** Updated ** Big Brother 12 Spoilers -6pm Pizza Party, Ragan: watch out the Gruesome Twosome is going to get drunk and annoying


Big Brother 12 Spoilers
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5:47pm Kathy, Brit, Ragan and MAtt Brit tells them this week will not be double eviction. She explains that they made taped messages today for the show tomorrow and if they were to do a double eviction there would be no time for taped speeches. Matt isn’t sure he thinks they might just do things to through them off. Brit points out how Rachel’s mood has changed today, Matt thinks she got the new power, Ragan isn’t sure he thinks she’s just excited because of the sab message and she thinks she has the wizard powers. kathy leaves. they start talking about the sab message again. Brit and Matt both agree that it doesn’t matter what power Rachel gets as long as one of them stays up on the block they will vote that person out. Matt tells them to not worry one of B/R will be going home he’s sure of it, he doesn’t think production would mess with the game that much by keeping both of them. Brit thinks that Rachel will be a emotional wreck of Brendon LEaves. MAtt isn’t sure he doesn’t know what the hell goes on in Rachel’s mind she might turn into a super player and win HOH right after.

matt: “just don’t start anything with them and it will be fine just ignore them”
Ragan: “there going to be drinking tongiht and they’ll be super annoying”
Matt: ” Yeah I know they’re annoying but only 24 hours then one of them is gone”
Brit leaves. Matt and watching Brendon cook food and are amazed at how much food he is wasting, Ragan: “why does he waste food like that” Matt: “I dunno he’s a BLANK idiot”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:00pm Feeds cut

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:27pm Pizza party is over feeds come back
Everyone getting talking about how awesome the pizza and drinks were. Ragan is alone in the HOH

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144 thoughts on “** Updated ** Big Brother 12 Spoilers -6pm Pizza Party, Ragan: watch out the Gruesome Twosome is going to get drunk and annoying

      1. Hey Simon/Dawg,

        I am unemployed in Michigan “GM auto industry ” but I wanted you to know I got 4 viewers on the watch & chat cbs .com to come to your site, they love it. Hope that helps you all out.. I cannot support you financially right now but I can get ya more business I hope… Ya Rock Yo, luv you guys!!!!!

          1. No way! It’s BBgrandma! So much respect for you, I love reading your responses on this site. I read this site/Simon and Dawg everyday like the newspaper. Thank you so much for your reply it really means so much to me. XOXOXOXOX

    1. Dear Allison,

      My name is QAZ. I post on the onlinebigbrother.com website and I constantly make fun of you and your weight problems but I am sorry. I don’t mean it. I really really don’t. I have a secret crush. I can’t fight it. I have tried so very hard but it is you, my chunky dream girl who makes me thighs quiver, my sac implode. I write these crazy messages in hopes you will search me out, find me so we can rub bacon grease on our bodies and surrender in sweet sweet love.

      Forever QAZ

      1. me too QAZ. I feel a little bit entitled. I don’t think I should have to work. I think I should just be able to sit around and look pretty. It is my curse. Maybe I will fight for her luv.

  1. WOW! After watching BB tonight (Had to watch on DVR, so just ended), Rachel is so fake and annoying. OMG, her diary room sessions were vomitous! Didn’t Brendon learn from Andrew’s departure that their plans always blow up? Simon, Dawg. I am so glad you cannot convey how completely psychotic Rachel is and babyish Brendon is on this site!

    1. andrew knew he was going that’s why he did it, and that’s why brendan is doing it because he thinks following andrew will get him voted out.

      1. Andrew knew he was going, he thought he was helping B/R by taking the target off them as a couple. All it did was make it larger.

    2. After watching BB tonight I have a problem with all the houseguests. In Rachel’s defense, I can see her point. Kathy was rubbing it in, and yes Rachel chose her because she thought she could beat her, but you know if anyone else went first they would have done the same thing, b/c Kathy’s track record so far sucks. I think Brendon got overly confident and a little frustrated, so is that an excuse for acting like a petulant child? Some might say yes, it’s how my four year old acts when she doesn’t get her way. The others behavior after B/R got eliminated was not very sportmanlike. They were all but cheering at B/R’s loss, not nice. Afterwards I thought Britney was acting like a bitchy little twit. I think she slams Rachel so much b/c she sees so much of herself in her. As for Ragan, I am not a fan. He wants to play like he’s the nice happy go lucky gay guy, but I see him as a two faced jerk. The comments he made about the sab suggestions were totally uncalled for. And BTW, his big sab plan majorly tanked. I wonder if he fails in a task if he doesn’t get the money? And everyone else thinks they’re so smart, but guess what they’re WRONG about who the sab is. And if they were smart, they would at least make a pretense of working to be on B/R’s good side, b/c now you may need their jury vote. I’m sure they’ll work the others in the house, but one vote can make a difference and right now they really don’t seem to get that.

      1. I agree with you totally. And as for Kathy she plays innocent but dam she just is on whoever ever side she needs to be to win. She was acting like a immature teenager tonight rather then her age !

      2. Brit, Ragan, and Kathy are the WORST – What happened to Kathy’s so called INTEGRITY………….Enough of the Brenchal BASHING, it’s OLD and NOT amusing! Kathy you will eventually be the joke on “Just the Tip”, your clueless when it comes to Brit’s comments about you.

  2. this has nothing to do with this season but; how did anyone think natalie was eighteen last year? she’s in a house that is almost fully stocked with alcohol. cbs wouldn’t give alcohol to minors; unless charlie sheen asked them to.

          1. Qaz

            Danielle never drank before her 21st birthday. When they were shown with champagne at times Danielle was given sparkling cider.

              1. No, it is different in some. It is 19 in Idaho and 18 in Kansas but it is 3.2 beer. (I remember Kansas from my HS Days. We would drive over the bridge from Missouri and get a guy to buy us beer.) The Idaho story I would have to know you better to tell you. Those are the only two I can think of right now.

              2. it’s still 21 it should be 14 seeing as teens be drinking that young, they can make a rule as long as somebody 21 is around

    1. Rockstar, I would never hold anything against you except, well myself and of course your continual jeff comments, which I just can’t take anymore equal to me as seeing his nasty face on the tube tonight as well as ruining this years amazing race.

    2. They don’t give underagers alcohol. If they attempt to drink they will remove them from the game. Evel dick’s daughter danielle was only 20. They’ve had other underagers in the house and still had alcohol.

    1. he sure isn’t he plays it too safe for me. i wish they would tell him what to do and not give him choices. i am shocked that no one calls his name as the saboteur, they suspect everyone else except him and hayden.

      1. I wish CBS would dictate things too! Give him some real information to unload on the house. I don’t know why CBS wasn’t playing that role any way and just screwing with their heads. They know everything and could really play some mind games. The whole game is just being played so safe. I want something to shake it up!

        1. I think the game is going exactly the way CBS wants it to go. Rachel will be gone tomorrow, freeing CBS from psychologist bills for the remaining houseguests. Also, look for a big grenade soon that “may” strain the brigade.. .

          1. I think Enzo should of been the sab he plays it so safe that who could of shook the house up so much better ! And as for Rachel yes she is a little bizarre but Brit is really not much different ! None of them can talk crap to brenchels face only behind there backs ! At least Kathy does not pretend to be there friend!

    2. Ragan’s not very good at life…I hope rachel sits on him tonight and snuffs the life right out of him. It’s the best way for him to go…die under that nasty snatch.

    3. And please could Regan wear a second pair of shorts. Into the 30-something days and the same green and yellow gym shorts. But he feels he can criticize Rachel’s clothes?

      1. it is okay to make fun of Rachel, when you think highly of yourself, you get kicked in the ass, when you don’t, it doesn’t matter if you wear a Mork from Ork t-shirt every day of your life, you get a pass because you’re not an ass

    4. After the failure of Annie with her lame-o sabotage, you’d think that the creative minds at CBS would have learn and created better sabotage acts.

      And that they allow Ragan to decide which ones to do…double-lame, he rejected all the good ones. I’m sure he rejected them because 1) he doesn’t want to sabotage his supposed friends in the house 2) the better suggestions involve more risk for him….which is exactly why he shouldn’t have a chance to reject them.

  3. whats with all the homophobic behavior?and its a game allen you dont need to go around insultung everybody you dont like.

    1. Dont get so offended by the homo comments – he is an equal opportunity hater. He hates everyone, except for the real scuzballs Roach and Brenda. The whole house needs to be thoroughly disinfected and fumigated when Roach and Brenda leave and give shots to the rest of the HG as a precaution.

      1. I’m not a B/R fan AT ALL, but this over-the-top hatred of them is ridiculous. You are acting as immature as those in the house. At least they are cooped up and being ruled by mob-mentality (kinda like young teens when picking on someone they decide doesn’t meet their standards)…what’s your excuse?

        1. Coco, you are spot on. I can’t stand them, but the hatred is ridiculous. It was the same last year about Natalie. Its amazing how much vileness some people can spew about people on a tv show.

        2. well fella to be honest with you, I for 1 am just a dick and don’t like them, but was is your excuse for trying to ruin everybodies good fun?

              1. “ruin everybodies good fun” is what you said. You may consider that “good fun” but not everybody does. Therefore you do not speak for everybody. So, #1 and #2 above are still correct

  4. And, why they want in his bed is surprising to me. After he pulls his hands out of his pants, he smells them and then he wipes them on the sheets.

    1. gross Grandma. -holds back vomiting- not my Matt, no no. I’ll have to make him break that habit. No ball rubbing between 7 am and 2 am.

      1. I think you will have to learn to love it, Rockstar. He seems pretty set in his ways down below. Maybe you can keep him in his onesie or get him to go back to wearing jumpsuits. (Boy, did that show my age!)

        1. not if I tie him up. I feel that being civilized is much too overated these days. Maybe if we go back to the neanderthal days, I would club him over the head, tie his hands and feet and drag him to my cave he might change. I have my own cave because I’m one of those girls. haha

  5. Big brother is not any fun this year! What kind of sabatore prank was that? Lame big brother and by the way his mission was not accomplished so no money for the back stabbing Ragen. I guess he forgets who helped him when he was in the have not room crying. The only person in there that will get my vote is Enzo as long as he keeps going like he does and doesn’t act like the rest of them. Matt lied about his wife so not vote for him. Hayden maybe see how he acts too. Cathy no way, Brit spoiled brat that is the one thing Brendon did get right.

    1. i know no one believes anything the saboteur says. he is not convincing at all. all he does is say messages on the moniter. he doesn’t sneak and hide peoples things or move things, or make weird noises i mean nothing. since cbs wants to give away 20,000 for doing nothing they could have given that to the ones left just for being on the show.

  6. after hiding out all week kathy has decided to come out and mingle. could it be she realizes tomorrow is hoh and she needs to start talking, because she thinks brit or ragan will win and save her. I mean she really needs to get a life, i wish they would even out the age group so people like her won’t have to be so fake. and brit another story for another day she is such a hypocrite.

  7. Do they always put a message like that up when they cut feeds? I thought it was a half-way through party…are they really playing a game?

      1. yeah but why cut feeds for a party, we see them cook and eat all the time. get drunk too. just thought that was weird to do.

    1. Really? This is one of the first times I had no sympathy for her. She as acting like a child and being ridiculous. The whole scene with Kathy was CRAZY! Granted Kathy’s Yeah! had an edge to it, but I get it. She was excited and knew why Rachel picked her. Rachel loses and pouts, Bredon loses and she is mad at him and telling him to man up, he let her down. WOW.

      1. If you were going home you would be mad too. Anydbody who is on the block and on there way out gets mad, as you should

        1. Yes, you get mad, upset and such, but at some point you know it’s pointless. She just swings from extreme to extreme. She seems chemically unbalanaced.

          1. You cant tell someone how to feel unless you lived in there shoes. Thats whats gets me mad about ragan. He thinks people are suppose to act like he would. This is reality tv, for god sake and he’s not the damn judge of the house.

            1. Not to mention that he’s a pansyy and the worst sabotour ever Ragan: (reading E-mails) “Oh no I can’t do this it was cause to much conflict….”

              1. Ragan is the worst choice for Sab. I have no idea why America would pick him. He comes across as way too passive and afraid to dis all his friends – so what does he do he picks on R/B > boring. Nothing exciting.

  8. CBS gets J/J on the show, and then CBS gives them little to no air time!!! I’m totally disappointed in how production editted the show!!! I wanted to SEE J/J disgusted by the filthy house, their dr session should have been about what they thought of hgs, and I NEEDED to hear Jeffisms!!!! And to top it off, CBS pimped him out to plug tht show he’s on!!!! I wanted to see him call someone out– like the good ole days!!!

      1. You know what I mean!!! Like when Jeff said,” Chima, just so you know, you don’t control anything!” he was always johnnyonthespot with comebacks… I haven’t seen much spine this season, yeah Bratney and Ragan crack me up, but these people mostly gossip to avoid confrontations!!!! I wanna see some Russellinyourface action, Jeff telling it like it is to people’s face, etc!!!

  9. *Yawn* Big Brother is on? Saboteur twist comes back? I’m tired, might watch Jersey Shore instead, real drama there.

          1. Dammit, I am older. I remember it with the Mamas and the Papas.
            Seems it never rains in southern California
            Seems I’ve often heard that kind of talk before
            It never rains in California
            But girl don’t they warn ya
            It pours, man it pours

      1. It rained alot during Season 9 cuz it was during the Winter. Maybe it just doesn’t rain alot there this time of year!

        1. Well the BB house is around Burbank, Ca.

          in the summer it’s really rare to find rain.

          Season 9, it rained alot because season 9 was taped around the winter, and spring.

        2. My lil Bro and his family live out there and they were just saying a couple of days ago that they’re freezing cuz it’s only been in the 60’s. Hell…I’d be happy with snow right about now instead of the heat and humidity that we have here.

  10. I was fine with the edit of the show tonight. It’s a lot to try to wrap up in 1 hour. And I hope to see Rachel walk out the door. And for the B/R fans it’s not hate but what she deserves. She was too arrogant when she did have power. BTW,she could be mad that Kathy cheered,but Kathy is a grown woman she doesn’t have to apologize or kiss her butt. Rachel demanded an apology by trying to bully her. And poor Brendon and his stupid speech. But I have to say one of the funniest moments tonight was the Veto Comp. Brendon face was priceless. I guess his big feet got in the way of him knocking down enough pins.

  11. Rachel’s attire is a little over the top tonight don’t you think? Is that blue thing lingerie or a dress. She is the only person I know that wears dresses as shirts interchangeably. Most of us have a bigger difference in our shirt and skirt lengths. Geesh, put some clothes on.

    PS) Simon/Dawg, I do believe Lane said there is a pic of his naked behind out there somewhere :) please!

  12. k honestly who ever writes these articles/spoilers need to work on spelling, grammar and make sense lol sometimes it makes no sense at all

    1. If people do not stop obsessing over grammar or spelling, Rachel won’t be the only one on the road far, far away from sobriety.

  13. regan is the lowest level human being there is. he is also a panzie who cant handle what he dishes. go home we dont want anymore!

  14. Ragan mentioned that cbs has a page that shows the current popularity of the houseguests. I went to look for it and can’t find it. Would somebody please provide that link? Thank you.

    1. Hurts me to help someone with the name Branchel, but i’m going to be the bigger person

      go to CBS, Big Brother, Community, Polls

  15. haha dude.. dide you notice the brigade lasted alot longer without being detected than ANY other alliance. and they got this house wrapped, your a psycho b/r fan and i think you need to understand there is NO POSSIBLE WAY THEY WILL WIN

    1. ur right about one thing they lasted for doing nothing,don’t you guys see they r throwing every comp why ?? because they doesn’t want bloods in their hands,they r weak

      1. What’s really amazing is that no one has figured the Brigade alliance except for Kristen who kinda thought something was going on. She had smarts and no one would buy into it.

  16. Can we have Jeff and Jordan back? Good grief this bunch of house guests…I don’t think there is one of them I like at all! I used to like Rachael but she is taking things so fracking personal it is nauseating! But at least those 2 are playing. You just can’t go into this game expecting all peace and harmony…it’s a game for a reason!!!

    1. Many fans may not like this, but I see a parallel between Jeff and Jordan and Brendon and Rachel.
      1. Obviously both showmances, but whereas J/J were seen as sweet, B/R is being pilloried as raunchy, most likely because they moved faster and Rachel is more “exprienced” than Jordan
      2. Both are the underdogs. Everyone in the BB11 house was against J/J, wanted them split up, but fans cheered for them. Say what you will about them B/R are the underdogs in the BB12 house.
      3. Look at the team dynamics. Jeff knew the game and carried Jordan along. She didn’t win when Jeff needed her to the most. I think Rachel knows the game a little better than Brendon. She is right, Brendon isn’t really coming through for her when she needs him to.
      4. I see a lot of Rachel hating comments, mostly b/c they find her laugh/personality annoying. Hate to say it, but Jordan could be really annoying at times too, but everyone was just determined to see her as a sweet little miss southern belle.
      The more I watch and see the more I see the parallel. In a way that is why I’m for them, I love to see the underdog triumph. You may not like her, but Rachel is smart and a lot of the things she said, although not in the nicest way, are the truth. Truth hurts and that makes people mad. One of them is leaving, but I hope the other one rallies and wins it all.

  17. Knowing Rachel, she planning on having a “wardrobe” malfunction tomorrow night as she gets up to leave. I will happen as she bends down to kiss Brendon goodbye! I hope they have the show on a 2 second (wait, make that 10 secs) delay. I sure she will also be pretty hammered too! It has to be all about Rachel.

  18. why did Matt let Rachael use his bathroom after he already said he suspects her of rifling thru his luggage where he has his DPOV……….is there anyway if someone finds something like that they can use it? can’t believe it’s in the rules that it’s ok to go thru ppl’s belongings

  19. So many Hypocrites on here…so what is good for Rachel is not good for the rest of house??? You must be stuck on stupid to think so. Now that Rachel is the one being made fun of its so funny anymore??? why not? She laughed when both Monet and Kristen lost the chance to win veto and then tries to get stupid and pick a fight with Kathy who by the way has yet to win anything at all…Kathy does not have to “pretend” to like Rachel no matter the situation. Rachel has ZERO power and has resorted to what she really is an alcoholic tramp. She has had zero morals since she walked in the door and thats one thing but, she also lacks integrity and thats a whole other story. It was o.k. for her to run around the house like she had been crowned and now that she is not reigning supreme anymore she turns into a whiny brat who picks fights with EVERYONE except men…dont you see a pattern here? People are tired of Rachel and thats the bottom line. Until you have to live in a house with a woman who likes to flash everyone and get as much attention as possible you have no clue. This girl does nothing but, try to get attention by talking about all these other loser men who flock to trash like her or the women in the BB house she has a very bad self esteem issue just like the retard Brendon. She preys on weak men just like Brendon all the time. She is loose and easy. She makes Las Vegas and ALL the families and people who live there look very bad. She makes it look like all there is to do is drink and get drunk and give her money. Give me a break this girl is far from a woman she is nothing more than a cheap bottle of wine trying to act as though she was aged. I cant wait to see her leave. You can only treat people badly for so long before they finally lash out at you and if it was fair when she did it its fair now that its done to her. Trashy is as trashy does and she is TRASH.

    1. Her DR session yesterday was hilarious! She asked why everyone was picking on her, a girl, when there were much stronger MEN in the house to get rid of. Huh? Is this the same woman who targeted Monet & Kristen. While she is acting like an idiot, I am hoping that once she, or her family, sees how she has conducted herself on this show, she will get some needed help. With that said, I can’t wait to see the look on her face when they boot her tonight and she finally gets what she deserves.

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