Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Monet’s Going home and The Calm Before Endurance STORM

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1:25pm Bathroom Meow Meow, Lane, Hayden, Monet and Brit

Mostly just chit chat, Meow Meow is slurping down a protein shake. The boys talk about a news story were a person was running around with a dirty needle and poking people. Brit is getting grossed out by their conversation she tells them to stop it’s her biggest fear. Monet starts talking to Brit she brings up carrie underwood. Monet doesn’t like her and brit is mad “WHAT!!! Carrie is the nicest sweetest girl in the entire music world” they joke and Brit calls her a skank (joking). Enzo starts joking with brit says that she’s going to be a big star one day down in Arkansas. He says your future will not be without hardship you’ll have to fight some girls here and there. Enzo tells her not to worry about getting a black eye or broken jaw everyone will love her. Brit laughs and keeps doing her hair while meow meow slurps his shake.
Talk briefly moves to todays competition.. seems like they are all sick of talking about the endurance comp yet they always bring it up. The group is at a loss about what will transpire tonight. Enzo says he feels like he’s getting ready for a heavyweight fight… the boys leave the girls. Monet talks to Brit and starts to cry she says that enzo is really getting on her nerves, now that she doesn’t have to be nice to him for votes. Brit knows Monet is going hom she tells her that Matt will take Brendon out as soon as he can “they” are all stupid for keeping him. Brit starts getting emotional, she’s scared to be in the house without Monet. Monet tells her she’ll do fine, Monet is being hard on herself saying she fucked up the game it’s her fault she’s going home she should of done things differently. She tells Brit taht she’s not worried about Brit in here “you know the game Britney”


1:26pm Cabana Room Ragan, Kathy, Boy George, Kristen and Brenond Talking about movie stars, Ragan brings up Megen fox, brian austin green, nicole richie, paris hilton etc etc they all share limited storied of meeting these stars.


Sneak peek of tonights HOH

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