Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britney jokes that Natalie’s garter belt for her wedding was Jessie’s gym shorts.

11:40am All the houseguests are still on HOH lock down. They laugh and joke about Natalie. Britney says that she is probably the most hated houseguest ever. Britney says the comments under her wedding photos were all really mean. She says the messages where like who would spend their life with her. And how her husband wore a white track suit. They joke about how Kevin was the only one to show up to the wedding, that’s how much the other houseguests hated her. Britney jokes that Natalie’s garter belt was Jessie’s gym shorts. They talk about how they called her sea hag on the show but that she nicknamed herself Portuguese Princess. They talk about how Jessie & Lydia banged in the HOH bed and so did April & Ollie. They all talk about how gross that is, but glad there is a new bed this year. The conversation changes to the Rachels HOH blog and tweets.

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12pm – 12:15pm They start talking and joking about Annie. Britney says that if Annie if she won the veto. Britney says that she would replace her with the old Annie. They all laughs. Britney jokes about Annie calling her out and saying she said spiders weaving tangled webs, while we weave.  Britney says that after Annie came up to apologize for saying what she did and Britney and Britney says she was like thats okay I didnt know what you meant anyways.  Britney laughs about how Enzo had told her that he is going to freak out if Annie comes up to her again to talk to her about the votes, and Britney says that she then started telling Annie to go talk to Enzo because she thinks he is still undecided about which way he will vote.  They all laugh.  They talk about how Annie said she doesn’t smoke and the last week she was smoking Kathy’s cigs like crazy.  Matt asks if Annie said goodbye to Britney and Britney says no …she called me a weaving spider.  They all laugh.


12:30pm The HOH lock down is over.. Kathy heads to the bathroom to get ready, Kristen goes to the kitchen to make make some food, Lane is vacuuming the bedroom while Lane and Britney talk about the endurance competition they think is happening tonight. Ragan says that he is going to bundle up so that he isnt cold. Britney says that this week has been really bad for her and really emotional. Matt asks her if she is all done with her PMS’ing. Britney says yeah. They start talking about the competitions and whether they are predetermined or if they pick them after to alter who wins based on people strengths. Britney says that there was no way a girl could win the first HOH. Hayden agrees that it was built for someone bigger. They then start talking about all the clothes that they brought but Big Brother wouldn’t let them bring them into the house. Britney says that she was told if it had a logo or something on it that was less than an inch wide, they would just try and cover it up with marker. Big Brother keeps cutting out the feeds when they talk about production.

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I find it ironic that Britney is saying how natalie was the most hates houseguest. I can’t wait until she comes back home and sees how many people hated her.


who said we hated her shes one of the best entertainers here … most poeple love her like evil dick


Brittany is NOTHING like evil dick.


I dont like brit shes a bitch and I would like to rip the tongue out of her mouth. Evil Dick was my past fav houseguest and she is nothing like him.


You would rip Brit’s tongue from her month but Evil Dick was your fav????


No way Brit is one of the most entertaining person IMO.


I love Britney. She has been one of the more entertaining houseguests this season.


I like her – she voices what comes to her mind – to keep herself entertained. And us of course – Even the producers like her comments as an entertainment value or they wouldn’t have shown them on network TV. They know people talk like that or have those same thoughts, so they air it. And there is no blood on their hands as someone else said it. Not to mention everyone here is saying the same stuff she is saying about the other guests, we just aren’t mic’d. I have noticed she has filtered when she needed to.


April and Ollie was intense at times……They even did it, even in the lounge room lol


that was a summer I’ll never get back.


I want to see nastalie’s wedding pics. Anybody know where they are???


she got married? wow i guess her man didn’t watch the show


go to her myspace bb11natalie and join to see her pics im not joining that bullshit to see some pics


Yeah me neither. Hey Jasonn, did you not visit this site last year? Natalie had very few friends on this website. I don’t understand the comparing Nat to Chelsia or Rachel. Natalie was alot of nasty things but she wasn’t trashy, She didn’t hook up at all. I would compare Natalie to Britney, only in gameplay not in hygiene!!!


I love you rockstar. She looks really nice in that picture.


You’re alright too Rockchalk hahaha blush.


i know my mom would hit the roof if i came home with a hoochie like rachel


and rachel did say they was gone do somethin when they get to jury maybe she don;t wanna do it in the house


Ill Will, I am not going to disagree with you but I have a different view, too. I think Rachel came into the game as the flashy girl (they picked her for that) and she started playing that part. Then she fell for Brendon (he came into the game to find a girl to use in his plans. He went after Annie first.) I think this girl really likes this guy. She now is trying to back track her roll but we know it is too late. I don’t think he cares as much for her. He has heard from production how they are coming across and he is continuing the game plan. He is probably using his parents as a tool to use later to dump her. I think Rachel saw this as an opportunity to “clean” up her act and get with a “nice” guy. I am still out on whether he is a nice guy, gay, or just a jerk.


thank you for correcting me, nice to see some people explain shit instead of going to for personal attacks when they have nothing smart to say like jimik60


Well ILL, “You have a point – an idiotic one – but a point nonetheless.” Remind me to tell you about the time I looked into the heart of an artichoke!” Slow curtain, the end.


Oh, Ill Will, I wasn’t correcting you, just giving you a different view. I have had my share of personal attacks, too. Hey, it is just computer stuff. Typed words sting but can’t hurt for long. Just put some baking soda on them and try not to scratch. It is all for laughs. I hope it is.


nah i ain’t mad at all about what he said people think their tough-guys behind a computer, never said anything about him but he took it personally


a group hug is needed right now – lets hug out our differences, who cares who has the bigger dick I’m quite sure I do so there is no need to fight


You will use anything to get a hug and get your cookies of…/ I mean give your cookies away.


Grandma – I have to get some lovin’ somewhere. haha


Wow I keep thinking you guys are talking about Natalie from BB9 instead of 11. She wasn’t that bad, but yeah the BB11 one was pretty bad. She’s up there for me with Chelsia in BB9 in terms of being annoying and it looks like the new one’s going to be Rachel in BB12


I have a sneaky idea that production is going to make sure that R&B make it to the jury house. Remember, there are cameras there, too. Not on all the time but they do show things they think people like to see.


i was referring to them breaking up, i read your comment , and replied to that, but thanks for the comment real nice of you… im sure you would treat the devil like he was a saint just to be nice, i can’t pretend something is there when it’s not “a spade is a spade”.

Other K

This is by far the most immature cast in years. The fact they haven’t shut up about Annie for a week is insane. I kind of think Britney has 2 personalities, half the time she wishes Annie was there and have the time she talks shit about her.


Annie was just at catty as Brit and Monet. Actually all the girls on this cast are. Including Ragen… But bBits comments stand out the most cuz they are so damn funny.

Mr. Me Too

exactly , how she portrays herself on tv is obviously who she really is, these people on here supporting her like they just fell in love PLEASE this ain’t no jeff and jordough(jordon) they got together in the emotional situation of them both being up on the block,, if annie had not turned him down there would be no brachel… call this what it is “2 people using each other to get as far in the game as they can”


Britney is another Joan Rivers with those one liners. Its official, I am truly a BritFan now.


Well, I never thought of that but I think I have to agree. Lets hope she never goes for all the plastic surgery as Joan. But, heck, why not if you got the money and you think it makes you look better. Joan has never hid the fact about it, I give her that.

C Note

I have to agree with everyone who said Britney is the most entertaining this season. This is coming from someone who really disliked her before this week.


me too C Note. She is amusing me big time.

Big D

Given that this cast is the most boring in BB history, Britney is the only one worth watching. Not hard to outdo this gang!! That being said, am I the only one that thinks Matt is trying to imitate Dan from BB10? He is trying the same strategy and even using the same mannerisms and voice. Also, his looking at the camera when no one else is around and giving the “thumbs up” and saying to us “it is working beautifully” are all stolen from Dan. How non-original and shallow–just what I expected from an unemployed, uneducated, self-crowned and self-promoting, so-called genius! The sooner he leaves the better!! RE: the Brigade. Once the numbers start to dwindle, Hayden will be forced to side with the Brigade or side with Kristen, Kathy. Ragan (if he truly is with them) and Brenchel. At that point he is screwed and so is the Brigade!! Thank goodness–I want to see all 4 of them walk out the door in successive order!! GO TEAM BRITNEY!!

Yae Dum Dum

Can’t believe they cut the feeds right now!!