Big Brother 12 – **Updated ** A Million Conversations a Million alliance Combinations… But Rest Assured the Amazing Enzo will return

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:45pm Ragan telling Matt thinks that R/B will not comes after Matt he’s almost 100% sure. He’ll go after them if they try and take matt out and ragan is sure they now it. Ragan reminds Matt that in essence he saved B/R because he didn’t put both of them up. ragan says if your trying to find the easiest path to 500K then keep kathy but if you want a strong fighter to be in the house then Andrew is the one. Ragan sepuclate that Kristen will vote to keep Andrew (as he was saying that Kristen was telling Andrew at the chess table that she is voting to keep him) Matt says he has trouble reading Kristen but from the conversation he believes that she will vote out kahty. Ragan tells him that Hayden and Kriste are genuine people but they are really good at playing the game. He goes on about how they both attached themselves to the nominated people so if the nominee sticks around till the next week and wins HOH they’ll be in good standing. ragan thinks it’s a lot like how Matt played last week but they’re better at it and are more subtle. Ragan says his mind has gone in a complete 180. Matt says he could Argue for and against both of them but doesn’t know what to do. Ragan says that ultimately it comes down to 500K and matt has to pic the person that will help him get that money. They start to count the votes They think it’ll be 4vs4. Ragan ends the conversation saying that he’s pretty sure that Andrew has something going on with boy George and Brendon possibly and alliance.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


2:49pm Enzo, Hayden . Enzo why the fuck did matt do that why didn’t he put both up. Enzo is telling him that Andrew absolutely HATES Rachel. They are trying to figure out who Brendon and Rachel would put up if they win HOH… Enzo tells him that if Ragan wins HOH he might put up the brigade, “he’s only tight with Matt”. He asks who would Kristen put up. Hayden doesn’t know.. Maybe Rachel he says.. Enzo “That would be cool” Hayden “Actually i’m not sure about that” Enzo “We gotta put those FUCKING TWO UP we’re here to win” Enzo keeps asking “WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T MATT PUT BOTH OF THEM UP” Hayden he was playing it safe. Enzo “He was already safe because then one of them would of gone home for sure it would of been 4 vs 1. Kristen joins them and enxo explains how Andrew is super pissed at Rachel. He’s pretty sure Andrew is going to blow up. Hayden advices that they calm Andrew down a blow up is something they don’t want. (no it’s something we want) … Kristen comments how she wishes she could of played in POV… Enzo says it looked intense but a lot of fun. He wanted BB to let him host it the way he wanted to but they made him do things. Each player had names Brendon the Brillant, Matt the magnificent, Boy George, Lane the Marvelous, Andrew the great and Enzo the amazing. Sounds like everyone had a fun time with the comp however the houseguests found it to be one of the hardest to date. Enzo yells “I want to wear my amazing ENZO costume for halloween”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:00pm Taj Room Brendon and rachel

Rachel telling brendon she doesn’t want to go after Matt becuase everyone was telling matt to put them both up and he didn’t he gave them a big chance and now people are mad at matt for it. She’s positive that Kristen’s plan is to take out the girls but Rachel will not let her, She’s going after Kristen next week if she wins HOH. They discus where ragans loyalties are and both of them are starting to worry, Rachel seems to be sure that Ragan will put them up Brendon thinks Ragan is still on their side. brendon says they have so few people on their side the last thing they need is more targets.. he thinks he’ll take Brit off his hit list and try and get out a stronger player, “He need to work on our numbers”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:10pm HOH Matt and Andrew. Matt is telling Andrew that he is not going to go around telling people who to vote for. If someone asks him who he’s leaning towards he’s going to say that he feels like kathy is a vote for Rachel and Brendon regardless. Whereas Andrew wlll place his vote strategically. Andrew chimes in that he HATES Rachel. Matt tells Andrew if he comes up with any ideas on how to campaign he will help Andrew out he wants Andrew to stay. he wants to see where people vote. Matt doesn’t want to see people bashing each other this week. is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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Mr. Me Too

oooo RACHEL is the one y’all callin boy george LMFAO yea she do favor him a lot if she had short black hair , WAIT that might be him with plastic surgery and long red hair LMFAO

Mr. Me Too

Amazing Enzo LMFAO i would’ve wore that suit all day


OMG! It’s Andrew who is going to go all Lindsay Lohan. There goes Rachel’s extensions!!!!!
Next time we see Andrew, he will be wearing one of her (cheap ass) extensions on each side of his head. (Production told him he had to leave his Orthodox set of extensions at home along with his fedora!!!)

Mr. Me Too

thats what those stripes of hair are the be on jewish people? why do they wear them


Pov is safe unless they keep themself on the block….. if he used it on Rachel he could have went home still…. but if he were to use it on Andrew then he cannot be the replacement. Nominee’s


Simon – I hope these bitches are showing their appreciation by donating to your site. C’mon folks, since thursday night these guys (Simon & Dawg) have been working non-stop. They have been laboring on, despite the early onset of carpel-tunnel syndrome. Give now, give lots and give often!!!

Other K

A potentially interesting week just flat-lined.

Uncle Cool


Here’s the plan.

Get Rachel drunk (easily done)

Get one of the guys to come on to her (Sorry Lane, you have to take one for the team)

Make sure Brendon sees her all over Lane.

He will use the POV.

Rachel will be voted out.


That would make this week so much more interesting. Period. I am so disappointed that Brachel got their asses saved… AGAIN.

Mr. Me Too

OH hell yes, Enzo would make it funnier , but i think he married? so Lane with his big muscles would make her druckass cream then they all yell for brendon and watch his heart break into 2 , he runs away to cry for the whole day and then brush rachel hag-over apologies and use POV save andrew and they send the wore packing , that would be AWESOME but nope our luck is not that strong

Mr. Me Too

they need to get this DIABOLICAL and GENIUS plan to BB Producers so they can get some HARD LIQUOR in the storage room so they can get this plan rolling, the ratings would be highest that it has ever been………….


If he put them both up, he’d have to use the veto on himself. POV winner is not safe if they’re still on the block. Otherwise, Britney would have used it on Monet last week.

Mr. Me Too

yea i was corrected on that i though POV winner was safe regardless


Where is Lane? We haven’t heard anything from him today or Britney. Are they outside together?


BBBUppie, Britney is laying low. Because I see her getting HOH next week. Should this (hopefully) happen watch out. It will be like the ressurrection of Mary, Queen of Scots – or as she was known “Bloody Mary.” As history has shown, it always take a woman to do a man’s dirty work. I am confident that she’s gonna clean house. She’ll get the job done and not worry about getting blood on her hands dirty. She knows that the “enemy (Andrew) of her enemy (Rachel) is her friend.” She’ll make the “Great Inquistion” look like a Circuit Party. Long live the Queen!!!!!!!


Foxy Brown Is Back In Town!!!!!

Mr. Me Too

Foxy Cream


matty matty… boy you screwred up big time!

afternoon delight

If Andrew was smart he should go and tell Matt about Hayden and Kristens secret relationship and try to get Kristen backdoored. Just my 2 cents

Mr. Me Too

so whats the line-up of HGs thats playing both sides? andrew,kristen,hayden,brachel,matt,ragan….. OK lets get rid of everyone else???


People wanted excitement….this should do it. The Brigade should be so pissed at Matt but they just don’t see it I guess. He has himself aligned with the whole house now just about. He’ll be the first one to bail on the aliance when the time comes. I think he’s playing like Ronnie wanted to play last year except the houseguests were way too smart to fall for his shit. This year they are just clueless.


I don’t remember where, but a couple of weeks ago I read that Ronnie tweeted that he actually knows one of this season’s house guests, but he wouldn’t reveal who. My money is on Matt. They have similar backgrounds and Matt is turning out to be even more of a rat than Ronnie. Unfortunately, this season we don’t have anyone like Russell and Laura to figure it out. I thought last year’s cast was pathetic, but these people are even more clueless. Matt is obviously playing the whole house. Andrew needs to use expose Hayden and Kristen if he is in danger of leaving. I don’t think he has any true loyalty to anyone yet. He is pretty much keeping his cards held to his chest. He is smarter than they give him credit for.


its pathetic that the brigade is content with what has gone on…cmon…play the darn game and stop hating on b and r 24/7…we get it, you hate them, now come up with some plan to do something…like take out matt for his move…how can they let him justify that?


AMEN! I think you are on point about the Brigade and they will have to be exposed soon. I think Kathy will go this week and then we can see more game plays. Lots of HS understand the game this season which I find interesting because you still can’t control what’s happening. Ragan should right a book about how to play – he really knows a lot.


Why are people mad at Matt? That was about the smartest move of the game so far. He tells the brigade that hes won’t nom branchel so they have a lesser chance of playing pov, and then they back door one of them. He got unlucky, but it is still working out for him, branchel is not mad at him, and the brigade is oblivous to what just happened. He does need to jump ship tho, the new name for the brigade is the TITANIC.


you hit the nail on the head….good call.


LMAO SImon, I just noticed you are using Boy George for skankchel…that’s awesome and so fitting 🙂


if B/R were on the block, you would have had other chances of different names coming out of that bag. Matt says it would have been the same outcome, but not likely that we would have had them up against Andrew and Kathy. Its all about the pull out of the bag and how they face off in competions.

Yae Dum Dum

Matt is trying to emulate Dan. Nominate 2 people and whoever goes it’s like “Oh well” he’s not going to make too many enemies either way! Dan constantly kept drama to a minimum and he made no enemies that is why he won. Matt will throw the Brigade under the bus in a minute to keep himself in the game. Hayden is also going to come to a crossroads with the Brigade as soon as forced to choose between them and Kristen. This will all happen once the numbers start to dwindle.