Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Media Day Information Ban Lifted June 30th!

Just 1 day away from when the ban will be lifted on the information from this season media day! Media day is where a select few Big Brother journalists and reporters spend a full day in the new Big Brother house play a day in the life of a Big Brother contestant. On CBS’s Twitter Account they revealed that 11 reporters went into the Big Brother house on June 18th for a day. The media personalities are locked in the Big Brother house playing competitions and voting each other out over the course of 24 hours. Just like the regular houseguests, they’re not aloud to communication with the outside world while in the Big Brother house..
Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 30th, CBS will finally give us a look at the new house, with video tours, photos of the new house, and usually the bios of the new cast for “Big Brother” 12!! We will be posting all of this information right HERE!
Big Brother 12 officially starts July 8th.
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