Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon talks about how everyone is probably saying that they should just do it already. Rachel says were not going to.. Brendon says not until we’re married.

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5pm Rachel and Brendon are in the hammock talking. Rachel and Brendon talk about who they have on their side of the house. Brendon tells Rachel that she needs to get people to talk before the HOH competition.  Brendon thinks Rachel needs to talk to Britney to make sure Britney won’t come after them.  Rachel says that she doesn’t trust Hayden any more. Rachel says that she would be friends with Kristen outside the game but Kristen is playing the game. Rachel agrees. Brendon says they’re also only here because of Andrew. Brendon says that he talked to Andrew last night, and Andrew said he would throw the POV for him to win.  Brendon says that Andrew threw the competition for Brendon but that no one else suspects he did.  Brendon tells Rachel Andrew told him last night Andrew’s been pretending not to like Rachel so that people don’t suspect Andrew is with Brendon and Rachel. Rachel says that Andrew is doing a good job, and she really thought that Andrew didn’t like her. Brendon feels he knows Andrew pretty well and says that Andrew is weird, different, but he’s sure Andrew wouldn’t put the two of them up.  Brendon asks whether Rachel is having second thoughts about whether Ragan would put them up. Rachel doesn’t think Ragan would, especially not her, not sure about Brendon. Brendon says that he thinks Ragan would put most anyone else up before the two of them, aside from Matt, since the others are untrustworthy and the two of them would not go after Ragan. They also remember Ragan saying it helps him to have both of them in the game.  Rachel says that they are only here because of Matt, and most of that is probably only because of Ragan influence.  Brendon says that Ragan isn’t going to vote you and me off. Brendon says that he plans to turn Enzo against the others who dropped early in the competition. Rachel thinks Brendon needs to be careful about that. Brendon agrees, and says that he isn’t going to try and make an alliance.

5:30pm Ragan is talking to Andrew about how Ragan really wants Andrew to stay over Kathy.  Ragan says that he believes in the golden rule and doing the honorable thing.  Ragan says that he looks at this week and see how hard Andrew worked in each and every competition. Ragan then tells Andrew to please not say anything to Kathy.  Ragan says that he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings.  Ragan says that he wants to keep Andrew in the game. Ragan says that he wants the fighters to stay in the game. Andrew says that he likes that. Andrew says well, you are a good friend with Matt.  Ragan says that he thinks Andrew needs to know who has his back. Ragan says from what he has been told by Rachel and Brendon they want you here. Ragan says that Matt is more of an ally to you than you think.  Andrew asks so who wants me gone?  Ragan says that he doesn’t know, that he is just telling him his observations.

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Rachel and Brendon are still talking in the hammock. Rachel comments that her boob implants aren’t even and don’t match. Brendon tells her that he thinks they look great. Brendon starts talking about how everyone is probably saying that they should just do it already. Rachel says were not going to… And Brendon says I know, not until we’re married.

5:50pm Ragan, Enzo, Lane and Britney are playing a two on two game of pool. Matt is working out on the elliptical. is around because of your donations. Every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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69 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon talks about how everyone is probably saying that they should just do it already. Rachel says were not going to.. Brendon says not until we’re married.

  1. Wait, Andrew threw the competition so that Brendon would win? Hmm.. this may start getting good. These players might want to start buttering up to Kathy!

  2. SOOOOO andrew the the comp for getting the possibility of him being evicted, what an idiot, why would you throw the comp and your on the block??? an entire house of gullible dumbasses

        1. Andrew could have lied. It’s as close to a win, win for Andrew as possible. If he wins, he gets off the block and Brandon, who he just lied to, is going home. If he loses he has 2 guaranteed votes in BR and strengthens the trust, so they will have his back.

  3. Its funny how Andrew is playing the Brigade and he already got 3 votes to stay(Brendon, Rachel, and Ragan) and only need 2 more to win and 1 to tie

  4. Andrew better stay! I am sick to my stomach at the idea of having to watch Brendon and Victor/Victoria (aka Boy George) for another week. Matt screwed up this week. His best game play is to get rid of Kathy because he makes no enemies doing that.

    Victor/Victoria = Rachel looks like a woman who is impersonating a man who is impersonating a woman. You know, it is making more and more sense how Brendon with his feminine ways is attracted to someone who looks like a transvestite. Maybe Rachel is a man and that’s the twist! lol

    (Disclaimer: These comments are not made in an ‘anti-gay’ way. I just want Brendon to embrace his gayness is all. He should be loud and proud!)

    1. You’re talking about the feminization of America…its been an ongoing trend for the past 10 years with young men and their androgenous style of dress, cuddling without sex at the end, and openly weeping. I blame bad dads for deserting their sons when they need a father figure leaving these boys/young men to be raised by mother(s).
      I’m worried America….and going back into my dark hairy hole for an answer.

      1. i believe that to the fullest remember the time when a man wearing 2 earrings was considered too feminine? now it’s the coolest thing.. and the once gay thing for a man to wear really bright clothes, now more and more men are rocking feminine colors mainly pink,yelow,lime green, and bright orange, sometimes together ect….. partially because men leaving their sons to be raised by their overprotective mothers….

        1. Oh, come on guys, I lived the 60’s and all the guys were wearing bright colors and long shirts. And their hair was as long as mine. Our mothers didn’t work. Times change and so does fashion.

          1. You tell them BBG – I also lived in the 60’s as a teenager and the dress was wild. The guys would wear orange shirts and have orange socks to match with their black pointed shoes and their chinos and the shirts and socks always had to match with the colors. Then there was the stove pipe pants and bell bottoms and of course, all the wild colored flower shirts. I am really dating myself but I don’t care. The 60’s were great and I had one fantastic time!!!

          2. Its not the long hair its the styled hair. Men were allowed to have body hair back then, it was okay to grow a beard it was okay to be yourself. Not any more, your considered ‘gross’ with a hint of chest hair. Then theres the cuddling, a bunch of young people hugging each other an nobody gets laid.
            Going back into my dark hole again.
            Go Team Andrew!

            1. So the truth is, Darkhairyhole, you’re not like that there isn’t as much sex. With mothers working, there is a lot more of that than you might think. Of course, in my day there was the back seat and they were bigger back then. Drive-Movies. I don’t remember chest hair of any importance. Well, you didn’t want to find that on your girlfriend.

  5. See, Brendon is already defending Andrew. I don’t recall Andrew actually saying he would throw the POV, only that they could count on him and them on him. Maybe Brendon will save Andrew to be sure he doesn’t get evicted, hoping Rachael will not get votes to go.

    1. Well, if the guys really did want to still get Brendon or Rachel, they should be putting out there that they are going to vote to keep Kathy. That way they might force Brendon to us the POV to save Andrew. I still don’t think he would but it might cause some excitiment. If Andrew was left up, the guys could get him to be loyal to them for saving him and Brendon didn’t.

  6. This is the whole reason I don’t like the backdooring plan. Matt made a huge mistake. He should’ve put those 2 dumbasses up together.(bren/rach) Only one could win/use the power of veto, and the other would have definately went home. I am pissed. And to think I was happy about matt being HOH. This sucks.

    1. stfu!!! you’re one of those dumb blondes who are completely clueless of what they’re saying. If matt put brenchel up brendon would have come after matt. The whole idea od the BD plan is to get brendon out and not rachel cuz matt wants her still in the game. you got that chick??????

  7. Kudos to you both for suffering through the Brendon Rachel conversations to put them in print….it would take some form of contraption to force me to sit and listen when they are on. They are worse than watching Gnasty eat!

      1. I don’t know how you put up with it. I’m sure you need a vomit can close by at all times. I know I do whenever I hear them compare themselves to Jordan and my sweet sexy Jeff.

        Comparing Brenden and my Jeff is close to blasphemy. ;)

  8. Matt wasted his HOH for sure. I called it the minute I read he won. I said it was a no brainer and he didn’t need to discuss it with everyone 100x over – put B&R up ensuring one of those two went home and making himself less of a target. For such a smart guy, he’s really making stupid mistakes. If Andrew winds up going home as a result of his flub, this will be the worst start to a BB season ever. First the Saboteur flop and now this. This will be the stupidest group of house guests in BB history if B&R make it to the end (or even close.)

    1. This is the first BB that there is not one player that I hate and not one that I love. It takes the fun out of watching. Very boring cast.

  9. Andrew threw the competition my ass. This is getting more stupid by the minute. This is going to be a long BB12 season. Geezzzzzz!

  10. Matt knew exactly what he was doing. He was never going to put up the showmance. He just made it seem like it. Then when the pov wasnt won he is playing mad. It’s his strategy. Now kathy will leave and the house wont be pissed and Matt looks good in the showmances eyes so if either one of them gets hoh then matt will say remember i didnt put u or ur man up…Matt is playingggggggggg good maybe a little too good.

  11. This doesn’t have anything to do with the game but I just noticed that I start to many of my comments with “Well,” . Damn, Simon and Dawg, I am getting as bad as Kathy and her “you know”. Okay, I will try to stop that!

  12. I think Matt is trying to emulate Dan from bb10. He wanted to show off to everyone how smart he really is, but its not working.

    1. oh but it is JT, it really is. He has three alliances now. The Brigade, Ragan and The Brady Bunch. He is good to go.

  13. Someone has to have sex. If Brendon and Rachel don’t, I choose Enzo and Lane. I need to be entertained. Dance monkey dance.

  14. Question: What happened to the chess game that use to be outside the HOH room? Why I ask is because, like chess, to play BB, you always have to be thinking 3 steps ahead of your opponent. I AM NOTsaying that you need to know how to play chess in order to win BB (I am not a chess player, it takes too long to play), but like the game of chess, it’s all about the strategy of being at least 3 steps ahead of your opponent. I recall a lot of previous HGs would be playing chess and strategizing. I am sure Andrew would make use of one if it were away. Which brings me to this year’s crop of intellectual giants. Yes, they talk GAME, not STRATEGY!! They are more concerned with life after BB12. With the exception of Andrew, Ragan and Kristen, everyone else would rather eat, sleep, pose, whine, dry hump, pose some more, and get drunk. The only time these people seem to think about startegy is when its too late. All I hear is rumblings of Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.
    And Brendon: STOP TREATING ANDREW LIKE HE IS YOUR MENTALLY-CHALLENGED LITTLE BROTHER!! He has more brain matter in that area of his head that is covered by his yamalka, then you could ever dream of having – either between your ears or legs!!!

    1. don’t think anybody in the house knows how to play chess, metaphorically or literally…… their all metaphorically playing “checkers” especially brachel

    2. The chess board is there. Someone was playing the other night. I think Hayden asked someone for a refresher course because he hadn’t played for awhile. Maybe that explains things.

    3. the houseguests are too comfortable now. they feel entitled and have lost sight of the game. every year you get one or two players who go for it, the rest of the time you have these wheenbag cry babies. Last year with Jeff ruined the show for me. He felt like he deserved everything and he did nothing. I’m afraid it will be a trend. BB is so concerned with alliances and showmances that the hardcore BB addict is no longer needed. The brainless viewer who craves soft core porn and pulling hair fights instead of the knock down drag out fight to the death mentality is gone. I miss crazy BB. I’m sick and tired of these dogooders with their halo’s shined and chastity belt locked tight. Show me game play. Show me guts and gore. Come on, let’s play a game. No more leaving the house with dignity. Scream, pitch a fit, kick something.

      1. And, mud wrestling! This year they are more concerned about how famous they are going to be after the season is over. Selling stuff on eBay. How the girls are going to fall all over the guys when they get out. Modeling contracts. I don’t think the prize is that important. Well, not for Rachel, she has found LOVE. I agree, Rockstar, they need to focus on the game and getting to the MONEY come hell or high water. Show me the money!

      2. I agree. Every one of them think this is going to make them rich and famous. I bet that out of the 150 plus people who have played this game that less 140 of them went home and continued on their lives just the way they were before they left. I know I’ve never seen very few of them after their season. I did see the guy who only had one leg…..I can’t remember his name. But I saw him on an episode of Desperate Housewives and that was pretty cool. I always liked him. But no, these clowns this year stand absolutely no chance of making it big outside of the house.

  15. and people wondered why I wanted brenden to win? please…his pov win was KEY for the house to break apart at some point

    ill be crushed if andrew goes over kathy, but since this is a stupid cast, I think they will send kathy home…thank goodness! andrew is looking like the smart one in the house honestly…hes seen/heard bits and pieces of EVERYTHING

  16. Matt is not stupid, he did exactly what he wanted to do! He had no intentions of putting B/R up and he hoped that he would not have to backdoor either one of them. He wants them in his back pocket in the event one of them wins HOH. Had B or R gone home this week and the other was still there, they would be gunning for him big time! Matt is sitting pretty right now and every move he’s made was well thought out. He has no enemies and no matter who wins HOH next week, he is safe!

  17. I remember from Season _____, Matt and Adam talking about their impending fame once Big Brother was over. Let’s see……….hmmmm…….Matt has been arrested for domestic violence AND for helping his old buddy Adam with his illegal prescription medication ring. I remember these charismatic brainiacs *wink* talking about the money they were going to make by being paid to go to club openings and the like. And maybe, right after their season ended, this type of thing happened but it obviously didn’t last if they ended up traficking narcotics and beating the crap out of their pregnant girlfriends. And didn’t Adam win that season?????? Just now on BBAD Ragan was telling Rachel how she is ‘for sure’ going to be invited to play in another Big Brother All Stars.

    Dear God, can any of us take that?!

    1. I just said the same thing! I don’t think any1 can take another season of them! I can barely take anouther

  18. Brandon say’s not until there married ! WHAT !! Breacking News, Bomb Shell Tonight Brandon , Rachel’s Vaginal Caviety is as big as the Lincoln Tunnel that goes thru the Rocky Mountains. Put you set belt on for that ride .

  19. Talking about all that ol’ stuff above, I was born in 1943, & raised in the 50’s & 60’s, & I would turn back that clock in aNew York minute. I never touched a drug, never new about “pot “. Then in 1963 I married into a cop family, & I learned a lot just listening, I have two children , 4 grandchildren, & married 47 years in Aug. Those were the good ol’ day’s. Repect, grace, country fairs, & love. These day’s your not aloud to eat what you want, they tax everything to make you stop what they don’t like & to hell with your feeling on how to raise your child. I got spankings, then I knew the difference between right & wrong. Today you don’t own your own child without someone nose in your business. and’s aren’t for hitting, well I got it my three brother’s got the hand & we are all just fine. We were taught ” Common Sence ” Not one drop of hate ever in my family. If I would have acted like Rachel, I would not have gotta time put, I would have gotten ” Woken Up ” These day’s there’s no ” God I wonder what she look’s like ” it’s handed out free to men like it’s sugar candy. And no I was not perfect, you can bet on that, I was just very repectful to my own body. Leave something to the inmagation. I’m not a Bible thumper & a do gooder. Just got ” Common Sence that’s all.

  20. Sorry for the gramer above, it’s 4 in the morning & I can’t sleep. Even the dog is still sleeping & I,m doing this only by cumputer light. Have a good Sunday ya,ll !

    1. me too Judy. It takes me a while to get back into routine when I finish work and then go on holidays. I’m the only one up at night. The dogs, the cat, the family are all snoring away and me, I’m roaming around with one eye open either here or looking around for something I don’t know I want. haha Happy Sunday to you too.

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