Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Meetings with the HOH.. Verdict… Means girls are F*uck*d this week

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:05pm HOH Brit and Rachel Brit is crying up a storm telling rachel how hard it is for her right now. She explains that she’s going to be doing a lot of crying this week and it doesn’t mean she’s mad this is just how she handle it. She swears on her boyfriend that she doesn’t have any alliances. Brit tell her that there is a person that has backstabbed her completely and Rachel should watch out and to not trust anyone like Brit did. Brit says that she’s not stupid she knows that two people have to go up and that Rachel won fair and square. Brit really wants them to be able to talk through all it she doesn’t want it to be awkward. Britney tells her that her and Monet are friends but they aren’t “Playing the Game” together. She explains that you can have friends in this game that don’t have any connection with the game. Brit brings up the other houseguests treating her like a Leper because she on the block she just wants people to act normal around her. She swears she won’t act all crazy and fucked up like Annie did.

Rachel Asks her Who would Brit pick to play for her in POV. Brit says she doesn’t know “Honestly I don’t think a single person would take me off”…”I haven’t won anything yet i’m not holding my breath”. Rachel tells her she can’t say anything for certain but she thinks that the house will vote her way and her way will be Monet going home. Brit asks her what if Monet gets POV.. Rachel explains that there is this person playing the game that is playing it at a level that she feels is not good for anyone. this person she’ll put up. Brit asks who it is. Rachel telsl her she rather not say but this person is someone both Brit and Rachel trusted. (i wonder who it is?) Brit says she doesn’t fully trust anyone the only person she “Semi” trusts is Monet. Rachel says she’s never talked to Monet, “Not once has she come talk to me”. Brit again tells her she has no alliance with anyone else. “I’ve never had that conversation like Ohh we’re playing
together.. Annie tried to have it”. She expalins that poeple think she has stuff going on with the guys becuase she sleeps in the jumaji room and plays Pool with the guys. She reiterates “I don’t trust anyone”

Brit tells her she doesn’t like Andrew If she wins HOH he’s going up and going home. brit knows he’s friends with Rachel but she just wants Rachel to know that who her target is she’s not going to get revenge for getting put up. Rachel explains that she likes Andrew but knows that people have to go home. She feels sorry for Andrew because everyone was teasing him and not being “Humane” to him. Brit butts in and says she agrees but Rachel has to admit that Andrew can be really mean at times. Rachel knows he’s mean. Rachel tells Britney that she realizes she can’t change her nominations, but if she could she probably would of changed them a bit. She mentions again putting up another target. Brit works her over and over about not trusting anyone. Brit makes it sound like she’s usless in the game.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:00pm HOH Monet and Rachel

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

M: “Theres one person in this house that bad mouthed and back stabbed us”.. “I thought I could trust them but now after today seeing how they acted means they proabably threw us under the bus to save themeselves for one week..”
R: “I’m not going to lie a, few people did say a few different things about you and brit”… “of course people are going to bring up the 10000 but I don’t think that is a real reason”
M: “I didn’t even go for it, did you see Kristen she really tried to get it”
R people were telling me about you and brit i felt so bad about these nminates I DID NOT WANT TO DO IT it’s so hard and so fast.
M: “I know i expected people to say bad thing and this person in particular must of said bad thing and i trusted them”
R: “I’m scared of you were going to come after me and Brendon”
M: “Mo it wasn’t my intention to go”
R: “this person you’re talking about is a boy isn’t it”
M: “No I thought it was a girl”
R: “ohh ”
M: “If it was a guy i have an idea about who it can be”
R: “I know the person now it’s kathy. I never grouped kathy as a friends with you i would group you with brit and maybe enzo and lane”.
M: “No we have never had an alliance”

They hug is out and Monet leaves.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:28pm HOH rachel and Brendon rachel breaks down in tears

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Rachel: “I didn’t know monet and kathy are best friend and now kathy won’t look at her in the eyes.. I just can’t imagine someone doing that to a friend”….”she says that Kathy won’t talk to her”… “If your friends your with them then you stick by them when their down”… “I know this is a game but thats not decent”..”Monet says that her and Kathy would talk every night in the cabana room” rachel is getting pretty upset about everyone throwing each other under the bus.. Brendon just holds her and gives her the odd kiss. Rachel: “lane and brit where friends and they were so quick to throw her under the bus”…Brendon tells her that it’s a game and everyone cries when they get emotional. Rachel starts to bawl she says the reason these girls are crying is because of her, she feels like she made a mistake. Rachel continues saying she really likes Britteny but she doesn’t trust her as a game player. Brendon tells her to just think of this as a game. Rachel: “Brit will break us up” Brendon tries to comfort her “I know this is hard but this is why I like you if you where cold and calloused i would not like you”.. “if you left this house i would be sad and i would be crying and thats pathetic “.. Brendon tells her he really doesn’t like Brit. He explains why, they were sitting on the couhes waiting to go live and were told to sit back so we could be in the shot. I move a pillow that she was propped up on so that I would be in the hot and she yelled at me and told me to put it back. Brendon says that she’s a little bitch.

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29 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Meetings with the HOH.. Verdict… Means girls are F*uck*d this week

  1. Britney is the biggest liar. Her tear-filled rant to Rachel is because knows she is guilty of shit talking and her back is against the wall; however, Monet is definitely going home (unless she happens to win the POV). She won $10k so she needs to just leave. It’ll pay her rent for a few months. Having said that, Kathy is pretty damn fake herself. She is playing all sides and turning her back on people once they are on the block. That southern accent don’t fool me.

      1. Brtit will go before Monet. Kathy is being very fake. I’m sick os seeinkg rachel and brendon already! The have to go. Why the hell is kristen even there?

        1. Rachel is the only person in that house with a heart. I guess you like the assholes and bitches come on Rachel win the 500K

    1. I know. This is the second person she’s turned her back on the second they are put up on the block (Annie). She doesn’t want to target herself so she thinks if she keeps her distance from people that are on the block and votes with the house, she’s safe . But it just makes her look fake.

  2. Ok – I don’t hate Rachel, and I don’t hate Brandon, but I cannot stand the showmance. Really, has he ever been in a relationship before? Am i the only one that is bugged by this? It also seems like production told them to make sure they are always in the same camera shot together. Watching him push her back to the bed to sit her down, and then as soon as he sits his ass down, then he pushes her back on the bed. WTF. I am starting to wonder if they are trying out for a soap or a porn flick. Why is a Chemist and a Physicist on this show anyway? I do agree that the bitches need to go. And while I am picking them all apart, whats with Cathy the Cancer survivor smoking her ass away on the patio.? Can she not read the side of the cigarette pack.! Sorry – i just gad to vent..

    1. Yeah I was also wondering why Kathy smokes like a freight train and she’s a cancer survivor. That really worries me. Doesn’t seem healthy. To be honest….Brendon isn’t a bad looking guy but he seems like a real geek in real life. Lol.

  3. After watching BBAD, production should officially name Friday Nights: Therapy Sessions… I watched two hours of crying and consulting, freaking reDONKulous!!!! I really would like to see some game play going on, ‘cuz this is just stupid. Brendan needs to persuade Rachel to put up a real threat… not people who won’t be winning to many competitions, this girl needs some street smarts… she’s almost as dumb as Jordan!

  4. Brachel’s nominations were basically for personal reasons. It had nothing to do with game play. Brendon keeps saying how rude and obnoxious Britney is, but so what. I don’t think she or Monet are big threats to them. They are weak and probably not going to win much. I don’t see why they won’t go after anyone from the brigade when they were clearly going after them! Sucks!

    1. There so stupid! What a waist of a week. Are they . watching the guys outside even huddle up 24hrs?Dumbest couple of fake shomance ever! btw I am sick of hearing the word shomance!

  5. Monet is not going home! Is it me or is this the most boring cast i ever seen. Thinking about canceling showtime. I can’t stand to watch rachel. Brendon hates monet over not waching dishes, complaining like a female.Kristen is the most boring person ever in bb history! she’s a waist of space. She hates all the girls secretly except kathy, she has to go! Ragan is with the weakest players ever. What a dumb move! Rachel and Bredon is the most hated, so why would u align with them? Dumbest move ever!Hayden looks the same in every episode.

  6. i think this is ganna be a great season give it time its been on for 14 days. also when it starts getting down to like the final 7 then it will start being intresting and people will really start playin the game smarter. and kristen is not a waist of space her and ragan r playing the best game at the beginning by not being too competitive and not being involved in any drama but i ahte ragan

  7. I like Kristen & Ragan my self. It’s true I said it from day one they keep Kristen only in the back ground & there has got to be a reason for that. Rachel & Brandan, just sick , it’s sick the way they are acting. Come on, there the ” life long friend’s ” maybe married, way to cozy & first.

    1. Kristen is in the back ground because she is the worst player ever! Its been 14 days and i only heard her speak 3 times. She is boring! The whole cast should be voted out! Rachel first, Then kristen, then brendon, then the rest at once,lol. bb is a snooze wake me up when kristen becomes relevant! When she doesnt spend the whole big brother after dark of camera,.lol. The showed her last night and she was a bore!

  8. I love that Britney says she won’t be acting all crazy like Annie did she when was on the block…. Uh… too late…

  9. Rachel needs a grow a pair. She needs to own up to the fact SHE put them on the block instead of blaming it on other people. Other people aren’t HOH. “I didn’t want to do it but other people were telling me stuff about you.” That’s such a cop out.

  10. your so right

    2 showmances in the same season rachel and brendon and now kristen and hayden can they get anymore corny

  11. Kristin is this seasons Michelle imo. Michelle was never mentioned and hardly seen the first two or three weeks.. but then really became a key player. (I wish she won last season.) Oh and I don’t hate Rachel but Branden is the biggest baby ever “just hold me.. tell me it’s going to be ok.” I almost puked.

  12. kristen and hayden were super flirty last night on BBAD…anyone else notice that? definitely not brother and sister.

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