Big Brother 12 Spoiler: Britney tells Monet that Rachel is good at being

12:55am Brendon and Rachel are really going at it under the covers. Rachel says to Brendon that she doesn’t want America to think that they’re banging …because we’re not. They continue to make out, and then Brendon says you’re a lot to handle… Rachel says I know… good luck! Meanwhile up in the HOH room Britney and Monet are talking about Brendon and Rachel. Monet says that she thinks Rachel and Brendon probably know each other, they say that maybe Brendon really lives in Las Vegas. Britney tells Monet that Rachel is good at being a BLANK-bag, BLANK-face. Britney says Brendon is really a nerd trying to be a jock. Monet agrees. They both know that they need to get Brendon out soon. Monet and Britney leave the HOH. They head to the bathroom where Enzo is and thay talk about how they think this Thursday will be CRAZY! They think that Annies is going to give quite the speech.

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In the lounge room Annie, Matt and Lane are talking. Matt says to Annie that she isn’t using all her cards if she wants to stay. Annie starts going on again Brendon …how he has an alliance with Rachel and he’s really smart. Annie says that she really needs that, that they need to convince Hayden to keep her (Annie). Matt is leery about talking to Hayden about her because he doesn’t want a target on himself. Matt tries to figure out exactly what Annie knows about Brendon, he gets that the secret is science related but he needs more. 1:30am In the bedroom, Britney and Enzo are talking. Enzo doesn’t understand why Annie thinks the girls are week players, he says how do you know the girls are weak players, it’s the first week and the competitions aren’t all physical. Britney and Enzo both think that they need to put up Andrew, Rachel, and Brendon. Britney says they have to play HoH defensively, and that they cant let Andrew, Rachel or Brendon win HoH. Enzo says that he really thinks that the saboteur is a girl and that it is Annie. Enzo says that Annie wasn’t accounted for during the blackout, and she’s crazy. Britney says that she thinks the beeping noise is being done by the saboteur to annoy them. Britney says that she thinks that Brendon is really a swim coach, and that Rachel is really a chemist. Enzo says Brendon is really intelligent and must be a scientist or something too. Enzo laughs about how horrible Brendon’s jokes are. Britney says you can really tell that Brendon just a nerdy guy trying to be an athlete. Enzo says that he hasn’t even seen Brendon and Rachel kiss. Britney says that maybe Brendon and Annie are actually the lifelong friends. Enzo says Annie had said that Brendon tried to hook up with her and she rejected him because she had a boyfriend. Enzo thinks Hayden did a good thing putting Annie up. Enzo says that they have their targets for the first four weeks, they just need to win HOH.

In the lounge room are Matt, Lane, Monet, Kathy, Hayden and Kristen are all having a discussion about women’s periods. Matt and Lane both say that they doesn’t want to know anything about them. The girls don’t see what the big deal is. Kristen says she has never dated a guy who complained about period related issues. Annie says she hasn’t either. Kristen asks the guys if they’re disgusted by poop? And Matt says that, that doesn’t bother him but that periods do. Kristen tries to explain that it’s the same. Matt then asks Kristen what if once a month I violently shit myself. Kristen says then I would be there for you. Annie says that Britney is about to marry a guy she has never pooped in front of… Matt says that is crazy!!
Try Superpass for Free! 3 Day FREE Trial 1:50am Britney and Enzo are still laughing and joking around in the bedroom. They laugh about how Annie referred to the old Annie …Annie’s inner bitch.. that she didn’t want to come out. Enzo is joking around and laughing saying that he wants ratings. Enzo says that Annie needs to be her old self; because the new calm her, has got her going home. Britney thinks Annie will let out her old self tomorrow. Enzo says at least it will be good for ratings. Enzo says that he was trying to get the old Annie out by telling her to calling everybody out. Enzo says maybe people would want to keep crazy in the house… They both laugh. Britney thinks they will see the old Annie tomorrow. The talk then turns to Britney’s family and where she used to live. Real estate Prices.. 2:15am Annie, Monet and Hayden are still talking in the lounge room. They are having a conversation about body which parts of the opposite sex drive them crazy. Hayden says that for him a girl has to have nice teeth, eyes, toes. Hayden then checks out both the girl’s feet and tells them their good. Monet says that a guy has to have nice teeth. 2:40am All the houseguests are going to sleep…

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Why can’t:

1) Britney stop eating her fingers and nails.
2) Brendon see that he’s being played by a plastic, vapid, “sex as currency” dime-a-dozen Vegas regret on the drive home hookup.
3) Monet stop thinking she’s with the in-crowd. It’s going to be epic, and soon, that she realizes she’s not as “inside” as she thinks.
4) Annie stop wearing those bizarre “sandal/socks.”
5) Kristen stop with the over affected valley girl slur. Really, you’ve gone through life with that annoying voice?
6) Rachel stop with the “sex kitten” poses for no one’s benefit except the camera. Hey, we get it, you have a huge rack. now go make me a sandwich.
7) Britney stop, well, being Britney. What’s with the hate for all other girls in the house? Her comments about Kristen’s boob job, Rachel’s well, everything, and other vitriol filled rants (all done behind the back) are getting increasingly viscous. She reminds me of an insecure high school chick whose one bad comment away from a tear filled, bag-o-burger eating jag.

Just some things that keep me scratching my head.


Annie’s shoes drive me crazy!!! When she walks they make so much noise!

kathy is da sabo??

Funny funny. Y did monet click wit dat loser britney


LOVE IT!!! All SO true! and those are some ugly shoe/socks aren’t they?

chick from louisiana

How did I not know about the noise? I watched BB after dark and I didn’t hear any noise. ( of course I think I may have fallen asleep at one point- Annie fake flirting with lane was really annoying)


annie’s game play is as useless as Laura’s boobs–she needs to go.


who’s laura?


last year laura? she was evicted week 2, had massive fake breasts and thought that she was going to get paid a billion dollars to show them off in magazines after the bb show


Hey I thought she was a good player! She was the very first one to figure out Ronnie was full of crap.


im pretty sure that when annie rachel and brendon were on the hammock she was being completely ignored….thats probably why shes bitter. and shes lying to everyone i just dont like her and britney theyre so annoying


Any girl would be pissed. There were major sparks and Annie was just Annie, plain, boring, Annie. Even her name is boring.