**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brigade’s loyalty Tested, Lane to Enzo:” you’re getting in too deep with Brendon … TOO DEEP”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:45pm Taj R/B Rachel crying because she’s not ready to leave Brendon. Brendon tells her to be strong he will protect her in the real world she’s amazing and smart she’ll be ok. Brendon tells her she’ll be ok in the house without him she knows the game better then anyone and she’s tough. Bren: “who’s house is this?” Rach: “my house”. They tell each other how real their love is and how Crazy into each other they are. Rachel says what he’s doing for her is special and she thanks him. lots of crying and its real for a change they are both positive Rachel is staying.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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8:55pm BRIGADE There talking up some mad game Enzo talking to Lane Matt talking to Hayden it’s a giant mess. Brit walks in to ask Matt if she can use his tub, Matt says sure but he’ll ask Rachel to go up ans join her btiy cringes. They talk about the possibility that Rachel has wizard powers. Brit doesn’t really care as long as it only extends to Rachel. Brit: “honestly if rachel gets to stay thats fine by me Brendon is worse for my mental state then Rachel”..”i would rather deal with Rachel’s psycho fakneness” … “But game wise Brendon should stay”. Brit Leaves. Enzo to Lane: “yo dude your getting in deep with her yo” Lane laughs

Enzo is exhausted with all this running around behind people backs fake friendships and alliances, Enzo: “lets bring the brigade out yo this shit is exhausting yo.. having to be friends with that dodo ”

lane: “you see that red on that camera right now that’s America’s fury you’r cracking man… Come back to the Brigade”
MAtt: “Don’t do it man don’t crack”
Lane: “you’re getting in too deep with Brendon … TOO DEEP”
Matt asks them if Rachel’s power means I have to put someone up should I put a brigade member up so it looks like we’re not in an alliance. Hayden, lan and enzo all agree they’ll take MAtt out.. they all start laughing. Enzo asks Hayden what he’s going to do tonight when Brendon is all over him asking him who he’ll vote for. Hayden says he’s voting with the house and the house wants Rachel to stay. Enzo: “when the vote is 6-1 and brendon comes up to you what are you going to say to him?” Hayden says he’ll just tell him he was pressured by the house to do it. They talk about how Brendon is going to hound them tonight, nether of them are looking forward to it. Ragan joins them tehy talk about HOH comp, the sab, vote, B/R. They start joking around about Just the Tip. Hayden offers Enzo a guest appearance tonights (episode 4 is tonight)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:21pm HOH bathroom Matt, KAthy and BRit. Brit’s getting reassurance from Matt that Rachel is going home unless a secret power is played. They all think that Rachel does have a power. Matt tells them that the power will most likely just be enough to save her from being on teh block so he’ll need to put someone up. He doesn’t want anyone to be offended if he puts them up because he’s so confident that the house will vote up Brendon he would put himself up if he could.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:40pm CT Brit, HAyden, Ragan, Enzo Laying around doing some B/R bashing. Kathy about Brendon: “he’s just getting sloppy left overs ” Brit: “What from Vegas.. there going to break up 2 weeks after this show is over” Everyone agrees with brit.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:57pm Enzo and Lane in the bathroom laughing there asses off

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:13pm Enzo’s getting his hair cut by MAtt, Lane trimming his own hair. In the Taj Brendon is quizzing Rachel getting her ready to play in the HOH tomorrow night.

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73 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brigade’s loyalty Tested, Lane to Enzo:” you’re getting in too deep with Brendon … TOO DEEP”

  1. I hope rachel goes home because the we hate brenchel show is very lame. They spend to much time on it and not enough time on thinking

    1. another reasons why their up on the block and one of them are going, too much worrying about each other and being nasty when they have power instead of THINKING long term

      1. the rest of them might be staying, but i have not heard any of them plan for long term. all everyone has said was final 6 final 4, but no one has a plan for being in the final two. these people play this game from week to week.

    2. i hope rachel stays because we hate the flopgades and their alliance is very lame.they spend too much time on the flopgades doing nothing but talking shit

      1. The other house guest spend to much time hating brenchel and not enough time thinking. Brit and Ragan game is down the toliet because there to busy hating brenchel.

  2. what is brenda and the roach doing? looks like their delusion told them HOH will be the “can competition” from last season

    1. what are the flopgades doing,now i have a lot of names for them,flopgades,lamegades,douchegades,fakegades,dumbgades lmaooooo failgades

    1. i can’t wait to see ragan and brit. i hope they are on the block together. i can’t wait to see them try to get lane and matts vote, and then they at last realize they were played. i bet it will be then they wish they had stuck with rachel.

  3. Just the Tip: Gawd, I am reminded nightly now that I actually was dumb enough to buy the line … “just the tip…” It’s funny now — but it should have been funny then! (Just lucky I guess, but I believe in karma ——– although the ‘killing karma’ line is unclear — i.e., should I worry about shooting turtles or smothering puppies or spotlighting deer or swatting a fly??? Hmmm….. I dunno, but at least I have incredible parking karma, so I must have done something right.

          1. WINE not! I didn’t lose it, I was gaining it — aka learning through experimentation, trial and error, not too many errors, it was all good. Well maybe not ALL good, but mostly. PBK’s (phi beta you know) need to know all about distinctions: racial, age, IQ, etc, so yes, it’s about the numbers and I believe in a large sampling to get a good result. If you are still interested, yes there are distinctions and not necessarily obvious ones……. oh yeah.

  4. You guys should try this drink! I put powdered Gatorade in a glass and then add water until it’s mostly full, and then pour in 2 shots of Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum into it. It’s not as fruity as Mike’s Hard Lemonade, but because the alcohol separates the powder from the drink, the powder specs start to crystallize on the bottom, which means the last sip you take from the glass is always super sugary.
    4 shots deep!
    . . .Simon spells bad!
    5 shots deep!

  5. these people really don’t have a life all they talk about is b/r, and b/r aren’t even thinking about them. for brit to have a fiance, matt to have a wife, kathy to be a sheriff, and ragan to havie his own podcast on sirus you would think they would be able to keep each other entertained with their own stories.

    1. I agree you can tell they have no life, Last night they were filiming the we hate brenchel show.Its starting to be un watchable un til things turn around

      1. Yes its getting out of hand. I dont even have a fav any more. It’s almost like you know whats gonna unfold. I’m waiting for a surprsie, trying to have hope,lol……………………………..

      2. i think because they are on an indoor lockdown and can’t play pool. i guess it’s no fun sitting around drinking in the house, and two i think they are worried rachel has a secret power.

    2. You know, I really would like to hear more stories from their lives. Could be interesting! Although, I think the HG’s believe telling the others their “personal information” may somehow be used against them. Maybe paranoid thinking, but it is a paranoid household.

  6. didn t r/b learn a lesson from bowling all nite….look how that paid off. there in the room going over everything…does anyone know if there getting the right answers or are they blowing steam. driving me crazzzzzzzy

  7. u guys rachel might win the 25k i found a site where they say that they will vote for rachel to get it because the others are boring and they want to flip the house guess what i have found a lot of rachel fan,yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa let’s go get them rachel

      1. She intimidated the hell out of the rest of this boring cast. BB12 will not be 1 of my favorites!!!! Even Jessie provided more entertainment and that says a lot!!!

  8. so maybe i missed it but what is just the tip? and won’t it be awesome when(if) ragan brit and kathy find out that lane enzo hayden and matt have been playing them all. i hate to admit it but this is looking like it will go down as the best alliance in reality game show history based on getting the farthest without being outed. give it up, they’re sneaky but otherwise useless. but if one of them has to win it should be enzo or hayden. matt shouldn’t just because i want to see his face when he either gets voted out or loses the half mill. and lane……uh,……..who?

  9. Please win HOH Brenden and put up Ragan and Britney. I think they both are hyprocrites. Would love to see Ragan not get the $ for Sab work. He sucks as the sab anyways. And Britney (will start the crying game which she gives Rachel shit for) will get what’s coming to her. Oh I wish!!

  10. i would love to see brendan win hoh tomorrow, and put up matt and ragan, and kathy wins pov. then matt uses his d veto to take himself off the block and the only person he can put up is brit, and then brit go home. i know he will have votes to stay, but he will not leave brit in the house as an ally for lane and let his ally in ragan go.

    1. he wouldn’t use it cause they’d send ragan home anyways, he wouldn’t have to use it at all. unless he’s up against lane.

  11. If Brenden wins HOH, he is gonna obviously put up Ragan/Brittney. Brittney wins veto, and it could go two ways, Kathy goes up/Ragan leaves or Lane goes up/Split Vote may happen.

    unless matt uses his diamond veto. i doubt it.

    i also think brenden could end up being a involuntary brigade member.

    1. he already is, an involuntary brigade member, everything he been doing this week, is in the brigades favor and he don’t even know it.

  12. They really shouldn’t let Hayden talk on this show. He has some kind of speech impediment, making him sound like he had something permanently stuck in his throat. Tape his mouth shut.

  13. I think Hayden looks like Clutch Cargo, if anybody remembers. He needs Spinner and Paddlefoot with him. When he talks he looks just like him. Does anybody remember that cartoon?

  14. Brit & Ragan are soooo intertaining on late night, but they do need to feel the brunt of the joke at some time. I can’t wait!

  15. I’m not a huge fan of B/R and really don’t have a favorite yet, but they are seriously doggin on B/R!! I’m sure Brit the princess has left a
    Few skid marks in her lifetime and Kathy, who claims to be such
    a honorable person, has turned a new stone this by joining in in the bashing. I’m looking forward to seeing Brit react when all these boys turn on her.

  16. I am late viewer and just now got to finish the episode tonight. But I figured what would be better time for first post on here than now…. for this I would like to call….”Letter for Brendan”!!!!! Enjoy….
    Brendan…. Now I will never be on a high horse to seem a better person than anyone. But….after the theatrics tonight I must point at what is clearly an issue in the way you carry and present yourself (besides the t-Rex posture) as you need help with this and embarrass many men, prob all men on earth. Now I’ll grant you that may have had parents raising you wrong but your 30 years old now! (cont.)

  17. Sorry that I know this but if you do too it made me laugh. But that big ring Rachel was wearing tonight looks like the handle to one of those butt plugs in a adult store or some kinky porno. Lol. Found it funny just because out of everyone she is the one wearing it….but she did say Brendan could do backdoor that night! It is usually the position HE is receiving though?.?.? Oh well.

  18. The problem this year is simple. The HG are all genetically altered. The only ones with balls are the girls. Rachel has the biggest, plus she has Brendan’s in her hands. All the males including the pussy man Meow-Meow must have left theirs at home with their wives and girl friends.

  19. I think Brit is funny. She is more entertaining than all of the house put together. She is a bitch and a hypocrite but very funny.

  20. Neither Rachel or Brendon are going home tonight – I think Rachel has managed to get her hands on the Diamond Power of Veto (maybe WITH Matt’s help?!?!) and will be able to save herself after being voted out. I read that Matt noticed stuff moved around in his suitcase after Rachel was in there and Rachel and Brendon were scouring through the BB Manual – probably to see if she could use the DPOV. I’m tired of seeing B/R all over each other, but if they go, the drama level will drop quickly!

  21. I couldn’t believe Brendan and Rachel on last nights TV episode. What a pair of poor sports! How any of their fans can defend their behaviour during the competition is beyond me! Kathy beat Rachel, fair and square. Brit beat Brendan, fair and square. Throwing the ball like he did is something a 4 year old would do. I can’t see him playing any competitive team sports. His own team would beat the crap out of him. But the worst part was when Rachel followed Kathy around demanding an apology. I somehow missed that so I went and watched the flashback. Rachel admits that she picked Kathy because she thought Kathy would lose. But Kathy beat her and since this is the first thing she hasn’t sucked at, she let out a woohoo. I would too, it wouldn’t matter who I beat. And Rachel takes it personally. Kathy isn’t supposed to take it personally that she was chosen because Rachel thought she would lose, but when she won, I guess she was supposed to burst into tears and hug Rachel. Rachel says she has no integrity, being insensitive to her and pussyman when they are at their lowest point in the game. How soon she forgets how she treated Monet and Kristen. How soon she forgets her own attitude when she wins something or Brendan does. What a hypocrite. I will be glad to see her botoxed butt leave tonight and will stay up all night to watch pussyboi bawling his eyes out over the unfair betrayal of his beloved skank by the rest of the house.

    1. Chloe you might like my 2 posts above I put up. My “letter to Brendon” posts. I feel same way. I guarantee ya his swim team or whatever and all those marathons don’t come running to sign him up after that display of pussiness. Since he is a coordinated as a giraffe with 3 feet I almost wanted the ball to whiz by Jordan just to see his punk a$$ having Jeff take him out like the trash! Gawd, you should take a lesson from Jeff….atleast he’s a man’s man and not a “spoiled beotch” like you claim everyone else is. It’s too bad that after your ass gets beat retarded that even the Special Olympics will deny you entry!

    2. they can’t defend they’re actions, they just trolls whop stupidly think just because your winning in comps everything you do otherwise is OK, which it;s obviously not because it’s over for brenchel, and the idea these idiots actually think rachel will win america’s favorite jus boosts their idiocy enzo or brittney will be chosen

  22. How insecure can somebody be like Brittany and Ragan that they have to consistently put Rachel and Brendon down, who died and made them Queens. They are doing the exact thing that they accuse R/B of doing the only difference R/B does it to their face and Britanny and Ragan does it behind thie backs (Pussies). Britanny is too high and mighty. Soon she will come crumbling and do the exact thing Rachel is doing. can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I’m going to agree that Brit and Ragan have done enough they should move on the Rachel beast was defeated now they have Brendon and the brigade to worry about.

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