Big Brother 12 Gernades!! – Matt’s HOH Plan “I’m not sure I’ll put them both up I might try another backdoor plan”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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7:38pm Kitchen Matt tells HAyden that if B or R (whoever is left) wins HOH next week then he’s going up for sure they need to get the Brigade (in particular HAyden and Enzo who are on good terms with B/R) to start working them to put up Kathy, Brit or Ragan up with him.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:44pm Cabana Room ragan and MAtt Matt is telling him it was a good idea for ragan to drop because next HOH will be a quiz. Ragan thinks that Rachel might be a much stronger player. Matt agrees, but he points out that Rachel might be the person that emotional collapse when Brendon leaves or she might get stronger.. neither of them can figure out what will happen. Brit joins them, Matt Jokes “i’m not sure i’ll put them both up i might try another backdoor plan” ragan jokes that the plan is for ragan and brit to go up. Matt: “It’s a fool proof plan”. MAtt says he would love it if they (B/R) didn’t win POV just so they can see them running around scared like everyone else in the house has been. Matt then points out how Rachel was only telling Brendon he was doing a good job during the comp so MAtt decided to ask, “Hey rachel am I doing a good Job”. Brit laughs she remembers hearing that. Ragan mentions that Rachel would periodically give him a good job but it sounded fake. Rachel joins them followed by Hayden. General chit chat.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:00pm Kitchen Brendon and Lane Brendon is complaining to Lane about them having 2 physical comps both geared for small people (you can see the rage filling in Lane’s eyes). Lane says h’e hopes that their done with endurance comp for a awhile. First chance Lane gets he leaves the kitchen. Brendon stays to make dinner facing the pain of letting Rachel down alone.

 Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:21pm cabana Room Rachel is talking about not being able to play in any endurance comps yet because they’ve both been the week after she won HOH. She doesn’t understand why people think she’s good at quiz comps. ragan tells her she is very good a quiz comps. Rachel:”I think I think very quick”

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166 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Gernades!! – Matt’s HOH Plan “I’m not sure I’ll put them both up I might try another backdoor plan”

  1. Not gonna lie. Saw the headline for this update and about flipped out. I’m glad Matt was only joking cause Wenchel needs to go. Brigade’s gonna give em the face and say ya motha…thats all they gonna get yo

  2. It’s almost like Matt is secretly trying to keep Brendon and Rachel in the game. Not putting them BOTH up gives them a shot at neither going home. He clearly knows that so what’s really going on here? It didn’t work during his first HOH so what makes him think it will this time. Something is very fishy.

    1. That is because he is CBS’s little bitch and doing what they tell him to do, which means keeping the drama king and queen alive!

  3. If Matt does another of his “brilliant” backdoor plan, I’m gonna question his intelligence… SERIOUSLY… It’s easy… Put them both up, then if one of them wins POV, put Kathy up… It’s that simple… jeez..

      1. I sincerely hope he’s just joking because come on… it’s Matt. If Enzo, Lane, Hayden… hell anyone OTHER than Matt, Ragan or Brendon won HOH, we wouldn’t be nervous about nominations. Matt because he already tried to backdoor Brachel and failed… failtastically… Ragan because I just don’t trust that guy… and Brenda for obvious reasons.
        Well, only time can tell. But if he doesn’t nominate either of them, I’ll just call it quits on Big Brother and continue watching Top Chef and Project Runway because I can’t stand Brachel. Hell, at this point, I’m not even watching the episodes. I just pop onto the live feeds every now and then and watch the eviction because I don’t want to hear Rachel’s voice or how she and “her man” are so awesome together.
        Hope Matt doesn’t pull another “Genius” stunt again or backstab the Brigade which I have a feeling he might do… just because he’s sooooooo smart. That way, Rachel and Brenda can suffer through what Hayden and Kristen suffered.
        That is… if Karma does decide to bite you in in the ass…

        1. Yup… If it’s the other 3 brigade members, I will be very confident that B/R will be up… but when Matt says things like this, even if it’s just jokes, it kinda makes me nervous that we might see what happened when he was HOH the first time…

  4. When are these idiots going to comprehend that their backdooring plans are not working, please. Matt will screw this up again.

  5. the brown nose brogayd is such a joke!!! I do not like Matt. Never say anything about your family, play your own game oh yea hes too scared to use his own strategy, so much for super genius. He has NOOO personality so lets make wifey die. LOSER!!

    1. look here fella ya seem to forget this is a GAME!!! Ragan is lying, andrew lied, brendon tried to lie, and matt’s is bad?? his wife probably wont die for another thirty yrs. it’ll be ok matt will chuck these grenades like a friggin soldier yo

      1. You’re one to take Jesse. Wishing death on someone you don’t even know? What was that you were saying about karma?

  6. Of course Mat probably won’t put Brenchel up because he still wants to play both sides. He wants to remain kool with both sides. I think he’ll play it safe and put up Kathy and Brit. I will be so mad if he puts Brit up.

  7. He better put them both up or it is going to end up the same way it did last time. Rachel and Brendon have got to GO!

  8. You guys understand he said it in jest while talking to Ragan.

    “Matt Jokes “i’m not sure i’ll put them both up i might try another backdoor plan” ragan jokes that the plan is for ragan and brit to go up. Matt: “It’s a fool proof plan”.”

  9. Noms will be tomorrow, yes? I don’t think I can wait very long…I don’t want there to be much time for Matt to come up with a “brilliant plan” again!!!

  10. OMG! Simon I am loving the pics alongside the houseguests! I would also consider putting Bobby Brady’s pic up beside Hayden. LOL!!!

  11. not to change the subject but everyone made a big deal over rachel and brendon screwing on camera and i just watched an episode of real world washington and not only do 2 of the guys have sex on camera but one does it with a girl he just met and picked up at a bar and then he tells the diary room ” I got some ass”

  12. Damn Simon! Are you trying to induce a riot? Haha I’m gonna make another drink, this time in your honor! Thanks for the grenade up my ass, YO!

  13. The Brigade is being led by an IDIOT – another backdoor plan? First one didn’t work, so try again? Why not just give the money to B/R now and get it over with?

    1. I agree that this is one of the worst ever seasons and the most boring people! This week might be good if Matt has the balls to put up B/R but after that it will go back downhill.

  14. So happy that Brendon did not win the HOH. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME … in 7 minutes! That was an early gift from Matt! :)

        1. Yup. Weewee Gremlin’s bday is September 18, 1977. Why not get a BB celebration with some good German beer? Love that BB went along with the lie. Anyway, not to detract from the real bday celebration, BAB enjoy your day and best wishes for the year ahead!

  15. Love to see Matty win HOH again! Almost positive he won’t mess around this time. You can’t worry about the POV, gotta put B/R both up and ensure one of them leaves. Almost doesn’t matter who, the biggest reason being you can’t risk both of them staying and more importantly both playing for HOH next week.

    Even if you target Brendon and he wins POV, get rid of Rachel and it’s still a 6 vs 1 for HOH next week.

  16. I think its genius If someone else gets pov one gets put up and if they get pov he still is pretty safe. He knows whomever gets HOH next wants them out if he leaves them in he wont be put up the following week. Plus the brigade sucks at comps him and Ragan were the last 2 standing only Brendon and Brittany have won povs. The only people playing the game are Matt, Brittany, Rachel, brendon, and then Ragan. Ragan is floating right now but he can win comps and his social game is superb.

  17. I do not like Rachel and Brendon they seem fake and annoying…but I did for some reason want them to win HOH. Matt is my least fav. member of the brigade. I think once Rachel and Brendon are gone the game will get boring or predictable.

  18. britney should have been trying to align with b/r instead of trashing them and telling the brigade all of b/r conversations. i hope she doesn’t think that the brigade is going to keep her. she is not playing very smart right now imo.

      1. yes brigade supporter, we understand that but if someone mentioned what brit had been saying, she wouldnt be able to play both sides, and it WOULD have happened with everyone scurrying…

  19. Also, I was real surprised to see the HOH “endurance” comp over already? What did it last, like an hour?

    I don’t watch live feeds online but do watch BBAD and was hoping to see some action tonight. These HG’s seem to drop real quick this season. I remember last season watching Russ and Jeff battle in the diploma hitting endurance and also Nat, Jordan, and Kevin in part 1 of the final HOH went pretty late.

    Though I get that this week’s may have gone longer if Brendon hadn’t dropped so early. I don’t think Brit or Ragan really wanted to win this one.

    1. none of the players this season seem to have the guts to want to win the hoh and put people up. they just want to float their way to the top and win, and it just may happen that way.

      1. they pretty much decided as a group (early on) that as soon as Brendon dropped they weren’t going to stay on there long… lol

      2. I actually tried out for the season of Big Brother in two different cities and I hate to say this but I’m so glad I didn’t make this season because this has got to be the sorriest group of HG that I have ever seen on BB. I know every season has it’s share of floaters and game throwers but I see maybe only 3 ppl are really playing this game to win. CBS, you have to do a better job next time because I’ll be damned if I would be relying on someone else to carry me to the end. Shame on this cast!!!!

    1. Great point, I think matt has realized this already. He will have lost b/r and kathy (because odds are kathy will not vote for matt unless he is up against brendon or rachel. But putting both b/r up is still a good option. Other houseguest will have to acknowledge that they didnt do it. (Jury votes ding ding!!!)

  20. yeah its a STUPID move to put up B AND R for matt…he will lose 2 certain votes…if hes smart, he puts up rachel, and brit….

    I know it leaves brenden with a pov possibility, but….this makes the most sense

    and I think brenden breaks down without rachel around.

    1. I’m sorry after matt’s lie he is the biggest douche! I mean people lie all the time. But That short greasy sneaky fuk is very annoying.I rather see b/r out first though. Now all the house guests are gonna lie and say how the hope they see more pictures of stacey.Blah blah!Boring! I hope he gets a new set of pj’s so sick of the other ones .

  21. why does everyone hate b/r? I think B is amazing! Brit talks crap about everyone! She is the most negative hater I have ever seen. Matt is a moron! I just dont get why nobody seems to make alliances? Why dont b/r tell kathy that everyone was willing to put her up and get rid of her.

    1. love it when people start throwing around the word ‘hater’. how stupid. in case you hadn’t noticed, there isn’t anyone left in the house who likes b/r. and for good reason. b does nothing but complain. and the rachel creature.. oh real class there the way she talked to kristen in the goodbye tape.. same as she did with monet. and then you said “i just don’t get why nobody seems to make alliances?”. so is that a question?

    2. I love that Boy George thinks Brendover is AMAZING!!!! I use that all the time now in my house. Honey, you are sooooo amazing! I wuv U! Then I get mad for whatever reason and frown and can’t move my eyebrows because I have botox in my forehead. Sigh. Isn’t love grand??

    3. When you have four guys in a alliance from the very beginning along with a couple (B/R)then half the house is in alliances right from the start of the season. The fact that these two alliances are so stable is part of the reason so many find this season boring ….as well as the personalitys of this years HGs.

  22. Rachel
    Rachel Reilly (b. April 8, 1984), 26, is a Chemistry Graduate Student/VIP Cocktail Waitress from Las Vegas, Nevada. She describes herself as “bubbly, effervescent and adventurous”. Rachel’s favorite activities include painting, working out, doing anything outdoors, watching movies with friends, playing with her dog, getting dressed up and going on dates. The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Rachel is “having your entire life televised”. Before being cast on Big Brother 12 Rachel briefly was a swimsuit model for Hawaiian Tropic swimwear. She is a graduate of Northwest Cabarrus High School in Concord, N.C. and Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, N.C. Rachel is in a showmance with fellow Houseguest Brendon. She won Head of Household in both Week 2 & Week 4.

  23. Brendon
    Brendon Josef Villegas (B. February 21, 1980), 30, is a high school swim coach from Riverside, California. He later revealed to the houseguests that he also has a Master’s Degree in Physics and is now working on his Ph.D for it. Brendon is Latino/Hispanic and of Mexican American descent. He is also in a showmance with fellow houseguest, Rachel. He describes himself as “fun, driven and intelligible” and enjoys “running, basketball, swimming and cycling.” The most difficult part of living in the Big Brother house for Brendon is the lack of privacy and he hates mean-spirited people.

    1. Seriously. The idiot says he is intelligible. Who says that?? Intelligent, ok, I get it if he thinks he is smart. But intelligible? Capable of being understood? When your mouth is full of Boy George snatch? And anyone wonders why we hate this guy…

  24. I thought the same thing. Matt should put Rachel up against Britney or Kathy. But hopefully he has learned not to risk a back door strategy again…

    1. dumb idea putting rachel and brittney up, will give an opening for brendon to win POV and save rachel, and brenchel would not vote for matt either way in the jury, so putting them BOTH up is the BEST option

  25. brendon trying to convince rachel not only to kiss, but get in matt’s ass about not putting them up…. rachel being a total bitch last week spelled their demise KARMA is a biotch INDEED

  26. I think if Matt doesn’t put up b/r the birgade should kick him out of the camp! How can u be a soldier if ur not fighting the enemy!

  27. I like brendan i dont see y everyone hates him. i do see how rachel would get on peoples nerves but i like them 2 the best out of everyone in the house. I also really like britt she cracks me up!!! Britt and Ragan would be smart to join up wit brendan and rachel cause once brendan and rachel r gone, them two and kathy r the next to go! and once brendan and rachel r gone then one of the brigade members will win and i dont want any of them to win!! Hayden is such a cocky lil a-hole. Lane is alright but he hasnt done ANYTHING this season, hasnt made me laugh, hasnt made any good moves, hasnt done anything that stood out to me. Enzo is just kinda weird and isnt very fun to watch, and Matt is the one out of the four that i would want to win altho hes also very BORING to watch. I really want brendan or bittany to win!!!!

  28. Matt
    Matt Hoffman (b. September 18, 1977), 32, is a Web designer from Elgin, Illinois. Matt was the lead singer and guitarist for a popular Elgin area punk band called Shooting Blanks. Matt also appeared as a contestant in season four on the show Average Joe. He is part of “The Brigade” alliance, along with Hayden, Enzo, and Lane. He describes himself as “intelligent, creative and sweet-talker”. His favorite activities include “playing music, writing music, watching TV,” hockey, drinking and “annoying people for my own amusement.” The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Matt will be “the frustration of not knowing all the major world and pop culture news that’s happening all around you.” In the house, Matt lied to everyone in the house that his wife has the bone condition melorheostosis as well as claiming his birthday was on July 31st and that it was his 30th birthday. Matt is most known for the footed onsie pajama that he wore with skulls on it. Lying as his only major strategy to go farther in the game. Matt’s moniker within his alliance is “The Brains”. Matt survived eviction in Week 2, where fellow houseguest Monet was evicted. He later went on and won Head of Household for Week 3 in the summer’s first endurance style HOH competition. He also won the summer’s second endurance HOH competition in week 5.

  29. Loving how Rachel is so deflated. She goes from one extreme to another. And, Brendon really ought to have that cold sore looked at. :0)

      1. LOL, ego deflated, but her boobs could stand to be deflated a size or two….but she may need those to stay afloat in a water comp!!

  30. Rachel is moping around pouting like a spoiled toddler, and Brendon is following her around like a puppy apologizing and begging for attention. I haven’t been a B/R hater up to this point, but they are making me sick ;p OUT WITH THEM!

  31. You know I truly liked Brenden & Rachel in the beginning of the season. However now after last weeks emotional game play & watching Rachel use everyone and not advising anyone of their thoughts was ridiculous. They have turned against all the friends they started with in the house because they were too busy just entrusting each other only. They only talked to others when they wanted to learn information. You can’t treat people like that. I think Rachel is use to using mostly men to buy her drinks & Champagne in Las Vegas, so now she doesn’t know how to treat a real friend. Tonight she’s pouty about Brenden losing! She made him feel so guilty, that was really not fair to him I’m now interested if she will continue this relationship after the show ends, she may be done with him, no help & no money!
    I as America no longer care to see them as a pair! They are in no way comparable to Jeff & Jordan of season 11. I hope she doesn’t compare herself to Jordan.’
    So let the game begin, as they said they wanted once the Jury House was up for grabs. Although Kathy should go because of her lack of game play, Rachael has ruined the game for herself and Brenden. Yes I do blame Rachel for all the bad game play, she did control this game and most of the decisions made between the two of them.
    I’d like to see Britney in the final 3 but I haven’t decided who else yet. Matt is good but I don’t like it when people lie about the health of someone close to them. They are too young to realize the repercussions of making an illness up.. It’s the lowest of the low’s! And he is so damn Cocky when he’s up during the competitions, like he can make it for hours & hours. These people think that they are doing so good on endurance competitions….. they are crazy when in the past the endurance went for hours & hours! Not one hour! For all the bodies in the house, people in good shape, they certainly can’t last long at all! It’s ridiculous!
    So from here out>>>LET THE GAME BEGIN!!!!!!!

      1. YO they are now waiting in line to join the dark side, but the real question is should we let them cross over? I am inclined to slam the HOH door in their faces. (Does a Snoopy happy dance in the living room for the ump-teenth time). OK no more drinks for me.

        1. come on!!! I tried to give them a chance for the relationship to grow, but she’s killing poor Brenden! But OMG she’s making me crazy now, the fake crying is the worst!!!! I wish we could fast forward to next Thursday to put us all out of our misery. I have jumped, leaped, crawled, scrambled and escaped to the otheside! PLEASE OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Poor Brendan my ass….he is the most sickening girlie boy pussy that can’t stop his whinging and moaning. He makes me vomit all the time when he talks that annoying baby talk at her. He needs to find the balls he lost somewhere or grow a new set.

            1. his whining right after he dropped in th HOH was disgusting. he is the biggest wimp i’ve seen on BB ever, I’m not saying you have to be a big macho man but cmon brendon seriously stop whining

    1. So now you should print out this note, address it to AG c/o CBS and then mail it. Could make a big difference. I’ve got AG on “speed hate-mail” and flood her office with at least a thousand letter weekly, expressing my dissatisfaction with the show. i know, she doesn’t read them. Instead she just weights the sacks of mail (in the same way she portions out her meals) looks at the return address and then incinerates it. But I send the same amount to Mooves’ office as well. Just for backup!

      1. I have sent many notes myself this year. I have never sent any notes at all ever, until this year, and I have sent about 10 so far. I went to & used the feedback tab at the bottom of the page & I have gone to the live feed’s feedback too complaining about the live feed being cut all the time & CBS because it’s in their control. But CBS because of the boring game that we endured the first 3 weeks, It’s still not too good but it’s better than it was. Again for these house guests to be in such good shape, they have not performed at all in the endurance competitions. It’s shameful. Anyway keep up the notes if necessary I agree, we pay plenty to watch & support this show. If they don’t hear from us that it’s boring then they may think everything is OK when it’s not. So keep on writing.

  32. Rachel is DEVASTATED!!!!! Brendan is trying to cheer her up and it looks like she wants nothing to do with it. This will be a great week!!!

    1. Maybe he should give her his milk money for the week – the bitch doesn’t know how do to anything unless it involve a monetary transaction.

  33. Lane
    Lane Elenburg (b. October 10, 1985), 24, is an Oil Rig Salesman from Decatur, Texas. He is part of “The Brigade” alliance, along with Hayden, Enzo, and Matt. He describes himself as “funny, outgoing, athletic” and enjoys “Working out, riding motorcycles, going out with friends and playing golf.” The hardest thing about living in the Big Brother house for Lane is “sharing a bathroom with my fellow Houseguests.” Lane’s epithet within his alliance is “The Beast”.

  34. There are too few players in the house for Matt to risk trying for another back door. Either Rachel Brendon WILL (most likely anyway) end up playing POV anyhow so he better go for the nuts. He can do the math on that can’t he?

    1. I know its like that when they lose.lmfao there gonna be in bed all week until pov. Lmfao I guess her speech will be ” No one comes between me and my man, but me”lol. I’m glad she ‘s stressing. I hope next week matt goes.This week hopefully Brendon!

  35. Kathy
    Kathy Hillis (b. 1970), 40, is a Deputy Sheriff – Sergeant from Texarkana, Arkansas. She has a 22 year old son, who was revealed to have Leukemia. She’s a deputy sheriff sergeant from Texarkana, AR and describes herself as “tenacious, passionate and fun-loving (silly).” The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Kathy is missing her family and being a “TV and telephone addict so no contact with friends will be hard too.” She claimed to enter the house so she could get money to care for her son. Kathy was nominated for eviction in Week 3 by Head of Household Matt but, ultimatley was saved for eviction by a unanimous vote.

  36. Hayden
    Hayden Garrett Moss (B. May 27, 1986), 24, is a college student from Tempe, Arizona. He is part of “The Brigade” alliance, along with Enzo, Matt, and Lane. He describes himself as “outgoing, athletic and charming.” His favorite activities include snowboarding, weightlifting, working out, going to the beach and hanging out with friends.” The most difficult part of living in the Big Brother house for Hayden is “being around people that I don’t agree with for 24/7.” Hayden is afraid of flying and avidly dislikes “messy people”, and yet he contributed nothing to the household care. He’s a country boy at heart and loves being a part of Arizona State University Baseball. Aside from the Brigade alliance, Hayden also has a secretive showmance with fellow houseguest Kristen. Hayden’s appellation within his alliance is “The Animal”. He lost the Veto competition on 7/31/10 and was sentenced to isolation in the Have-Not room and made to eat slop and French Bread and use a portable toilet for 24-hours. Hayden was the first Head of Household of the summer.

    1. just don’t see how “the animal” fits him. Just a bunch of guys projecting ideals onto another guy. He much more of a peacemaker, and much to passive to be an animal.

  37. Britney
    Britney Haynes (b. August 23, 1987), 22, is a hotel sales manager from Huntington, Arkansas. She is recently engaged. Before being cast for Big Brother 12, Britney was a semi-finalist for the 2004 Miss Teen Arkansas beauty pageant. She describes herself as “argumentative, comedic and opinionated” and loves to travel, argue, take her dog on walks, cook and clean. The most difficult part of living in the Big Brother house for Britney is “sharing a bathroom and pretending to laugh at dumb comments.” Britney and her closest ally in the house, Monet, usually spent their spare time talking smack about the other houseguests, mainly Andrew, Brendon, Rachel, and Kristen. During week 2, both Britney and Monet were put on the block for eviction, however, Britney won the POV competition and vetoed her own nomination. In her place, Rachel put Matt up on the block, but ultimately, Britney’s closest ally, Monet, was evicted.

  38. How would the Pandora’s box/saboteur thing have worked if Ragan won HOH? He would open Pandora’s box and find out he was the saboteur?

    1. No, I’m sure that they will not know what unlocking Pandora’s box will do. Last year it released money falling from the roof, I do not believe they know what the repercussions are if the box is unlocked. It could be for good or it could be for bad. Either way it would not matter who was in charge of HOH.

    2. Seemed almost TOO necessary for Ragan to not win HOH. I was just trying to figure out how it would all go down if he did win. One thing is for sure, it wouldn’t have been the same kind of shock factor if he’d of won HOH. This way, he gets to play his normal Ragan self, while also being saboteur. Wouldn’t have had the same impact if he had won HOH…he would have had to sabotage himself. Production did a good job of putting him against Matt. Much more fun, considering their relationship, for Ragan to try to sabotage Matt than for any other charade member. So, conveniently, that played out well.

    1. lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo i take it team delusional is brenchel? i liked her for a minute but now she need to pack her 45 dd bras, drag queen make up, her rapunzel hair extensions and go… if she gets nom it is going to be hell up in da house. shes being nice now, just wait and see the real rachell come out. and brendon, she will probably pull a lorena bobbit on him. ( not that he needs it anyhow)

      1. What a crappy week this is going to be, sad, boring etc….. I can’t wait for next thursday to arrive so that we are over this. I hope it’s Rachel to leave. After watching her so far tonight there is no way I will make it to endure them leaving her here and having to go through this again another week down the road! She’s loosing it & dragging me down with her!! :)

    1. i know what their saying brendon is whining about CBS rigging it for people with small feet AGAIN… then there think if matt only puts ONE of them up , them the other could win POV and save them(he’s putting them both up), and rachel saying matt will put up brendon and she will have a hard time winning POV, delusional bullshit, nothing more.

      1. What will you ever post about if you can’t go off on R/B all day and all night? You’ve got some weird obsession going there … a bit creepy, yes. But here’s hoping you can get over it soon enough to find something else in the house to talk about. I know! Talk about how all the houseguests are playing personal and the only one who’s done long term strategic move is Matt. Maybe someone else will start thinking like that too! Just a suggestion, seeing as how you seemed so hung up on the same theme forever.

  39. Okay, on any other night I would be muting Rachel and Brendon but tonight they are whispering so low I CAN’T HEAR THEM! So, if there is something you guys think I should know, please tell me. I have the volume up to 55 and I still can’t hear. Grandma is getting old but damn it my hearing is still good!

  40. I literally think that Rachel is going to absolutely drive me insane!!!! All she does is fake cry and make Brenden feel sorry for her so that he will play his poor heart out for her. The damn POV is two days away and they have not even been nominated!!! She is really driving me crazy! I hope that the house votes her out first! I couldn’t stand to watch her another week without Brenden But I think that the other house guests realize that as well! She is such a doubting thomas!! Brenden will be used for as long as it’s good for her then it’s back to Vegas! If she moves to LA she will only make Brenden feel bad for the rest of his life! She is fake. I was favoring them in the beginning but after watching her lately I can’t stand the game she is playing, I don’t think I’m going to be able to watch this week, it’s going to be the same every day! Rachel fake crying, sucking up to Matt, fake crying to Regan, Pity party to Britney, so on & so on……

  41. Rachel is whining like such a sore loser. Last week this time she was talking all kind of smack to Kristin, but now moping. Did she think this was gonna last. She is so annoying…and Brendon walking around like a puppy dog trying to cheer her up. Matt better put both of them up. Can’t wait to see how Rachel reacts like on the Wednesday or Tuesday b4 eviction when she realizes no one is gonna vote for her to stay.

    1. whatever matt does the floaters will follow, regan, brit, lane, enzo, maybe not kathy she did not vote with the house twice, hayden especially since he had a close call already on the block. so if matt puts even one of the brencel team up that one will get the vote, and if that one wins the pov matt will put the other up and stillboot one off, member the brogade wants them split n gone so they can control everything

  42. Sorry for that outburst! I was watching Brendon sucking Roaches face with his herpe lip and her telling him…Stop..Stop…just stop……. and then she went to the room and laid down and I just couldn’t contain myself! Now Im going to make a cocktail and gear up for the next couple of hours of this garbage!

    1. did he get the herpes from munching on rachels pussy ya think? and it’s disqusting the way he kisses on her like she’s pretty or something LOL have a cocktail for me :)

  43. if rachel finally tells brenden whats wrong let me know….that poor guy…she basically mentally abuses him emotionally

  44. please meow meow quit diggin on your dog dick…what is he thrilling himself rubbing is foreskin between his thumb and index finger in a rolling motion…just think then he touches stuff all over that house spreading his head cheese…

    1. Ledger said “You complete me” to Bale in Dark Knight. I think the Brokeback line was the whole “I can’t quit you” thing.

      1. I’m in Portland, so meet you half way. My husband goes to work at 3am. I don’t like girls that way but I love my girlfriends. I am not to old to party! I can stay up with the best of them.

    2. Wow, are you ok? Did we forget that even tho Heath was an awesome guy, he too was a pill poppin’ addict!! He probley partied with Lindsey not long before he died……Please tell me that your rant was sarc and you were’nt really serious………Where’s Jane…I think she might be able to help you with this…..

      1. Yes, Heath and I had somethings in common. I don’t take cold medicine, tho. And, I don’t have a rolled up twenty dollar bill. But, I loved him as an actor and I was so sorry he left us so young!

        1. Oh, that “Are you ok” was for Jimik60’s rant about Heath…..she? seemed really upset! Saw she is going to Palm springs tho…..good for her!

  45. I hope Rachel has a total meltdown, and DQ’s herself by doing something against the rules. She is SO stupid with all the bragging she did… Did she really think every week B/R would be in charge? Someone else has to win HOH. I always MUTE her before, and will continue to do so during her whining. BooHoo! Go Brittany! Happy to see that anyone won besides Brenden!!!!

  46. B needs to work on his cold sore………..R’s and Britney’s facial mask must have worked since R’s face now has bumps all around her mouth and chin. She is such a poor loser. Way high when she is the queen of the house, whining like a baby when somebody else. I’m so sick of seeing B cater to her whining.

    1. Does B really have a cold sore? I wouldn’t think the producers would allow somebody into the house with herpes due to possible liability. I guess they do have to take a persons word when it comes to their medical background though…

      If he does have one, and R is still kissing him… wow, just wow. She’s no rocket scienti….nevermind. :D

  47. Rachel is so pissed that her man let her down! She can’t even stand to be around him right now. BUT time for some great strategic moves by houseguests if they can move beyond the personal stuff. I know, I know … most folks only think Rachel plays personal. Right. But Analyze this: if you were in that house, seeing/hearing the shenanigans, don’t you think you might start to think: hmmm … B/R would be good to have in final 3. Anyone could win against them. So, start working to keep them in just so you could have long term advantages. Sure there’s some immediate ramifications, but not enough to outweigh the possible long term benefits.

  48. Rachel’s goodbye message to Kristen was pathetic. This is the season of “should haves” that come back to haunt. First week, they should have gotten rid of Rachel and kept Annie. Next week Rachel wins HOH and should have put up someone that was a strong contender. Instead, they send Monet home. Then Matt wins HOH and should have put up Brendon and Rachel, but he didn’t and sent Andrew home. Then Rachel wins and should have put up Matt and Hayden. That is the only move that made sense, but her jealousy and insecurity clouded her judgment and she goes after Kristen and makes one of the most pathetic goodbye messages of all time. Now it bites her in the ass. Matt is HOH. If she had put him up last week with Hayden, the brigade would be down a man, Matt probably would have gone home. Rachel has nobody to blame but herself. I hope Matt finally breaks the trend of should have and just puts Rachel and Brendon up. I would prefer to see Brendon go first so we can see a tortured Rachel paying for her arrogance and personal plays.

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