BB12 Spoilers – Lane tells a Story About a Spray that Numbs your Mouth and Rachel thinks Enzo will flip and Vote out Kathy

1:55pm Backyard Pool Hayden, Lane and Brit Brit is sharing a story about when she was younger ans she knew these guys that would always brag about how much money and how tough they were. She went to a party at these guys house and decided to get the hell out of there but the guys wouldn’t let them apparently the girls got pretty damn scared and tried to run to the car but one of the guys jumped in so they couldn’t get away. Brit says her friend summer was trying to sneak out the bathroom window but these guys were really watching them they were trying to trap them. Eventually they were able to run away sneak out and “squeal” away. Brit says that even after they got away he guys were trying to contact them telling them to come back because they left there sweatshirt in the car. Lane shares a sexual story about meeting a girl and she took him up to her room and told him abou this spray that she has that numbs the back of your throat. So Lane tells her to go get the spray it could be cool. As it turns out they couldn’t find the spray.. Lane was pissed off he doesn’t think they had sex he thinks he just passed out.

2:10pm Rachel and Brendon cabana Room Brendon is going over his talk with Andrew telling her all about the pep talk he gave him. Brendon feels like it not over yet for Andrew. Rachel chimes in that she’s so pissed at Kathy right now she’s about to go off on her. Rachel thinks they have a chance to sway Enzo’s vote she wants them both to start working that angle (Yo meow meow ain’t flipping yo). Brendon says they could get Hayden’s vote but he is being controlled by Kristen, Rachel chimes in that thats why she wants Krsiten gone. Brendon and Rachel both think its stupid that Kristen tells everyone she has a man outside waiting for her yet she’s screwing around with Hayden all the time. Brendon tells her he would of left Rachel alone if he knew she had a boyfriend doesn’t think it is good of Hayden to do what he’s doing… (these 2 are fucked if they think they can get haydens and enzos vote yo.. good for them 4 trying though) Brendon adds that the house meeting tonight is going to help there situation just like it did last week.

2:20pm Backyard couch Kathy and Enzo..yo Kahty isn’t sure that Matt will save her if the vote is a tie. Enzo agrees he thinks it’s kinda suspicious that Matt never put b/r up in the first place and now he’s thinking he might cut kahty loose… Enzo points out that there is the possibility that Matt has something on the side with b/r. Kathy mentions how Andrew’s been workign for votes lately.

2:49pm Backyard Couch Enzo and Hayden

Enzo telling him there no fucking way he trusts Andrew thinks thinks the guy is crazy. Enzo doesn’t think it’s worth it even considering to keep the guy even if he really is after b/r cause you’ll never know what he does day to day, he adds that KAthy isn’t going to win HOH so they have nothign to worry about. Hayden thinks that Andrew is really coming after them otherwise why would Brendon be campaigning so hard to help him stay. Enzo thinks Andrew is close to b/r regardless of what andrew or anyone else says. Enzo is worried that Andrew is going to say something about Hayden and Kristen in hos speech or maybe something about another Brigade member. Hayden is Andrew is going to do it tonight during the “Meeting” Enzo makes a good point why they should keep him because Andrew does the dishes.

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I look forward to the Andrew “House meeting” should be interesting to see what comes out all or will he just apologize to everyone and then that is it……yo!


come on andrew u can do this. the war is not over yet. even if he exposes H/K, the hg will think is a liie and another scheme to have votes


It would be kind of funny if Andrew stayed, won HOH and put Matt up. He should have put B/R up there.But I can also see that he’s trying to play both sides.But I think Matt thinks he’s smarter at the game than he actually is, but time will tell. I would like to see it blow up in his face. I would like to see Andrew stay in the game longer just to see what he’s gong to do. I have nothing against Kathy as a person. She’s actually likable. But for the game she is just not as tenacious as I would personally like to see her be. But I guess that can change if she stayed longer. HOH will be interesting this week.

I have faith

I have faith that andrew can at least put more doubt in people’s minds about hayden’kristen to at least shake it up a bit during the obvious eviction week of brenden


I am looking forward to the House Meeting but, i dont know why they are waiting….its not like he has to wait for people to come home from work lol


Just what I was thinking LoL they could have a meeting anytime they want so why wait?
Random: I wish we could have avatars next to our comments. I’m sure the pics would be uber creative LoL


Maybe the people in the diary room are telling him to wait.

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

hahaha yes Andrew keep digging that grave, next week brachel will get their wish of being voted into jury so they can consummate their bogus relationship then rachel leaves him because he’s way to “clingy”, and i hope the ass is good, brendon gave up “half a mil” for it. exposing h/k won’t do anything, hayden and kristen are floaters and no threat, now if he can expose the brigade it might stir things up into next week utb it won;t break them up, but either way he’s still going home. shouldn’t aligned with the right team that cared about the “money” and not the team that only cares about “each other”….

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

brachel was a HUGE threat but once they made it clear they was no longer in it for the “money” they became potential floaters trying to make it to jury

The Excitement

I hope he has the house meeting during ShowTime After Dark.
last night was boring as hell.

BAB - formally BB

I hope Andrew knows what he is doing. I don’t think him telling the other HG’s about Hayden and Kristen is going to matter, most have already heard of this “closeness.” He may want to chose his words carefully because he may eat all the words he just said. Plus, I think he is already skating on thin ice.

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

he swimming in cold water close to getting hypothermia

Mr. Don't Give a F**k

his only chance is 1. if everyone who said their voting him out, lied , which is extremely doubtful. 2. Kathy Does something to change everyone’s mind, again doubtful. or 3. someone gets expelled which will probably save everyone remaining from eviction….. in other words he has No Chance.

BAB - formally BB

Yeah, I agree.. he is pretty much done!