Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt to the Brigade “I’m going to look like on Arrogant prick if we don’t make final 4”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


3:30pm Backyard POOL Matt, Lane and HAyden

Lane is wondering if MAtt thinks that the brigade has a good chance of being in the jury house. Matt says he’s almost 100% certain they will all make it. Matt thinks the only way they are screwed is if B/R get HOH they put up Brit and Kristen and Kristen wins POV then theres a good chance one of them will get backdoored. They keep repeating how they have to win HOH.. if they win HOH they have nothing to worry about. Matt points out to them that after tomorrow there will be only 2 more eviction and if they can stay intact till then they will rule the house because they will have 4 votes. Matt: “Thats insane man we’re getting close”. He tells them he talked a bunch of brigade in his blog it was fun.. “I’m going to look like on arrogant prick if we don’t make final 4”. they start talking about being sorry for Andrew and how b/r fucked him over. Matt warns them that Andrew’s speech is going to blast a bunch of people for real. He thinks they’re going to be some serious damage control after. Lane tells them there is going to be a house meeting.. they can’t wait.. Matt says he’s pretty sure that b/r have told Andrew he’s toast.. Andrew walks outside.
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3:40pm Hammock Hayden eating nuts

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:50pm Enzo explaining to the backyard how his hole is only so big and what he’s trying to pass through it is much larger. Brit says it’s like he’s pregnant. Enzo goes on to explain the dimensions of his hole and the poo that is trying to pass through. Production calls a lockdown.. houseguests are pissed. Enzo goes on about his ass problems “”Its like a Stromboli is coming out of my A$$” everyone says that production will give him something they probably had to go get it.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:05pm Jamanji Room Brit and Ragan talking about the lockdown. They are thinking it has something to do with HOH. Brit mentions it’ll probably be something they will set up and everyone can practice tonight. They joke about the HOH being tailored for B/r to win. Brit “it’ll be questions like Build this enzyme” She says they always do a crap shot one like the golf ..shooting the ball thing but usually they do that week 5 or week 6 but lately they have been doing everything out of order…. Enzo walks in and tells them all about his inability to have a bowl movement “I’m pushing as hard as I can YO” is around because of your donation every year the site costs us to host the images and run the servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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69 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt to the Brigade “I’m going to look like on Arrogant prick if we don’t make final 4”

  1. go get russ from survivor and put him in there…they still wouldnt vote him out over brenden.

    andrew needs to blast a lot of people including B and R for flubbing quite a few things…but if he doesnt OUT kristen and hayden…..ugh

  2. you have to wonder where hayden’s loyalty REALLY is….would he snake the brigade to get kristin F4…because she will turn the entire jury against him otherwise

    1. She wasn’t thinking when she did that. It wasn’t to get on Andrews nerves or piss him off, she actually wasn’t thinking it would do any harm to make the ice tea better tasting.

      1. Kathy should have yelledto Andrew, “Matt’s the one who volunteer to cut the peaches for Rachel. So you wouldn’t want it anyway!”

    2. But you know… she didn’t think of ANYBODY else either. Do all people like peaches in their tea? I don’t think so!

      1. Exactly. She didn’t think about anyone else and ask first. She just did what she wanted, which is how she does everything. She doesn’t stop to think that people might not want to see her sans panties in a mini skirt, or hear about her devotion to pussyboi or drink ice tea with peaches. She has never been a have not, so she doesn’t stop to think about them. She pretends to care about others but her actions tell a different story. She cares about Rachel and only Rachel. She only cares about Brendon in the sense that she wants something from him. If he isn’t willing to do what she wants, she freaks out. They are both selfish people trying to play the part of compassionate and caring individuals, but I am not fooled.

  3. I hope that the other members of the “Brigade” figure out what Matt is up to and evict him just like Ronnie the “Rat” was evicted last year trying to play both sides. Glad we finally getting some drama in the house!!

      1. I can’t figure out why the Brigaide isn’t pissed at Matt for screwing this week up so bad………….to not put at least one of the two tards on the block??? no one even called him out on that and then he’s wah wah wahing to andrew like “how did this happen”….lamebrain, you did it!!!!…….he’s totally going to get called out and SOON that is assuming anyone has half a brain in there…..WTF?

  4. Matt? yah think Matt is going all out because he was such a loser and on Average Joe where all these muscle men picked on him, made fun of him, do you think this is why he went into the Big Brother house minus the muscle but with that asshole mentality?

        1. and i bet they won’t get called out on their romance on tomorrow’s live eviction… normally would happen…..

      1. I agree Uncle Cool, it should be against the rules, America loved J and J, and really, it only hurt the game, as its doing again. Get rid of the showmance, it doesn’t do a dam thing for the game. Correction- it hurts the game.

    1. I am not watching BB12 for a showmance, I am watching it for game play and honestly this year so far sucks because there is no game being played. I am also so sick of seeing Rachel and Brendon kissing, etc and Rachel showing all her skin. Doesn’t Rachel have any modesty at all, I really don’t think so!

          1. I was blinded by her vagina and boobs on the feeds, it was unreal. She didn’t even try to hide it, she was showing off for the cameras. That girl knew what she was doing and people forget or didn’t want to admit it and treated her as if she was an innocent angel.

            I don’t think Rachel is half as bad as Jordon was.

            1. I think all the people that embraced the showmance last season should stop and think, Jordan was the same as Rachel, really, and they are the reason that we have these every season too, not that im against them 100 percent, but they don’t do a thing for the game, and really, do we need them. The only difference is America loved Jordan and they hate Rachel, cause Rachel is fake- what the hell was Jordan?

              1. A week ago I would agree that most people hate rachel but now i’m starting to see a huge increase of rachel fans.. it’s probably 50/50 by my observations on this site.

              2. Canadian Fan, I love you, but you know how far we got in trying to tell people last year that Jordan was like all the other girls there. She was not innocent. She did her share of trash talking and scheming. It didn’t get anywhere with the fans and it won’t now. People still watch the Bachelor and that is as fake as it comes but people want some romance. I guess BB is just another outlet for some to find it.

                1. very true Grandma. Even people here who did not see the feeds and didn’t even read the blog were still ready to cut yah for speaking ill of Jeff or Jordon.

      1. it’s obvious brachels fans only watch the show for the showmances, and soon as a showmance starts BB starts to rig the game so they stay in the house as long as possible for the ratings, it happen with Jeff and JOrdan and it will happen again with Brendon and Rachel…….i watch this show for the DRAMA not no showmance

  5. They will not rule the house in 2 weeks. If any remaining houseguest gets HOH and puts up 2 brigade members then one of them is out. Then they will not have 4 votes, they will have 2 votes and their alliance will be tested b/c they will have to pick between the two on the block. I really don’t care who wins, at this point, I think Enzo is my favorite simply b/c he’s funny. I just don’t want Matt to win. He is too cocky and thinks he better at the game than he is.

      1. sweet geezus someone teach her how to wear make up. You’d think with them all bored and nothing to do someone wouldn’t take Kathy aside and give her make up pointers and then grab Hayden and cut his damn frizz head. Make over time. Hopefully it will be soon.

  6. Matt was an early favorite to me, simply because he kinda reminded me of Dan from BB10. But as time went on he started to show his cocky side (no pun intended) and proved to be one arrogant guy. Plus his lie about his wife is completely disrespectful to the people who actually have that disease. I hope the other HGs catch on to what he is up to and vote his ass out.

    P.S: RacHO needs to GO. REGAN/BRIT FTW!

    1. he made the disease up…..with a doctor and two “scientists” in the house no one has figured that out yet…..ugh! if he needs to bow out early maybe BB can just stick Jon Lovitz in the house to replace Matt……uh, yeh, that’s the ticket!

      1. The disease is real, and the fact that it slipped past the doctor shows how rare it is. Its called Melorheostosis. Look it up.

  7. I hope Matt is gone very soon. He is such a poor excuse for a human being. I can’t stand to look at him or hear him. He is sooooo pathetic!!!

  8. I was thinking the same thing tonight, Red. Watching Matt tonight just pissed me off. He has Napolean Complex.

    Brendon and Rachel making out or watching Matt with his hand down his pants? Hmmm…..Brendon and Rachel…………Matt holding his nutsack……..Brendon/Rachel? Matt..?


    1. He is gone. I know where the key is. Throw a fit over tea?? It is instant! Take a glass of water, add a tbs of tea, stir, add ice, you have your own glass of tea.

      1. I have to side with Andrew and I haven’t been a fan of his at all but if you mess with my drink especially if it is something I am looking forward too, well there will be hell to pay. Earlier I wanted a pineapple pop and there was neither one at the store cold. There was a bottle but a bottle does not taste as good as a can so I went ballistic in the gas station. Luckily, there was a can cold in the back fridge or I’d have pulled a Britney Spears and shaved my head with dirty cheetos fingers. I understood Andrew.

  9. Brendon: i know that i love you, and i know that this is real…

    i don;t think he gets that as soon as they get to jury they will have sex, and rachel will leave him, he’s gonna bring her down with his “feminine ways” she will be annpied by him just like she was the other night

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