is on a short leash that’s why I say just scratch the whole lame idea of a Saboteur.

  8. Keep in mind that we get to vote on what he does or at least give suggestions that production picks. And that the sabotages have been mental games so far. And that trashing the house is hard to do without getting caught so they are probably starting small . They will probably get better but right now it’s still awesome because of the paranoia it’s causing.

            1. Sorry Rockstar, Jeff and I hooked up in Singapore. You are all out of luck ;)
              PS) We are trying to keep this from Jordo until the $$$ runs out, please don’t say anything.

            2. Jeff needed a showmance, no one else would touch him, that is why he ended up with Jordon, it wasn’t love, it was convenience. He hasn’t even asked her to marry him. He’s ignorant to her and she doesn’t have the brain power to see it or understand that he is an abuser.

              1. Yah I found it odd that they were not engaged yet. She will have a pre-nup – i dont think she is a complete moron.

            3. Boy, Rockstar, you know you can’t attack Jordon and Jeff. They are sacred hearts of BB. We both learned this last year. You with Natalie and me with my comments on Jordon breast implants. But, leave it to you to not back down again. You go girl!

              1. can’t help it Grandma, even his comments tonight to her made me cringe and people still think he’s perfect. He’s mean. If I loved someone I would not degrade them like that especially on tv.

                1. So, he is still doing that, huh? How’d her boobs look? She must have the stitches out by now. I haven’t seen the show yet, Another hour before it is on here.

                  1. He wasn’t in the house 2 minutes before he picked on her. I don’t find it cute. Maybe I’m flucked up but I don’t find it endearing at all

      1. OMG , Boy George has been fornicating with ducks???
        Well, I have to admit, watching her is like being pecked to death by a duck.

  9. What are Ragan and Britney going to talk about after B/R are gone. They need to grow up, I am so over this season. What are the live feeds going to show Lane and Hayden laying on the couch….BORING!!! Let Jeff and Jordon stay so there will be someone loveable in the house

    1. As long as its about anything but “B/R”. I’d like them to do a nightly 1/2 hour recap of the day’s events within the house. If they are there for face time and career moves – use what the house has to offer. I know I would Live with Ragan and Britney “Lee.” Kathy can hold their cue cards and be stage manager.

    2. Yeah i wonder what will they talk about….It’s really getting old, now they’re acting like 3 yr olds hiding things. Do these 2 dummies even realize they’re being used by the brigades & in a few more wks or less their asses will be stuck in the jury house with B/R, It’s to the point I only watch on HOH night.

  10. WOW 2 pins and 15 secs of misses and then she pulls it off?? GO Kathy… and her reaction was understandable this is the best she done in the whole game…. that was hilarious rachel whining afterword , and then to add more to their sucky day brendon the cocky douche did the worst in the comp and throws a tantrum? Brenchel being POOR sports every time they lose is PRICELESS

  11. Jeff is still a douche. I called it last year and I’ll say it again this year, there is no one on BB ever who could equal to his douchieness.

        1. you should start a website and blog. jeffisadouche.com. then you could spend all day typing that over and over to yourself.

          1. Rockstar comments should be added to the Drink game…all I could do after I read your reply, reply was…literaly…lol

              1. I remember…he drove me nuts last year with his Jeff love though, kinda hoped he had moved on with his obsession, obviously he is still hung up on it

                1. I’m a he? haha yup, I’ve got bigger nads then you. Don’t fret my pet. I have to comment, this was a brand new season and I have to see that douche on my tv screen. It ain’t right.

      1. Ronnie is a wanna be, not a douche. Ronnie couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. He’d cry, get covered in brown paper and hide. That isn’t a douche that is a loser.

    1. Britney had a point there about Rachel going WOOOOOO when she wins something, but asking for sympathy from people when she loses. I’m an equal opportunity hater and try not to put my feelings into my posts…… I tell how I see them.

  12. It sounds to me like B/R j are being set up to get ‘Punked’ tomorrow night! Thanks you, to whomever sent in that suggestion, to CBS, for something the saboteur could do!

  13. “Rachel: I feel like a monkey can probably knock over 4 pins.” i think so too, but the monkey would use it’s feces as a bowling ball LOL

  14. The Poor sports are mad everybody else was having a good time, they call it insensitive???? this is why their at the BOTTOM, Biggest Whiners in the house

  15. Will be so glad when the vote to get someone out. Then maybe we can hear about something else rather than Rachel and Brendon. Can we PLEASE talk/hear about something else?

    1. i agree,, but you gotta admit rachel and brendon kept doing shit to make them talk about them, it wasn’t like they did it out of nowhere

  16. A) I didn’t realize there was a mini fight between Kathy and Rachel. Must have missed that. Makes me understand the fight last night more.

    B) I also didn’t know about the Saboteur video that just played. That also makes me understand the fight last night more. It was partly Ragan wanting to split the pair up, and partly because he was getting back at Rachel for the crap she said to Kathy a few nights before.

  17. What a complete hypocrite Ragen is. Don’t want to touch Rachel’s hair when he was the one with it on in the HOH room. What a complete dick!

    1. Use your head please. He used that as an excuse because if he accepted it he could possibly get caught, which would blow the Saboteur money.

    2. You believe that he was serious? Production told him which “suggestions” to read, to say something funny, and which one to pick.

  18. I used to like Rachel! Tonight I am ready to vote her out! I have no patience for people that can dish it out but can’t take it back! Quoting jeff, she got got!

  19. Someone who is a Brenchal fan, please explain? I don’t care if everyone else in the house blows (however, I do think brigade is a solid group ignoring the fact that Matt is a total ass for the wife lie). There can be no explanation to liking Brendon and Rachel, they’re delusional, annoying, ingenuine, and selfish. It’s like Big Brother wanted the worst possible couple after having such a real couple in Jeff and Jordan last season. Br-Bri-Bri Grade yo!!

    1. the only reason the brigade are not being total idiots is because they have not been under the gun since week one and B/R have been. I will say they have been smart by befriending the others and the others are stupid for not figuring it out so they always feel safe it would have been great to see two of them on the block and see how they would have acted.

    2. they can’t explain it their too far up their own asses believing brenchel is so innocent and were playing the game the right way..

      1. I am clearly not in denial as to them (B/R) being in elements of denial as to where they have been of their game…HOWEVER, what I will say in their defense is that it’s one thing to go after another houseguest for their playing abilities..but quite another to continually attack them as Brit and Ragan do…now, is Rachel the sharpest tool in the shed…no…but what Brit and Ragan do is simply ridiculious….they are cruel and hateful and that is putting it lightly. The two of them take things to an entirely different level of attack, which is not only degrading but they do it in a way that whether you are a fan of B/R or not…you cannot help but want them to be “found out”…and called out for their BS…dirty birds they are..nasty and if Ragan were my childrens professor or “mentor” I would question his guidance straight away….If I knew where he were on staff I would be sending requests to have HIS credentials called into questions immediately! BAD FORM RAGAN!!! BAD FORM!!!!!


    1. No. Sab is a liar just trying to mislead the houseguests. Doesn’t matter how much truth is mixed in with the lie, it’s still a lie.

  21. I at first really liked Ragan, because he was so nice, now he is just being cheap on his insults. Ragan I dare you to say something to Brendon’s face. I’m sick of Ragan, anyone else?

    1. What will Brendon do?

      The guy is a pussy with a capital P.

      Ragan would demolish him.

      So would Matt.

      And especially Britney.

      Size doesn’t matter.

      1. Ragan under her right tit, Britney under her left, picking matt meat out of her teeth with a toothpick and Brendon saying …. good job baby, good job, im so proud of you

  22. Rachel: Brittney, Your My Friend…RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGHHTTTT skank you were using her ever since you got monet out, but brittney is too smart for that she she used YOU HAHAHAHA

  23. oh yeah GOD FORBID!!! kathy enjoys winning after being on slop and not winning shit. and how dare the house guests enjoy a GAME

  24. you know what i have to defend her,how do u know she’s thinking that ???? why can you get a life ??? you guys are so obsess with B/R that’s crazy ,guess what i don’t blame you because their the one actually playing the game, BTW Rachel was on tmz today….check tmz.com

    1. Gay? is it? who defends the hypocrites every 2 seconds, who makes up shit defending their tyranny while they were in power? if you through brenchelk fans you though right…you are the ones obsessed with brenchel, im sure you would be the type to go through their garbage to get memorabilia

    2. Rachel is so very obviously trying to cast herself into something more than she is. She wants to be Jordan, Janelle, Lydia and Chima all rolled into one mega-personality. It is difficult to watch!

  25. now tell me this if brendon or rachel get voted out what will you watch bb for, four guys are in a alliance ,so you will have no one else to win challenges

  26. So far this season couldn’t get any more boring. I’m not a fan of anyone in the house. I do have people who i dislike in the house thought. I think the stupidest move was for Britney to not throw the POV competition She shouldn’t have ever won it. First it made her look like a bigger stronger competitor. Second she lost 2 allies for jury votes then she aligning with people that want her gone. She is defiantly the puppet of the game this season. I’m tired of her diarrhea mouth and all her shit that she wont shut up about B/R. Leave those two alone why do you care so much? Also Regan i think is the worse sabatour! He is so lame and he just like Britney like to talk shit about everyone. he disgusted me. His farts while people eat it so rude and nasty, if i was on the house i would have punch him right in the face if he did that while i ate. also how he talks about how big of a shit he took. I mean i know why he shit so big all the dicks that been up there probably loosen the guy forever but damn chill out with your Shit. Ewww. He needs to go Asap. The bridage is so lame. Matt is stupid for bringing the other 3 with him. They all strong competior and they would take matt out first because he won 2 hoh. Matt needs to play for himself and drop the other 3. I cant wait till Rachel is gone so I can see how the house is. Maybe the house would be more entertaining to see who turns on who :)

    1. Should she make it to final two, she is building nice case for the win. POV is pretty important in this game, you must be new to BB ? ?

    2. I totally agree with you about Brit and Ragan. if they hate them so much, why would you talk about them all the time. they both disgust me with all the things they say about B/R. Brit says that Brandon talk in peoples back, but she isnt?!? all the things Brandon said at the POV ceremony was true!!

      and the brigade lol, the only reason they are still there, is because the target was on B/R since the beginning.

  27. I like Rachel, I think the house would be boring without her. Britney is a potty mouthed brat. I’ve never heard someone talking so much about someone behind their back like that. I swear, even Britney is obsessed with Rachel.

    In any case, I like Rach… She’s really been really great at the challanges regardless of folks opinions of her. Shes fun to watch.

    1. She’s great to watch especially when she loses because she is a suck.

      Brendon is a bigger suck and has no sportsmanship or coordination.

      He probably has never played any type of sport.

      He was gasping for breath after 45 seconds of throwing balls down the lane and at J/J.

  28. anyone else noticed the pattern in the pictures of evicted houseguest at the top of this site they are in order of eviction starting with annie is this a coincidence?

  29. All we really want to see Rachel in is, maybe “Saw VI” or whatever is next. Not sure which end of the saw she would be on. I can’t believe Production let Brendon get away with throwing that ball, I am sure all the Rachel fans approved of it.
    Well hopefully, by tomorrow night ya’ll can take that cold-hearted, heartless, leg-licking bitch and shove her :)

  30. brendon is a spoiled sport can’t stand him or rachel they act like it’s all about them when one goes tomorrow hope theother goes nex tweek

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