Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit Explains Kathy’s behavior “Now let me stab you in the back… stab.. give your momma a hug”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:30pm Bathroom Brendon, Enzo, Brit, and Andrew getting ready to go to bed. Big brother told them that they have the POV CERMEONY at 7:45 which means a very early start for them tomorrow. Enzo is tored tonight he has this to say. “Fuck my teeth tonight i’m not even flossing them “.. “my breath smells lke ass hole it’s like a old lady it’s nasty” . Brendon says it was the fish sticks

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


10:40pm Monet and Kathy meet int he bathroom Monet brings up to kathy her acting weird. Kathy get defensive tells her she said nothing to them upstairs. Monet says whatever.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:55pm Have nots enzo, brit and Monet bash fest (funny as all hell) Before the kathy bashing starts enzo and Brit start talking about rachel and how they feel differently about her now. Enzo says he’s start to see her as a real genuine person. Enzo says at first he never expected her to be like this he thought she was fake (parts of her are actually fake) Brit tells him that her talk with her was good because it opened up dialog, brit feels like she made some progress.

Brit starts in about kathy pretending she’s her. brits walking around all hunched over saying “Cigarette for momma” she goes on “you need cigarette or a Bible mommas got them” Monet adds “I hope she runs out of cigarette’s” Brit gets up off the bunk and starts to pretend stab Enzo saying “Now let me stab you in the back… stab.. give your momma a hug”. Monet “Don’t talk to me you stupid old hag”. Enzo mentions the have nots contest and says they got fucked over, “everyone was ganging up on us”.. Brit asks “why they do that” Enzo tells her they did it because kathy would of have been on slop for 2 month. Enzo says that brit started choking and it was at that point it was over. He tells her she shouldn’t of stopped the brain can survive 9 minutes before it dies.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:20pm -midnight Red Room Hayden and Kristen Hayden tells her that Lane is going to make a deal with Rachel and Brendon for just one week… Kristen tells him he needs his hair cut and he should see if Rachel will do it. Hayden say no fucking way is she cutting my hair. Kristen wonders what would happen if the POV is used. Sge has no clue who would get put up. Hayden suggests they will back door him. Hayden says that Rachel/Brendin offered him an alliance and he’s getting creeped out by them. Kristen thinks they need to vote out Monet if the Nominations are the same. Hayden stays quiet he tells her that the 2 nominations are clueless with the house’s dynamics, he thinks the mean girls need to worry more about Ragan. Kristen mentions the Have nots competition and how Brit was mad because she thought they were targeting her. Kristen adds that all she wanted to do was give have nots to people that have not been on it. hayden Says he really doesn’t like that girl. Hayden wants enzo to win HOH because he’ll got nuts and put up Rachel and Brendon. Lane joins them and they start to chit chat. Lane mentions how he’s going to try and stay away from money and brit this week, He really wants to distance himself from brtenay. Lane mentions he made a deal with Brendon and Rachel that he won’t put them up next week, he adds he really just wants to make it to the jury house even if it means I can’t put up Rachel. He points out that part of the deal was to not put hayden up next week either, “after this week theres 2 more and then hury house” Lane brings up how Matt sleeps “he has a pillow on top and sheets over top of the pillow like a tent”… Hayden mentions that they are all getting called into the Diary Room tonight. Kristen comments about how much that sucks because of the early POV Competition. Lane tells them how funny it was when he saw Andrew walking upstairs saying that he can’t sleep becuase kristen and hayden are talking random shit. They talk about who should go.. they don’t have a idea.. maybe brit cause enzo is tight with monet. Enzo joins them and they all start having some laughs enzo cracking the joke about Kathy being on slop for 2 months. Enzo mentions how the house could think that rachel is better looking in a bikini then Kristen he thinks their all crazy. Lane thinks it’s because there more women and are fucked when it comes to what men want. Kristen adds that rachel is a model “she does those bikini model things” they all kind of disgarde taht as modelling. Hayden brings up that Monet and Brit are saying about being thrown under the bus and he doesn’t think that really happened he never heard anything, “I don’t see Kathy throwing anyone under the bus”, Enzo:”i just see her throwing herself under the bus” They come to a conclusion that this is Brit and Monet’s last hurray. Enzo says brit will cry the whole week and play these little games. Hayden says he thinks this house is going to explode and it’ll be brit and Monet on Kathy. Lane: “Thats too bad for Kathy she doesn’t deserve that”

Midnight Have Nots brit and Monet being mean about kathy.

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ok that set of pictures of britney really freaked me out. especially the last pic where she’s like dancing. idk wtf it was but i’m freaked out. she looks all distorted.


OMG, I’m losing interest in b.b’s. It is sick to watch. They all are trying to act like past player’s & it’s not a good team this year. Only two I like is Ragan & Kristen. I sure would not the rest to be someone I knew. Sick sick sick.


The crying on BBAD from Brit and Monet was so over the top last night it was pathetic. Do they not understand and the others included what the BB is about, that it is a game and not a personal thing? I don’t think so. And to top it off to see Rachel crying because she feels so bad about the HOH nominations, etc. I can’t watch BBAD more than maybe 15 minutes because the house guests are soooo very boring and ridiculous. I think certain ones are bipolar because of their mood swings within minutes. I know it’s only been on a short time but I hope it does get better and a lot more interesting quickly.


One more thing. What is wrong with Rachel, the way Brenden threw her down on the bed last night and constantly trying to kiss her when she was upset was terrible. If that had been me I would have told him to get out. All he wants from her is one thing and she doesn’t realize that. He is acting with his caring for her IMO. He is such a jerk and Rachel is acting desperate by accepting it. I don’t think she has had a real relationship and doesn’t no the difference between being used and a real relationship.


OMG – I saw it and agree. Brenden is a D Bag and shes too dumb to realize it. He was like its ok baby as he is staring at her ta tas.. I am over the C rated porn show. Why do they insist on giving us hours of these two making out. I would rather listen to boring talk around the pool table over this shit.

Uncle Cool

Britney is the only naturally good looking person in the house.


that might be true but she still is a bitch


check her Mother / Sister Kathy…she’s pretty natural herself.


Bring the Saboteur back!

Big Brother 12 is boring……the saboteur MUST come back and
raise hell!


I agree the sabteur twist was a rip off by getting rid of Annie. Big mistake, especially with Brit and Monet!

I think they should have assign someone else to be the sab or bring back someone from the past. Evil Dick would have been perfect for this job.