Big Brother 12 Spoilers – **updated** Matt’s opinion about Brendon “He’s a whiny B!tch and America must love them”

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers
3:40pm HOH Hayden and Brit They are wondering if it’ll be a house decision or will it be left up to chance. Hayden says he’s on the fence he likes both of them.. he goes on about how it’s hard this year because theres not a single person that he hates. Hayden says he likes Brendon, Rachel, Kathy, and Andrew. He ask Brit where she at with the vote. Brit says there’s advantages to keeping both. Brit thinks that Andrew is a very strong player and getting him out might be a good idea but on the flip side Kahty is a douche and is allied with B/R. hayden says that having Andrew around might be a good idea because he’s such a strong player and will therefore be targeted by everyone. Ragan come sin and starts preaching. He says it comes down to honor or strategy, He thinks that the only people that should be here are the ones that are fighters in the comps and Andrew is the bigger fighter. He says that the honorable vote is for Andrew because he’s a fighter the strategic vote is for Kathy because she’s pathetic and weak. Brit adds that Andrew isn’t targeting her but neither is kathy… she thinks. Ragan brings up about hopefully it being a house vote (What is up with this year and everyone wanting to vote with the house cmon people fuck shit up vote with some balls. Meow Meow you supposedly got a pair go use them) Hayden adds that there may be more people in the house that are going to keep kathy. Hayden says this is a hard vote he can understand why someone will vote either way.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Ragan and Hayden leave 4:09pm Matt goes up into HOH. Matt tells Brit that Kathy’s vote towards r/b is more dangerous than Andrew being a strong competitor. Brit brings up her theory’s about there being a pair in the house. they both agree that Andrew will be gunning

They start talking about Kristen and Hayden being the pair. Matt is shocked that they have the same birthmark. Brit says she’s going crazy trying to figure out if hayden and Kristen are pairs, “we already know they are good friends in the house.. but seriously they have the same birthmark, curly hair… i could go on forever”

brit: i heard rachel talking bad about Kathy
matt: this is how i see it, before Rachel won hoh Kathy wasn’t close to the,
brit interrupts “I know she was close to monet and I” Matt continues that after Rachel won HOH Kathy attached herself to r/b and everyone noticed now r/b are trying to distance themselves from her but Kathy is still attached to them. so even though r/b (or BG/B i guess) want nothing to do with Kathy she will still help them out because she crazy that way. Matt tells her this should of been a easy week to be HOH.. Brit “When you announced the nominations everyone in America was like WHAAAAT” Matt laughs says this house is getting to him he’s making stupid decisions. He asks her how many people does she think would put her up if they win HOH. We wonders were what Andrew would do, Brit says that Andrew would either put up BG/B or he would put up her and rachel, “I wouldn’t put andrew in a safety box but i wouldn’t put him in the un safe box”

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Brit asks if rachel and Brendon win now what will they do? Matt : no fucking clue.. they say maybe the floaters but now Brendon is going off about the people that dropped early in the comp.. “I dunno man… Brendon is such a whiny bitch anyways he’ll complain about anything”
Matt: “America has to love them theres no way that all this crazy shit happen ”
Brit” america hates “boy george” and Brendon and that it’s good for ratings.”
Brit explains the seasons where it was the nerd heard and everyone hated them but they couldn’t get them out of the house… Matt points out that the nerd heard won.. (Argh don’t remind me)


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:50pm backyard couch kathy and Kristen smoking Kristen says she’s smoking because she’s pissed off big time at what happened this week.. she wishes she had competed in the competition. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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Mr. Me Too

Whiny bitch is best way to describe brendon the “Whiny Bitch, and Boy George- lookalike”


The only one with balls left the house last week…

Mr. Me Too

Balls, nah nobodsy left with any balls, brendan gave them up soon as rachel took them, matt threw his to brachel , enzo well all i gotta say is “Meow Meow”, Andrew he’s still brachel’s puppet,ragan umm NO?, hayden hell no kristen got those, Lane he ain;t did shit yet so no….. nobody left with balls maybe brittney


Matt reign as HOH iscomparable to Obama’s administration. All talk and no action. Matt is doing what production wants, just like Obama is doing what Wall Street wants. Needless to say, I am very dissapointed in both. It is as apparent as a pair of Rachel undies who is running this show? Alison! Give Matt’s ball sack to Britney! It’s not called the Entertainment Business for shits and giggles!!


One more thing Alison (before I burn my soapbox), please stop hiring these guys, that you know wouldn’t f**k you with a rented dick, just so you can castrate them on tv. Also, stop using this show as way of playing out your f**king repressed, lesbian-tendencied psycho drama bullshit. It is getting pretty f’en annoying. Face it done. D, to the O, to the N, to the E. I use to work for a woman like you – don’t anymore – she got FIRED for sexual harassment!!!!!


put down the bottle jimik, i love ya man, but now you are targeting my president and strong women. As rockstar and BBGrandma would say, do you need a cookie & a hug?


yo I don’t believe no one is upset with matt, especially the brigade. This house is so weak, almost makes me glad whiny bitch boy won. matt and his Stephen Hawkins head that he can’t even hold up, is a self procliamed dumb ass , he was so scared of Brendon and Rachel that he didn’t even want them to know he has throwing the pov and that he wanted to backdoor one on them. grow a pair of balls matt. atleast of gotten one of them out but no tried to play it too slick. hope he gets what he deserves, a week on the block. everybody is so afraid of everybody in this house. WTF?!?! Guess it’s still too early for good game play.


Is it just me or is there a lot less people commenting on the site this season? Maybe because this season is boring and lame?


None of these peeps have any balls. They all afraid of BG/B. I understand know one wants 2 get their hands full of blood but your gonna have 2 commit murder at some point 2 win this game. Matt dropped his own grenade right in his crotch. LOL


Matt cannot be trusted, & it won’t belong before the ol’ guy’s find him out. Something is very fishy about Brandon, Andrew & Matt . The three act like they have known each other a long time. Can’t wait to see Matt get the boot. Hope it’s soon. I never liked Britt, but I sure do now. And I liked Ragan, but now he’s going to be trouble because the guy can’t keep the pie hole shut.

Mickey in Mass

Simon this is the best website!!! You and Dawg do an awesome job of letting us know what is going on. I discovered your site during BB9 and I can’t tell you how many times a day I check it out to see what is going on. You guys are great!


Thank you! We really appreciate your feed back and knowing that we have people that have stuck with us through out the seasons!


Yeah, we love you guys!

Don’t forget to put a tip in the jar to help them keep this site up and running!


You uys are crazy. R/B are runnin this game and its great.




ok can it be anymore obvious. is this show made for the underdogs. Ok rachael get put up, rachael stays then wins head of household. matt gets put up and stays then wins head of household. the pov is played and everyone is gunning to backdoor brendon and guessssssssssssss what brendon wins pov…I mean come on something is just not right here. but heh but i will say its like this is made for rachael and brendon to make it to the final 2 why are they keep staying in the friggin house geez


Rachel must have 1 of Brendon balls on lockup cuz he aint seeing right. She do need makeup, all of it…it aint her fault, and if she did bought’d those boobs…good idea cuz they look delicious. She also needs her vocal cords ripped to get rid of that ear drum shreading giggle.
Why is Enzo dressed like a broke ass geni… OHHH!!!!

BB Just For Fun

I know nobody wants to believe this because everyone here seems to hate Brendon and Rachel, but they may be winning because they are both good competitors. I’m not a big Rachel fan, although I really do like Brendon, but the facts are facts. Everyone is playing both sides and nobody is fighting in the competitions but Brendon and Rachel… maybe there are the only ones who feel threatened. You can’t ignore that they have won a lot


ok im confused kristen is pissed that brendon didnt get backdored isnt she with them…im so confused can someone explain


go brendon and rachel!!
i love these two


I like a 2 sided house so i have to agree!!!